Trade School Grants

Do you dream of a career in Culinary Arts? Want to fuel your dream of having your own auto mechanics garage fuel? Or would you rather light up your career as an electrician?

Interest in trade school education has grown in the past decade. This turnabout was fueled by the increased need for skilled trade workers and the current economic downturn. Today, a large volume of students seek to build the foundations of their careers through vocational and trade education.

Trade schools encompass a wide variety of hands-on education, from carpentry to cosmetology. In the past, financial aid had been hard to come by for these fields, but that is no longer the case today. Aid opportunities abound for students who wish to attend trade school. One of the greatest of these come in the form of trade school grants.

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Trade School Grants

Receiving a trade school grant is not the same thing as obtaining a student loan or a scholarship. Student loans are exactly what their name implies; they must be repaid with interest. Scholarships do not require repayment, but are usually based on evidence of superior academic achievement.

Grants, on the other hand, are bestowed as free with no strings attached. Economic need is the typical basis on which they are awarded. Sorting through the different categories of grants is difficult but well worth the time and effort. The payoff can be lucrative.


There are a wide variety of grants available for trade students. Some of the most common:

  • Need-based grants
  • Grants for women
  • Low income grants
  • Returning grants
  • Minority grants
  • Disabilities grants


Those who specialize in trades such as plumbers, carpenters, auto mechanics, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) specialists may pursue their education at a community college, a technical school, or a university at an undergraduate or graduate level.

A few excellent sources for trade school grants are as follows:

  • Local and regional community and technical colleges
  • Trade and professional organizations
  • State and federal government

Need-Based Grants

Eligibility for need-based grants takes several factors into consideration:

  • The number of dependents in your family
  • Your student status
  • Your family’s expected financial contribution (EFC)
  • How many dependent family members attend college or other post secondary education
  • Other family assets besides income

Income may be the most important determinant eligibility assessments for need-based grants. There are students who come from families with substantial income that qualify for aid due to other reasons.

Sources of Need-Based Grants

The federal government is the biggest provider of need-based grants, although state governments sometimes offer them as well. Grant programs at the federal level include the FSEOG, or Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant, the Federal Work Study Program and the Federal Pell Grant.

Grants for Women

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Many grants are geared towards under-represented demographics in our society, such as women. There are grants for women entering traditionally male-dominated fields, which would include trade careers.

Some of the larger grant programs for women are competitive, with many applicants. Smaller grant programs do exist with better chances of obtaining grant money. A lot of effort, time, and patience go into applying for grants, some things which many students are not willing to expend, so it’s worth the work, even for the biggest grants that seem difficult to qualify for.

  • The American Association of University Women (AAUW): A well-established source of financial aid for women, the AAUW offers grants for educational support, as well as other types of aid. Two grant opportunities are the Career Development Grant and the Community Action Grant.
  • Community foundations: Found in many states, these public associations are valuable sources to find grant money designated for a variety of student types, among them, women.
  • PEO International: PEO is a non-profit organization with grants and other forms of aid available to women for education purposes. The PEO Program for Continuing Education Grant is for women who wish to return to college and complete their education. Awards are based on financial need and education that allows the applicant to get the kind of job that guarantees family survival.

Low-Income Grants

There are many grant programs designed to aid low income students pursue educational opportunities beyond high school. State and federal sources exist, as well as schools themselves, to provide grant money for low income students.

  • Federal Pell Grants: One of the best known grant programs in the country, the Pell Grant is awarded to millions of students every year.
  • State Grant Aid: Individual states offer grant money to students as well. As one of the biggest financial aid providers in California, CalGrants awards qualified students with over $9,500 per year towards their educational costs. The Higher Education office of your state government is the place to check for low income grant programs.
  • Grants From Schools: Trade schools may offer their own grants to low income students. Even if the tuition is
    higher than a student can afford, it makes sense to give the school a chance. See what kind of aid package your schools of choice offer.

Returning Student Grants

Maybe you never finished your degree. or you want to pursue advanced training in your field. You may even decide to embark on a totally different career. The number of adults returning to school is increasing. With that increase is the greater number of grant programs to help returning students.

The financial aid department of your school is one top source for grant money. A financial aid representative can provide you with a list of programs for which you might be eligible.

Other places to look for grant money for returning students areas follows.

  • Organizations that offer grants for specialty groups, like women and minorities.
  • Federal and state funds through filling out a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal
  • Student Aid). Some state-funded grants include vocational and trade school grants.
  • Local associations or professional unions that provide funding for trade association members.

Minority Grants

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The term “minority” does not always refer to ethnic status. Besides Black, Hispanic, Native American, and Asian students. Women, ethnic women, and students with physical disabilities are also considered minorities.

Minority grants help students to triumph over financial issues from their oft-disadvantaged circumstances of economic, social and home stress factors.

Sources of Minority Grants

  • Federal
  • State
  • Professional associations
  • Local organizations and businesses

When filing for minority grants, it pays to be persistent. Many students do not have the motivation to follow through with the application process, which gives those that do have the drive far better chances of succeeding.

Disabilities Grants

According to the federal government, all students will have access to higher education, even if disabled. Disability may be in the form of visual or hearing impairment; it could be the challenge of navigating through school in a wheelchair, or it might be psychological or cognitive.

Sources of Disabilities Grants

Organizations are the main source of grants for the disabled. Some examples are as follows:

  • National Federation for the Blind
  • National Association of the Deaf

Specialist Schools

There are schools designed for students with disabilities. One example is the National Technical Institute for the Deaf at RIT. As one of this country’s best technical schools, students at this institution can qualify for several grants.

Grants From Institutions

Group of friends in a community college
Technical and community colleges award most of the trade degrees. Some of these schools receive federal money to improve their facilities, maintain trained faculty, and offer students financial assistance. However, they are not always the best source of trade school grants.

Make sure to compare the grants offered by different institutions. Whenever possible, talk to a financial aid or admissions representative about the grant programs available. Do this even if there are none listed in the school catalog.

Trade School Grants from Professional and Trade Organizations

Trade organizations are plentiful in this country. They are also the likeliest source of trade school grants. National, regional, and local chapters of trade organizations are common. Many of these accept student members at a state or national level. Students would be wise to join associations that offer grants and scholarships.

For example, the Oil and Energy Service Professionals awards a small number of HVAC grants to students every year.

Trade School Grants from State Sources

Many states provide trade school grants for students seeking vocational certificates and degrees. The Kansas Board of Regents offers vocational grants annually to residents enrolled in trade programs at Kansas technical and community colleges. Almost half of the trade school students in the state benefit from these funds. Kansas holds a vocational exam where the best scores qualify for the grants.

Trade School Grants from Businesses and Industry

Both industries and private businesses sometimes provide trade school grants. Look for regional or local grants particularly for trade school students.

How to Apply for Trade School Grants

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The process of applying for trade school grants is a basic one, but requires attention to detail. The way to get financial aid money in the form of grants can be broken down into three fundamental steps.

Step One: File A FAFSA

Before applying for any other form of financial aid, this is the first step to take. File a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Filing this document ensures your consideration for federal grant programs, along with other forms of federal aid.

The FAFSA can be filed either electronically or by mail. To receive a faster response, file electronically. You can get the FAFSA online from this page. Most important, fill out the form completely and be sure to file by the deadline. There are three deadlines associated with the FAFSA: federal, state, and school. Filing by the earliest deadline is the best option.

Information about you is included in the FAFSA, which is used to determine your eligibility for grant money.

Step Two: Wait for Your SAR

Several weeks after filing the FAFSA, you will receive a SAR, or Student Aid Report. The SAR is a document which outlines your EFC, Expected Family Contribution, to your educational expenses. If your EFC is a small amount, you are more likely to qualify for grants.

The Student Aid Report also contains a section specifying what kinds of federal aid you are qualified for. If the income you reported on your FAFSA was low, you may be eligible for a need-based grant. The Federal Pell Grant is one example of a need-based grant.

Whatever schools you indicated on your FAFSA will also get a copy of your SAR. Each school will review the information in your SAR and create a financial aid package to offer you, detailed in an award letter they will send out.

Step Three: Complete the Form for State Grants

If the funds offered by the financial aid awards letters are not enough, you can apply for state funded grants as merit-based grants.

Merit-based grants are a general term for any grant that requires you to meet specific standards to qualify. Where need-based grants are mainly based on income, merit-based grants are based on a combination of academic and income factors. Many state grants require that your income not exceed a fixed amount. In addition, you must meet certain grade requirements.

Forms for merit-based grants are often found on the website for your specific state. The application process entails sending in verification of your grade point average to the student aid commission of your state. You become eligible for a grant if your average is high enough. Read all directions for the grant application for your particular state with care. Moreover, pay strict attention to deadlines; submit all forms and information requested on time.

In Conclusion

Times have changed where trade school is concerned. Many more people are interested in pursuing careers in such diverse fields as electrical, HVAC, automotive, cosmetology, and Culinary Arts. Moreover, financial aid as free grant money is readily available to those who seek degrees or certificates in vocational or technical trades.

With some concentrated research, effort, and time, trade school students can procure the grants they need to fund a brighter future.

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  1. ryland reese wrote:

    i want a short term student loan

  2. james slinger wrote:

    i am collecting unemployment at this time and i am interested in becoming an heavy equipment operator and wondering on how to get grants for training and how to go about gettting assistance on doing so i have already applied for schooling at ats in columbus ohio thank you for your time and hope to here from you soon

  3. Cassady wrote:

    Im wanting to go.back to school but cant afford it

  4. Gavin Boomer wrote:

    I’m still in high school looking to go into a trade school after graduating in 2012 but i’m not sure how i will be able to afford to do so. I believe that by receiving a grant to fulfill this would not only benefit myself but as well as the company that i might could end up working for in the future. I look forward to at least hearing back from you. Thank you for your time

  5. Ahyahnna Butler wrote:

    I graduated from High School in 2011. I would like to attend a pastry and Baking trade school however, I do not have the funds to do so. My family does not make enough money to co-sign for loans on my behalf.
    Would I be able to get a grant or grants for my continued Education??

  6. Charlie wrote:

    I am in school for HVAC and I am looking for grants.

  7. Shaledra Givens wrote:

    I am unemployed without unemployment benefits and looking forward to start a heating ventilation and air conditioning training course with QUALITY TECHNICAL TRANING CENTER. Unfortunately I do not have the funds to do so at the time and would love to enter this field as soon as possible. Being rewarded this grant will allow me to do so. I look forward to hear from you soon. Thank you

  8. Natasha Johnson wrote:

    I am looking for Grants to finish my last to months of barbering classes that cost close to $700 not includeing supplies.

  9. Lamon Adams wrote:

    Im underemployed and Im looking to return to trade school to finish my degree in Diesel Mechanics. Im wondering which grants would I qualify for.

  10. Aaron wrote:

    Im unemployed, I’ve been looking for a job for almost a year now. I graduated back in 2008. What I want do is go to school for Welding, but I don’t have the funds nor do any of my family. Are there any grants that I would be able to qualify for?

  11. Michael Lowe wrote:

    My name is Michael Lowe and I am in a school in NYC doing IT/Graphics/music and need financial assistance so that I don’t have to drop out.My need is urgent.

  12. Josh Eubanks wrote:

    I’m unemployed, my mom told me to see about going to school for welding. My family nor I have the funding for me to go. I graduated in 2005, i’m 25 now would i qualify for any grants at all. Hope to here back soon!!!!!!!!!

  13. Tidas Mcgee wrote:

    I’m unemployed tired of deadend jobs want career in pharmacy technician need help with the funding.Want to know if I qualify or have grants for this trade

  14. Nimala wrote:

    I am a farther of 2. Going to trade school for the first time. like everyone else, i cant afford it. But, I am still going. I am a single dad, with one of my kids living with me full time.Tired of all the excuses, but i do need help for school. With or with out grants i will find a way to do this, for me and my kids. HELP WOULD BE GREAT TO HAVE.

  15. Edward Hill wrote:

    Hello, I graduated high school in 2007. I was working helping provide for my mother and sister shortly after my parents divorce. My dad moved to california, haven’t heard much from him since except at the funeral of my grandmother that recently passed. I live paycheck to paycheck in a small 1 bedroom apt. and can’t even afford to put new tires on my truck. I have been spending money fixing my mothers taurus so she can drive to work and back. Winter is here and you can see steel on 2 of my truck tires. I work doing cable construction aerial and underground boring for comcast. I’m a contractor but don’t make much. I will make it living and surviving, but I know what I want to do in life and that is electrical line working. I love heights and the feel of being up on a pole with nothing but gaffs and a belt. The course is 3 months long at Southeast Lineman Training Center in Trenton, GA. It costs 13,000. Please help. It would be a blessing.

  16. Jamie Shipman wrote:

    I want to go to school and learn Metal Fabrication. But they will not let me start with out there money. I can’t make money without a trade, and walmart sure not going to cut it. I’m 20 and two years have passed and I’m still not in school
    I’m highly motivated, and hard working. I don’t understand why in the last two years I haven’t got my FASFA. I know I’m eligible. I just need a hand to get my foot in the door and I’ll do the rest. I’m not asking life to be handed to me. I have no family to help me. Mother in Arkansas, Father in Hawaii, and I’m all alone one the east coast.

    For what its worth my tuition is only 9500.00
    And I could really use any kind of help from Aid to advice.

  17. Esther L. Childs wrote:

    I am an unemployed U.S. Navy veteran and have been so since 2007. I am 59-years-old and I have a disability that prohibits my sitting at a desk for long periods of time, so secretarial work (which I’ve done for 40 years) is out of the question. I have found a trade school which will teach me to be a galley cook on tugboats, workboats, supply boats, oil rigs, etc. The school is the Son of a Seacook Cooking School located near Mobile, Alabama. The entire cost of the school, including room and board, classroom materials, hands-on training, and assistance with getting my TWIC (traveling workers identification card), as well as job placement assistance costs $3,500 plus round trip airfare for a total of approximately $4,000. I have been in touch with Ingram Barge Co., which is the largest barge company in the country. Most of their galley cooks are retiring within the next several months, and this would be the perfect time for me to get into school. Having my certification from this cooking school would open a lot of doors into this career field that will otherwise remain shut. Can you help me, or direct me toward a funding agency who can? It is my strongest desire to work in this field, and to retire from Ingram in 15-20 years. I had initiated my request through the VA’s Vocational Rehab, Chapter 31 program, but they refused to fund me, so I am presently marking time at UC-Clermont College in Batavia, OH, majoring in Medical Assisting. I am desperate for help. Any assistance you might be able to afford me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  18. michael wrote:

    i have been working dead end jobs for too long and want to become a mechanic but can not afford school

  19. ULYSSES SAPP wrote:


  20. Beaux Parrish wrote:

    I am a soon to be army veteran. I wish to attend seattle divers institute of technology. the problem i am running into is the GI bill will not cover the cost of my tuition and the school has no room and board. Due to my time restraints i am concerned about my transition into the civilian world. I would greatly appriciate any information you could offer me.
    thank you.

  21. matthew green wrote:

    hi my name is matt im looking to get my assosiates degree in automotive but need the money i start school this summer but i need the help in funding and in prayer thank you for your time

  22. christopher wrote:

    i am a high school student at john adams high school and i will be graduating next and i want to know how can i get a grant

  23. brian wrote:

    I have been unemployed for 2 years its been very rough for me. it would mean the world to me to get a carreer in hvac so i can take care of my family again. how do i go about getting a grant for that the tuition is $2,186. I know thats not much but to but to be in my shoes and trying to come up with that type of money seems impossible with bills up to my neck. If there is any way to help me out please let me know. Thanks for your time.

  24. Francisco wrote:

    Hello, my name is Francisco. I am a 51 year old male and have been unemployed since 2010. I started my education in 1996 and have accumulated 55 technical credited hours towards an AAS degree but have not being able to complete it. I would like to finish what I started so long ago. In order to complete this AAS in Air Conditioning/ Refrigeration/Facilities I need an additional 40 credit hours. I’m requesting being approved for a grant since I lack the means to pay my way to school. Could you help please?

  25. Shane wrote:

    have a Finance degree, but not able to find work with that and think that I would like to expand our family business by earning HVAC education, but need to find financial assistance. are there grants for that? how do I find out where to get info?

  26. Crystal Maharaj wrote:

    I’m an unemployed veteran of the US Navy with a general medical discharge in under 180 days and I’m trying to get funding to go into a culinary course at Erwin High Tech

  27. zoheb faiz ali wrote:

    I have a certificate in plumbing and sheet metal and would like to study more in engineering.if there any grant available for me to study more i would be grateful to know bout it.thanking you.

  28. Cole White wrote:

    Looking for career based loan or grant money…..School I want to attend does not take FAFSA……I want to improve myself and I have a job offer after I obtain certificate in Heavy Equip I and II…..No institution to help people like me….Any suggestions? Country needs people educated and certified in these areas also….I have worked every summer for construction company while in high school and just recently got laid off from Anderson Windows….All I want is a little advice or help on where I can try to obtain some assistance. Thank you.

  29. Christopher Kim wrote:

    Hi. I am looking for a grant to purchase a computer to do school work. I have terrible credit, due to my past illness. I am still going to treatment but it is stable and am able to go back to school. I am also 49 year old and can not go back to my old profession. Besides, I am going to school to be an electrician and I can make more money by switching career. can you help? If you can, please e-mail me back at Thank you.

  30. Dennis Moore wrote:

    I’m the oldes of two boys in a single family home who would wants go to a vocational school. My mom has only one income which is used for taking care of me my brother, grandparents as well as helping my cousins. I applied for a student loan but received only 850.00 to attend at school that cost 10,000.00. I would love to be given a chance to be able to attend my school in order to help my mom with our family. can you assist me with any grant available to me. school starts in November.

  31. reion mason wrote:

    Hi my name is reion mason and I’m the youngest of two brothers and two sisters. I’m looking forward to going to tulsa welding school but I believe I need more money to attend for more information you could contact me by email or contact tulsa welding school thank you.

    Contact info

    Reion mason

  32. bobade damilola wrote:

    I’m a student of a technical school and i sponsor myself wit a contract work, now that the contracthave been finished i have nothing to sponsor myself. Plz i need a scholarship to any technical school as an electrical engineer abroad or loan grant to sponsor myself…… I’l be glad if my wish is granted

  33. Kenneth Leach wrote:

    I am looking at going to a school for Operating heavy equipment. I am having a hard time coming up with the money to attend, and was just wondering if there is any financial help for these types of schools? Thank you for your time, and I am looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Kenneth C. Leach

  34. jamaal wrote:

    i am looking for grant sto continue trade school going for hvac…

  35. Zacharias Robinson wrote:

    I am a male, married with 3 kids my wife is dissabled and unable to work, I have worked for a steel manufacturing factory for the last 5 years I was laid off in August of 2012, prior to that I worked for a warehouse doing third party logistics everything from driving a forklift & loading & unloading trucks to being a lead man and supervising a crew of about 20 men for a company called servicecraft for about 8 years. I would like to go back to school to learn a trade like welding, or even a x-ray tech.

  36. Nicolas Ropac wrote:

    I am a almost graduate high school student, who wants to live a life based upon the hepling and healing of others, and i wist to attened a massage therapy school, so that I can help others and i am also an Ordained Minister and I have an excellent work ethic.

  37. frank consalvo wrote:

    I am 52 yrs old i want to rnroll in welding school & I am unemployed.the field that i was in is just not there so i need help with tuition can youtell me where i can go for it.

  38. Rahman Wilson wrote:

    I am current working with a yard crew, have been laid off from a previous job. I would like to go and get a trade to be able to get a better job but don’t have the financial means.

  39. Monica Jamison wrote:

    I Just Looking for a grant to get in a trade school..I’m in Job Corps In drums PA and they Lied to me…and cheating me out of my learing what I need to do I graduate High school and they are making me do alot of things When they don’t need be done I just want to get in a career and i to the real world I, I went threw a lot in my life and just want to ne something and someone I want to get in the the Health care maybe become a MOS..but thank you for let me comment.

  40. Roxanne wrote:

    I am looking for a grant to go to a trade school to study pharmacy technician. The fafsa grant is not enough. I cannot come up with enough money to go. Is there any other help out there

  41. Darrick wrote:

    Hello, after 15 yrs as an A.S.E. Master auto technician, I gave it up as the economy where I live continued to go from bad to worse, ending with me being laid-off from my last job. I got a job in a factory close to home, trying to come up with a plan of what to do next. I ended up bidding on a maintenance position, and trained for 4 months. They moved me back to production, and told me I needed some more experience with the machines, and some college wouldn’t hurt, but they wanted me to bid again when it came up again. I really enjoyed working on the machines, like I did working on cars. I enrolled in a community college 45 minutes away, and have completed two semesters in Industrial Millwright. My work does not help pay for school. I plan on getting my Associates degree in skilled trades from the school I am attending. Things are tight budget wise as my youngest of three battles health problems. For an example he was hospitalized for the week before Thanksgiving with asthmatic bronchitis. I could really use some help this fall when I head back to school, so I can see this through to its finish.

  42. Denise wrote:

    I recently left my job of 14 years and relocated to another city with my husband for his new job. I am currently a displaced homemaker drawing unemployment because I have not been able to find work. I decided to go to school and learn a new trade, and I am looking for a grant to go to a trade school for dental/medical assisting. I recieved my SAR from fasfa along with my EFC amount. I do not qualify for pell grants due to my husband’s income. I/we do not want to do student loans of any kind due to our current outstanding debt. I would really appreciate any help available as a minority woman to get me through 9-18 months of school, and help me get back into the working environment and give back to others.

  43. carolyn flowers wrote:

    my son is needing financial help with paying for his room and board.he didnot qualify for pell.and i am not able to purchase him a car for him to commute.i have to pay a total of 3030.45 for him to attend trade school in jan.2014.and the trade school says they donot have student loans.i need help in sending my son to school.please help me and my son

  44. Chris Hartman wrote:

    I am a 35 year old single dad starting college to become an electrician. I have found that with all my costs of being a single father I can’t afford school. I am looking for help to get thru college and make a better life for my son.

  45. ayana sidney wrote:

    I am a 17 year old high school graduate who is trying to go to culinary school. I have been accepted to go and now I need the money. I have taken culinary arts in high school for 2 years and I love it. I would love to own my own restaurant someday so I plan on majoring in business as well. The school I applied to has that opportunity for me.

  46. Lou Santora wrote:

    A friend is a student at SUNY College of Technology at Alfred & is enrolled in the excellent curriculum-Heavy Duty Equipment Operations. Just try to find a scholarship or grant for a freshman in college in the trades. It is almost impossible. All scholarship sites are misleading, they seem to want to get you a college NOT a scholarship. This person is an independent who is trying to get a decent education and is finding it very difficult to get any help. Most sites are not programmed very well They really do not seem to offer much.

  47. brianna phillips wrote:

    Hello I am a single mother of three & would like to get into the pharmacy tech program in my area which is in chico cali but im low income and cant afford the 3,000 for the program and cant seem to find no were to help me ive beem at a dead end job for 5 years and camt handle it any more i could really usw ur help:)

  48. Gift Blueghum wrote:

    May you please consider me to go further with my studies I Automobile mechanics. Currently I am aholder of the national trade test grade one, with astrong hope and enouegh courage tto obtain an internationally recognized Qualification;ie The city and guilds of London Board or A university degree in automobile engineering. Ihave already done afour years traning at technical college and Iam capable of seating for a Diploma level of the London board even having given exams fees only

    Yours faithfully
    G Blueghum

  49. William Hudson wrote:

    Im ttyin to get into trade school for welding ,but i need help. I can someone please help me

  50. Dave Holt wrote:

    Im 49 years old and need to make a career change. Currently i am unemployeed have been for two months i would like to earn a cirtificate in heavy equipment operation but cannot afford to pay tuition are there grants out there that will help me in that reguard. i live in indiana and the school im looking at is around cincinnati ohio which means i would need funding for housing as well. any help would be greatly appreciated.

  51. Edward wrote:

    This will be my first attempt at obtaining a trade. I would really appreciate any information regarding electrician and welding schools that accept federal student aid. Thank you.

  52. Ajay Rokaya wrote:

    Hello, my name is Ajay Rokaya (26 years old ) from NEPAL ,I graduated MBA degree. I am founder of a Technical school ( a public company ) that school running before 3 years. our country people are very poor here PCI(Average$216 per anum) very low so many student are out of the education or here 50 percent people are uneducated and the more unemployment they have not technical skill/knowledge it is really.

    Therefore ,I am looking for a grant or loan to improving and poorest students give the technical education by my school/company.. I am having a hard time coming up with the money to attend, and was just wondering if there is any financial help for these types of schools? please
    Thank you for your time, and I am looking forward to hearing back from you.

  53. LUIS TORRES wrote:

    Seeking Help

    I am a 62 yr young ,Mexican Male who is a citizen of Mexico and a Permanent Resident of the USA.
    I am also a Prior Air Force (2 Yrs in the Reserve and 4 years active).
    I am presently working in Yosemite Park for the last 6 years.

    My time is short here, so I am wishing to train as both a Tour Director and an Independent Travel Agent.

    Tour Director:
    Training cost : $ 4000
    Living Quarters: $ 1100 for 15 days
    Food $ 1500
    Train $ 100
    $ 6700

    Training as an Independent Travel Agent, will be the second step.

  54. Q. Ndlovu wrote:

    I am a Zimbabwean guy based in SouthAfrica ,my question is ,Does this program applied to Americans only or its diverse ? Im somebody willing to persue my dream as an electrical engineer but funds ar a big stumbling block to my wishes ,is anyway i can get funds-help to make my dream come true ? Let me hear from you .Thankyou.

  55. Margaret wrote:

    My 23yr old daughter is in welding sch. She has been staying here there with different people while she attends classes. I want to know if they have have a grant for her to get an apt so she will have a permanent place to stay while she attends her welding classes.

  56. Blaze Zuvich wrote:

    Hi I am 31 years old and have been in and out of the piledriving industry for 10 years. Over the last couple of years I have had the opportunity to operate a crane, driving piles for 2 different companies, passed all their crane tests, and was in the seat for approximately 1.5 years. However strict standards by all employers are dictating every operator must have an NCCCO certification to operate a crane. I am trying to apply for a grant to help me take this 1 week course. Cost is around 3000. Currently I am doing finish carpenter work and simply cannot afford this course, but desperately need to get back in the seaT to move on with my life. Any help or assistance to help me out with a grant or even a student loan as I could repay the money after I get certified and get a good job. I have 2 children and my fiance and I have barely getting by for the last few years and this would most definitely by a life changing career move. Thank you and looking forward to any feedbackm

  57. Coleen Johnson wrote:

    37 year old woman wanting to get into the HVAC trade I am the sole supporter of my family and we are extremely low income and I am looking for help to do this, the cost is approximately $800.I think if I was able to break into this trade I would be able to support my family in a much better fashion than what we are at right now

  58. kasongo kabwela wrote:

    Dear trade school schoolarship, my name is kasongo.k who desire too much learning operator machine training but i do not have possibility to sponsor my self. Plz i beg you assist me so that i attend yr courses.

  59. Jeremy Rogers wrote:

    HI, I am about to enroll for Heavy Equipment Operator classes and was wondering if there are any type of grants that i can apply towards to the schooling. It is American Construction Training, LLC
    DBA Allied Career Trainig in Dothan, Alabama if that helps. Hope to hear from you soon.

  60. Jason Davis wrote:

    Hello, i am trying to attend school at northwest lineman college for the semester that starts in April. the program is only 15 weeks but has a high tuition cost. I have no income and am hardly getting my bills paid with side jobs here and there. I graduated high school in 2012 and have struggled with being able to collect what funds are needed to attend NLC. I would appreciate some help and i hope to hear from you thank you for your time.

  61. Shakeem wrote:

    Good morning Im Shakeem Furman i applied for UTI trade school i was wondering if ther are any grants i can apply for, i would be attending (UTI) in March . AGE 17,

  62. Thomas Dewayne Sykes wrote:

    Do u guys sponsor tattoo apprenticeship programs

  63. Foster Bombo wrote:

    pls i need financial support to go learn a trade pls, thnk you.

  64. calvin purcell wrote:

    My name is Calvin Purcell. I’m trying to seek any funds available for me to go to Miller Mott College to get my CDL licence so I can get a good job to take care of my family. The cost is 4000 can you help me please I’ll even pay it back.

  65. Michael Benoit wrote:

    Hi, my name is Michael Benoit I have two very young children I take care of financially by myself. I have a criminal record But work very hard for my kids and don’t make much money barely squeak by some weeks. I am interested in a tech. School by the name of The nh school of mechanical trades in manchester, nh. The only problem is I can’t afford to pay for it right now. If you could at least give me the name of the grant I should be trying for it would be greatly appreciated. Any further help and you would be the most amazing people my family and I have ever met. I have been trying to go to school for five plus years and can’t seem to get their financially. I have my g.e.d. and took pre college courses now it’s time I’m not getting any younger and it’s not getting any easier for me to get in school or for my children in life. Like said before any help would be amazing and greatly appreciate. Thank you.

  66. Carolanne Bingham wrote:

    I am looking to get into cosmetology, but there is a barber/trade school in Nacogdoches, Texas that I would like to attend prior to Cosmetology, so that I am able to attend men as well as women in my profession, but I need funding to attend.

  67. Jennifer wrote:

    I am looking for a way my son can go to a Welding school. The school he wants to go to only takes Sallie Mae or a Bank loan. Is there any grants for welding school.
    Help Please

  68. Help wrote:

    Hello people. Please try searching WIOA for your county. They may pay for a whole program. Also your local Goodwill offers some programs for free worth checking out.

  69. John wrote:

    I need a grant to help me pay for heavy equipment college

  70. Robert daly wrote:

    My name is robert daly i have enrroled for welding classes in missouri my FAFSA covers the class cost but i have no money for gas or car payments or anything does anyone know of any grants that can help

  71. JULIO PINEIRO wrote:

    Good Morning
    I need help looking for a grant for Apprenticeship Tuition. $10,000 covers the apprenticeship and equipment that I will keep when I graduate.

    The school I want to go to is A.R.T. Academy of Responsible Tattooing. Any help is appreciated.

  72. Candice Inman wrote:

    How do u get financial aid and is there housing while n school n texas?

  73. Henry wrote:

    I will happy when a scholarship accepted me.

  74. Josh Sklodowski wrote:

    To whom it may concern,

    Hello! I graduated from High School in 2009. I was admitted to the University of Chicago, where I maintained a 3.0 GPA, before transferring to Hampshire College in 2016. I had been discouraged from going to a trade school ever since I was 13, when there was an option to go to a vocational school instead of a typical high school. This past year I decided to withdraw from Hampshire College and apply for the North Bennet St. School for Carpentry. I have already filled out the application and applied for FAFSA. The program is 9 months long and costs a total of $25,000. I intend to work part time during the program. But, given that it is 4 days a week from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, it is unlikely that I will be able to cover costs on my own.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

  75. Jon Felter wrote:

    $1000 Trade school scholarship from Pureland Supply:

  76. Lema lynch wrote:

    Hello i am unemployed and desperately searching for a grant that would allow me to attend the welsing school in rancho cucamunga or any welding school so i can get started with my career.

  77. Lily Hample wrote:

    Hello I’m Lily Hample. I graduated in June 2017. I wanted to go to cosmetology school. However I’ve been working 2 or 3 minimum wage jobs at a time for the past year and trying to provide for myself, yet college is still too expensive-i’m draining myself emotionally and physically and i’m barely getting by. All I want to do is go to school and get my license so i can finally be happy!

  78. Nichole Bottema wrote:

    My name is Nichole Bottema I am 30yr old with 2 wonderful children and I have been attending Charter College since October 2016 for my degree or certificate in medical assistant and I am requesting financial help while I’m finishing up my schooling. If you could please email me back to discuss my options I would greatly appreciate it thank you very much for your time have a great day.

  79. Donna Bills wrote:

    My daughter is attending dental hygene school. She has FAFSA but because its trade school,she receives very little. Im a single mom with low income. Im afraid she might be kicked out of school if we can’t make the ongoing pymts to the school.She is doing well academically. Is there a pell grant or other resource for her situation?I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you!

  80. David Campbell wrote:

    I am a union Boilermaker and as injured not related to work. I had to have two plates and ten screws placed in my wrist and was recently diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome. Very uncommon. I also have very limited mobility. I have bad credit and fear I will be unable to continue to support my family. I have been trying to get funding to become a certified weld inspector, pays more, and not near the labor intensive position. However, due to the short duration of the course and exam federal funding is not available. Although I am approved for a Pell Grant and Stafford loan. I was denied through Sallie may because of credit issues. U finally was referred to OVR through PA career center but still don’t know what that will produce if anything. Can you help?

  81. Rolanda Guerra wrote:

    How do i apply for a grant!!! i seriously need help with all of this!!

    email me please!!

  82. Ade wrote:

    Please help me to go to welding school , I’m 38years and helpless .

  83. SAED JEMAYEL wrote:


  84. Cody lance gray wrote:

    I want to go to school for auto mechanic.

  85. Rico W. wrote:


    I’m looking to start barber school in the twin cities area but I found out that the state grant is no longer available. I was told that the tuition has decreased due to this issue; however I am still unable to cover the cost. Any advice or alternative options for financial aid is greatly appreciated!

  86. chance d grantham wrote:

    yes im an ex felon already out of prison i live in tx. i was wanting to know if there is a grant for crane operator certification. i cant get a decent job or any job. please let me know thanks

  87. Adebayo Ademola wrote:

    Iam 50years,a Nigerian.I own a trade schl at the boarder of Lagos.The people are poor & not skilled. Pls, I need grant to maintain trained personnel & offer students financial assistance. Thank you for your favorable reply. Best regards.

  88. Adebayo Ademola wrote:

    I’m 50years old. I own & manage a trade school at the boarder of Lagos. Nigeria. My target people,the youths & teenage mothers are poor and not skilled. Pls, I need grant to maintain trained personnel and offer students financial assistance. Thanking you in advance for a favorable reply to my request. Best regards.

  89. denny wrote:

    i am 60 and hopefully five yrs from retirement, i would like to go to a trade school for a partial retirement income to help when needed. i can not afford the training i would like, is there any grants for my situation? thank you for any info

  90. Ariel Ramirez wrote:

    I am currently unemployed and I’m seeking assistance with my career goals. I want to enroll in the Heavy Machinery school, tuition is approximately $18,000 dollars.I was wondering if there are any grants that can assist me? thank you so much.

  91. Sarah Hegarty Cutburth wrote:

    Hello I am a single mother seeking to find options for trade/education to build a career and better life for myself and my son. I will need housing assistance as well as child care assistance, I was not sure if any of this was even available or how I would go about getting this. I would love to relocate and start fresh.

  92. Jocelyn Keith wrote:

    My son is wanting to go to lineman school. They do not take financial Aid. Need help getting school paid for. How do I go about doing this.

  93. Wanda wrote:


    I am a non-profit service provider. I noticed a vacant property within my community and was interested in opening TRADE school classes. However, I need the funding to finance this project (grants, scholarships, angles, etc) for the low-income youth within the neighboring community. Are you able to offer any guidance or resources that would be helpful

  94. LEIGHANN TAYLOR wrote:

    I am going to a nonprofit trade school and need some financial assistance.

    I am a single mother of three and really could use some help with tuition so that I may provide for my family in the long run.

    Please send me information on how to apply for these.

    Thank you.

  95. Virginia M Triponi wrote:

    I need a grant for myself (a woman) and my boss (disabled Hispanic) so that we can both take an online course to study for the Florida General Contractor license. Together they total $6400 including the required books. I would like to know how I can get a grant for this since the school we want to go to doesn’t allow Pell Grants which we have already applied and gotten. Thanks.

  96. Justin Dirk Weider wrote:

    I would love to go to a trade school. For crane operator or hazmat diver or overhead electric. Thes are all short term class and cost money. The people in America that have money are not shearing anything. When they give its only to take back. People that cant afford schooling and go to school hoping for security dont have food in there refrigerator. People that have less no bed to sleep on give more and receive only to give it back to the people that already have more than they need

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