College Grants For Graduate School

In this tough economy, many students with Bachelor’s degrees are looking for a step-up to improve their chances of employment which for some usually means going back to school for a higher degree.

Unfortunately, few students are able to pay their entire way through another two or three years (or longer) of further learning as only wealthy students are able to manage this feat.

College grants help to ease the burden on tuition costs for students of all educational levels (Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctoral), thus making paying for school a little easier. Students who are in financial need may search for grants by student type or subject-specific.

Before we delve into Graduate grants, which will be our focal point, let’s break down the different kinds of grants that are out there and define what makes a grant different from a scholarship or a loan.

Grants are different from scholarships and loans because they are the equivalent of gift money — the money will not have to be repaid since they are given out to students in need.


There are several categories that are searchable on sites such as They are:

  • Student-specific
  • Subject-specific
  • Degree level
  • Minority

Additionally, some common sources for grant funding include federal and state governments, colleges and universities, and public and private organizations.

Now that the general specifics of grants have been explained, let’s move on to Graduate-level grants. Many of these grant programs are available from colleges, universities, and private organizations. The right candidates will qualify on most accounts, but in some certain circumstances, grants can support much of a doctoral student’s research including living expenses. This guide will focus on these four fundamentals below:

  • Which grants are available to graduate students
  • Who they are available to (and)
  • How you can apply for the grants
  • Grants to consider applying for

Grants for Grad Students: Continuing Education

So you’ve just completed your undergraduate program and are planning on attending graduate school right away, or you’ve been out in the workforce and you’re looking for something with better pay. Before you look into grants, you are eligible for the same student loans you applied for as an undergrad: the Graduate Stafford Loan and the Perkins Loan.

You also have an option to apply for a Federal Graduate/Professional PLUS Loan. Keep in mind, though, that this is credit-based loan and requires repayment with interest after you graduate.

For more information on PLUS Loans for Graduate Students, please visit the government’s website.

Back on to the subject of Graduate grants, many of these will originate within organizations, colleges, and universities who are looking for students in a particular field of study such as business or teaching. These and other grants will be discussed shortly.

Minority Graduate Grants

If you’re a minority Graduate student, you have a bit more of an edge over other applicants. Minorities are usually underrepresented in Graduate programs offered by most colleges and universities. There are several that are available for minorities at places like the American Indian Graduate Center, the National Consortium for Graduate Degrees for Minorities, and the Cornell University Graduate School Fellowship for Minorities.

How to Apply

Applying for grants can take a long time as their requirements may vary. Some grant applications will ask you to write essays while others will request letters of recommendation from teachers or community members. There are even applications that will need to see statements which show your family’s income and some that come with strings attached.

Grants are awarded based on a stipulation that the recipient will pursue a rigorous degree of study or a degree in a workplace field that’s currently in demand. Grant money in a few cases can be offered in exchange for a professional service once you graduate, such as health care.

Grants To Consider Applying For

Business Grants: This is an exciting industry to work in with the synthesis of technology and new marketing trends and communications as well as a huge push for global markets making a giant movement in the public and private sectors. For a Master’s in Business, check with your school for any applicable grants and scholarships that might be available.

There are MBA grants for minorities as well including the National Society of Hispanic MBAs, the National Black MBA Association, the American Indian Graduate Center, and the American Association of University Women. You can look these organizations up online to find more information on these organizations.


There are whole fields of graduate programs devoted to the Library and Information Science study arena. Many well-educated professionals who work in public libraries and students will find lots of scholarship and grant dollars from organizations that focus on training future librarians.

Federal funds are out there for people who intend to pursue this field from places such as The Institute of Museum and Library Services department of the National Foundation on the Arts and Humanities. These kinds of grants, however, do not directly fund individuals but offer awards to public institution projects in archiving, cataloguing, and preserving that will fund grants and internships for library science students down the road.

Teaching Careers

This recession-proof career is always a great choice for people who have a passion in a single subject such as English or Math, and the demand for teachers is always great.

The U.S. Department of Education gave out 20 large checks for grants which equal around ten million dollars for their Transition to Teaching program.

The grants have been awarded to many for-profit and non-profit institutions who will use the money for student teaching incentives. Student teachers in the middle of their degree as well as students in non-teaching specialties are taking interest in these funds which in turn will put their sights on teaching in schools that are in high-need districts for stipends in return.

Transition to Teaching Program

The Transition to Teaching program has two goals: to generate interest and support for areas in high-need or low-income areas, both rural and urban, and to provide young teachers with enough funds to pay for their education. Student teachers who accept the grant have to commit to contracts that will bind them to positions located in high-need areas for an agreed timeframe.

The American Federation of Teachers has a lengthy database full of teacher grants and scholarships which include federal loan forgiveness programs (ways where student teachers and existing teachers can qualify to have student loans canceled), private funds (e.g. Rockefeller Brothers Fund – Fellowships for Aspiring Teachers of Color), and state-specific funds. To find out more, go to

The University of Phoenix, one of the leading online educational institutions, offers the Project Reach grant, which funds Master’s in Teaching degrees. Students will have to commit to teaching in high-need areas similar to the Transition to Teaching program.

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    I bag you to grant me some money since now i can not afford to keep my family becouse my salary was cut after shifting a field from education[teaching] to nursing studies in the university of muhimbili

  2. David Austin wrote:

    I am searching for grants that can help me finish my education and certification as a IT Security Analyst. I have completed my undergraduate degree at Alabama State University in Computer Information Systems, and I am currently taking courses that will prepare me for the following certifications (CISSP, ECO-349, ECO 350, and GIAC-2700 Series) and a Master’s Degree in Information Security Assurance from Western Governor’s University. Funding for school can be difficult when there is only one income in the household. My wife was recently diagnosed with a heart condition that has hindered her from working. I have taken out a loan, but the expenses (medical, school, certifications, household) are exceeding my budget. If I had a job making enough to do all, then I would be greatly satisfied.

    Certifications are a great deal of experience in the IT arena, and sets individuals apart from others when it comes to job hunting. I am in need of some funding to help assist me in obtaining this goal.

    I am the only male that has attended college from my immediate family of seven siblings. I would like to build a future for my children and others with interest in the community of Information Technology. My goals will cost a great deal and any assistance that I can receive will be tremendously appreciated.

  3. Natasha wrote:

    I’m a 26 yr old black female currently pursuing my masters in forensic studies. I received a loan for my first semester but I don’t think 2 and 1/2 years of loans will be good at all financially. I’ve searched for different grad school (minority) grants but most seem tailored for education, science, & math majors, not criminal justice or just general grants.

    So I need help locating grants for minority women seeking masters degrees. Thanks.

  4. elisa wrote:

    I am a 51 year old female from Puerto Rico, I will receive my masters in ESL this year. I owe more than $35,000 in student loans and would like to continue my education. I am interested in receiving a student grant to finance a Phd. HELP. thank you

  5. lucero wrote:

    I am desparately seeking a scholarship to finish my masters.. I am attending Purdue university in Career and Tech Ed.. I am a music teacher and a mother of 3…I really want to finish this program but I cannot afford the little tuition..This year I only need $2500. Please help

  6. Makesha Thompson wrote:

    I am a 34 yr old African-american woman seeking to obtain my masters in clinical health administration. In recent years, I’ve been experiencing financial hardship due a divorce and debt from student loans. I posse a strong desire to attend graduate school, but do not have the funds to do so. Please assist me in finding a way to meet my educational endeavors.

  7. Laura A. Smith wrote:

    I am a 42 year old female looking to work on a masters degree in Cultural Anthropology. I am just beginning my search to see if I can afford to go back to school (a dream since I graduated with my Bachelors). Any leads or infomration on possible grants I might look into or qualify for would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Jen Showalter wrote:

    I am 33 years old who is disabled due to Intractable Epilepsy. Even brain surgery didn’t work 4 years ago. My husband has always wanted to finish his master’s degree at grad school, but had to put his life on hold for me. He will be my sole care giver as he has to finish his degree next year in order to keep his credits. Any leads or information on possible grants that I could look into for him to qualify being that he will be a full time student and care giver while getting his master’s degree starting Jan 7, 2013 would be so helpful. Thank you very much.

  9. Monique Tate wrote:


    I am a 44 year old wife, mother of 4 (one who is a full-time college student), and full-time educator in Georgia. I am enrolled in Walden University. I am a KAM based student and will soon be entering the dissertation phase of my studies. My independent studies have been beneficial to me as an educator. I developed a mentoring program for a KAM application to address the educational & social adjustment needs of at-risk students which resulted in implementing the program at my school (for the past 3 years). I implemented annual school health fairs at my school to address the need for healthy living among school age students as a result of one of my KAMS. I started a morning reading club to address the needs of struggling readers at my school with this years focus on women studies for female youth who struggle in social studies. I also advocate for parents who have children who experienced school based arrests. The school to jail phenomenon is the focus of my dissertation with the hope of bringing national attention to this issue. I need additional funds to conduct a phenomenological study whereas I will give a voice to parents with this shared experience and to complete my dissertation. Thank you.

  10. Sirajj Ziyad wrote:


    I am a 27 year old paraprofessional with a bachelor’s degree in art. After graduating in 2008, I worked in retail for 2 unsatisfying and underpaid years. I decided to make a move in to education, so I started substitute teaching.

    In 2010 I was offered a paraprofessional position that I have been doing up to this point. While working with special needs students I discovered that teaching this population is my calling. I enjoy helping students who need to learn from someone with the patiance and dedication to helping them succeed.

    I have recented applied and was accepted to a grad school. I would like to apply for grants that may help pay for tuition without adding to my student loan balance. I am hoping you can help. Thank you.

  11. Tiana Sanders wrote:

    I am interested in going back to college to pursue a masters and doctorates degree in sports management or business administration. I need to know step by step on what I need to do to get started on these grants. Thanks in advance!

  12. Valerie Harrison wrote:

    I am a 57 y/o with a BSN that I’ve held for 23 yrs. Currently working as a traveler in Labor and Delivery,
    I seek a Masters in Nursing Information Systems. I would love to quit traveling and stay in one place long enough to earn it. I would appreciate any information that would help me attain my goals. Thank you.

  13. sammy marwa wrote:

    Hey send me some information on MBA grants and scholarship,I am pursuing my MBA now and I have problems funding. However the information on this site was helpful.

  14. DJ wrote:

    I’m 30 years old, married with 3 children. I currently have a BS in Psychology through Liberty University and would like to pursue my Master’s in Professional Counseling and obtain my LPC certification. I can’t ask for any more school loans, because my wife and I have about 80k between the two of us! I know I’m not a minority or a woman, but a father of 3, working full time, with a vision to help other people holistically, should be able to get some help =). My wife and I are both using our degrees, but can barely pay the money back that we bought the degrees with…makes no sense to me.

  15. Jamie Hampton wrote:

    I am a 39 year old African American military veteran seeking financial help to cover the tuition costs for my remaining six classes in the MBA/Accounting program. My ultimate career goal is to become an Accountant.

  16. Joyce Frost wrote:

    I am currently enrolled in a Master’s of Social Work program and need help with some financial help to complete my school work. I want to complete the dream and goals I have set for myself to help others. Please show me where to go to get help.

  17. Madonna Wright wrote:

    Please inform me of grants I may apply to for help in completing my PhD in general psychology. I have completed 35 credit hours and have about 45 to go. I have been running on loans but I am so overwhelmed by just looking at the amount I owe so far. I am a 50 year old native American female. I have worked most of my years, have 10 children with 25 grandchildren. I have made great changes throughout my life and I have always enjoyed going to school. I really would like to complete this degree. I currently work at a tribal college assisting students.
    Madonna Wright

  18. Rosemarie wrote:

    It is my earnest desire to pursue my Masters degree of Library and Information Science. However, my salary is simply enough to feed my family and their needs. But my quest to attain my goal in life is my motivation. I never fail to share what I learn to the my community and still continue to do so. Please assist me whom to approach.., God bless and thank you very much.

  19. Ann wrote:

    I am seeking grants/scholarships to assist me with paying for my Master’s Degree. (Master in Public Health/Global Health). I currently work as a Case Manager for the State of Maryland, however they do not assist with paying for education. I work within the state of Maryland, and live in Delaware. Thank you for your assistance with Grants/Scholarships.

  20. Angela Steele wrote:

    I am seeking grant/scholarships to complete my internship in Educational Leadership. I currently work with students with learning differences as an Guidance and College Counselor in the DC area. My employer does not have a tuition assistance program. I am so close to completing my program and need help for these last three months. I humbly thank you for helping with grants and scholarships.

  21. Eric Knapp wrote:

    I am seeking grants/scholarships to help me pay for my Masters of Science Degree in Educational School Counseling with a Pupil Public Services Credential. I have had to quit my full time job and forego my health insurance in order to take on my non paid internship for 40 hours a week to complete a total of 600 hours. This lack of income has made paying for Graduate School that much more difficult. I appreciate your time and assistance.

  22. Pinto Jorge Mabunda wrote:

    I am Pinto Jorge Mabunda, mozambican, 34 years old. I need help. Now I am master student in Management an Conservation of Nature in University of Azores-Portugal. I finished curricular programme of my course and I submited my thesis in University. But now I have difficult to travell to Portugal to do my thesis presentation. Now I need help to travell to Portugal to do my thesis presentation. Please, help me.

  23. Sandra Young wrote:

    I am seeking financial help due to the many obligations I have. First, I’m repaying student loans for my two sons who attended higher learning schools. Secondly, I am repaying a student loan in which to achieve my second Associates Degree in Education. I have serviced in a Title 1 school for over 13 years. In addition to that I spearheaded a Go Green Team from 2011 – 2016 and lead the school into receiving a 2016 Green School status with Maryland Association of Environmental Outdoor Education. This took leadership skills to accomplish. I am seeking to attain my certification in teaching. Five years ago, I took the Praxis I (Grammar, Writing and Math) and failed the test by 18 points. Today, I’m serving in Charles County, Maryland in a Support Level position, but teaching Computer Science to over 700 students.
    I believe I will be an excellent candidate to award a grant to continue my goals in Education.

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