Federal Grants for College

With 13% of the population of the United States below the poverty level as of 2007, finding the money for college can be a daunting task . The average cost of tuition at a four year, private college is almost half of the median household income in the US at over $20,000 a year.

Public universities cost half this and community colleges a fourth of this, but a college career at any school is still a financial challenge for most Americans. Luckily, grants are available for students of all economic situations, academic histories, and social backgrounds.

The first step in finding the money to go to college is to believe that the money is out there to find. And it is—federal and state governments, local and national companies and organizations, and colleges themselves all have funds specifically set aside to increase the number of low income and lower middle class students on their campus.

While higher education is still most accessible to middle and upper-class students, the number of grants for low income students is continuing to grow, demonstrated by the 52% of undergraduates who received financial assistance during the 2007-08 school year .

The second step in finding the money to go to college is to understand what is out there and who exactly it is there for. Once this research has been done and this knowledge attained, all that’s left to do is to fill out the applications and plan your college career.

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What is a Grant?

Grants are not loans or scholarships; they are simply no-strings-attached money given to students who need financial assistance in pursuing further education.

Post-graduation debt isn’t a worry because grants don’t have to be repaid as they are gift money, not loans.

They aren’t merit based, like scholarships, so they are available to students regardless of their success in previous schooling.

In fact, grants are primarily need-based and given needs financial help to make further education possible.

While grants are rarely merit-based, most require students to keep an average grade point average. The Federal PELL grant, for instance, requires students to earn at least C’s in their classes.

If they get a D or F, they are placed on academic probation and usually given one semester to bring their grades up. If they don’t, they can have their aid canceled and sometimes there are restrictions about reapplying for aid once it has been terminated.

As long as Pell grant students keep average grades, they will continue receiving federal money for their college education.

This is one example of academic requirements for grants, but some grants have higher grade expectations.

Where Grants Come From

The first place to look for grants is directly from the college or university. In the 2007-08 school year, 20% of undergraduates took advantage of these school funded grants and received an average of $5,000 . Based on need and merit, college and universities have grant money set aside for students who require financial assistance.


The federal government understands that what stands in the way of college for many high school graduates is the financial means to attend.

Because of this, they are giving more money to students in financial need than they ever have before and nearly half of undergraduates received financial assistance from the federal government in the 2007-08 school year , .

The Pell Grant has been a cornerstone in educational funding for low-income families since it began in 1972 . It is completely need based.

The amount awarded to the student is based on financial information provided at the beginning of each school year. In 2007-08, 27% of undergraduates were awarded Pell Grants averaging $2,600 . The financial award pays first for tuition, and then what’s leftover can be used to buy books and can even be put toward living expenses.

Students who qualify for a Pell Grant will also qualify for the federal Academic Competitiveness Grant (AC) and the National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent Grant (SMART).

The AC grant is for undergraduate freshman and sophomores who have an exceptional academic record as well as a history of leadership and service. The SMART grant awards $4,000 to similarly academically impressive juniors and seniors pursuing computer science, math, engineering, or science degrees.


School state, science and grants

Each state offers unique grant opportunities to its residents. Many state grants are aimed at low income, disabled, gifted, and ethnically diverse students, though most state funded grants require the applicant to attend school within the same state.

Students can find details on state grants on their state’s department of education website. During the 2007-08 school year, 16% of all undergraduates received grants from their state government. Averaging $2,500, these grants can definitely impact the overall cost of a student’s college career .

Other Sources

Federal and state governments offer many grants as do colleges and universities, but it’s also important to look beyond these typical sources to public and private organizations.

Major corporations such as Coca Cola, Dell and Wells Fargo all offer scholarships to qualifying students. It is worth the time to investigate these and similar companies’ scholarships, though most of these scholarships are merit based and/or degree based.

Local and national organizations are another important place to inquire about grant opportunities. If a student has volunteer history with a particular group it is useful to find out if that group offers any grants to active members. Groups that focus on specific social groups—African Americans, paraplegics, women pursuing science careers, etc—also often have grants available to students in need regardless of whether the student has been involved with the organization in the past.

What’s Out There?

There are hundreds of grants available for current or prospective students who need financial assistance. These grants vary in monetary amount and grade expectations, but most have some sort of parameter such as ethnic background or disability for applicants.

These requirements are almost always based on who is funding the grant. For instance, deaf and hard of hearing students can apply for grants from the National Association of the Deaf.

A targeted group among possible college students is those who are the first in their families to attend post-secondary education. There are many opportunities for these students to apply for financial support from local as well as national and global organizations. For instance, Sallie Mae, a student loan company, and Coca Cola both have grants for first generation college students.


Group of diverse ethnic kids

Ethnicity is a common parameter for grants. More and more ethnic minorities are attending universities and colleges and there are grants available for students of every ethnicity.

African American

There are many different grants for Africans American students. It is this wide variety of grants that have made college attendance rates among African Americans reach an all time high .

The United Negro College Fund in particular has offered grants (as well as scholarships and fellowships) to African American students for well over 50 years and continues to do so today, while also funding many prominent African American colleges. African American women in particular are sure to find grants available to them, with many of them also targeting specific, specialized fields of study.

On top of grants, there are several colleges and universities specifically for African American students and they typically have many different grants available for perspective students.


Students of Hispanic origin are a fast growing population in the United States but have a noticeably low college attendance rate. Of the Hispanics that do go onto to college after high school, many choose a vocational or two year school instead of a four year university, often because of a shortage of money.

Colleges in Southern and Southwestern states are likely to have grants specifically for Hispanics, but organizations for the advancement of Latinos often offer educational grants for qualifying students anywhere in the country.

Native Americans

Native Americans are one of the smallest groups of minorities in the United Sates, and they experience some of the most disadvantaged economic, social and educational conditions. Like other ethnic minorities, Native American college attendance rates are increasing and the availability of grants catered to them is a primary reason.

Tribal colleges are also a good source of grants for Native Americans outside of the traditional school age range of 18-24. Students with Native American heritage are likely to find many different grants available to them on and off the reservation.

Asian Americans

For Asian Americans a large amount of organizations and groups focusing on the empowerment and advancement of Asian Americans have grants available to students. While some of these groups focus on first and second generation Asian Americans, many offer grants regardless of how long the student’s family has been in the US.


Group of women holding hands

While it is hard to imagine women not making up a good part of college students, they were kept out of educational institutions for many generations and are therefore another population that has grants available to them because of past and current social oppression.

A large amount of grants aimed at women have been created to increase their participation in the sciences, business and math. Men hold a significant majority in these fields and there are many education grants available for women pursuing degrees in these fields in the hopes that this imbalance can be corrected.

For minority and disadvantaged women, the American Association of University Women is a good place to start when looking for grants. They offer grants regardless of whether the student is returning to college or is beginning for the first time.

Women’s colleges have much to offer in terms of grants for prospective students. Over 40% of women attending private women’s colleges receive significant amounts of financial assistance, much of which comes directly from the college itself .

In Massachusetts, Wellesley College spends millions every year to ensure its student body is made up of women from all ethnic, cultural and economic backgrounds. They take their commitment to diversity to so seriously that they expect that the vast majority of their students will be receiving financial aid for their topnotch education.

Ethnic Statistics

Spelman College and Agnes Scott College, both in Atlanta, Georgia, are women’s colleges that also cater to African American and Hispanic students, respectively. They offer both merit and need based grants. While Spelman is historically know for its focus female African American students, Agnes Scott is starting a similar tradition with its Goizueta Foundation Scholarship that offers Hispanic women with severe financial need a fully funded college career.

This scholarship also has high academic and leadership expectations, but is an extraordinary opportunity for qualified Hispanic women who are facing financial challenges in their attempt to further their education.

Subject-Specific Grants

Parts of the US remain medically underserved and public schools nationwide are in need of teachers, making nurses, doctors and teachers fields in constant need of new professionals.

Nursing students in particular have a particularly large amount of grants available to them. Nursing is a flexible, well paid, and versatile profession that there is always a need for. In fact, the need for nurses is so dire that the government has several impressive financial assistance programs for students pursuing nursing degrees.

Teaching is another important, rewarding profession that always has openings. State and federal education departments are the first place to start looking for grants for students pursuing a teaching degree.

How to Apply for Grants

Student grant button

There are many different documents and types of information grants often require and its handy to have this assembled in one area when applying for grants.

Need-base grants will need proof of income and, depending on the student’s age, proof of parents’ income as well. Relevant tax returns from at least the past year are good to have on hand.

High school and previous college transcripts are often required for grant application. Make sure to use official transcripts from the admissions office and not the unofficial transcripts that are often found online for student reference.

Be ready to write essays and explanations on applications. Some grants require applicants to explain specifically why they need the money or to expand on why they are choosing a specific field of study. Students who are excited and determined to go to college and have clear career and educational goals are more likely to convince organizations and companies offering grants that they will use the grant money well.

Where to Find Information

For prospective college students still in high school, guidance counselors and teachers are the best resource for finding grants for college. College, companies and organizations that offer grants regularly send informational material to high school counselors to share with students looking for financial assistance for college.

For students already in college who are looking for further assistance, the financial aid center on campus is the best place to start. Most colleges and universities have scholarship and grants fairs where organizations offering financial assistance set up tables and meet with students. Some colleges occasionally have speakers or workshops on applying for grants and how low income students can afford college.

Students aspiring in a certain degree direction can also check with the department heads at their school for more information on grants and financial assistance programs in their field.

There are many different books that have been written about applying for grants and what all is available. Public or school librarians will be able to assist in finding the most up to date editions of these books. They are usually formatted as indexes and include a plethora of useful information.

Searching Online

The internet is another great source for looking for grants. Non profit websites offer vast information on how to apply for scholarships and what to remember when applying.

The student dedicated to finding grants for their college education will find that there are hundreds of financial assistance opportunities available. With the right research and willingness to explore options, the financial burden of attaining a college degree is easily lightened with need and merit based grants.

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  55. Nehla Zikria wrote:

    Dear Madame and Gentlemen:
    I would like to know if somebody knows of grants and fellowships for a online Doctoral degree. I would like to pursue a Phd with Walden University. Does anyone know how I could finance myself. Thank you so much for your help.
    Nehla Zikria

  56. Michelle Starke wrote:

    I am going to school for a total of 6 years out of state and in need of any funding out there. My parents don’t pay for anything, so it gets expensive. Anything will help! Thank you!

  57. Bernard Whitham wrote:

    I am currently enrolled at Tulsa Welding School in Jacksonville Fl. For the Electromagnetic Technologies Degree,HVAC/R, Electric and Solar…. I am having troule finding grants any suggestions? I los my job due to school. An im the Head of House Hold for 3 dependants! An now i have no income! if u you can help me at all let me know please!

    Thanks Bernard Whitham bernardwhitham3@yahoo.com

  58. Jesus Velez wrote:

    I am currently enrolled at Cal State Long Beach, an would very much like it if you could help me out with any scholarships that will help me attain, my dream career of being a Graphic Designer. I am a Hispanic/Latino male trying to find any grants that would he;p me make a better life for myself and family. So I would very much appreciate it if you could help me find some grants, or send me a list of grants because my school tuition is high, please help!

  59. Sia Korngor wrote:

    As a college student,I decided to take the easy way out and study psychology, but after much prayer and revaluation, I decided to pursue my heart’s desire, Nursing. I would truly appreciate this grant because I come from poor background and this blessing would be God sent. God bless you all and I hope you would sincerely consider me. Thank You.

  60. Monia Williams wrote:

    There are many things that separate me from the other applicants, such as my outgoing out-reach skills in my community and at my church. I’m apart of an Organization called Life after Homicide, which helps people heal from their lost love ones and I participate in different fundraising for the organization to be able to take different families on retreats exposing them to people, things, and opinions outside of our community. I also participate in the Recreational community, tutoring children Kindergarten through eight grade. As well as participating in family orientated,functions around the Alexandria, Virginia area face painting children faces just giving back to the community. When I’m not at any events or tutoring; I am working a part time job trying to put money together for books and school supplies for the following semester. Sometimes when I do not have enough money for books and supplies, I either have to drop my classes or take out student loans; that will hinder me when I graduate from college. To be given this grant will help me out as a student, to be able to finish college with in a year and a half time frame.

  61. rosenda almendarez wrote:


  62. Nadine Jackson wrote:

    I am a 58yr old black female looking for funds for master in Human Resources; I only have 7 classes before I completing this degree. I am presently just finishing my master in Information Technology Management. My resources are tapped out; I presently working fulltime job working enter level computer operator.

  63. Rosie wrote:

    Im 18 years old. Last fall I was a freshman in college but because my mom is a single mom and her nor me understand how to apply for loans and grants I didn’t have full coverage so I had to have paid the school $10,000 per semester. But because my mom doesn’t have that type of money I couldn’t go back to school for the spring semester. So depending on how many loans and grants I qualify for judges wether or not I’ll be able to attend school again this fall. Please help.

  64. Matthew Blake Biellier wrote:

    I am a 31 year old male that has been working with electronic instrumentation for over 5 years. I recently got laid off and I am finding it hard to get a job in the industry. Even though I know more than most students straight out of college the companies want a stupid piece of paper called a degree. (Not really stupid… I just have enough industry experience that a degree shouldn’t matter!) Hahaha I had two years of college level electronics while in high school but that doesn’t mean anything to companies that are hiring. Everyone I met while working always assumed I was an electrical engineer. I guess that I need to get that piece of paper so I can get a job in the industry I already know. I will definitely need grants to get through college so I can have enough money to get by. I have been searching all over the internet but it is clogged with so much junk that I can’t find any grants for people like me. CAN ANYONE HELP????

  65. Nicole Cornwell wrote:

    Hello, I am looking for grants or funding for college. I am interested in the environmental sciences. Can you please give me information or where to go to obtain applications and information. Thank You

  66. Rebecca Holland wrote:

    Hey. My name is Rebecca. I live in Vancouver, WA. I plan on attending Clark Community College next month. But due to applying late, my financial aid won’t be processed in time for fall quarter. I have to pay a total of 1331.06 for tuition. Plus the cost of books. I’m also trying to move out of my parents house which is rather difficult. I don’t have an income.

  67. Merton Taylor wrote:

    I am a student who is going to attend full sail university
    this month starting September 30th. I am having a hard time
    finding scholarships to help pay for housing. I finally have my tuition down but my mother who I live with can’t get a loan tried with other family members and was not able to get one and my mother can’t pay a first time home mortgage and my living expenses. I need 10,000 for a 36 month program in game development.
    Please give me some direction. Thank you

  68. lisa schneiider wrote:

    My oldest son, Lee is in college and he needs more money. I’m trying so hard to find some money but I can’t find anything. He has no income either. He need about $2695.00 for the university of Sioux Falls. thanks.

  69. Marquetta wrote:

    Well let’s just say to all of you good luck..if you are not of a different race than White you ain’t getting nothing…I was a single mother all my life until my son was 17..then was stupid and got married.. that threw him out of all free access to school loans and funding and even because I worked… even when I got divorced they used my income when he lived on his own and supported himself and still used my income but that threw him out of any free access…but when he finally turned 25 and was considered on his own and could get federal funding.. oh my GA was broke… so if you are white… don’t bother… if you work.. don’t bother… if your honest.. don’t bother…you ain’t going to get help… financial aid is only for the liars, cheats, ones of different race, and ones whom do not want to work….good luck

  70. Marquetta wrote:

    One more thing.. make sure your a strong person… because right now I am at my wits end and I have no one to talk to and my thoughts have contemplated suicide.. I would not do that because my son would not get my retirement money but with Sallie Mae and the loans and my son having issues finding a job in his field.. I just can’t take it… no one was there for me so you better have a strong heart and good people behind you… because let me tell you it sucks if you don’t ..you just want to give up.. there is no where to go… so beware of the sharks

  71. Cathy wrote:

    Hello, I am 51 y.o. black female who has earned 136 college credits in good standings. I earned 120 from Howard University before withdrawing 1987 (Nursing Major). I then went back to nursing school in 2007 and earned 16 more college credits and 4 A’s. I still will be the first in my family to earn a degree. I did obtain a medical assistant diploma and have worked as a medical assistant since 1993.
    Recently, I did a self assessment and decided that returning back to college and pursuing my dream with a BS and passing the NCLEX Exam for my RN License is a dream of mines still worth fighting for and would be my gift to society. Is there anyone who would like to support me any details, prayers or other means literature and financial support, I would be most appreciative.

  72. twinkal ojha wrote:

    I am looking to study (16 years female)but my father and mother was poor didnot able to study in next session i am hard working and intelligent in study (English median school) . I am looking for grants athat will help me get this accomplished. If you can help me find these grants or tell me what I need to do would you please call me at 8562853674(India) Thank You so much.

  73. Clifton Ellis wrote:

    Dear Sir or Ma’am, I am requesting finacial help in continuing my education. I am now recouping from my 4th bout with cancer first at age 50 I had a radical prostectomy, at age 57 I had skincancer and a gist tumor attached to my stomach the size of a football. They were able to remove it with one year of glevec a pill form of chemo,and removing a wedge of my stomach one week a go I spent 3 days in the va hospital to remove a nickel size gist tumor from inside my stomach. I am doing fine and will return to N.W. Tarrant County College in Fort Worth, Texas. I continue to press on tring for my associates in Criminal Justice. My quest started three years ago always being delayed with cancer. I do recieve ss disability, but is not enough to keep things financially afloat, if there is any way possible for financial assistance it would be very much appreciated. Thank you Clifton R. Ellis

  74. Anwar Nuru wrote:

    dear /sir or madam
    I graduated computer science from Mekelle University Ethiopia . now I am living in Saudi Arebia to work. I want to learn master degree with any department. so, Give me scholarship with full sponsor and fund, garant

  75. Joan Taylor wrote:

    I am 65 years old and have been on Social Security Disability since 2012. I have been accepted to Kaplan on-line University to get a Certificate in Medical billing and coding. I have received a Pell Grant of $2000. The balance of my tuition according to the Financial Aid Department will be made up of subsidized and unsubsidized loans. My husband and I are both on Social Security with no other income. That is why I am going to school, to subsidize our income. We barely make it. We have about $100 to last us 3 weeks until my husband’s check comes and then mine comes the next week. We receive our checks on the 3rd and 4th Wednesday of each month. I will never be able to afford loan repayments. Most grants are for under graduate and graduate programs. Are there any grants seeking on-line Certificates? I am home bound and wish ti do medical billing and coding remotely. My tuition is over $14000.
    Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide.

  76. Shanda Harris wrote:

    I am currently in school and looking for financial assistance. My school has given me a scholarship but it’s still not enough to help me pay my tuition. I am a mother and student looking to finish my education. Thank you.

  77. Fa'afuase'i Pu'u wrote:

    I live in Fayetteville NC and I’m in need of help to pay for my college. I don’t have a job, and I’m trying to get into Fayetteville Tech Community College. Please help me with some available grants and scholarships to help pay for my college. P.S I’m a first time freshman in college.

  78. Seroby Murray wrote:

    Dear whom it concerns I am very passionate about becoming a make up artist. I plan to start by going to school for cosmetology and then to a make up artist school. I am starting July 10th and would love to have some extra grant money. My mother doesn’t make much and I’m only going to be able to work part time during school work extra grant money would be a big help and greatly appreciated. Thank you

    Seroby Murray

  79. Beryl Barrett wrote:

    I am in the process of helping my grandson look for grants for college. He is currently a junior in high school. His field of interest is physical therapy. We are seniors living on social security & are trying to help him find funds for college. Thank you for any help you can provide.

  80. Joseph Lopez wrote:

    I would like a list of grants available for students taking Automotive Service Technology.

  81. Jannatel Fardoss wrote:

    My name is Jannatel Fardoss. I am a senior student of Cherry High School West . I am a permanent resident of USA.My GPA is 3.7. I want to be dentist. I want to go a top college of USA.But my family would not able to bear my college expenses. I have low income. I did social service and I am also doing volunteering in a dental office. I am a member of photography club. dancing, singing and drawing is my hobby. If I get your help that would be great for my future. Please please please I am highly requesting please give me a opportunity to go a great college. Thank you so much.

  82. Shelli jo nss wrote:

    I am a single minority mom,I have ADD and have always struggled with it. I could really use this grant to keep my current job and hopefully be considered for a promotion.i have fell on my face couldn’t find jobs at times due to no degree and living in a very small town. But I never gave up keep pushing through to show my son never give up no matter how hard live gets. I finally got a break a yr ago now working for a local Health Department, I have been out of my comfort zone since I started now you need a degree to maintain your job and I want to maintain my job and continue to grow as a person. I am currently enrolled in a college but now looking for help to pay. I was raised by my father whom had alcohol issues so I started working at a very young age to help keep our farm. I had to grow up fast with no resources please help me keep my dream, by getting a degree so I can still help my community and give people hope. be an inspiration to my son and all who thought of giving up.like I once did.

  83. Rex Vanderpool wrote:

    Hello all, I feel this is pointless and might be my last shot. I come from a single mom who didn’t get and did an awesome job raising us kids alone, she never graduated or went to collage so this is important for me and her as well, Id be the first in my family. I have no grandparents aunts uncles my dads non exsistant for the last 14 years after my mother basically escaped with us kids in the dark one night and he is now in prison for god knows what for 20 years. She had good credit and just bought and paid off her new truck 6 years ago but then my dads bills came after her (because she showed the income)on taxes and they weren’t divorced due to my dad refused to sign for years. well 10 years after they split they take all her money to pay his debts and she has no credit basically. I just turned 20, I graduated in may last year and I’ve been working at pizza shoppe since I was 14 regularly. Fresh out of school I applied for my loan to a welding trade school for 18 weeks and was denied due to I need a co signer. I got a prepaid secured credit card and brought myself from a 380 score to 695!!! I was so excited. I went to my bank, cap fed they don’t do school loans and personally loan my moms car although its paid off and clean and pretty is 11 years old, 1 year too old for collateral. I got online, I applied again to sallie mae, I still need a co signer!! WTH??credit worthy according to Missouri welding tech is 650 score, I have average 695 and no bills other than car insurance and live with my mom!! I need help. I need a co signer I will cut off my right arm to show you Im worthy, or I need a grant, a scholarship, a loan. Its only 15,000 and im out in 18 weeks and ready for life. I feel I was born to be a welder, ive welded in school for 4 years and was top of my class, teacher sent me to comp where I won $1000 award credit, I have $900 in bank, I need 16,700 in total. Id be willing to sign a contract and work for any company out there for said amount of years at whatever pay rate just to repay any debt as fast as possible, but Im at my last leg here. Im lost. Its my passion, and Im broke and broken… thanks for listening and hopefully someone hears my prayers!
    Rex Vanderpool

  84. Robert L Keener wrote:

    To whom it may concern. I am a 52 year old man who has suffered 3 strokes . I wish to teach others that nothing is impossible.I am an ex National Guard 2x . I joined in 1983 from Oneonta ALABAMA. Robert Lee Keener Sr. I wish to become a councillor. Thank you.

  85. Abdullah wrote:

    I need scholarship for master degree,now im in UAE

  86. Hezekiah Solomon wrote:

    These grants are available based on pure institutionalized racism.

    Based on the color of my skin, I am not eligible. Based on the gender I was born as, I am not eligible.

    Despite the color of my skin or my gender, I too deserve a shot at success. I need to go back to school to learn a degree to be successful, all races need help.

    If the color of my skin deters me from being qualified, expect lawsuits soon.

  87. Don-Anthonie Bernard wrote:

    Im not sure how this works and if anyone that’s able to provide a grant will see this, but I will be attending Full Sail university in August or September of 2019 depending on how my life plans out for a recording arts bachelors degree. Tuition is 78,000 dollars. I feel like im asking for alot but im if I can get a grant for 30k-50k or however much I can get I would appreciate it.

  88. gregory rowland wrote:

    Hi I have just enrolled in a PH.D program and it looks like I will not have the money finish. So I’m asking for help. I Will be the first one in my family to reach this level of education. Thanks,

  89. Lopez Hill wrote:

    Hello dear, we will be able to offer you the loan amount, all you need to do you need to contact us via email at: lopezhill7@gmail.com for more info

  90. Mohammad Ashkar wrote:

    Please show me where I can apply for grants for medical school. I am very interested. I have already graduated with my bachelor’s degree. I am Palestinian, left-handed, 3.92 GPA, and have served my community a lot.

  91. Matthew Williams wrote:

    Hello, my name is Matthew Williams. I am in my second semester at San Antonio College pursuing a career as a Chemical Dependency Counselor. My last semester GPA was 4.0 and I am currently working towards the same. I take 12 credit hours per semester. I am 44 years old and have struggled with addiction in the past. I want to help those who are in the same situation. There are many wonderful people who are being changed and turned into someone they are not due to Substance Use Disorder. Family and friends do not understand the rapid behavioral and moral changes taking place in their loved ones. These people want their loved ones to return to the person they know. I want to help this take place and with 7 years clean and sober, a tremendous amount of addiction experience, and the academic training that I am currently receiving, I know that I can be a lethal weapon in the war over someones life who is bound by the chains of addiction. Just as my life was spared, many others will be also.
    I am asking for financial assistance. Please help me help others. Most people know someone struggling with addiction. Even if you do not understand it, help me fight it. In doing so your contribution will help many people to live a new life, a life without the use of drugs or alcohol, and a life returned to those that have desperately been praying for a miracle. Thank You and may God Bless you and your loved ones.

  92. Jerred Brett Aldridge wrote:

    Dear Sir or Madam, I am requesting financial assistance for the continuation of my academic goals. I am a education major and have plans on finishing my undergraduate degree by the fall of 2021.This has been my utmost desire since my high school graduation in 2012. I seek to make a difference in young kids lives and continue to shape them into productive members of society. Any grants, scholarships, or other form of financial assistant would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for the opportunity and have a good rest of the day.

    Best Regards,
    Jerred Brett Aldridge

  93. Suzi wrote:

    Dear Sir:
    My name is suzi I am MA leadership student and need to know about the grant process.
    I need to know how to apply the grant and start working on time.
    Thank You
    Truly Yours

  94. Hannah Hurst wrote:

    Hi my name is Hannah and I wanted to retrieve more information on receiving a grant. I am currently a student at Santa Monica College but plan to transfer to Creighton University in the fall. My major is Sociology: Criminal Justice, and I am minoring in Biology. I also plan to go to med school Lord willing. I am in need of a grant because I plan to pay for school and my apartment myself and a grant would help a lot with my situation. My dream school was taken away from me after I was raped and now I would just like to go back and do this without anything in my way this time so it would be greatly appreciated if you could help me get to my dream school. Thank you

  95. Sannaa Washington wrote:

    I’m a 18 year of age just graduate this year 2019 want to go I need to go the way the world is set up is always a downfall I’m trying to find independent and a peace of mind I would love to have a chance as everyone else to go to college and get what I need to find my way to this thing we call life or this world and better myself first experience so any help will be so appreciated mom work hard everyday it time for me to work even harder thanks

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