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If you think finances are an insurmountable obstacle to a college degree, think again. Millions of students receive free financial help every year thanks to college grants.

If you know where to look, you can apply for one of thousands of grants awaiting applicants nationwide. Everyone qualifies for at least one of them.

This guide shows you where to look for grants and shares tips on applying for them. It also describes what the people in charge are looking for in applicants.

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Forget about Student Loans

Student loans are a painful subject. Too many students find themselves burdened by them in the face of difficult job markets and stagnant wages. Payments may become increasingly difficult, especially during the early years of employment.

Grants are different. There is no need to pay them back. Thus, students receiving grants carry no crippling debt to follow them through.

Advantages in Job Hunting

Job hunting and hiring

In the current career market, it makes sense to get relevant qualifications. These would give you an advantage over less well-educated applicants. A college degree listed on job application forms puts you on the top of the pile. Employers typically get so many applicants that they prioritize higher-tier ones.

In addition, a degree course in a subject that interests you also gives you time to explore a chosen career. Many college courses run programs where you can work along professionals in your chosen field Accepting internship offers can open new career opportunities for you. Many companies provide preferential hiring policies for students who have worked for them as interns.

A Flexible Approach to Grant Hunting

You should begin your research and apply for grants as early as possible. This way, you don’t miss out on grants with small quotas. Acting early also lets you contact as many institutions (and grant opportunities) as possible.

A flexible approach is recommended. Grants for specific subjects unavailable in one state (for instance, California) might be available two states over (such as Colorado). Consider not only your main subject of interest but also other related fields that interest you. This can make things easier should you decide to switch over in the future.

Getting Ready for Grant hunting

College grants are not the sole purview of a small collection of students. It might help your your case if you fall into one or more of the following categories. Common ways to qualify for grants include the following:

  • Previous service to the US armed forces
  • Having a disability
  • Being part of a religious or ethnic minority group
  • Possessing a special talent for sports or any of the arts
  • Being committed to a specific areas of study

Grants for Special Needs

Illness and disability puts pressure on your ability to attend and finance college. Fortunately, many organizations offer college grants to deserving students who live with or have lived through serious illness. Get more details on these programs by contacting organizations specific to each disease.

A few of medical organizations offering special circumstance grants include the Meningitis Trust Foundation, the Komen Foundation Awards, and the Cancer Survivor’s Society.

Grants for Special Categories

If you have served in the U.S. Armed Forces, you or your children might qualify for several veteran’s grants. The Illinois Veteran Grant (IVG) offers veterans the chance to attend college. Meanwhile, the Military Order of the Purple Heart’s award helps support the dependents of its recipients through its scholarship program.

Some Christian groups and churches offer college financial assistance for its members. Thrivent Financial, for instance, offers a set of tools to help Christian students find appropriate scholarships and grants. The American Baptist Home Mission Societies offers grants and scholarships to members of Baptist churches across the country. Not familiar with the options your church offers? Ask your minister to inquire on your behalf.

Grants for Special Talents

Many organizations believe that talent should never be overlooked. If you’ve been a member of the football team, the school band, or photography club, these grants are your go-to option.

Most sports scholarships and grants are managed by the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Other organizations, such as the National Strength and Conditioning Association, also offer sports grants, as do state and local governments. Ask your local government office for a list of your home state’s grants.

Organizations offer many arts-based grants to creative individuals across several fields. Many specialize in a specific field or demographic. Female painters, for instance, can receive an academic grant from the Alpha Delta Kappa International Honorary Sorority for Women Educators. Aspiring filmmakers, meanwhile, can receive the Carole Fielding Student Grant from the University Film and Video Association.

Mathematics students have a broad array of grant options. Mu Alpha Theta helps talented mathematicians through four scholarship programs. The American Mathematics Society offer grants and scholarships at all levels of math studies. The National Science Foundation also provides funding programs for undergraduate students in mathematics and other STEM fields.

For musicians, one option for financial aid includes auditioning for scholarships from Edgewood College. They can also consider moving to Hawaii,for the Friends of Music at Manoa scholarship and other University of Hawaii programs.

Photographers are not left out. Some of the programs that provide grants for their studies include the McKnight Artist Fellowship in Minnesota.

Grants for Specific Studies

Grants for niche subjects are often endowed by benefactors who wish to encourage student interest in these fields. Some of these include the Caroline and Erwin Swann Foundation Fellowships for Caricature and Cartoons, the Ruth Simms Hamilton Research Fellowship for African Studies, the Nonprofit Sector Research Fund at the Aspen Institute, and the various Explorers grants provided by the National Geographic Committee for Research and Exploration.

Industry Sponsored Grants

Company- and sector-sponsored student grants ensure a sufficient supply of qualified future applicants in their field. A few companies may also offer internships or jobs to students receiving aid. Most of the better-known programs are run by major players, but they’re hardly the only option you have. Grant programs from smaller companies are equally useful. Moreover, these grants are often much more generous. Look around and you might find an industry grant for your field of interest.

The Future Farmers of America supplies $2 million dollars a year to students involved in agricultural studies. Future florists can seek help from the grants and scholarships from the American Floral Endowment Fund.

There’s a world of opportunity for those in the sartorial field, as well. Aspiring theatrical costumer may apply for grants offered by the Costume Society of America’s Stella Blum Student Research Grant. Weavers, meanwhile, can receive aid from the Hand Weaver’s Guild of America.

The National Recreation and Park Association provides financial assistance to students in studies involved in park and recreation management.

Accounting and insurance students can receive find aid from the National Society of Accountants and the State Farm Insurance Company, respectively. Computer studies students, meanwhile, can receive grants from organizations like the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

The American Hotel and Lodging Educational Foundation helps students enter the Hospitality sector through scholarship grants. Many of these were made possible from the generous contributions of the biggest names in the hotel industry.

Future journalists, meanwhile, can apply for grants based on a field of interest they choose to specialize. Students with a knack for reporting about nature and the environment can try grants such as Ocean Science Journalism Fellowship from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Those keen on general news reporting can receive scholarships from the Broadcast Education Association.

State Sponsored Grants

College, science and graphs

The Pell Grant for financially challenged students is the most common grant awarded in the U.S. Visit our page on government grants for more details on this and other Federal programs. The Academic Competitiveness Grant adds up to $1300 extra for Pell Grant recipients who opt to study in “critical need” areas.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) forms can be partially completed and saved at any stage of the process online. Visit this page for detailed steps and information on all aspects of the application process. Here are a few tips on completing your application for federal aid:

  • Decide as early as possible which schools you will be applying to. You do not need to wait for results from your FAFSA application to do this.
  • Download a free FAFSA guide in PDF form.
  • FAFSA accepts applications from January 1 of each year and recommends early filing.
  • Ensure all the information in your FAFSA form is correct. Inaccurate information may result in a rejection of your application.
  • Complete your FAFSA application and list up to ten schools by codes found in locations in your FAFSA guide.
  • Apply to the schools if you have not already done so.

If you find additional schools you would like to apply to, after submitting your FAFSA application, they can be added on requested, and your information will be sent to their admissions sections.

If you are accepted by the Pell program, it will show this information on your FAFSA application to colleges online. You can log in to check on its progress. When financial aid offers from colleges arrive, you can decide which school offers the best options.

Grants for Women

African american woman studying

In the beginning of the previous decade, 58% of students applying for places at college in the last 12 months were women, many of whom have families (including young children) to consider when seeking higher education. Thus, the abundance of grants encouraging their further studies are not all that disproportionate.

Many of these grants offer women a chance to study in a way uniquely suited to their roles as primary caregivers for children, or to enter areas where they are still in a minority in the workforce, including such subjects as science based courses and those with industrial applications.

Several private women’s colleges offer special grant packages to ensure even severely financially challenged women get a chance to attend college. You can browse for them online, look for them through women’s organizations or contact the colleges directly for information packages.

Examples of Grants for Women

Examples of what is available to women are the Soroptomist International of the America’s Women’s Opportunity Awards and the Kalamazoo Women’s Education Coalition Grant, which provide financial help with non-specific studies.

A few programs are aimed at women aged 35 and older, who may have missed the first opportunity to attend college. Some of the most notable include the Jeanette Rankin Foundation award, the P.E.O. Program for Continuing Education, and the Business and Professional Women’s Foundation’s Career Advancement Scholarship Program.

Grants From Women’s Colleges

The financial aid solutions offered by exclusively female colleges are often more comprehensive than those given by mixed colleges. The following institutions support the higher education of women in various programs.

Spelman College, Atlanta has strong links to the city’s African American community and offers substantial financial assistance to women qualified based on their needs, ability, or interest in subjects that elevate the position of women in the workplace.

Agnes Scott College, Atlanta offers its Goizueta Foundation Scholarship to Hispanic students showing leadership qualities, a high academic ability, and the need for financial aid.

Wellesley College, Massachusetts uses a large proportion of the funds contributed by its alumni to help fund the studies of students they accept on merit and other factors. Their Davis Degree Program gives non-traditional students a chance to attend college at bachelor or graduate level.

Barnard College, New York adds to the aid students receive from the government. This page lets incoming students estimate how many grants they qualify for.

Nearly half of all students at women’s colleges receive financial aid, ranging from government grants to college scholarships. Institutions and their generous alumni have made it possible for students with moderate or severe financial handicaps to receive substantial financial assistance.

These contributors see themselves as investing in the future of women. Each dollar in scholarships trains the academics and athletes of tomorrow in an atmosphere conducive to producing the nation’s future leaders.

Tips on Grant Applications

  • Applying for grants directly from the school’s financial adviser may not cover all your needs. Apply to as many sources as necessary to cover your expenses.
  • Grant applications often fail because of unclear writing, skipped sections, and poor spelling. A grant application is a way of marketing yourself. Impeccable writing ensures that you present yourself in the best possible light,
  • If photos are required for any application, you should take the time to have taken. First impressions are very important.
  • Be sure you can clearly explain why you chose your major and what your hopes are for career opportunities. Enthusiasm for your subject is very appealing and implies your dedication to your field.
  • If you have been working on an application for several hours, have someone else proofread it. You can easily miss errors in a document you’ve spent too much time on.

Grants versus Loans

Although it entails more work, pursuing grants means you can start life after college with no financial burden. This is an excellent position to be in after graduation.

And life after college is a maelstrom of big expenses. Many young professionals today contend with the price of housing and transportation. The year after college is also the time many are thinking about marriage. This major milestone is a family’s first major expense, followed by the mortgage on a home. Removing college loans from the picture gives you more money to fund these expenses.

Take as much time as you need to analyze what grants you are qualified for. A thorough evaluation could surprise you. The range of options available is usually directly proportional to the time and effort spent in research. College loans may seem like a quick and easy fix for your financial problems, but they come with a hefty price tag. By taking the time to collect grants, you can be confident that you’ll graduate without any debt burdens.

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    I have found money by speaking with some people around college that pays beyond the pell grant. It has taken many hours of work, but it has been worth it. I live in Washington so I am not positive what is available in other states but these are a few I have found. The Bfaet…. qualifies you for foodstamps if you would not normally qualify because you are not working 20 hours a week. It also pays for books and classes for a quarter, not too hard to qualify for. there is also money for a quarter and books if you were on unemployment within the last 24 months… if you are new to unemployment, there is a chance they will give you 6 quarters of schooling, besides making your unemployment payments and you do not have to look for a job. I was on unemployment last year and I wish someone had told me about this one. And there is also the “opportunity Grant” that pays for 3 quarters, it does have a waiting list but with other ones available, get yourself on the list. There is many more, but this was 3 good ones and every student should check out the Bfeat program if your state has it.

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    I am a returning student and I could really use some advise on a small financial problem I’m having, and applying for a grant. I have a deadline July 10th , and I have been trying everything to come up with a solution to this problem.

  54. Sierra Broner wrote:

    I am a returning student and I could really use some advise on a small financial problem I’m having, and applying for a grant. I have a deadline July 10th , and I have been trying everything to come up with a solution to this problem.
    Please Help
    Thank you

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    I entered college a 2 months after graduating from high school in 2008. I have been taking classes since then, but no classes during summer terms. Grants have put me through school to all my years of college, but unfortunately it has come to a stop. I am only 3 classes away from getting my A.A Degree. I am sad how I am so close to receiving the degree,but yet so far. Money is one big issue from making the goal happen. I need help in finding other openings of grants or/and money assistant for my education.

    Thank you

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    Paying for college ideally stressful for all of us and we all are moving through obstacles and this economic.downturn. I am a African American who is desperate for money right now, working 2 part time jobs barely getting any rest, nor sleep. I feel exhausted and believe I may have developed sleep apnea, just a little. with the money I earn, im not only giving it banks or college, im also supporting my mother, a single parent over a total of 4 children. luckily I am the first to go through college and with potential to be somebody. Im studying in law and after a little half than a decade, I’m hope to gain a great paying job so I can pay off the hundreds of thousands of dollars to the bank that I will soon owe. I don’t want to end my graduation with an overload of stress trying to bounce back into an average life. Please help and support me on this, I need the money just as much as everybody else does. Please, im only 17, graduated from high school with a 3.7 and I shouldn’t be going through all of this. It will mean the world to me. I promise I will spend it all on school and not use it for pleasure like many other ignorant people do. I want an opportunity in life and im personally asking for ur help, if another individual needs it more then help her/him I’ll find another way to make that A lot easier or more possible. thank you!

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    Hello! I’m applying to enter CUNY City College of New York Spring 2013. My immigration status is “Asylum pending” (C)(8). Am i eligible for any grants or financial aid? thank you!

  58. Frankie wrote:

    I am 17 and going into my senior year. I currently work to support my family of seven along with my two older sisters. My dad is disabled with a traumatic brain injury and my mom has to stay home to take care of him so neither of them have jobs. My mom and two older sisters all attend the local community college but I am tryin to go to Mizzou (a university in Missouri). I have to earn whatever money I can for college and while supporting your family that is nearly impossible. I am in desperate need of scholarships and grants but I have no idea where to start and only know of the grants offered from this university’s website. I need as much help as I can get and a little help or advice would make a huge difference. I have a fairly good gpa, I am looking to be a CSI so I will be majoring in forensic science and possibly double majoring in psychology. I’m very good at art but have only been able to take two years of it in high school. I’m a good writer and I have been in band all four years of high school. I’m not sure if any of that will help but I am hoping to find something. Thank you.

  59. Mosaic Dan wrote:

    I am amazed by the heartfelt pleas above all of which are people looking for financial assistance in getting themselves or their children the education they deserve. There are a good number of tips for obtaining what seems to be elusive funding for higher education which I hope the people leaving responses here read carefully. Unfortuantely, its a fact of life that unless you want something you have to really fight for it. But first, following the good ideas on this page and see where it takes you.

  60. adam king wrote:

    desperate need of money to finish college, mom and dad has
    run out of money. help if you can.

  61. marshall craword wrote:

    I ve been decided to go back to school to finish my college degree for a long time but haven’t. Had enough money to do it. I can’t get a pell grant or financial aid without havinv to pay thousands of dollars to get it. I really really need a grant to help me out. I would greatly appreciate if someone could call me and help me with that. Thx

  62. Renata wrote:

    Are there any free grants for african americam women interested in visual communications? My daughter has been accepted to the FIDM, fashion institute of design and merchandising. Unless she can provide proof of how you can pay her 1st year balance of $17,000, she can not start school in October.

  63. Stacy wrote:

    I just need help in funding for my education. I attend college now but I’m not eligible for a pell grant, and I desperately need help because I can’t continue making student loans. It is putting me further and further in debt..

  64. Benjamin wrote:

    Please help me secure a grant that will enable me to study an MBA at Hult International Business school. I have already been admitted into the school for the program starting this September but am even yet to confirm my place due to funding problems. Please help me secure this my dream move.

  65. Jamal Howard wrote:

    I really need money for school. If I can get a grant that would be great

  66. Bryan Ruiz wrote:

    I’m going to college in a few months and I’m not sure that I’m going to be able to afford it. I need elp.

  67. Brandon wrote:

    are there any grants for welding???

  68. Devin Bennett wrote:

    Hey how are you im devin. i really need a good grant for school im a full time student at centenary college in hackettstown NJ. i have to get a loan for 13,000 before i can even make my schedule which is really impossible i really need to get out of this crazy town. i really miss school there’s alot that goes on in my city and i need to get away from it i really need to get back in to school i need help

  69. Joseph D. Franklin wrote:


  70. Vantasia Clark wrote:

    Hey,I am really trying to apply for a grant in cosmetoloy. If there is a grant that I can apply for please let me know.

  71. Tiara Hart wrote:

    Hi my Name is Tiara Hart and I really look forward to going to college. there is one problem that i have, i dont have the money to go and i want to go so bad to achived my goal.i want to go to college to become a heart surgeon.

  72. humble connor wrote:

    hello ,my name is humble . I’m very passionate about going to a fashion university.please help me to get this grant. financially my family would not be able to pay for it,and my grades from previous years weren’t all that great neither .please please please help.

  73. william wooten wrote:

    Hello….I desperately need to go to college and looking to go for electrical engineer transfer program….i owe a bit of taxes but thus would dearly help me to achieve my goals. Any help would be appreciated.

  74. M FJ wrote:

    I am currently ienrolled in school, I do get grant money, mostly loans to pay for college.. I need more grant money to help me. Can you refer me to a listing of all the grants tht I qualify for? I should be full time student, but can’t afford it, so I am finishing up goign part time… but I need more grant money for things…Help! Email me to

  75. Gwendolyn wrote:

    Being a 23yo African American female struggling to get through college financially I’ve prayed, worked hard, and even done things that I am not very proud of to pay for college. I find myself browsing the web often in search of HELP. This website just may be the answer. I am enrolled in the fall semester at Devry and I am a Health Information Technology major. Any help that I can get would be GREATLY appreciated.

  76. Michelle wrote:

    Hello. I took student loans out years ago and then fell into default. Later I did consolidate the loans and tried to pay what I could. Since then, I have fallen into hard times and I cannot pay. I tried to get a forbearance and I was told we make too much money. We are are trying to save our home, pay back loans to friends and family and have nothing extra. I am now looking at 90,000 owed and 3,000 monthly payment. I am a teacher and have two teenage sons (junior and senior). I don’t know what to do and I wanted to know if there is any help out there. Thank you for your time.

  77. Joyce wrote:

    I am asking for my daughter if there are any grants available for her situation. She entered the National Guard right out of high school and intended to go on to collage afterward but married and started a family instead of collage. She is now 37, separated from her husband, homeless (living with me) jobless from layoffs (last hired, first fired), and has a 15 yr. old daughter. She was a Medic in the National Guard, loves medical work, wants to be an RN. Can anyone help her??

  78. David wrote:

    Hello. I am a going to be a first generation college graduate in May. I major in music and study voice. I have tried many times in the past to find grants for school, but to no avail. While I am certain that the money exists, few people I know actually find and use this money. Are there any direct links to grant applications, or a more direct route to them?

  79. Derrick Stewart wrote:

    HEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP! I currently attend Tidewater Tech.I did not know it costs so much. I need some serious help here.

  80. Latiffany wrote:

    Hello i’m look for a grant to buy a home. Were do i start can somebody send me some information. Im 20 years old and my living situaton is very unstable.

  81. Latiffany wrote:

    hello im am a 20 year old college student and im trying to buy a home. My living situation is very unstable and its making finishing my degree a struggle. I speend alot of money finding places to stay and it makes paying for my schooling harder. I dont want to drop out my its hard to maintain. My mom is a single mom and is not in a state where she can help me. Can someone assit me in findind a grant for a home

  82. Cecilia Lynch wrote:

    Hello, I’m a eighteen year old senior currently looking for help to attend college next year. I work three jobs and want to better my education but without some finical help I cannot do so. In conclusion I’m writing this comment to reach out to you for your help. Thank you.

  83. Terence wrote:

    Hi im am lookin for grants for school i know the different type of school grant just need help findin out how or were to fill these out at every where i look is taking me to the fasfa but i have my pell grant all ready can someone direct me in the path i need to take

  84. Caleb Daniels wrote:

    I’m a 17 year old looking to go to college in the fall, I’ve been accepted to a few colleges and gotten pretty good sized scholarships, but its not nearly enough. I’m still looking at $30k in tuition/room and board, more in some cases. I’ve been searching for grants and scholarships to no avail. It seems that a middle class, white freshman isn’t eligible for much, despite the fact that we aren’t any better equipped to handle these costs than the poor or minority groups.

    I’m growing worried, I intend to become an entrepreneur, so if I take out loans to pay for college I won’t be able to start paying them back for a while, subjecting me to interest rates, and lets not forget the loans I’d have to take out for my start up business (which may or may not succeed on my first attempt). I’m looking at a dismal situation at best. I need merit based grants or scholarships, or at the very least some advice on how to find such things for freshmen.

  85. Judy Abstance wrote:

    My grandson wants to attend college but unfortunately the money is not available. It seems there are grants available but we need help finding those grants. Will you please help us. Thanking you in advance.

  86. Dairy Johnson wrote:

    I am looking for a grant to go back to collge and finished up on my Master like a few hours in finishing, I have a balance from the school that I was attending, I want to go back and finish their. I need help with a Grant no loans but a grant can you help me with this. Thanks in advance.
    Very serious about continueing my education.

  87. Ashley S wrote:

    Hello I am looking for college grants of any to help me acheive my RN degree. I only have 15-18 months left to finish this degree and will be attending hopefully in Feb. I have a medical assistant degree, but I want to continue my education as a registered nurse to practice more skills to help the ill. Thank you to any that can help! Please respond, no scammers please!

  88. Cody Rosel wrote:

    I got some grants when I studied in university. They helped me get the courage to study until I graduated. Thanks the financial helping.

  89. Cameron Wilcher wrote:

    I need help not a lot but I could use a grant or two for college because the secretary of the army decided to suspend tuition assistance so I’m really just lot now the only reason I joined is so the army would pay for my school someone help willing to work for it if needed.

  90. Hilda Martinez wrote:

    I need a grant for Summer semester and anything would be appreciated.

  91. kaylyn neal wrote:

    I in need of college grants to continued my degree in nursing at usa in mobile,al. Anything will help, Thank you in advance

  92. sionna sotelo wrote:

    I am needing a grant or two to be able to continue my education for this next fall semester anything would be a blessing to me because my financial state is not the best. please and thank you so much !!!!!!!

  93. Taylor A. wrote:

    I am way in over my head. My parents claim me on their taxes, make over 250k a year, and will not help me pay for school. Because FAFSA goes off of my parents income I receive little to no financial aid. I am trying to pursue a career in Occupational Therapy and will not be able to continue my studies if I do not find a scholarship/grants. I have applied to hundreds of scholarships and have come up with nothing. I would be so thankful for an opportunity to attend school this fall. Please please please help. I really want to go to college.

    Thank you,



    My name is DERICK NDEMBE NJIE i am in Cameroon i got social talents when i come to come to U.S.A. i am gonna tell you my talents in detail but get some now i am good in music drawing designing and many others so i am a kid of 15 year old i want to be model in U.S.A. it is accepted by my parents please aid me to come by sending me 30000dollars for my parent to arrange for my flight and other expenses send the money today to Cameroon post office Molyko Buea today 26th May 2013. thanks

  95. Tania wrote:

    Need urgently college grants to continue my degree in Dental Hygiene. I waited for 3.5 years to get into the school. During the wait peiod. I kept myself busy and graduated in associates in science and dental assisting. I got accepted with great difficulty and log wait. I want to study and determined to do the dental hygienst major. Please help the tution fees amount to 25,0000/ for two years. Can you please assist me. THANK YOU. GOD BLESS
    My other email is

  96. Chazmar Fair wrote:

    Im in need of a grant at least worth two thousand dollars. I know its a lot to ask for but I’m a student trying to hold down a job and help my mother. We live in poor household where were living paycheck to paycheck. Trying to balance school and work I feel behind in my studies and came to probation. I just need help paying for my classes this fall, I will focus on my studies more if given to opportunity. Please consider me, Im going for criminal Justice and would hate to have a setback.

  97. Shari wrote:

    Hi, I’m a single mom with three teenagers. 19 year old has type 1 diabetes. 17 year old healthy. 15 year old metastatic cancer, clear one year. My 19 year old has finished her first year of college on loans but we are unable to cover this next year. No loans or grants awarded. We tried everything.
    I don’t know how to help her. We all work a s live in a one bdrm apartment just to survive. Any help and we would be ever grateful .

  98. MUKOLWE DANIEL wrote:

    Hae, I am mukolwe Daniel from Kenya. I study at the Kenyatta university in Kenya. recently i have found it hard in paying for my college fees because i was orphaned when i was young and my guardian who has being paying for has since retired from work. i now humbly ask anyone out there who can help me finish my degree for the remainig three years.
    my contact email address is…
    my mobile phone number is…..+254705996903

  99. Alyssa O'Connor wrote:

    I am 19 and the oldest out of my four brothers and sisters and my family will be struggling to pay for my Rutgers tuition in the fall of this year. Although I was accepted into good colleges my senior year of high school, I had to stay home for two years at a community college to ease the burdens of tuition costs for my family. Support at home was further needed when my mom went into surgery for her cancerous brain tumor and she was out of work for over a year. Rather than spending my time home being lazy and depending on others, I have been proactive in competitive fencing, volunteering at my local courthouse, clubs at school and graduating with honors with a 3.7 GPA. It is very difficult to find money for transfer students, but I would be grateful if any help were to come my way.
    My emai address is:

  100. Venetia Leger wrote:

    Hi, I currently attend the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and I am in need for grants or scholarships. My parents have to pay for both my tuition and my brothers tuition, so money is being pointed towards our schools. I need extra money to help lighten the load on my parents and myself.

    My contact email address is

  101. Diane Butler wrote:

    Hi My name is Diane Butler and I a a mom of 5 and seven grand. I am currently in my senior year at phoenix for my BA degree. It is hard for me to finish my degree because right now I am short of 4200.00. Is there any grant out there that I can apply for. I also works in the School System working with children. I want to become a social worker. If there is an grants out there please let me know I really want to finish college.

  102. Eric D Pratt wrote:

    My name is Eric and I have worked since I was 15 but was fired this past year and yet to find a job I would like to return to school to improve my skills but I am also a felon looking for second chance

  103. Stephany wrote:

    I am a stay at home mother of two and last week my husband and I decided to separate but can’t afford divorce papers yet. As the primary care giver, I want to attend online college so that I can be a good role model without acquiring the expense of child care (unemployed). I just moved in with my mom and have spoken with Miller Motte but its a 25,000 dollar 2year coarse…

  104. Amanda Terrey wrote:

    I am about to take a library tech course that is worth 15 credits and did get a Pell Grant to pay for it. It was enough to pay for it but now the school says that I don’t qualify since it is only a 15 credit course and the grant was taken away. What can I do about this?

  105. Journee Bell wrote:

    Hi,My name is journee bell ,I am a 13 year old black girl .I live with my grandmother and my 4 brothers and sisters,and both my mom and dad are incarcerated.I desire to go to college.(please help)

  106. Godfrey Iwu wrote:

    Please, peace be unto you. I am a grantseeker who like to know if I am able to attract a grant from you.

    I am disabled as a result of a STROKE which happen to me on the 7th of April 2010. I have not been able to work ever since it happen to me. I have nobody helping me. I live in 4502 Tapscott Rd. Pikesville, MD. 21208. Although, I can walk a little bit, but you know I walk funny as a result of the STROKE.

    I lost my father and mother since I was 10 and 12 years respectively and ever since then, life has been very rough. I am now 61 and I am very eager to go to school. All I have been doing is beating up and down the bush, doing some meanial job, not even able to fend for my family.

    If I go ahead and tell you all that life has brought my way, I will not be able to exhaust all in this medium. All just have to say is help with a grant in order for me to pay my tuition for I have enrolled with ITT technical institute for a two years program on Information Technology.

    GOD mightily bless you.

  107. Andre Powell Jr wrote:

    My name is Andre Powell Jr. and I am a freshman at Texas A&M Kingsville. I received a small grant yet my mother is a is already having problems trying to pay her portion, buy my books and other expenses with her paycheck. She is a single parent and I have 2 younger sisters which she also takes care of. I need to go to college but at the same time it hurts me to see her struggling so. If there is any help what so ever I may qualify for, please let me know and thank you. May God Bless You.

  108. warami gloria wrote:

    please i will really need your help to grant me i gat nobody to help me no father buh stayin with a single mother .i wonna go to school i’ve been home for 5yrs nw doing nothing hopin that oneday i will be in school buh my hope keep failin me i can go on talkin about my life ,is not been fair to me i tried evrything i gat to do but it keep on hurting bad dad left us when am a year old now am 22 no hope that he will send me to school please help i don’t want to be young girls of my age who roam about the street and get in 2 dirt jobs for money i know i gat a future please make it come true for me i wonna be a nurse i love children i help old people i like putting smiles on their face to make them forget about their problems am a girl that have passion for helping and caring for the less priviledges oneday i asked myself when is that day gonna nd the resources gonna come continue with my dream and passion…. please i look in the fustration am facing…i will be very grateful if am granted with this opportunity.tnk u nd God bless u. Gloria..

  109. MUKOLWE wrote:

    HELLO,,, MY names are Mukolwe Daniel
    I am a student at Kenyatta university . I was enrolled successfully by my government having satisfactorily performed well in high school.
    Currently I am a second year student hoping to advance to the 3rd year soon. However i am an orphaned student since my parents did pass away when i was 8yrs. since then i have been living with my aunt who has been helping me out in paying school fees together with her children but now she has since retired from work and the little money she gets from her pension is not enough to feed us both and also pay for my school fees thus i risk dropping out.
    So i plead with you if can help sponsor me or help me out in finding a well wisher who can assist me in paying my school fees for the remaining part. I would really appreciate. Thank you. please contact me on +254705996903

  110. ILIR IMERI wrote:

    I want to take online classes provided by “Full Sail University.” I live in Illinois and the school is located in Florida. If I wanted a grant for a music career I want to pursue by taking courses provided by this school. Do I need grants from IL or FL?

    They sent me and application to my email. But I’m broke looking for a job, without even having $75 to pay the application fee, let alone the courses which total to $62,000. I’m trying my best since I’m 18 in a new area and my parents can’t afford to help me.

    I have no car, bike, not money. So I walk about a mile just to reach workplaces I can get hired at. It’s hard work, and it seems difficult doing everything on my own. I heard about this website and thought I’d check it out. That’s my situation. Any help on the two thoughts would help. Thank you.


  111. samuel ondicho wrote:

    i am samuel from kenya i am an orphan.i reqiest u you help to fund me in my stidies i eil be muvh happy to hear from you

  112. Ahmad R Stevens wrote:

    Hello My name is Ahmad R Stevens I want to go to a training school for lineman in Trenton GA. Financial aid only pays for an accredit school If I can have someone to contact me about possibly receiving aid for a grant I would appreciate it .

  113. Khor Koak Biel wrote:

    I need help I’m stil in high school and no support. I would like you to help through financial, I feel so hopelessly being dismissed from school because of money this week

  114. Kuro wrote:

    If you can, I know its not much but ADULT students christians anyways. In alabama theres a school called Faulkner University its a good christian college. I would suggest trying there. it’s really good, I’m a 28 year old, it was 7k for each 12 hours and living on campus. it was about 7500 for food ans books. its a urban school within walking distance. If you want a nice cheap school I’d try there, they have apartments for adults in MONTGOMERY AL

  115. cmc wrote:

    Pls can I get any grant or form of aid to start up a small scale business for myself, if this offer is extended to people outside the dollar region.

  116. Glory wrote:

    Please i need someone who will assist me financially because my dad is in great debt and its just few weeks to resumption…I just gained admission and i don’t want to throw it all away,please,here is my no +2348189609887

  117. Kephas kelly (Malawian) wrote:

    Am kephas kelly, a malawian,central Africa,I need a full support in financing School fees only for the period of four years.from January second semester 2015.and it is about 420 U.S dollar per semester.It is my prayer to find one well wisher ,glory to be to God.

  118. Andrea Sanders wrote:

    Please let me know of any grants for the graduate nursing program. I am a single African American parent. Over burden by mortgage debt, car loans, and credit cards (2). My goal is to teaching nursing education. The lab fees and technology fees are very high.
    May God bless you.

  119. Azmeraw Alem wrote:

    No to comment. But to ask how to get a grant to accomplish my MSc thesis work. Most urgent, Urgent, Urgent,………………..,urgent!!!
    Those of you with positive response, please contact me with my email,
    Great Thank!

  120. Lilly wrote:

    I’m 36years. Single female with a felony record (2001) are there any grants I would qualify for?

  121. Janai Keita wrote:

    I am about to be a junior in college, my dad passed last June, I was told in couldn’t file independent for my fafsa and I had to use my mom, so I barely got any money, now I’m probably not going to be able to go back to school any suggestions 2674442725

  122. peter simon wrote:

    am peter simon from uganda and i really need help for my stadies.

  123. denise horton wrote:

    Love your site. My youngest was just one month away from starting high school when a brain was found and I had 3 brain surgeries is 3 months followed by Chem and radiation and the loss left eye because of radiation followed by trigeminal neuralgia. My husband works shift work. Instead of Mike crumbling he excelled. At school, sports, and home. 3.81 gpa and 27 act. He would love to go into the health field. Are there scholarships that can make it possible for this unbelievable young man?

  124. kinjal wrote:

    I need money for my collage fees I’m 18 and 12 pass student….help me

  125. Ruth wrote:

    I’m an orphan and i graduated 2007 from high school and got B- and i’d like to request for a grant,i have never joined college since my high school graduation due to lack of money,please consider me. Thank you

  126. Yusuf Toheeb wrote:

    Please I need someone to help me pay my school fee because my parent can’t afford to pay due to financial difficulties they are facing now..I choose architecture as a career my phone number is..,08161693195

  127. Jane wrote:

    My name is Jane , I really need a financial support in my studies, if only I could get a sponsor, I promise to study hard and make him proud.
    my digits are: +2347061873689.

  128. Jane wrote:

    I tnk God for dis website, I believe God will do it for us!!!!
    God bless uuuu all!

  129. Donnecia Evans wrote:

    i need help to pay for this semester? Can you help me please

  130. Nazziwa suzan wrote:

    I would like togo back to school and continue with my studies .please, i need your hand.thanks

  131. Carolyne Ochami wrote:

    Hi Am a widow aged 50,a mother of one .Teaching experience of 26 years. Interested in manağement and care of children with special needs.I have enrolled for a master degree in special needs in the area of autism.l wish to request for a sponsor to an able me achieve my dream

  132. Anna wrote:

    my son just started college this year and we need help paying for his college. We don’t make enough money and can’t afford his college.

  133. Sey emmanuel wrote:

    I am a student i have know money to pay my school fees.please i need 2sure.

  134. Justus Oire wrote:

    My name is Justus Nyachae , am a Kenyan taking a bachelor’s degree in computer science in my final year. Am almost being sent out of school d e to fee areas amounting to Ksh 100000 . Am requesting for anybody willing to help me complete my s studies please contact me through the email “” Thank you.

  135. maxine ochola wrote:

    hi am Maxine ,a high school student… I would like to get help to go through my secondary level of family died in a car accident… am currently staying with my aunt who cannot afford the fees…please help me am desperate because I have not been in school for the past two months now…
    please help me ….

  136. MACHEKWIDO wrote:

    Hello, iam machekwido, zambian male. i need financial to furthur my education. I already have a primary school teacher certificate but now i want to have a degree paper. please help. email me on; God bless you as you open your heart to help me.

  137. jeanet mankekeng mabowa wrote:

    I’m 22 years old I don’t have both parents my mom died my Father is no where to be fund my dream is to be police so please im asking for help of financial to progress my dream contact me @ 0724691925

  138. allen mudenda wrote:

    am allen lameck mudenda from africa(zambia).my mum died this year and my father he is prison since 1999 am currectly at college bt i dont know who will pay for my fees next year folowin my mother’s death.hence am seekin help from emial is

  139. Kondwani kyulu mboma wrote:

    Hi, am kondwani kyulu mboma, a Malawian i need anybody or any compony or organisation who can offer me any job so that i can be able to raise cash for my degree in Agriculture in RSA,BOTSWANA or anywhere in the world where i can study my AGRICULTURE DEGREE. I stoped attending Classes on certificate level due to fees, my parents died some years ago so i dont have anybody to pay for my desired job in life,thats to be an AGRICULTURIST. so please help me in any form

  140. vijay khare wrote:

    Hello …I m interested in fashion designing ….but I CNT go for any collage of fashion designing …because of highly .fees ….and its my dream …so plz help me as a financial help …contact me 9039137760

  141. ntakirutimana jules wrote:

    my names Ntakirutimana Jules come from Burundi my country I have interest to write to you for being among who will get the opportunity for continue my school studies. I have finished secondary school in my country and I have desire to study at university in science.

  142. Elaine wrote:

    Are there any grants that can help PAY off student loans? I am drowning in student loan debt and would really use some help/information. Thank you.

  143. Boluwatife Ayobami wrote:

    I need someone who can give me scholarship. I just finished from secondary school. I am commercial student. I would love to be an Accountant. My father is a teacher while my Mother is a business woman. I also have an elder sister who suffers from Cerebral palsy. The income of the family is too small for my Parents to further my education. Please help me. Thanks and God bless you.

    You can contact me through this email

  144. Suryakant Uikey wrote:

    I am orphan boy, I’m 28 years are old, M.A.+ PGDCA running. But my dreams is It computer engineering. But I have no money. So pls. Help Me. pls give me the 1 chance in the free reading of any it computer college. 8349111556 M.P.

  145. Abdulwahid wrote:

    Hello im Abdulwahid. 2nd year student in Mahardika Institute of Technology at Ilmoh street Bongao Tawi-Tawi. I’m asking for someone that can help me and support me to continue well my study. Save me from suffering on financial problem, and bring me to a bright and better future.

  146. keren Chishimba wrote:

    I’m a Zambian ypung lady aged 22 who has been currently admitted at mediçal school in china at Hubei medical university. I’m required to report urgently by 2nd January my parents have failed to manage to raise the fees due to short notice and financial difficulties I m on China they are back in Zambia please help me with financial assistance to pute in university.

  147. Mercy wrote:

    Hi, I am a girl from a disadvantaged background. I was raised by my unemployed parents. I am willing to further my studies but I don’t have money, please help.

  148. Happy Mamba wrote:

    Education is very important to me which is why i need to continue with my collage studies and create a bright future plus achieving my goals

  149. ntakirutimana jules wrote:

    hi. I need help for returning to school to finish my studies science and technology but I staying I finally level.

  150. Aimerick wrote:

    Hello, we are a group of 4 french students. We are Céarinne, Tom, Lucas, Aimerick and we are 15 years old. (10th grader) We study in La Prat’s Cluny High school so must presentation of your school and your everyday life. We would like very much to get information about your culture and customs. We are very curious to know how you live! We would be very happy if your answer! Thank’s a lot.

  151. Prashneel Sharma wrote:

    Hey, I am Prashneel. I am yet to pay my placement to e enrolled in the New York University Shanghai Campus. I am from Fiji where our currency is very low and living conditions are harsh. I am receiving 70% Financial Aid for tuition. However I require 30% to be covered by me, but that much is impossible for me to afford. Can anyone help me?

  152. Eunice wrote:

    Please, I am Eunice and a citizen of Nigeria. I need help. I need the sum of 195,000 naira to complete my school fees. My exams starts tomorrow which is 29th April, 2017 and I won’t be allowed to write my exams without paying my fees. I really need help from anyone at all, please. I’m in a state of dilemma right now. May God bless anyone that’s able to help. I hope and pray I’ll find a helper.
    This is my account number, please
    5343001531 Eco Bank Nigeria
    God Bless you all

  153. Felix Otieno Omollo wrote:

    Hi, I joined University last year and already I have arrears, I am really longing to to complete my studies but now am afraid because I don’t have finances well as anyone to support me. If someone can support me I will be very grateful.

  154. vivian atieno wrote:

    I am an orphan my dad died two years back and am really need of school fees am a kenyan a form four leaver

  155. Wynce wrote:

    Looking for a future, a career, not a college debt. To better myself,I want to make my family,my son,my wife proud of me when I reach to the top as a Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistance. Guidance and assistance and dedication is what I need.

  156. garang l ding wrote:

    I great you in Jesus name, I am a 22 year old lady, a south Sudanese by nation having a dream to get into the higher institution but due to financial inadequacy I can’t be able to achieve my dreams.

  157. Markeisha wrote:

    Hi I am going into my sophomore year of college and have been struggling to figure out how I am going to pay for school if anyone know of any type of scholarships or grants could you please email them to me at please this would mean a lot.

  158. Kourosh Mokhtari wrote:

    Hi, I am student of Polytechnic University of Saint Petersburg in Russia . Right now I am in forth semester of master program in field of Microelectronic in Telecommunication. Unfortunately, I have financial problem to pay tuition fee for my last semester and for this reason I could not finish my studies there. If it is possible for your organization, please help me about this issue. I can sign a letter to work for your Organization instead of that or pay it back as soon as possible.

  159. Sarah wrote:

    I originally planned to be a PE teacher. Halfway during my student teaching I quit, but still had enough credits to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. I have now gone back to finish my student teaching. I was denied financial aid at my university because I already have a degree. Is there help for me? I am single, but have a 4 month old baby.

  160. Nikisixx wrote:

    After reading through this entire paragraph, I have one very IMPORTANT QUESTION?
    So, Where is the grant for an 18 year old “Woman”…. that ISNT A Minority… Nor African American? And No, It’s an honest from the heart question. So no racism at all here. More power to whomever… I’d like an honest answer…..I’ll wait

  161. Tulu bhumij wrote:

    hi my name is tulu bhumij i m from India .i have just passed my 10th standard exam this year but i cannot continue my studies due to financial problems at home. i have a percentage of 73.5 .and i really want to continue my studies.

  162. kenneth wrote:

    my name is ebuka,am 21 this year,my problem started when my father became sick {stroke]1o years ago,we sold everything we had in other to get him adequate treatment, both all to no avail, he died three years back,my mom also died, since hem me and my siblings have been suffering, we really want to attend college but we have know helper,please we need help at least to get that certificate that will help us have a better life, we do not want to do anything that is unlawful, we only hope and believe in God for a miracle, god bless you ask you help my email is

  163. sophia squif wrote:


    I will be a Junior at James Madison University this upcoming year and really need financial assistance. I had the worst year and basically can not afford college so i am taking parent plus loans which my parents expect me to pay, along with my student loans. Please help me relieve this burden at least a little bit. I am paying for college by myself.

  164. Jacqueline Carvajal wrote:

    Hi i would like to know how can i get grants for college i already registered for the fall semester

  165. Lakeysha Good wrote:

    Hello, I am Lakeysha I’m 20 years old and also three months pregnant. I have pushed off college for awhile and I think I am have waited to long. I would like to start taking online classes to get my English Major so my child will have a good life and we do not have to struggle since I am and will be a single mother. If you can help me in any way you may Email me at Thank you

  166. David Azizi wrote:

    New Scholarship for Law Students at SWLS in Los Angeles. See Link for details on submission rules.

  167. Iesha wrote:

    I am the only one of my siblings to complete college.I need a grant to help me further my education in grad school. My mother is sick & I am pursuing a degree to further assist her and others suffering with the same condition. I currently have a balance on my account at school.

  168. Zahida wrote:

    I am from india living in saudi arabia i am 17 years old my father has a debt of 55000 US dollars i have to leave my studies because we have no money please help me i wish to study. i will repay back one day for sure.. my email is

  169. Eric Justin Sanchez Revelle wrote:

    My names Eric J. San.Reve. I would love to go back to school and start building in one of these new fields. Such as the H.GenomeP.. If anyones got any good advice and/or help to offer, email me please.

  170. Adolphus sunday wrote:

    Complement,please I really need help to state a plumbing business and to establish a plumbing store so that I can assist the less previlange. Around me.

  171. Marwillian R.Monger wrote:

    I am Marwillian and I study at the dream school system, but deal to financial problem I drop out of school,since then I having been searching all over to see who could help,but with my trust I know you can help me complete my study. Can’t you?here are my numbers +231778011463

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