Wyoming Scholarships and Grants

If you live in Wyoming, now is the time to go back to college, as there are more grants available to pay for it than ever before.

This is also the perfect time to apply for a grant, while there are still plenty of them to go around, because once they are gone, it will be another year before they are available again.

This means that you should seek funding as early as possible to ensure that you will get as much money as possible from a wide variety of grants.

President Obama has recently announced that he supports increased grants as well, hoping to get more people back to school, and ultimately back to work in higher paying jobs.

Federal Grants

You should start by applying for the federal Pell grant, at Fafsa.Gov which will put your information in the hands of the college you wish to apply for, allowing them to help you find grants and scholarships and letting them know your financial situation and how much money you will be expected to contribute.

This site will provide you with an online application, plenty of instruction, and also a way to monitor your results. You will end up getting a PIN number from them, and will then have access to your student aid report online. This grant is needs based, which means that it considers your income and sometimes the income of your parents as well, depending on your age and status.

Pell Grants can be awarded for up to about $5550 per year per student for the 2010-2011 year, up from $5350 for the 2009-2010 year. This grant is subject to change yearly, but this is the first step in finding financial aid and is required as a starting point for most colleges.

Other federal websites for student aid include FederalStudentAid.Gov which helps you find general information on student aid of many types, including grants, scholarships, loans and work study programs. It also has tools to help you apply for colleges and track your application process online, as well as a Fafsa4Caster, which helps you project your financial aid eligibility prior to filing for a Pell grant, and also lets you track any federal student loans you may have.

You can also go to online for detailed instructions on how to complete the Fafsa and the purpose of the questions asked in the application process.

Wyoming State Programs

The starting point for grants and other helpful information is the Wyoming Department of Education, which can be reached online at www.k12.wy.us or by phone at 307-777-7690. There is also information available from the University of Wyoming on their website concerning grants that is fairly detailed, and can be applied to general grant availability in Wyoming. Note that each college, including the Univesity of Wyoming, has a list of private and public grants that are available for use there, and the student aid office at the college you plan to attend is a necessary resource.

Students that have graduated from high school in Wyoming may be qualified to apply for the Hathaway scholarship, which provides you up to $1600 per year. More information is available for this scholarship is available online, but the general qualifications are based on your grade point average and ACT scores.

The Boards of County Commissioners have scholarships available. Applications should be made directly to the county you are from. Contact the Wyoming County Commissioners Association at PO Box 86, 409 W. 24th St., Cheyenne, Wyoming 82003 or call them at 307-632-5409 for more information.

Students who are at least one quarter native American, Eskimo or Aleut may be eligible for a scholarship or a loan from the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Application forms are available at the Bureau offices.

If you are an enrolled member of the Northern Arapaho Tribe, you may qualify for their scholarship. Applications should be made to Sky People Higher Education, PO Box 8480, Ethete, WY 82520 at least six weeks before you start school.

If you are an enrolled member of the Wind River Shoshone Tribe, you may qualify for their scholarship. Applications should be made to the Shoshone Higher Education Program, PO Box 628, Fort Washakie, WY 82514 at least six weeks before you start school.

Students who have lived in Wyoming for five or more years and have outstanding acaemic achievement, and plan to go on to a teaching career in Wyoming public schools and have leadership ability are encouraged to apply for the Superior Student in Education Scholarship. Applications can be made through the College of Education Undergraduate Studies Office, Room 100, McWhinnie Hall, PO Box 3374, Laramie, WY 82071-3374, or by calling 307-766-2533.

Vietnam veterans from Wyoming who are no longer qualified to receive Veteran’s Administration benefits may be eligible for as much as ten semesters of higher education based on the Vietnam Veteran Award scholarship. Eligibility is determined by residence, discharge status, and various other conditions. Details can be obtained at any financial aid office statewide.

Members of the Wyoming National Guard have two programs that may help with their tuition, although only one of the two programs may be utilized for each student. The Wyoming Army National Guard Tuition Assistance Program offers Wyoming Army National Guard members payment of up to 75% of their tuition when they pursue a masters, bachelors, or associate degree.

This also applies to federal technicians, and these funds may be used at any statewide public institution or at any vocational school approved by the Veteran’s Administration. Active members of the Wyoming National Guard may be eligible for the Wyoming National Guard Educational Assistance Plan, which provides full tuition and also pays all mandatory fees for professional, undergraduate, or graduate degrees. Conditions include meeting academic and service requirements. This program may be used in conjunction with the GI Bill.

Statewide Scholarships

Residents of Albany County or Converse County who have participated for at least three years with the 4-H program may qualify for a scholarship from the respective County 4-H Foundation.

Details can be found at the County Extension office. Also available is the Marjorie J. Gorman Memorial Scholarship, for outstanding Wyoming 4-H members who have at least three years of 4-H work, are a graduating high school senior, and have been involved in a 4-H home economics project. Information available from the state 4-H office online.

Lael Harrison

The Lael R. Harrison Memorial Scholarship is available to outstanding 4-H members who are graduating high school as a senior and plan to attend the University of Wyoming or a Wyoming Community College. Information is also available from the state 4-H office.

Goshen County

Recent graduates of Goshen County High School who will be starting as a freshman may apply for a $300 scholarship provided by the Madden Brothers with funds derived from the annual Goshen County Fair Pig Wrestling Contest. Participation in 4-H will be considered but is not mandatory for this award. Information is available from Madden Brothers, Rt. 1, Box 360, Torrington, WY 82240, or by calling 307-532-7079.

Albany County

Albany County residents can also apply for one of two $800 scholarships from the Albany County Cow-Belles. This can be used for any college, not just those located in Wyoming. Information can be obtained from the Albany County Extension Office, or various counseling offices or financial aid offices. You must apply by March 1.

Health Care

Residents of Wyoming who are pursuing a career in health care may apply for the American Legioun Auxiliary Health Care Scholarship. This $300 award is based upon financial need and awarded after two semesters have been completed with a minimum 3.0 GPA average. Contact the American Legion Auxiliary, Department Secretary Treasurer, PO Box 2198, Gillette, WY 82717-2198.

Basin Electric Power Co-op

Children of full time Basin Electric Power Cooperative may apply for one of 21 separate $1000 scholarships. Information can be obtained from any financial aid office, or directly from the human resource division at 800-242-2372. Deadlines are usually around mid-March, and repeat winners will not be selected.

RIverside Highschool

Students graduating from Riverside High School this year may be able to obtain a $300 award from the Basin Lions Club. Applications can be obtained from any financial aid office and mailed to Rebecca Allred, Box 577, Basin, WY 82410.

E.A. Blackmore

The E. A. Blackmore Memorial Scholarship is a single $1000 award to a daughter, son, granddaughter, or grandson of any member of the American Legion in good standing. Contact any local Legion post for complete details.

BCBS Scholarships

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming offers two $500 scholarships that are renewable for residents who are majoring in a healthcare related field. Applications are available at any financial aid office.

Bonneville Transloaders

High school graduates in Fremont or Sweetwater Counties may be able to obtain a $1000 award from Bonneville Transloaders, Inc. Contact the Scholarship Committee, 642 South Federal, Riverton, WY 82501. Deadline is May 1.

Carbon Power and Lights

Six $1000 scholarships are awarded each year by Carbon Power and Lights, Inc. to graduating seniors who reside in the Carbon Power and Light, Inc. certification area. Information is available from Carbon Power and Light, Inc., Box 579, Saratoga, WY 82331-0579, or at most financial aid offices.

Mining Students

Second, third or fourth year students in any mining program may be able to obtain a $1000 award from the Coates – Wolff – Russell Memorial Mining Industry Scholarship. Contact W. W. Heili, 4210 Deer Run, Casper, WY 82601 for details.


Students enrolling in a degree in the fields of business management, sales, computers, accounting, office skills, diesel mechanics or truck driving may be eligible for the $1000 Cohee Family Scholarship. Contact the Wyoming Trucking Association Scholarship Program at PO Box 1901, Casper, WY 82602. Applications are due March 5.


The Davis-Roberts Scholarship Fund provides twelve awards averaging around $350 each to students who currently or formerly belonged to a chapter or either Wyoming DeMolay or Jobs Daughters Bethel. Information is available from Davis-Roberts Scholarship Fund, PO Box 1974, Cheyenne, WY 82003. Applications are due June 15.


Students with financial need that are purusing an education in marketing or distribution, and have been or are active members of DECA, an association of marketing and management students, may be eligible for one of several DECA scholarships. Information is available from your high school marketing education coordinator or college financial aid office.

Peter George Douvas

First generation Americans who are residents of Wyoming and between the ages of 18 and 22 may apply for an annual $500 award from the estate of Peter George Douvas, a Greek immigrant who created this scholarship in his will. To be considered a first generation American you must have been born in America, but your parents were not. Information is available from Dr. Paul O. Soumokil, Wyoming Department of Education, Hathaway Building, Cheyenne, WY 82002.

ECS Foundation

High school students who have outstanding ACT or SAT scores, an excellent GPA and high test scores as well as leadership ability and work experience may apply for the Educational Communications Scholarship Foundation. Information is available from the Scholarship Committee, 721 N. McKinley Road, PO Box 5012, Lake Forest, IL 60045-5012 or by calling 847-295-6650. Email scholar@ecsf.org. Include your name, address, high school, and approximate GPA in your request. Application requests are due by March 15.

The Elks

The Wyoming Elks Association offers several scholarships starting in value at $1000. Information on each of these is available at their website.

Family Sciences

Students majoring in Family Consumer Sciences may apply for a $400 award from the Wyoming FCCLA, or one of two $200 awards from Future Homemakers of America. Information is available from Patty Micheli, Wyoming FCCLA, Box 314, Ft. Bridger, WY, 82933 or by phone at 307-782-3897, or from the Wyoming Association of Future Homemakers, State epartment of Education, 2300 Capitol Avenue, Cheyenne, WY 82002.


The Grand Lodge of Masons of Wyoming awards various scholarships to Wyoming students who are currently enrolled as a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior in a Wyoming higher educational institution. Information is available from the Grand Lodge of Masons of Wyoming, 2125 CY Avenue, Casper, WY 82604 or by calling 307-234-2692.

RN Studies

Students pursuing a career as a registered nurse, or RN’s advancing their education in nursing may be eligible for the Margaret L. Hageman Scholarship. Preference is given to non-traditional students, and awards vary up to $600 per semester. Information is available from the Wyoming Nurses Association, Inc., 1603 Capitol Avenue, Suite 305, Cheyenne, WY 82001.

Campbell County High

Graduating seniors from Campbell County High School with a minimum GPA of 3.0 may apply for the Jason Haight Academic Scholarship, which is for $750 annually and is not renewable. Contact the Wyoming Community Foundation at 313 S 2nd Street, Laramie, WY 82070, or by phone at 1-866-708-7878, or by email at wcf@wycf.org.

Hispanic Students

Students of Hispanic descent who will graduate from a Cheyenne high school or whose permanent address is in Cheyenne may apply for a variable award from HOPE, or the Hispanic Organization for Progress Educational Scholarship. Contact HOPE, Attention Scholarship Chair, PO Box 3194, Cheyenne, WY 82003.

Full List and Other Options

The entire list of hundreds of scholarships available in Wyoming can be found online in Adobe Acrobat PDF format online. The above represent only a portion of the student aid available and is subject to change without notice. Other aid may be available that is not listed here, students are encouraged to check with their employers, or the employers of their families, their church, or other organizations that they are associated with.

Students are encouraged to apply directly to these and other programs through their college financial aid offices and high school guidance counselor offices first and be sure to fill out the federal student aid application, as nearly every award depends upon the information contained in the student aid report provided by them.

Student loan information is also available at the US Department of Education’s official website. Subsidized and non-subsidized loans are available. The difference is that a subsidized loan has the interest paid by the US Government while the student attends college, and the non-subsidized loan has interest accrue, which can either be paid as you attend college, or can be added to the loan amount as compound interest.

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