Minority Grants

Attending college can be an expensive endeavor.

Many students face difficulty in discovering ways to finance their way through school.

While scholarships and loans certainly help to ease the burden of costs, the college grant program is unique in that it awards free money to students who constitute different segments of the population.

It should, however, be noted that the distinction between scholarships and grants can often times be rather minor. With many of the private organizations, certain prerequisites must be satisfied in order to be eligible.

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The use of these grants has been instrumental in bringing more minority students into university. They help to ensure that a greater degree of diversity characterizes the student body. To qualify for the minority grant a student should fall under one of either of the two following categories:

  • Ethnic: Serves to encourage students from different ethnic backgrounds, i.e. African-American,Hispanic, American-Indian et al. to enroll in university. This financial incentive helps to counteract some of the hardships ethnic minorities have traditionally faced in gaining equal access to universities.
  • Non-Ethnic: Aimed at females and students who are physically impaired or have learning disabilities.

Prospective college students who qualify for minority grants have a wide variety of resources to choose from. In addition to the government’s options, minority based organizations are a good place to start searching for opportunities. The internet is a good starting point in procuring information regarding minority grants.

High school guidance counselors can also help direct students to different opportunities. However, prior to applying for the grants, it is recommended that you fill out a FAFSA form, as many of the foundations require this as a prerequisite to qualifying for grant money.

The FAFSA determines and confirms the financial need of the applicants.

Listed below are some of the private foundations that can serve to get you started on the way to discovering sources of funding.

Some of the programs, as stated above, have eligibility specifications additional to the minority status requirements.

Conditions such as grade point average, field of study and year in school may serve as pre-conditions to obtaining funds.


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  • Jeanette Rankin Foundation: Serves as a unique source of financial support for women over 35 years of age who are enrolled in a vocational school, undergraduate degree program or associate degree program. They must also meet low income eligibility requirements.
  • American Association of University Women: Provides a wide range of different financial options available. A great source to gain access to many opportunities.


  • Hispanic Scholarship Fund: Provides an extensive source of available funds through different corporations and charitable organizations that the Hispanic Scholarship Fund has formed relationships with.
  • Hispanic Heritage Foundation: A good source to access information on a wide variety of financing options. Similar to the Hispanic Scholarship Fund in regards to the number of relationships it has with major corporations and charity organizations.

Native Americans

  • American Indian College Fund: Supports students financially through a number of different programs. A good resource for accessing a variety of information on student aid.
  • Association on American-Indian Affairs: Funds a program that financially supports students who demonstrate academic excellence. A student essay and letters of recommendation are required for consideration of acceptance into the program. Also a good source for a variety of other available funding options.

Additional Programs for Minorities

  • CIA Undergraduate Scholar Program: Open to Asians, African-Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders and Handicapped persons who are at the freshman level. Eligibility requirements include a minimum GPA, full-time status, summer work at the agency and employment at the agency for 1.5 times the length of the time spent completing a university degree program.
  • Gates Millennium Scholarship: Available to African-Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, and Asian/Pacific Islanders. Must have a 3.3 GPA on 4.0 scale and meet other basic requirements to be eligible.
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant: Open to undergraduate students who are within the lowest income bracket. Pell Grant grantees are shown preference.
  • Academic Competitiveness Grant: Available to first and second year undergraduate students. Must be eligible to receive the Pell Grant and meet certain academic levels of achievement.
  • Sallie Mae Fund: Sponsors a variety of funding programs for students who are faced with economic hardship.

African-Americans & Other Minority Options

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When applying for minority grants, it is important that the grant applications are drawn up in the proper way. This is particularly necessary when soliciting grants from private foundations.

There are many services available that will assist prospective candidates in preparing grant proposals. Moreover, students should apply early. Once you have made your decision to either enter college or continue on towards advanced degrees, the next step should be to start applying for grant money. Do not risk missing the strict deadlines that both private foundations and government grant programs apply. Some programs are:

  • United Negro College Fund: The primary source for acquiring valuable information on a wide variety of funding options.
  • Ron Brown Scholar Program: Available to high school seniors. Eligibility requirements include academic excellence, community service and economic need.

The Pell grant is a funding resource that all minority students should take advantage of. It is a government administered grant program that furnishes money to any student who can demonstrate economic hardship. Determination of eligibility is calculated according to family income, tuition costs, living expenses and admission status, i.e. part time or full time.

Be sure to apply early for this grant. Provided that you qualify to receive these funds, the early indication can help you decide which other grants you might want to pursue should the amount allotted to you not meet all of your financial needs.

Municipal, state and federal government grants are another source for minority students. As each municipality and state administers their own grant programs, it is recommended that students consult their school counselors, communicate with their local or state government offices or visit their websites in order to access more information on minority grant opportunities.

Below is a list of some of the other federal government’s grant programs that can assist minority students. Similar to the Pell Grant, these programs are not restricted to only minorities. Nevertheless they are good resources to consider.

Community Grants

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The community you reside in can be a great place to discover additional grant options. A visit to your local chamber would enable you to locate different minority based companies and organizations that you could solicit grant funds from.

Companies are often eager to demonstrate their role in giving back to the community and education grants are one way they can fulfill this task. Local churches, mosques and temples are also good resources for grant money. As these religious bodies place great value on doing charitable work, it would be in your best interest to approach them as possible sources of financial support.

Degree fields that have traditionally suffered from minority underrepresentation provide a wide range of grants to minorities pursuing these degrees. These different opportunities can be found within the university department that students attend.

Additional Resources

The above list of minority grant programs is not exhaustive. Plenty of other organizations exist. Whether through government administered funding or private organizations and companies, minority students have access to a wide range of grant options. The success of your effort to capitalize on these grant opportunities rests on the amount of work you put into it.

Your college experience can be greatly facilitated through the provision of grants. There has never been a better time for minorities to pursue their academic aspirations, as the drive towards diversity has become a vigorous enterprise for institutions of higher education.

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    Trying to find any Scholarships out there for my son who is a senior. Also, he is a resident of South Carolina but goes to a high school out of state can he still quality for the Life Scholarship.

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    I am a natural redhead and from what I read we only make up 2% of the popluation. Latest data shows that extinction is predicted by 2060 to 2100

    Why is my speices not listed?

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    Hello my name is Rebecca Villa I am currently attending Cisco Junior College in Abilene Texas and I work a full time job at The Abilene State Supported Living Center, I would like to know if I am eligible for any grants through any website. Thank you kindly and please respond.

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    Hello my name is Rose Paulus this is my senior year in high school, I am trying to get a job, my father is pretty much the only income in the house and i can only use my left hand. I am wondering if i am eligible for any of these grants. thank you and please respond back.

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    I am wanting/NEEDING to go to school this coming Spring semester of 2012. I am an American Indian with a CDIB card, and am also from a low-income family, and also am on my own. I would be forever grateful if I could recieve a Pell Grant application, or maybe even a Minority Grant application. Thank you. 🙂
    -Ariel Gragg

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    My name is Paige Gainer and I financial assistance to fund my sophomore year at Temple University. I can’t startmy classes untill my bill is paid, and I just recieved an e-mail saying I have to move out if I don’t pay the bill by 09-06-11

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    Thank YOU

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    PLease I need help I started the LPN program at Miami dade college 08/11. I have been barely been able to pay for school out of pocket and now lost my job and need financial help or else i wont be able to finish school. i was told when i was younger beczause i was adopted I would get help from the government but not they passed a new law saying that it is if you were adopted aftera certain time in 1997. which is totally unfair. I was wondering where can i get some of the applications for the scholarships/grants…in desperate need of financial help.

  21. Stephanie wrote:

    Hi, I’m attending Full Sail University. I’m trying to look for grants to cover the cost of my tuition. I’m married and have a son, and I don’t have enough money for a family AND college. I decided to go back to school because I want to give my son a better life.

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    I am a culinary student hoping to find a grant to help fund my education i am very motivated and know that with some financial help i will be able to succeed in life. I plan on opening my own middle eastern.

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    hello i am interested in grants to pay off my school any help would be greatly appreciated

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    I’m a 25 year old black man and I wanna go back to college to obtain a degree in screenwriting. It has always been my passion to become a writer and a grant could really help me.

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    I’m a 21 year old Hispanic man, I am currently in San Francisco State in coming in my 3rd year. I need grant money to pay for tuition and housing expenses. I am a biology major I want to participate in internships, some of them require tuition because they are off state, they are great opportunities, but they are expensive. I plan to be a medical doctor for my career. I just want the opportunity to pay with out taking out loans.

  26. Marco Acosta wrote:

    I am 21 years old, I am currently in Queens College on my junior year. i need a grant to pay my tuition to graduate of Graphic Design. I don’t have the money to pay off.I want the opportunity to study without taking loans, need help.

  27. braxton martinez wrote:

    I am begining college at st.louis university in year 2012. i am hispanic of mexican decent. I am a baseball player just looking for some grants to help fullfill my goals and dreams. thanks for any information on grants.

  28. Logan Haines-Douglas wrote:

    I am 18 years old and a senior in high school. I am of African American and Native American decent and I have a single mother. I run track, president of the Environmental Club, participant of Afro-American club, Chorus, Students Against Drunk Driving, Red Ribbon, Bible Club, and the Youth Group at my church. I plan to attend Penn State in the Fall to Major in Finance and French so that one day I may be involved in some form of International Business. Any money is GREAT money!

  29. Younouss ADJIBI wrote:

    Hello, I have been looking for any grant and scholarship available for graduate student. I am about to start my second year of Master of Science in Agribusiness, Applied Economics or Agricultural Economics with 4.0 GPA. I am attending North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.May any grant and/or scholarship available, please provide them to me. Thank you (I am Black).

  30. Xavier M. wrote:

    I am going to receive money from FASFA, but I know it will not be enough to cover my college expenses. I recently had to withdraw this Fall 2011, due to financial issues, and do not want to have to miss out on my education because I cannot afford it. I need help this Spring 2012. Anything please.

  31. Celina Koezeno wrote:

    hello, I am a senior in high school at the moment waiting for acceptance letters to come in. I am looking for grants or loans even scholarship ideas if you have any in mind. I am a white female i work a part time job, and am enrolled in a hand full of school and non school related activities. My mother is the only one that works in the house, because my father was diagnosed with kidney failure a few years ago and is currently disabled.i would really like to further my education in a college program,so I would really appreciate any information you may have for me. Thankyou.

  32. Lynnette wrote:

    Hi! I am searching for a grant that can help me financially to take my Mastere’s degree in Nursing- Family and individual counseling- specialized in trauma and crisis. I believe this is needed to help avoid the numerous cases of suicide that occur and they have not received the needed couneling. Thank you in advance.

  33. Jenna wrote:

    Hello, I have been looking for any grant and scholarship available for a young college student. It would be great if you could e-mail me any information or any grants or scholarships available at this time. I’m also a Native Hawaiian, female. Thank You

  34. Suri wrote:

    Please I need grants to finish my degree in Psychology so I can give support to Hispanic communities in elementary education, I’m in the system as long term sub as bilingual at immersion schools, and I don’t have the power to finish those course, besides being Hispanic and single widowed mother I have to work and study during nights online, this only way I can help others and my daughter, my limit to go back in class is January the 5th or either I will all my credits help, help…I can’t affort any more

  35. Jasmine A wrote:

    Hello my names jasmine, i am 1 of 6 siblings of my six siblings 4 of us are in school. I’m in need of a grant that can help me pay some of my tuition. I’ve been on financial Aid for the past year, but it is not enough to cover my fee’s.

  36. Calvin C. wrote:

    I am Calvin, I am 18 fresh out of high school. The reason I’m not in college now is because of he lack of money provided to me. I was just recently accepted to ccbc and i don’t even know how I’m going to pay for that. I want to be in the FBI as a behavioral analysis in my future I also want to go to a state college to further my track and field career.

  37. Jessica wrote:

    My is Jessica, I am going to be starting school in january at Miller-Motte. I am going to be studing philbonomy, and medical assistance. It cost a lot of money that I dont have to attend this school. I have two disabilites, that Iam determine not to let stop me from being the woman that I know that Iam. So I was wondering if I could get some help with getting my edcation.

  38. Marc Smith-Washington wrote:

    I am an 18 year old African American wanting to be an A&P Mecanic,I had desired to be a Navy Seal but was diagnosed with Keracatonus which disqualifed me. I am looking for a grant to pay for my tuition. Any information would be appreciated.

  39. teayair harrison wrote:


  40. Juan Rangel wrote:

    Hi, I am a 21 year old, and working full time. I have been working a lot lately to pay off some accounts, and to get out of the slight debt I’m in; I have been putting off school for semesters now, due to lack of money, but would mean the world to me to go back to school and pursue a career, and complete what I have intended to complete for the longest now. I am a hispanic, and just looking for any grants that I can qualify for that would get me back in school, if anybody can please help me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your opportunity.

  41. Latoya wrote:

    Hi, 24 years old mother of two who have been trying to go back to school but I can’t afford it. I’m looking for any grants scholarships can’t can help me I would like to go back for medical assistant. Thank u

  42. Omara wrote:

    I am 19 years old and currently attend the Art Institute of Atlanta in Sandy Springs, GA. I’ve been job hunting for a while now to no success and have been continuously looked everywhere. I need some financial help because my mother has low income and I have no other type of support

  43. Ruth Spence wrote:

    Looking for a grant for my son to start technical school on Feb 2, 2012. We are in need for the remainder. Please help.

  44. Curtis Triplett wrote:

    Hello, I’m looking for pell grant money to help fund my schooling. I’m planning on working on my Bachelors degree in music with The University of New Mexico this summer. I’m only working part time and I have kids as well.

  45. Diarra Brathwaite wrote:

    Hi, I attend California University of Pennsylvania and I really want to continue attending school but money is an issue and my family just doesn’t have it .Pleease Help !

  46. James meade wrote:

    I am looking for grant money to continue my education. I work in dialysis for over 30 years. now I see there is a big demand in nursing. and I want to finish my degree, and work in dialysis as a charge nurse.

  47. brittany wrote:

    im white and live in california….if ur from here you know that we are the only true minority here… where are my grants? lol

  48. Candace Vinson wrote:

    I am a 31 year onld African American student who isa looking for help on paying for my tuition for fall and spring, but modtly spring rght now, My financial aid they advised me if maxed out. I am trying to get through my nirsing progrsm , I WORK FULL TIME AT THE SENIOR CLINIS AND IF YOU CAN TELL WHICH i SHOULD DO NECT>

  49. Rysheena wrote:

    I am seeking a grant or a loan that can get me through my last two semesters at Temple University. I am attending the MSW program at Temple and I have maxed out of my student loan eligibility. I would hate to have come this far and have to drop of school out due to the lack of funding. I plan to pay out of pocket for my summer program the best I can with the help of family and friends, however, it will not be enough to sustain me for the fall and spring semester 2012/13; (My place of employment recently closed and therefore I am receiving unemployment that is not enough to support my family and my education. PLEASE HELP! My anticipated graduation date is May 2013. Please help me to walk down the aisle as I complete my MSW degree next year

  50. Travis wrote:

    I am an athletic director at a school for minority students. We have students that have reported a total family income of 6,000 a year, and they are still making straight A’s. What kind of grants can you give to our students?

  51. maggie wrote:

    hello am a single wpmen age 22 looking to attend school but unfortunately unable to pay my way througham working a part time job barely making ends meet and truly would like to attend school is it anyway you can help

  52. Corey McFarlane wrote:

    I am looking for information to complete my education after almost 2 decades. I am a father who is the only sole of income for my family. I would like to know if there are any grants available.

  53. alexandrea kennedy wrote:

    Hello, starting college for the first time. oldest of 2, my mom is the only source of income just making ends meet. She is struggling to do her best, i want to take the pressure off her and apply for money she dont have to be responsible for paying, relieving pressure of debt off her. please help!

  54. Alexander Samuel wrote:

    Hey I need help paying for the rest of my tuition for the semester. I am a full-time student at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College , and I am taking up Mechanical Engineering. I am in college to benefit myself and my family as well, but money has become an issue. anything you help me out with I will be very thankful for it. Thank you

  55. dominique fuentes wrote:

    my name is dominique fuentes, i am 19 years old and hispanic. i am currently going to trinity river campus a community college in texas. i am currently on financial aid but am hoping for a grant. i was kicked out of my home and am staying with a family friend. It is very difficult for me right now with school and getting a place to live and also finding a car. please help

  56. Brandon Williams wrote:

    Hi, my name is Brandon and im just starting college at ECPI in Charlotte, NC and I am seeking information on the minorities grant. I already have financial aid but my school still requires a monthly payment. I really need the help. Please contact me back at your earliest convenience. Thanks!

  57. Andrew Wilkins wrote:

    I currently attending Western New England University as a graduate student in Engineering Management. I have been in search for a college grant that can assist me financially as I am trying to continue my eduacation to earn my Master’s degree. I am currently in between jobs and my former job didn’t offer me any type of reimbursment for higher education learning. With an one and a half year old baby, mortgage, car, insurance, gas and other expenses I am finding it hard to meet my financial needs, thank you

  58. Jalisha Dixon wrote:

    Attending school with no car or job is hard! Nobody wants to help me.. I’m basically in my own trying to better myself.. I can’t pay for school with no job. And I really want to change my life for the better.. But I can’t even pay for school.. My mon try to help with the little that she has but its not enough.. Please help with my finding so I can become a better person

  59. Karen Sanches wrote:

    I’m currently attending Metropolitan state collge in Denver and my major is Human Service I’m the first generation going to school. I’m also waiting for kidney transplant and I would like to finish college but my funds are running out. I’m just on disabled pleae help me finish college.

  60. kenol wrote:

    Hi, my name is Kenol and I’m here today to see if I can receive any type of assistants for school and room and board. I’m a Haitian American student currently attending Phoenix College. Struggle to pass my classes and making the deadlines for my fee each semester. I came from a family who don’t have much, my mom and dad was born in Haiti came to the U.S for a better living. Struggling to support 6 kids at that time my parents did any means necessary to put food on the table. I’m here today to let you know that their old and they will need my help financially when I graduate from college, and I will graduate just need some assistants. Do to the disaster that occur in Haiti my brother was force to come down in live with my parents in a not so good environment…I want to make a different in my life..Thanks

  61. Alexa wrote:

    I have a 3.58 GPA and I am number 23 out of a class of 167 classmates. My father recently lost his job and I am greatly in need of finacial assistance. My goals are to attend undergraduate school this Fall and evetually progress to medical school.

  62. patrick corley wrote:

    I need assistance in locating funds in order to attend a trade school.I’m a minority.I graduated from high school in 2011.I had some special education program classes due to my ADH.I have been looking for a job but have not been successful.I need help please.Thank you.

  63. Simeon Frierson wrote:

    I am aim to go to Illinois Broadcasting school in Chicago,IL and I and looking to start by at least August but I do not have all the finances. So I was hoping to receive grant money since my parents can not take out anymore loans in their name and I don’t want mounting loans in my name. I would greatly appreciate the assistance, thank you.

  64. Gregory Brown wrote:

    My name is Gregory Brown. I attend Norfolk State University, which is located in Norfolk, Virginia. I am an upcoming senior in college and my major is Mass Communications, and my minor is Music Technology. My G.P.A is currently at a 2.777 and I really need a grant for my education.

  65. Calvin Watson wrote:

    I am a student at the University of Phoenix I am about to complete my first year. I am trying to earn an Associate of Arts with a concentration in Information Technology/Web Design. I wanted to know how or if I can qualify for a grant to help with my expenses.

  66. Linda B. Kaplan wrote:

    I have researched and researched and as a 60 plus adult who wished to go back to school, you make it very difficult if not impossible. I am trying to make sure I do not fall through the cracks and have to eat “cat” food. That I can take care of myself I am lost with your paperwork

  67. Corine Walker wrote:

    I have recently recieved my acceptance letter into the LPN program at a community college. I have been trying to get in for two years. I need finacial assitance because I will have to leave my current job.

  68. Emmanuel Lopez wrote:

    I interested in finding help grants for college. I’m 27 years old returning to school for my accounting degree

  69. Courtney Chaney wrote:

    I am very intrested in any Minority scholarship/grant. I am 18yrs old and a freshman at Clark Atlanta University. My goal is to become a Museum Curator and help make African American History more known and appreciated.

  70. Leroy Boudy III wrote:

    I am a black male with MS and I have a child with a weighted GPA of 4.25 and unweighted GPA of 3.625 starting her senior year of high school this coming fall and will also be taking college classes at the local community college. I would like to get the funding together so that she can continue and go off to the college in NC that she wants.

  71. Drevonne jackson wrote:

    Ive been stuggling balancing my bills and school funding. Its to much of a hassle, on top of that my kids keep me up all night plus the studying. A grant would make like a whole lot easier at this point in my life

  72. Thomas Lear wrote:

    Hello my name is Thomas Leari am African-American I’m 23 and I’m taking Full Sail University in Florida music production online course but I live in California. I’m looking for grants that will help me pay for my tuition and help me out while I’m in college. I already applied to Fasfa and I have the Pell grant but my tuition is still around 50,000. Can you help me? Thank you

  73. Melvin Brooks wrote:

    hello, I am a junior at Kent State University and I’m looking for financial assistance for college.

  74. Danjelo Martin wrote:

    I need more information or application to receive funding to continue college. I had to returned home during spring semester because my family was not able to pay for my tuition.

  75. Ray Bryant wrote:

    Im working full time after being unemployed for two years. I was going to school and no longer can afford to attend. I was a full time student at night and really could use some help getting back in,I am a african american hispanic mix. i am also a navy veteran as well i feel like this may be my only chance to succed.

  76. Kaitlin Masters wrote:

    HI i am a college student at miami dade currently studying business administration, i am now on financial aid because my parents dont have the money to pay for my brother, sister, and me to all attend college right now. Money is really tight in our household. it would be wonderful if i could receive a grant for school a little extra money always help and it would help out the stress of parents.. they stress all the time about money! eventually i like to go to FSU but i know with all the expenses i dont know if i be able to go away.
    i really like a grant to just help out.
    thank you

  77. cassondra wrote:

    I am in need of Grants for school.

  78. Kyle Tucker wrote:

    Hello my name is Kyle Tucker, Im 23 and I’m Jamaican. I’m looking for a grant that can help me out during school so I can accomplish my goal into graduating college. I’m a hard worker, I have a strong work ethic and can PROMISE you that I would NOT waste your time and money If granted this Loan. Hopefully i can recieve help If not im still happy that there’s grants like this out there for other minority’s such as myself. Looking forward to hearing from you, Thanks.

  79. rijon wrote:

    hello my name is rijon and Im looking for assitance to further my education.im a motivated individual trying to make my dreams a reality! if you can help it would be most appreciated thank you for time.

  80. treyvon randall wrote:

    Im 19 who is about to start college at Chowan.I been on my own since my 11th grade year. My family doesnt want to help or have anything to do with me and my school problems. Im a hard worker and i get the job done.Im at the point where if i cant get any more help for school, i cant go. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  81. Krystal wrote:

    Hi i am 18 years old i am going to attend unitek college as an lvn nursing .ineed help paying for my college. were and how do i find grants to help me pay.

  82. Malik McCoy wrote:

    Hello my name is Malik McCoy, I’m looking for a grnat that can help obtain books for my second year of college. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  83. Queen Mobley wrote:

    Hello, I am 18 years old and about to start college at College of Southern Maryland. But I really want to go to school, i am currently unemployed and need more money to pay for more classes.

  84. DeVeere Willis wrote:

    I’m 18 years old African American girl , about too start college. I am the second child out of ten to go to college. This is really important to me because I want to become a doctor. My parents do the best the can , but it’s not enough. I am a very hard worker and will work as many jobs as I can to help me and my sister get thru college. Thank you for the opportunity , and hopefully I will hear back from you.

  85. Sabrina Royal wrote:

    I am African American and Female and need help to finish up my college year. I am also 20.

  86. Zaire Mclean wrote:

    i am currently in a trade school. I am receiving no help from my family. I need to know if there is any other way to get money to help me out

  87. Josiah Ramirez wrote:

    Good afternoon, my name is Josiah and I am a 30 year old single father. I’m working 2 jobs and will be attending Arizona State University in the Spring to begin to finish my degree. Money is extremely tight and am looking for any assistance to help finance my family. Thank you.

  88. Galeann wrote:

    I will be 50yrs old in two weeks and trying to get a degree in Elementary Education, I am a single grandmother raising my twin 15 yrs old granddaughters. I have had custody of them for 13yrs now and have struggled to finish my degree. I am more determined than ever now that they are sophmorores in high school and will be going off to college themselves and I will find myself alone and without the career I gave up so many years ago to raise them. I am in need of monetary help now that I have been cut off from my pell grant for the amount of time it has taken to complete my degree. I am so close and want this for myself more than the words i write can explain. Please help if you can it would be truly appreciated.

  89. Miguel wrote:

    I’m a returning student and I’m trying to focus on school to make sure I succeed this time. Part of that is peace of mind and environment, and so I’m looking to get my own apt to focus on myself and my studies, are there grants out there that can help with that?

  90. Ismael (Mike) Ponce wrote:

    I am 62 yrs, old retired from State Service but a return to work retiree. I have a 19 year old son who finished one year at the University of Missouri in Columbia since living with his mother and stepfather. He has relocated back to live with me in Austin, Texas and will be attending the Community College for one semester and will be applying to the University of Texas to persue a Medical Degree. If there is anything that he can do to receive financial assistance, please let me know. I certainly can’t afford to pay his tuition and would be grateful for any help he could receive. He has a very good grade point average and should not have any trouble being accepted at UT. Thank You, Mike Ponce

  91. Vanessa Suares wrote:

    Hello I’m Mexican American and Im looking for ways to get help to pay for college. I have fallen into some difficult times and have to pay for college out of pocket and it’s really hard to come up with money that is not there. It would be highly appreciated if I could be assisted in any way for me to continue going to school. Thank you

  92. Nicholas Wilson wrote:

    Hello, my name is Nick, im a 63 year old African American male with with a lot to offer to the younger generation as a counselor. I’m looing to obtain my MFT in counseling to further my education. I work with dysfunctional families in the Urban Areas and im enjoying my work. I desire to obtain my license as a therapist. Please help me further my education.
    Nicholas Wilson

  93. Arthur wrote:

    I am a retired 30 yr veteran African American firefighter/EMT living in GA. I have a lifelong interest in helicopters and 17 yrs ago, I started a helicopter private pilot course (soloing in 14 hrs) but my wife got pregnant and I was unable to complete my license. I have approx 65 hours in an R22 helicopter and since I have now retired from firefighting, I would like to pursue flying helicopters again. I am not looking for a simple handout as I do have some life savings (mainly saved for my daughter to start college next year), but I am looking for financial help, advice and options.
    Have a great and productive day

  94. Brooke wrote:

    Hello, I am a hardworking minority student and currently attending MSU this fall and I still need about $3200 to complete my tuition for the year. My mom doesnt have very good credit so she is unable to cosign for any loans that I am applying for. I could use some financial help and advice.
    Thank You.

  95. Mian wrote:

    Hi, i am looking for a grant to pay for the second semester for my son attending his first year at the University of Texas.
    He is a good student. I don’t have the heart to tell him i don’t have money to pay for the remaining of the tuition or take a loan. I have difficulties to pay my bills and mortgage.

    Thanks for your help or advice

  96. Cheryl Mole wrote:

    have a son in second year of college cost me $2700 out pocket. Trying to find grants to offset this cost because I also have a son that is a senior in high school and will attending college in the fall. If i can afford it.

  97. Jasmene wrote:

    Please help I dont qualify for pell/tap grants! I am in desperate need for any grants..I am 30 yr old accounting major african american female…. Email fasmaj@hotmail.ccom

  98. Sandra Walker wrote:

    I work at an HBCU. I am loking for financial support for a student who only needs 17 more hours to complete a degree in Performing Arts. The student will need financial suppot for intuition and books.

  99. Alfredo Zuniga wrote:

    Hello, i am a 30 year old student attempting to acquire financial aid to work towards a bachelor degree. I would like to be a medical interpreter; English to Spanish, thank you!

  100. Huzaifa wrote:

    I need to pay for college for my sophmore year, my freshman year i took 9500 of loans that i have to re pay. I really need some grants to help me pay for college. I’m going into business, accounting.

  101. Dechane grinton wrote:

    I’m a African American male who’s parents are on disability i need 12000 for my private school in Charlotte god bless you

  102. Kimberly Lane wrote:

    Hello, I am currently in school for a BA degree in Business Administration/Health Care. I am in need of help to find a scholarship to help with my schooling. I am expecting to finish with my degree in the spring of 2014. I am no longer able to get a PELL Grant and really need help with acquiring information so that I may do so without any stress.

  103. Luis E. Hernandez wrote:


    I am very interested! I am an army vet that needs the money to sustain other expenses associated with going to school. I would greatly appreciate any guidance, Thank you.

  104. Haylee wrote:

    I am a high school senior and I’m graduating early. I’m Brazilian and I know there are some scholarships for Hispanics but I need help to find scholarships to help me! I’m very confused. Thanks!

  105. william wrote:

    i’m looking for a grant to put me through my second semester of my freshmen year at St. Augustine University in Raleigh NC, any sites or suggestions ?

  106. Curtis Stewart wrote:

    I am a veteran in my last year of college, and have aid to cover my classes, but not my books and living expenses. I would like to find grant’s for a 48 year old, african american veteran, with a 3.5 GPA.

  107. Glen Gillespie wrote:

    I’m a Black male trying to focus on school to make sure I succeed this time. I am looking for information to complete my education in automotive technolgy

  108. lance wrote:

    Hi my name is lance Nicholas Cox iam 22 years of age im of African and Mexican American decent I wl be attending Fullerton Jr.college and pray that i attend UCLA or USC to play foot ball. I very family orrientated I go to church I love the lord and I just dont wanna be a statistic an I wanna make my family proud.

  109. Brianna Johnson wrote:

    Hi my name is Brianna Johnson. I’m a black female attending Xaiver University in New Orleans Louisiana. I’m a freshman and is seeking help to cover books and the balance of my tuition. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  110. mary barrios wrote:

    Looking for any grants for my granddsughter who will graduate this year, she wants to be a neuro. Has been accept ed at Baylor but is still costly.

  111. Denzel Averhart wrote:

    I am in desperate need of any grants i can get to help pay for college/law school.

  112. Ayzia wrote:

    My name is Ayzia and my mom was a domestic violence victim to my dad, who kidnapped me and my sister whom he sexually abused for years. My mom has been struggling every since she found us and tried to care for us for the last ten years. The ordeal has been traumatic for all of us. I would like to attend college this fall after graduating high school, however her income will not cover my tuition. I have applied for financal aid and awaiting any acceptance letters for college. I am interested in Alabama State University, Spelman College, and University of South Alabama,with a major in Psychology. I would like to remain close to my mother. Please help me find resources to grants that will help me achieve my career goals…Thank you.

  113. jeffrey mull wrote:

    I am a 28 year old white male who lives in south Texas and I am a minority in my area. I need help paying for college.. any help out there?

  114. Vaneshka Orta wrote:

    Hi my name is Vaneshka Orta, I am 20 years old and I am a Hispanic female. I am searching for any grants that are helpful for my tuition because, I really do not want anymore loans.
    Anything helps!

  115. Ciara Session wrote:

    I am 18, an African American student, a minority in my school, who has a very low income. I live in Georgia.My GPA is not all that good, but i am as hard worker. I am keeping up a “B” average in one of the best private schools in my region.Are there any scholarships still out there I can apply for?

  116. Alicia Moore wrote:

    My name is Alicia Moore, I am an African American female, heading in to my sophomore year in college. Coming from a single household, even with financial aid, it is hard to finance college without accumulating an excessive amount of debt.I would really appreciate it if I could get some financial help. Thank you.

  117. Alberto Martinez wrote:

    I’ll be attending HoHoKus School of Eastwick College in the summer and I was wondering about the MInority grants. I am a hispanic of Dominican decent and just recently was released from prison. I’m trying to change my life around and correct my past, it’s just hard cause I have no money and currently am living with my parents. So I’d like to know how do I apply for this.

  118. Elizabeth Doucette wrote:

    I am an 18 year old minority female looking for assistance

  119. S. Cole wrote:

    Hello my name is S.Cole. I’m and African American female who is nearing completion of BBA program at Montreat College August 2013. Unemployed, widowed and financially challenged in this struggling economy, and exhausted all Pell grants due to recent changes with updated policies for financial aid I’m in need of funds to complete my final class and to repay student loans. Any assistance is of essence and appreciate. Thank you

  120. muzzam Othman wrote:

    I am a very dedicated stude heading in to my sophomore year in college. Coming from a single household, even with financial aid, it is hard to finance college without accumulating an excessive amount of debt.I My name is Muzzam Othman. I am from New Jersey. I believe in setting goals to help me be successful in life. My short term goal is to maintain a 3.0 also increase my study habits. I want to become a pharmacist. In order to become a pharmacist I have to set good standards. My standers consist attending all my classes, but lately I have been having trouble attending my classes. I haven’t been able to attend that class do to my life changing car crash. It is the scariest thing that ever happened to me. I could have died; I have asked my self what if I had died. What maid it worse was little brother was in the car with me. I feel as though this event hunts me everyday. We were in a two door car. This goal matters to me because; we got hit by a hug tractor trailer. I can still see the lights now it was bright yellow lights; the about 10 feet high. If we were going about 2 miles slower we would have been ran over. When the cops arrived they declared the car totaled. This event that just happened to me is my motivation. I am at my lowest. I’m in pain everyday but I will not stop. My goal will be achieved because my goal is to succeed and I have no choice but to do so. I want to achieve this goal, to do so I have to go to all my classes no matter what happen or how much pain I am in.

    The obstacles I have to overcome is not let the pain I am going threw slow me or stop me from my goals that I want. Throughout my time period at Wilberforce University I plan to develop many relationships. I want to cherish my life. I want to say that I did something with my life. I want to be able to say that I maid it. I want to build relationships with my teachers, and my peers. My strategy is to build strong relationships with people that are going too help me do better in life. Help me become a better and smarter person. I want to become the guy that everyone liked. I want to be known as some one who achieved his goals after all my struggles. I know I’m not going to be everyone’s favorite but I can still try. I nm like to get to know people on a personal level. My mother always told me “befriend a person that is going to help you succeed in life and not stir you wrong”.

  121. Sattish Radix wrote:

    Im looking for grants that will help cover tuition for nursing school. Financial aids covers a very small portion. being a newly divorced single mom with a child w special needs it’s very difficult. Is there any resource out there.

  122. Val wrote:

    I am struggling to pay for my sumer term here at FAMU, I am 24 and after hard times I am finally seeing graduation on the horizon. I am a first generation American and College student. Both of my parents are from Haiti. I do have a job, but my pay will not be able to cover my tuition as well as my cost of living. (i.e. rent, food, utilities, etc) I am active on campus, and have even taken on side jobs to pay. If there are any scholarships, grants, or even loans that can be offered I will be more than grateful to take them. Thank you in advance!

  123. Matthew Bonner wrote:

    I am interested in applying for this grant, I am going to register in the fall for human services and substance abuse counseling. You can reach me at (702)685-5503 (702)716-0830

  124. Darren Hudley wrote:

    How and where can i apply for the left handed grant. Does anyone know the website to apply (ghost7512@gmail.com)THX

  125. Joyce Johnson wrote:

    I am a very strong minded and motivated individual. I work hard and never seem to have enough. Working Two jobs an going to college full-time to get my BA in Healthcare Administration also following my MBA in Public Health Administration. Money is tight and Iam paying out of pocket. Need help SOS trying to find some resources in funding my school. Willing to make a difference in someone else life once helped will help another. Thank Much! 937-422-4961

  126. DETRECIA wrote:


  127. Ade wrote:


    I am currently in Nursing school and not able to work. No one in my family is able to work and no financial assistance from anyone at this time.

    Please how can I get an assistance. Thanks

  128. Sonia Saucedo wrote:

    college interest rate may go up to 6.8% this year. I go to Tulsa Community College and have one more year of school. I have paid all my schooling out of pocket and would like help with the following year. I would have graduated from this school but stopped going to school for 2 yrs because of finances, thank you

  129. Dedrick wrote:

    I am an African-American adult male attending my first year in college. I’ve done the FAFSA and qualified for a Pell Grant. Where else can I apply for grants and scholarships?

  130. Kimberly Moore wrote:

    I am a single mother going back to school after years of being out. I am at the stage of my education where I am having to pay for most of it. I could really use this grant to help out with the completion of my education.

  131. Ayanna Stancle wrote:

    My name is Ayanna Stancle I am currently attending Michigan state university, and am in need of some financial assistance, I have 60% of school being paid for, but the other 40% I have no idea where the money is going to come from. My parents just moved, my father doesn’t work where he used to anymore, and I can’t apply for Fafsa anymore due to some trouble with school. I would really Love if someone could help me finish off my last year of school, so I can graduate on time.

  132. Tonii wrote:

    Hello, I am a 55 year old african/indian american woman and am interested in going back to school to further my education. The one problem I have is I don’t have the finances to achieve this. Any help you can give or any direction you can point me in would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you very much in advance for any information you can assist me with.

  133. Carlos Antonio DuBois Jr wrote:

    Hey I’m a Sophomore at Claflin University and I could really use some help for paying for school due to the rise of tuition this year and I would really like to further my education as much as i can.

  134. Menco wrote:

    I am a young male who wishes to continue my education. I have been working and filling out fafsa, but that is not covering my tuition. I could really use some help.

  135. artez rhodes wrote:

    I am currently enrolled in a two year AAS Computer Engineering program. i have worked a number of years as a chemical operator and because of my past income, i can not receive any funding as far as Pell grants. I am a year outside of work and I welcome any information that will be beneficial in gaining funding for my ongoing education.
    Much appreciated.

  136. Godfrey Iwu wrote:

    What must I do to attract a grant. I am disabled as a result of a Stroke and I do not know what to do bot, I am so interested in going to school after 6 year of gradoating.

  137. Johanna Diaz wrote:

    I am a 23 year old hispanic woman, currently getting back into my local community college after the summer. My financial aid has ran outand I am paying books and classes out of my pocket and it has become very hard and expensive, my fathers not around to help, and my mother is disabled, could realy use the extra help from anyone, please contact me if possible,

    Thank you

  138. Angela Heredia wrote:

    im a Hispanic trying to get some help for my education

  139. VICTORIA GRAY wrote:

    I’m a 35 year old woman of mixed orgin hispanic, african american and a little native american thrown in. I have gone back to school and have had to come out of pocket to pay for books and classes, it was money that I don’t have. I could really use the extra help in finishing and getting my degree and if you can help I will be forever greatful.

  140. Melvin Matthews wrote:

    I am looking for a grant, I am a veteran with a honorable discharge and I’ve been in and out of jobs for years now, it has gotten so bad until I have no home, car or monies, I asking for someone to please help me, I want to go to school to become a truck driver to start a new career and a pell grant will not cover me or the cost because they said that the courses are to short, I need about $2400.00 hundred dollars in order to finish the class, please I am asking for somebody to help me, I’ve served my country and now I am asking my countrymen for help, please. Thank you.

  141. Cathy C. wrote:


    I have earned 136 college credits and have no degree. I went to Howard University (120 credits)where I was a nursing student. 20 years later I went to Radians College for nursing(16 credits-all A’). I am also a first in family to want a college education. I would like to receive information on how to proceed.

  142. tonia wrote:

    Hello I am a 34 year old single mother of a 7 year old son and I am working on my bachelor degree in psychology and criminal justice I just found out that I do not have enough funding and with being a full time single mom and full time student I have no income. My student loans are maxed out for the term and now I am trying to figure out how I can get some financial funding to help with my living expenses and with my sons needs while I finish college to get a better education and a better job to make a happier and better life for me and my son

  143. Xavier Hargrove wrote:

    I am trying to locate grants for minorities. I am interested in attending college in WVU although I am a MD resident.

  144. CAROL DAVIS wrote:

    I am a left handed, African American single mother of 3 attending Indiana University School of Social Work in Indianapolis, Indiana. I am in desperate need of grant money to continue my education and stay on track to obtaining my BSW. Unfortunately, I have exhausted my Federal Grant allotment and am wanting to continue 2014-2015, my senior year in order to meet my educational goal and become self-sufficient.


  145. Tyrone Shavers wrote:

    I’m an intelligent young African American male just looking for so money to help me start school. I am very serious about my education and plan to get my degree in Computer Networking. I will very much appreciate help from any source to complete my goal to succeed.

    Thank you

  146. Breakitoffinme wrote:

    I am: a 42 year old, full time, engineering major, starting sophomore at Penn State, 3.44 GPA, father of a two year old, a husband, a combat vet, I receive no Vet. benefits (no gi bill, I passed the deadline) The only grant/scholarship I am awarded is a Pell. I have to sell pieces of my home for gas money just to get to my university. Their is nothing offered to me because I am a white male. God Bless America.

  147. Syed Hossain wrote:

    I am from Bangladesh and can speak 3 languages. 2 of them being Bengali and English which are both fluent and the third one being Hindi; which is not fully learned. Took high school Spanish for two years and know a little of that too. Junior in high school and would love to be selected for this minority grant and would help out a lot.

  148. Brad Brown wrote:

    Hello my name is Brad Brown and I currently attend Independence University getting my Bachelors Degree in Computer Science. This is my story my mother is addicted to drugs my father is in Prison my younger brother is in prison. Last year I was sick and near death so I asked my father in Heaven to heal my body. I am not giving up on myself to achieve my dreams of being successful in life.

  149. Reginald Madison wrote:

    Retired military member desperately needs help funding daughters college education. Please help!

  150. Madalene Brackett wrote:

    I am a full time college student and a natural redhead. I have learned that redheads are becoming rare and that we make up 2% of the population. I am trying to find any scholarship money I can to help pay for my college. Can you please help?!!!

  151. Suzane Sowards wrote:

    I am a full time student at Brenau University. I am majoring in Mass Communication to be a News Anchor. I have three jobs and that isn’t paying for everything. I am a natural born redhead with blue eyes. I need Scholarships so I can continue to go to Brenau. Help Please!?

  152. Catrina G wrote:

    I am a full time college student at Valdosta State University. My major is in psychology. I am working towards my doctorate but I don’t have enough income to my for school. I would like to know of any scholarships for African American or Hispanic female students.

  153. Diana I A Cox wrote:

    I am Hispanic female mother with twins, they both will be going to college in the fall 2015, Carlos is Going to James Madison University for Mechanical Engineer and Jeronimo is going to Virginia Tech, he got admitted in Physics but planning a transfer to Mechanical Eng. too. Any help to be able to send my twins to School.

  154. Tadelech wrote:

    Non helper lady with 39 years old. I can assure you I have learned my first degree in distance And not married.

  155. Jotianne V Perrotta wrote:

    Indian is my background and I was adopted and living in the United States. I am now going to college again after receiving my Associate’s Degree in Office Technologies. I am working Full Time and attending Frostburg State full time. I have just completed my first semester. It is hard working full time and attending classes, studying, etc. I maintained a 3.0 GPA. I am looking for scholarships.

  156. Samuel Otero wrote:

    Hello, I am a hispanic male who is currently attending Liberty University for a Masters degree in counseling/drug and rehabilitation. I am seeking a grant because my federal aid will be ending this coming year possibly short of obtaining my degree. I am also a caretaker of my wife who has Epilepsy and many seizures throughout the month. I am looking for any financial assistance that I may qualify for. Thank you, Sam

  157. Mary J. Childers wrote:

    Trying to find a grant so that my granddaughter can finish college. She got sick and ended up missing a quarter due to hospitalization. She made up the quarter this summer, but need to finish her internship and am unable to co-sign for her a loan. She is really trying to complete her education. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you and God Bless.

  158. Erika Serrano wrote:

    Good Afternoon:
    My name is Erika Serrano and I’m a single mother of (3) and (2)grandsons who I provide emotional and financial support too. I’m currently in my semester of graduate school in pursuit of a Masters in Mental Health Counseling. I was wondering if there are any grants and/or scholarships available that I can utilize to assist me with my educational journey, and providing for my family. Thanking you in advance for your assistance with matter and God Bless.

  159. Deysi wrote:

    I am looking for grants to go back to school. I am 24 Hispanic, bilingual female with a bachelors in business. Due to a pedestrian vs auto collision (2011), I had to pause and recuperate from a broken leg, a traumatic brain injury, and seizures. On top of this I had to learn how to eat, breath, and speak all over again. With the help of doctors, nurses, and family I was able to fully recover. Now I would like to go back to school, and get a degree in nursing. I want to be able to help people and feel like I am doing something to help humanity. But I need to fulfill some prerequisites before and I have no grants or little loan available. Any advice would be great.

    Thank you,

  160. Parrishia wrote:

    Would be grateful for this assistance. Want to begin an Undergrad program but have an arrears of US $300 to clear at the local Uni before i can be re-registered and enroll into the programme. This amount is all i need to go back to sch 🙁

  161. Karenn wrote:

    Hello my name is Karen and I wanted to get some information on your grants. I am a current culinary student and struggling with the payments. I have applied to over 30 scholarships and still applying. I am running out of options and find it hard to find grants. I will greatly appreciate it. Thank you

  162. Joe Manns wrote:

    I’m looking for grants for my son who is a minority to get through college. As well as for me who is trying to start a business.

  163. Lynn wrote:

    I am in desperate need of funding for my daughters tuition at the University of AL. We have received all of the Federal Funds that are available but are still short. We live in Georgia and have to pay the out of state rates. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  164. gerald driscoll wrote:

    I am 48 years old and have been out of school for twenty years and I have been dimised how can I pay theses loans back so I can get back in school

  165. Shanda Harris wrote:

    I am currently in school and looking for financial assistance. My school has given me a scholarship but it’s still not enough to help me pay my tuition. I am an African American mother and student looking to finish my education. Thank you.

  166. Charles Bryson wrote:

    I am a returning college student who is 5 classes away from completing his associates degree. I just need help with at least one class. Thank you. Good luck to everyone.

  167. Isaac wrote:

    My first year in college I was attending school full time with 36 combined hours from the Spring and the Fall. Overcoming the obstacle of working full time and going to school full time was not an easy task. For that reason I am in need of financial support to continue with my studies Being a first generation student with 2 younger sibling that are on their way to attend college in a couple years I feel the need to set that example for them and lead them through the correct path. I am determined to not give up on my studies, not because of me, but for them.

  168. Priscilla Phillips wrote:

    I am seeking minority grants for my Son, Darren Phillips, who has been accepted at Towson University and Temple University.

  169. Mistala Diaz wrote:

    I am interested in completing an application to the above mentioned scholarship/grants. Where might I find the applications?

  170. Esther Enock wrote:

    Request for my undergraduate studies. I will greatly appreciate your assistance

  171. Angela Garcia wrote:

    Hi my name is Angela garcia, I am currently in high school. I will be attending Northwest Nazarene University in the fall. I would appreciate some information on your grant. Thanks 🙂

  172. Jimmie R wrote:

    I am currently a high school senior, and I will be attending college in the fall. I am from a single-mom, low income household, and I am in desperate need of money for college. I am interested in any grants available for me. Thank you so much.

  173. Alta Flores wrote:

    How do i apply for a minority grant. A low income grant..any grant or scholorship i can aooly for my son who is getting highest honors and acedemic award next month and exceoted to radford???

  174. Jonathan wrote:

    Any grants would help me contuine my education in the medical field

  175. Myrian Tellez wrote:

    Hello, I am interested in the Women’s Grant. I will like to know more about it and who or where to contact to be able to apply. Thank you so much!

  176. Timonikia Coburn wrote:

    Hello my name is Timonikia but I like to go by Kia. I am currently working 12+ hours, but classes are going to start back soon and I can not work as many hours and balance 17 credits. I am going into my junior year of college, studying Accounting. I really need the help on paying my remaining balance so that I can focus on more school work than jobs. Please HELP.

  177. Muriel Lynch wrote:

    I am a single parent and minority I have 40+ hours but can not afford to pay tuition please help

  178. Tomesa Howard wrote:

    Hello. My name is Tomesa and I am trying so hard to get into this EMT online course. At this time they dont have financial aid but do offer a payment plan which is 1500. The whole course is $3995.00 and that includes complete online course, textbook, workbook, lodging and meals during skills week. I will have to travel to Idaho for skills week to get my hands on. I am really wanting this for my children. I am so tired of living paycheck to paycheck.I am a single mother of three wonderful kids who really look up to me and admire me for always keeping calm and assuring them everything is going to be alright even if I’m under alot of pressure. I am ready to start doing something that I believe I have been called to do. I have attented other schools to become something else and it always seem to be something all the time and then I would be direted to EMT course and I still looked over but now that I’m older I feel like it is my calling. I am so hoping to hear back from you guys so I can get this ball rolling. Thanks

  179. Riem Sidiek wrote:

    Looking for financial assistance as soon as physically possible. Trying to attain an associate in science degree and cannot continue school next semester without any sort of financial assistance. Thank you for your consideration.

  180. keith wrote:

    in need of the grant. my family can not afford me to go to school. I work over 70 hours a week . I am a military veteran. thank you

  181. Shalyathan wrote:

    I am currently a senior in Martinsburg High School wanting to expand my education in Marketing. I am raised by a single mother with no help from my father.I am very interested in finding out more information about this grant because it would help my family out greatly.

    Thank you,

  182. Brandon Primm wrote:

    I’m a 37 year old black male. I’ve never been to college and I’m looking for info about grants to pay for school. I want to take audio engineering!I have no idea where to start can somebody please help me?

  183. James wrote:

    How can I get a college grant? Unfortunately I’m a 2nd class citizen it appears because I’m an American born white male. Someone please let me know if I’m missing something because I Have not been to college due to $ Yet I pay a huge amount in taxes living paycheck to paycheck

  184. Brandon Kemp wrote:

    I am looking to finish what I started and I am looking to go back to the school at the ripe age of 35 and I’d like to find any grants and or scholarships that can assist me in this endeavor.

  185. KayLee J Young wrote:


    I am trying to find information on getting grants. I am 26 years old and about to finish my degree. I am the first person in my family to get my bachelors degree. I took out a lot of loans because I was not informed about grants. I am now in $70,000 in debt. I already work in human services. I am trying to figure out what grants I may qualify for.

    please help,

  186. Makayla wrote:

    Hello my name is Makayla and I would be the first to attend college in my family. I am seeking funds as this would be my freshman year fall of 2018 and the loans are not enough to cover what is needed for me. Therefore, I am seeking scholarships. Thank you…

  187. Briana wrote:

    My name is Briana and I am looking for grants and scholarships to help pay for school. I am first generation and really want to graduate. College is really expensive so my parents can’t really help. I have applied to many scholarship but yet received one.

  188. Lucinda Krieger wrote:

    I am Lucinda Krieger and a senior at Edwardsburg High School. I am attending a 4-year accredited university in the fall, and to study marketing. I am interested in seeking more information on these scholarships. As college is coming up I am looking to find ways to make my path to a strong education possible with your help I have a chance of making this dream possible.
    ,Thank you

  189. anita wrote:

    I am interested in going back to school

  190. Theresa Miller-Scarborough wrote:


    I am an African American mother of four trying to obtain my BA in Psychology. I have been on my journey since 2004. I completed my Associates Degree in 2006 in Social Work and have been trying to obtain my BA ever since. Life has continuously held me back and in the process I learned that I have maxed out my student loan borrowing. If you could help me find my education that would be greatly appreciated by my family and myself.

    Theresa Miller-Scarborough

  191. Maneca Khaysavang wrote:

    I will probably won’t be heard since millions of other people who are probably in the same position as me are also asking for assistance but I would make everything more affordable for me to attend college away from home and living on my own. I’m working everyday to save up for housing but it seems impossible since I have to pay my car payment and phone at this age. But anything can help and I will prove my determination in everything, I just want to get an education to be successful in my family and not live on the streets for not being able to afford a living. I would be so thankful if I would get at least one grant. I wish everyone luck.

  192. Evaris Robinson wrote:

    Hello my name is Evaris i am 16 and just graduated from high school. I am trying to go to college this upcoming spring to study in the medical field. I would love to see if i could qualify for any grants.

  193. Janise Williams wrote:

    I am looking any way to pay tuition bill to go back college and finish my undergrad. I am currently a biology major and I am really struggling to make payments. I ca’t even get a loan because my family struggles with credit, so I can’t anyone to cosign a loan for me. It would mean the world to me if I can apply or get information about these, any help would be greatly appreciate.

    Thank you

    Janise Williams

  194. Genevia M Cook wrote:

    Hello, I am a single women struggling to get my Bachelors degree. I have been trying for some time. I have two more children that I’m trying to get through school as well. My grants and loans have ran out and I am having much difficulty paying for classes. I had to withdraw from my last class do to financial stress but I’m trying to complete, I only have ten classes until I’m completed. I have been working so hard to complete this degree, I really need some help. Thank you Genevia

  195. Amanda Barajas wrote:

    Hello my name is Amanda Barajas i am 19 years old on my second year of college heading into the spring semester. I am transferring to a university this coming sping(2018) and need help paying for my classes. I have been paying out of pocket because i do not get any financial aid so it is tough on both my parents and I.I am trying to apply to as many as scholarships i can because i really need the help to pay for school.

    thank you;
    Amanda Barajas

  196. zeynab ussi wrote:

    hellow my name is zeynab enquiring about financial aid. I am current at university of Washington pursue bachelor in pro med. I would like to make appeal for financial aid in order to meet education expenses. im running out of option to find grants
    thank you

  197. Hay Oo wrote:


    This is Hay Oo. I moved to the United States about 3 years ago. I am still an English learner. I am a 12th grade high school student in the state of Iowa. I am going to go college in fall 2019. I was wondering if there is any scholarships or grants that I can apply.

    Thank you very much for your assistance.


    Hay Oo

  198. Quantazia Merchant wrote:

    Hi, my name is Quantazia. I would love to receive a grant because I have a single mom and a brother who just went to college and the little money we do have is going to him. Thank you for the consideration.

  199. seeking wrote:


    I am seeking grant money to apply for a graduate program. The program costs over $40,000 and would help me take my career to the next level. I am a minority and currently work full time for a company that does not do tuition assistance.

  200. V. MATIAS wrote:

    I’m Trying to send my daughter to college. I am a single parent, and even though tuition is free, the cost for room and board is still costly. I would like as much information as possible for as much help as possible

  201. Chelsea Cox wrote:


    I am pursuing a career in neuroscience/neuropsycology and I need assistance to enter pre-med.I am having too many issues with financial aid and I really need help with grants and scholarships. Please help, I want to help change the world!!! I am a black female from Michigan, 22, relocating to TX.

  202. Hans wrote:

    I am a currently attending school, I have been paying for my schooling for the past 3 years. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, I am unable to continue paying for school. My bills keep piling up each month and it is hard to keep up with a full time job, bills and school payments. Education should be a right not a luxury that only certain people are only able to afford.

  203. Maya Hites wrote:

    I am ready for my junior year at college, majoring in Children’s Ministries at MidAmerica Nazarene University. I am adopted from Guatemala. My father is deceased and my mom is on disability. We were denied the fasfa parent loan. I want to return to college in the fall, but since my mom’s credit is bad, I am usually denied. I need help to find more grants and scholarships so that I can return in the fall. Can you help me, please?

  204. Hannah Hurst wrote:

    Hi my name is Hannah and I wanted to retrieve more information on receiving a grant. I am currently a student at Santa Monica College but plan to transfer to Creighton University in the fall. I am in need of a grant because I plan to pay for school and my apartment myself and a grant would help a lot with my situation. I would be greatly appreciated if you could help me get to my dream school. Thank you

  205. Drew Thompson wrote:

    Hi, my name is Drew Thompson. I am 16 years old attending Stephenson High School in Stone Mountain Ga as a junior. I am in class of 2021, and though that may seem far right now I can assure you it will be here before I know it. With me being a senior next year, college has been on my mind heavy. I live with my mom, 2 nieces aged 2 and 1, and my 2 nephews aged 2 and 12. In the beginning of the year, my sister had her children removed from her and the only way they wouldn’t go into foster care is if we took them in. I love my nieces and nephews very much, but it hasn’t been easy. All my life it’s just been my ,mom and I. We went from being evicted from our home to finally owning one. My mom is going through the process to foster the kids officially, but it is a very long, drawn out process which means she can’t get help with them financially until everything has been approved. My education is very important to me and I take it very serious. With this grant I could attend my dream school, Savannah State University. I plan to major in biology with hopes of becoming an ER doctor. I currently have a 3.4 GPA and plan on making it even higher. I have applied to many scholarships so far and hope that I will get results soon. Thank you so much

  206. Maria Garcia wrote:

    Hello, I know you get a lot of these comments. I am Puerto Rican, independent on my FAFSA because my parents don’t want to be involved. And I make very little income. Can you please help me? I am trying to get a masters in business.

  207. Kiera Le wrote:

    Hi my name is Kiera,

    I’m a 21 African American & Asian student in the end of my freshman semester. I pit of going to college for mental health reasons and even had stay in the hospital after a suicide attempt that has greatly affected me financially. I was only able to pay for this semester but have no way to pay for next semester. I am trying to get back on me feet but its been extremely hard and I am struggling so bad. I could use help, any amount of help would be greatly appreciated

  208. Hannah wrote:

    Why are there no grants for LGBTQ+ students? This minority group was not mentioned on this page and it makes me wonder what opportunities are for us.

  209. Shawnia Douglas wrote:

    Hi my name is Shawnia,
    I am 18 African american student attending Manchester High school
    I wish to attend Spelman next spring and a grant would help alot to pay for college. I am going to major in business. This is my dream school and I would love to go and be able to afford it. Having this opportunity would help me focus more on my goal to help others.

  210. Skylar Williams wrote:

    Hello my name is Skylar Williams and I’m 18yrs old. I just graduated high school and was registered to start school at Northhampton Community College on August 28,2020. Due to my mom losing her job during COVID-19. My tuition became harder to pay. I would be the first in my family to go to college. It would be a great opportunity for me to be able to achieve my goals to become a Criminal Justice major. I’ve always wanted to go to attend college. Can you please help?

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