Student Grants for Adults

Finding a lucrative position after being let go from a previous career can be difficult. Many older adults in the U.S. find themselves struggling to compete for jobs passed up for positions. These jobs are instead being filled with younger, college-educated people.

Prospective employers tend to look at college level education that has been completed by the applicant. While older people may have more hands-on experience than their younger counterparts, they are at a disadvantage if they lack a collegiate degree.

If this happens, maybe it’s time to ask yourself. “Is it time to go back to school?”

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Why go to college?

Despite the myth that suggests otherwise, college educated people tend to find more lucrative jobs and positions. College graduates dominate the lists of the world’s most successful people.

The average college-educated person can make on average a million dollars more in their lifetime than a person who doesn’t. Even those that do find new jobs often become underemployed. In this market, college and trade school graduates have a better chance at finding gainful employment.

But I haven’t been to school in years!

A common issue preventing older adults who contemplate going back to school is the fear of failure. Many adults are hindered by their own aversion to risk. You might not nearly be as computer literate as young people are. The omnipresence of tech might intimidate you.

Fortunately, these jitters can be allayed. You can learn the ropes of computers and other specialist skills at classes held at your local library or unemployment office. These classes are often easy and come at little cost to you. While learning the essential skills for modern computing is one thing, the skills you learn from going back to school are far more invaluable.

What are my options

Depending on what you want to study, you often have the option of taking online classes you can complete at home. Online college classes provide much-needed flexibility, especially if you have hectic personal schedules. You save a lot of time by not traveling to the classroom to finish your classes.

Online classes aren’t for everyone, though. You might like the ability to learn from home. On the other hand, you might be the type of person who learns better in a classroom environment.

How do I apply for college or trade school?

The application process varies between schools. Among the best ways to learn about enrollment processes is to contact the admissions department and ask.

Many students, regardless of age, can find this process overwhelming overwhelming. However, each college or trade school employs trained professionals to guide the you through the application process step-by-step.

Do your research on the various schools in your area. Each school offers different programs. Choose the school that provides the field of training and education you want to pursue and how much education you would need to meet your goals.

What about the costs?

Tuition should also be a factor when deciding on a particular school. Community colleges have gained a good reputation for providing quality education at affordable prices. A good portion of technical trade schools may also have transferable class credits that can be applied to other college institutions. This can be convenient if you want to pursue advanced degrees later on.

However, this also requires a little forward planning. Not all trade school or community college class credits are transferable. Make sure that the classes you take are transferable if you want to transfer later. A college level student adviser can assist you in ensuring your credits will, indeed, be transferable to a traditional college.

How can I afford college?

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Besides trying to fit college classes into their busy lives, adults looking to further their education often wonder how they can pay for it. Luckily, there are many options at their disposal when it comes to paying for your education costs.

Federal Grants

Federal grants are among the most easily obtainable forms of assistance available for college students of all ages and backgrounds. To qualify, you must first fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before being considered for federal aid. The FAFSA form will ask you questions on the following items to determine your eligibility for Federal aid:

  • Income
  • Dependents
  • Schools you are enrolled in

You can complete the form by hand on paper or accomplish it online.

Be sure to check the deadlines concerning when the FAFSA can be filled out. Students who miss the deadlines may not qualify for federal student aid.

Some of the most common federal grants are as follows:

  • Federal Pell Grant: Most students in the United States qualify for this grant. Eligible students can receive up to $5,550 when enrolled in college full time. Part time students might see lower awards, however. The government considers many factors when determining the amount of federal aid you qualify for. In addition, you must also meet certain academic standards in areas like grades and attendance to qualify for further financial aid disbursements.
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant: This grant is offered to students who have demonstrated the need for additional aid after exhausting all other options (e.g. student loans, scholarships, and other federal grants). To qualify, you must prove that the costs of obtaining their education are greater than you ability to pay.
  • TEACH Grant: If you want to be a teacher, you can qualify for extra aid through the federal government. This award can provide you with up to $4,000 dollars a year in financial assistance. Certain conditions may apply, including specific course enrollment requirements and belonging must be within the 75th percentile on college admissions tests. Students who fail to comply with these requirements will be required to pay back the grant money.

In addition, you might also qualify for state-specific grants. Some states may even have additional higher education grants available specifically for older adults. It is important for the student to check with their financial aid counselor to find out how to apply for specialized grants.

You must also fill out and submit a FAFSA form for state-sponsored college education grant. Be aware that your state might have specific deadlines for filling out and submitting their FAFSA forms. In many cases, the state may require you to submit your FAFSA form weeks or even months earlier than the federal deadline.

What about student loans?

Full time students can find it very difficult to make ends meet, especially if the student has the added cost of taking care of a family. Many students in the U.S. that enroll in low tuition schools, such as a community college, will find themselves with extra money available from federal and state aid grants, after fees and book purchases are paid off. This extra money available after disbursement can be used to offset a student’s living expenses.

In many parts of the country where day to day and monthly expenses are higher than average, it may be necessary for the student to apply for student loans. The student must carefully decide whether or not to take advantage of these loans.

The best advantage of utilizing student loans is the ability to defer repayment until schooling is complete. Subsidized loans sponsored by the federal government have the advantage of having the loan interest paid by the government during the time the student is in school, while unsubsidized loans will start accruing interest the moment payment is disbursed to the recipient.

If the student can effectively take on a part time job during their college career, they can avoid such added debt arising from student loans.

What about scholarships?

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There are many different scholarship programs available to people of all backgrounds and ages. Various businesses have specific scholarship programs, as do many private organizations all around the country.

Many college students turn to the internet to find a scholarship program that fits their needs. There may be specific requirements that need to be met, such as age, height, and ethnicity. Certain areas of study and the location of the student sometimes directly affect the types of scholarships available as well.

Students that currently work for certain corporations may want to ask if their employer offers such opportunities as well. Many businesses have higher education programs that may pay partially, or even all, of a student’s education costs. Business backed education scholarships not only offer the student an opportunity to advance their education but can open up other higher paying positions within the workplace.

Students who have demonstrated exemplary grades and performance ahead of most in their class may qualify for scholarships sponsored by their schools. Students who desire to apply for these common school scholarships may need to compete for them by writing an essay or completing a project, while still others may be handpicked by the school.

What happens after college?

Now that the older student has completed their goal in gaining a higher education, finding a better job than the one that they once held or starting their own business with the proper training they have received is the next step.

No matter if the student’s goal is to progress in their current field of expertise or take on a completely different career than what they are accustomed to, past working experience, as well as the added benefit of a higher education, will allow the older college graduate to pursue more employment options than they could before. With an outstanding and consistent work history and the demonstrated drive to better themselves, older job seekers will have an advantage over the younger competition.

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  1. Kevin Benson wrote:

    Iam Interested in any Information I Can get I Just went back to School after 30 some years and am Interested in any type of Grant money I can Get

  2. raquel maxwell wrote:

    Intrested in any leads for grant money to return to school after taking some college courses 15 years ago…single mom wanting to go to nursing school in MI

  3. Chanel C Austin wrote:

    I am a single independent woman working during the day and going to school at night. I need help paying for culinary school in New Jersey. Although I have a job it is hard trying to pay for school and other bills on my own. Is there any help that you can offer me as far as grants and/scholarships are concerned?

  4. Nonjabulo wrote:

    I like to take further studies bt i’ve got a problem financially.what must i do?

  5. susan pullen wrote:

    I am a 55 year old woman recently unemployed and finding it tough looking for work .I would love to be able to go back to school and continue helping people. I am interested in applying to college to become a occupational therapist assistant, I have already applied just waiting to see if I can get any help with grants …My finanices are not the best due to the fact of oweing too much out. no credit cards but still lots to pay.. with one income and a young son in college with student loans and a husband on the job for 40 years and still not making the money these young kids do . we are doing what we can to keep our home… any info on grants to find would be very appreciated……thank you .

  6. Lisa wrote:

    I am a 50 year old woman, on unemployment looking to get my CNA and continue on to get my RN, I would like to know how someone like myself can get grants to go back to school. Any help would be greatly apprciated.

  7. Christine Green wrote:

    I am 58 female. Want to return to nursing school for my BSN. Am interested in any grant money available.Finances are strained. Any assist would be appreciated.

  8. malati mahapatra wrote:

    am Interested in any Information I Can get I Just went back to School after 30 some years and am Interested in any type of Grant money I can Get

  9. damaris rodriguez wrote:

    Hi my name is Damaris and im a young lady that is looking to further my education. I take care of my mom and niece which they both are disabled. I also work fulltime at Saint Raphael Hospital and I would love to become a registered nurse.

  10. DEVIN BUCHANAN wrote:

    Im a 28 year old father of 3 married. My wife is in nursings school and I have a opportunity to go to college and I need a grant to aid.Im interested in any type of grant that might help.

  11. sheri wrote:

    I am looking for a grant, I have the school I am going to but I am looking for to get some more money to pay for school and each time I look it gives me sites to find a school. i do not what to find a school i need a grant to pay for school the FASFA it helps bt it is not enough. what can I do

  12. donesha cotton wrote:

    I lost my job and been unable to find work since february. I want to finish school and get my next degree as a Medical Assistant that specializes in nuclear medicine. Can u help me?????

  13. Damian wrote:

    I’m looking for a grant. I already know what school I’m going to.My pell grant didn’t pay enough and all the websites take me to places to find schools.Please help I’m 27 and need an adult grant.

  14. Saharath Vichitlakakran wrote:

    Hello, I am currently a full time student in New York, supporting 2 kids, I just lost my job and rapidly running out of options. I have one more term to graduate with a double major in electronics and information technology, and I’m studying for certifications. I was looking for information possible to help me not only stay in school, but support my family. Thank you.

  15. maya brown wrote:

    I’m in college but its hard for me to find a way to go back and forth to school I don’t have a job but I’m looking for one every chance o get. But it seems like no one is hiring. I’m going to school to become a MMAits always been a dream of mines to help people in need. I’m a caring person bit it’s hard to find a way back n forth to college. So if you can please help me.

  16. Kitty Ellis wrote:

    I want to return back to school. i have applied for FASA but its not enough to cover. I am not working due to losing my job and cant find another. I decided to go back to school and make a life for myself. Where can I go to find more scholarships, grants ??? I am a Veteran and have applied for the new assistance for Vets. I do not qualify for any other Education benefits for vets. No GI Bill was I part of. If possible, please assist me. Thank you.

  17. Danielle wrote:

    Hi, Looking for help trying to finish school. I have just lost my mom and was her caregiver for the last two years. I have a year left of school and don’t know were to turn.

  18. Turwanda Middlebrooks wrote:

    I need to find some other type of grants to pay for school becuase I went over the limit for the Pell Gratn at te scholl i was attending( I enrolled in coolege before I was ready and dropped out in 2000-2001). I want to get my assiociate’s degree so that I want have to depend on public assitance anymore. I also do not want to take out any loans because I am 3 to 4 semesters awy from graduating.
    another site wanted to charge me over twenty dollars to garantee my geting any grants. I do not think that is fair. What am I to do.

  19. Daryl Teagle wrote:

    I am currently attending ITT-Technical Institute, (candidate for Computer Electronics Engineering Degree). I have changed careers after being laid off following 20 years in the printing industry. The unemployment benefit expires at the end of 2012, leaving 2 more terms before my degree is complete. My Grade Point Average is (3.97), nearly perfect in a challenging environment. I simply need a little help for housing cost’s to get me to the end. Thank you for your consideration. -Daryl

  20. dwayne smith wrote:

    Adult returning back to college….need info for financial aid…

  21. Tonya Williams wrote:

    I am only 3 classes and student teaching away from graduation. In need of funds desparately. Please help.

  22. Gloria Jordan wrote:

    I just turned 61, when I started school I had a job, but was laid off due to budget cuts, currently enrolled in Grand Canyon University, Substance abuse Counseling, my GPA is 3.81, I have one more class or practium to complete but was told that I have no more Finanical aid to cover it. I need help any help and suggestions will be appreciated.-Gloria

  23. Helen Elias wrote:

    I’m stunned to see the number of applicants who do not bother to proofread their few sentences. Their words are their means of introducing themselves. Words matter. If not, the message seems slovenly–like letting one’s slip hang down or leaving one’s fly open. As technicians or nurses, would they be just as careless?

    As a college-level writing teacher who learned MUCH from students who wrote about their experiences, I would probably enjoy tutoring some of these returning students.
    I hope they all hone their writing skills, no matter what their fields.

  24. Leena Deeds wrote:

    Helen stop being critical. Don’t be ridiculous. Not everyone is checking online grammar, sentence structure and spelling. Relax teacher. You’re off the job online. Okay?

  25. lungile wrote:

    I’m turning 20 this year I want to go back to school but I don’t have money

  26. Michelle Dupre wrote:

    I am a thirty-seven year old women who is in her second semester in college. I am looking for anything that I can apply for because I am needed of money to help with rent, food , supplies. Please respond even if its a no I can’t be helped. I am attending the University of Maui Hawaii at this time I am getting my liberal arts out the way, I want to become a marine biologist researcher.

  27. Bethany Hamilton wrote:

    I’m looking to get my bachelors in information systems technology at penn state this fall. I would hate to be in debt for the rest of my life with 18% interest rates on federal loans. Any help with more than the pell grant would be a blessing! I just want to get out of poverty and be able to afford more than one meal a day because I can’t afford the price of gas! ): please help!

  28. bill haines wrote:

    I am a 59 year old Vietnam veteran going back to college. I would appreciate any financial assistance I may qualify for.

  29. Shea B. wrote:

    I am a single 29 year old woman. I have about a semester and a half to a year left to complete my B.A. which I began at the University of Michigan. I really want to finish u with school and receive my degree. Im college educated with no degree which is stressful in today’s job market. I need help financially to finish as I recently lost my job thus I am currently unemployed.

  30. Belinda Johnson wrote:

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I am in need of assistance to finish my Bachelor’s Degree. I recently lost my husband who was ex-military and a Methodist minister. I do not have the money ($5000) for the books & classes that I need to take in order for me to complete my education. I am in dire need since the money has to be paid to hold a space for me the coming spring. I have never asked anyone for anything.
    I need for you to know that I am not asking for a hand out, but a hand up to assist me. I am very grateful for anything that you can do to assist me in obtaining my degree. I will be the first in my family to hold a degree. Thank you in advance for any considerations…

  31. Jolene Rosales wrote:

    I am 38 year old Hispanic woman. Despite the fact that money is tight, I have taken out loans to attend Doctor of Chiropractic School. I am currently on my second trimester. I have looked for scholarships every where and am having trouble finding them. I would like not to have such a huge loan after graduating. I do work only part time while attending school. Any help in locating scholarships is greatly appreciated.

  32. Vanessa Grobler wrote:

    Good day,

    My name is Vanessa Grobler from South Africa. I`m a white 20 year old girl. I want to go study, but our goverment do not help us, in this matter. Please let me know if there is a possibility to help me with some funding,u can email me

    Many Thanks
    Vanessa Grobler.

  33. Jeannie blachford wrote:

    l would like to get as student grant for appreciate in housekeeping at Regina sask.LM doing housekeeping at perfect lnn.not making each hour to get my appreciate course.l took course in the professional properly management program threw pdcl Toronto sask.l would like to paid course off.630.00. Thank you Jeannie blachford.

  34. Jeannie blachford wrote:

    l would like money to get both courses.the professional management program appreciate in housekeeping threw Regina sask.could you get back to me Jeannie blachford.appreciate housekeeping course cost 600.00.

  35. Veli Simon Hlatshwayo wrote:

    To whom it may concern.
    Dear Sir/Madam
    Help me with a scholarship to do a bridging course to be a registered nurse as Icompleted my enrolled nurse course 31January2014.

    King regards.

    Veli Simon Hlatshwayo.

  36. Debra wrote:

    I am 34yrs old,I did a basic ambulance assistant course and started volunteering in Emergency Medical services,it will be my great pleasure if I get assistance financially as I’m still willing to further my career.I would like to do National Diploma in Emergency Medical Care. Regards.

  37. Christy Reed wrote:

    I am the mother of two small children. I’m interested in returning to college. In the past I’ve attempted to attend night classes while working a full time job and caring for my children. This was very stressful & demanding. I was not able to return the next semester. Are there any grants or programs that will allow an individual to leave a job & return to college?

  38. jimmie Sue baldwin wrote:

    I am 65 yrs old, recently divorced and at this age, need to carve out a career for myself. What resources are out there, if any?
    Any assistance will be appreciated.

  39. Tressia Avery wrote:

    I am interested in returning to college for nursing. I Work full time and am looking to take classes in the evening after work and on the weekends.I am trying to get some financial assistance for returning to school after being out of school for some period of time. I do have a certificate in Medical billing. I completed a course for Medical coding and billing back in the late 90’s. And boy how times have changed. Looking for any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  40. John m kamara wrote:

    I am a studient of sierra leone i want to futher my education but due to financial problems my father was kill by the war in sierra leone that was 15 years ago so my education is nw in the higher level i dont have the one that responsible for my school .i want to be come an information technology studient


    can someone help me to further up my education, so I can help others too

  42. kasongo kabwela wrote:

    My name is kasongo kabwela. Iam a refugee based here in zambia. I’m looking for study grant to enable me attend operator machine training. Plz assist me

  43. Michael Nyoike wrote:

    Am interested to further education but deu to luck of finance i manage to reach class 8,can I get help

  44. tesfahun wrote:

    I have always dreaming a chance of scholarship in the field of Law(LLM); please give me a chance, and I will serve after Finshing the program for above three years. Thank you>

  45. kreg wrote:

    Hi ,
    over 50 and would like to go back to school . Need grants to do that.
    Thank you

  46. stephen kimaryo wrote:

    Stephen is an orphan with no family or suppport ,her mother died during giving birth . He needs tuition and costs to go to college at institute of rural development where he postpone his diploma studies due to financial problem . The reporting date is October this year and he doesn’t have the money he need 2000 dollars before next month. If you can help contact to ..

  47. Brenda Verbonach wrote:

    I am a 54 year old grandmother raising my 2 grand daughters 12yr and 6yr looking for scholarships to finish my degree.
    Any direction or help would be appreciated.

  48. kamran Amin wrote:

    Sir. My name Kamran Amin. I passed my school before 8 years ago. Sir now I’m joining an college of tourism and hospitality management. Sir it’s hard to pay 20000 per month I need to financial HELP to CONTINUE my study.

    I’m doing a diploma of a professional chef of a bakery and pastry.

  49. Joey wrote:

    Unemployed need 4000 to get myCDL classes can u help?

  50. Nola wrote:

    Hi there
    I am a single mother unemployed, l want to do social work, can you please help.
    Thank you

  51. tatenda wrote:

    I am a final year student studying Information systems degree and my parents cant afford my fees for this semester. Can I get help please.

  52. Eve East wrote:

    Hi my name is Eve East and i am a dreamer of 7 goals and I am also a fighter that never give up early.

    I have a major problem and that is, I haven’t complete my year 11 due to big family problems and this has been affected my focus because this is due to rapping. I couldn’t make it to academic level and I couldn’t tell anyone about it and I just kept it inside me and it has been a major disturbance in my whole life. I’m 26 years of age but these dream never left me and I got no money and no job and I am not even eligible to loan any money from anywhere. I always want to be a business women and a lawyer even a doctor or an accountant, although I’m into art as well and I graduate screen acting and that’s about it. I want to be something that contains these dreams and I know u got what it takes, I am a challenger and will fight all the way of I got any chance to fulfill these dreams. No one understands it because it is very impossible to achieve such dreams I have but no there not just dreams they’re my goals that have been living inside me since I was born. I love many things but I haven’t got the right people to help me or I haven’t got the right connection yet. I have little sleeps cause from these dreams. I want to achieve them to help kids who are facing family problem and help those whoever needs an extra hand I want to be there for them.

    Do you think I have a chance? I pray every night asking God to give me a second chance by winning a lotto or show some of His supernatural way that no man can define it. Please could I get an opportunity to live again so alive in this world or this life?
    Eve East Taanga

  53. thuliswa wrote:

    I need help to finish my studies I lost the job


    Hi am a young adventist lady who a has a dream of becoming a pastor. I am requesting for help to make my dream come true.

  55. Scott Kissman wrote:

    I am 44 and deciding to go back to school since i am having a tough time finding a job in my current field. Any info would be helpful to me regarding Federal Aid or Grants

  56. Patricia wrote:

    I need your help I would like to go back to school but I can’t afford

  57. Geshom Kazinga wrote:

    Hello….. Please I need a help from anyone who can help me finish my school. I am Geshom Kazinga, 24 years old man, +260964716300 is my number and… is my email. Please please help support my education financially.

  58. Muhammad Arif wrote:

    I’m 20 years old Student of Civil Engineering. My tuition fee are high, its barley to submit,

    Anyone interested. Help me
    God be with you

  59. Candy aloud we wrote:

    I am a single 43 year old women seeking a grant to begin online classes for medical transcription, drug counseling or business. I currently stay with an elderly man 24/7 as caregiver and family friend. I have a lot of time on my hands everyday that I can dedicate to furthers my education. Must be online and my financial situation is critical. Please help me to become a at home student and find a career I can help businesses in need of a employee that can work from home and by phone. I have experience in Nursing, mental health, business management and business owner! Thanku fior your time!

  60. Keith Lorino wrote:

    I have only 8 – 10 classes to finish my undergraduate degree in accounting after 10 years of working as a paramedic and trying to transition my career. I have only core accounting and business classes to earn my degree; however, my financial aid had ran out do to my associate degree and screwing up in the past. what can I do?

  61. Kevin wrote:

    I am an over 50 male and have developed a strong urge to become a teacher. I also have found that I need 4 classes to finish my BS degree with Walden University. However I am currently not employed with no income to finish my degree. Are there any options for those like myself for finding funding to finish my degree and begin a much desired teaching career? Thank you for your time.

  62. Hamid Arain wrote:

    Please can you help me i need $6000 for my Education and health please help me and provide me some money

  63. Gina Hunte wrote:

    I was currently a Chestnut Hill College student, last semester I ran out of financial aid I have one semester to go to finish for classes what kind of grant money can I get to help me achieve my bachelor’s degree.

  64. Michael Pierre wrote:

    I’ll be turning 34 years old
    On mars, I wanna go to college specially technology ones . I am planning to make an evolution in my country (Haiti), I wanna make a plane, I have been learning little stuff about planes on Google but in spite of that there are things I don’t understand so I need to go to school for that
    And a good one .need grant to do that .thank you.

  65. Daphne Overstreet-Williams wrote:

    I am presently employed with a chemical company here in Florida but seem to get over looked when opportunities come for advancement. I moved to the accounts payable department from the production side of the business; my pay has drop about $10,000 due to restructuring descriptive of the department job type. OH, did I mention; they are working on automation software system to do the work of an individual,

  66. Justin Leming wrote:

    I was curious if there was a way I could get a grant for getting my high school you have any suggestions of any high school diplima completion courses, classes, or schools online that aren’t pricey and costly…

  67. Eric Mawuli wrote:

    I am man of 45 years, and lost mine job for the past three years. I need financial assistant to upgrade myself in the university. I am sure with the previous experience together with the degree I will get a good job again.

  68. Cassandra White wrote:

    Hello,I am a independent Mom,who decided that 2017-2018 was my years to attain my Hiset.You is looking at Mother of three beautiful daughter one deceased.Who received her hiset diploma for 2018.May 15th,2018 My family get to see me walk down the aisle to get my Equivaleney Diploma.I am asking that God touch someone hearts to help me with a grant

  69. Zachary Gibson wrote:

    Hi i am unemployed and i need a 3,200 dollars for a my CDL Classes would love you hear from you soon.

  70. Linda Jones wrote:

    I am 62 years young and looking to go back to College for my BS degree in Healthcare Administration. Looking for grant money to assist my education. Any suggestions?
    Thank you in advance for your time.

  71. Torie Summers wrote:

    Needing info on grants, going into college, single mother. Just seeing what’s out their.

  72. John Clark wrote:

    I’m 45 and I want to go back to school to learn another career, the one I have now is causing health issues. I will be laid off soon and will have no income to pay for school. What can I do!

  73. Evance Mulonga wrote:

    Iam man aged 43, a father of three. Coming from a poor background i have so many challenges in my education. Though managed to complete secondary school education and attend some tertiary education up to now i still have some uncleared balances(fees). I want to continue my education and persue a degree in Community Development/ Civic Education. I therefore asking for financial assist from any wellwisher to support my education and my family. Iam currently unemloyed but ready and physically and mentally sound to work. Please help me.

  74. Jannatel Fardoss wrote:

    My name is Jannatel Fardoss. I am a senior student of Cherry High School West .I am 20 years old.I came from Bangladesh. I am a permanent resident of USA.My GPA is 3.7. I want to be dentist. I want to go a top college of USA.But my family would not able to bear my college expenses. I have low income. I did social service and I am also doing volunteering in a dental office. I am a member of photography club. dancing, singing and drawing is my hobby. If I get your help that would be great for my future. Please please please I am highly requesting please give me a opportunity to go a great college. Thank you so much.

  75. Marie harkless wrote:

    Im a 37 year old unmarried female and live in Virginia.I had a brain aneurysm and a stroke 5 years ago due to polycystic kidney disease. I’ve had so many traumas in my life,and have lack self confidence and was never taught the life skills to make . I couldn’t even fill out disability papers correctly so I never got any assistance with anything so I’ve been starving for the last 5 years, depression and anxiety have took over my life,I have nothing to look forward to,I lay in bed everyday and wish things were better,but nothing ever changes.I used to be a Nurse aide:but I can no longer do that type of work and I have no other skills.Im drowning in medical bill debt! I would love to have someone help me with all the paperwork involved with getting grants and filling out the FAFSA. Please Help

  76. Dorothy Swiegelaar wrote:

    Am 40 would love to study,but money is really tight,am a domestic worker,is there any way you guys can help would live to study anmin for now,yust to get my feet in the door

  77. Happy wrote:

    AM Happy from Malawi in sub saharan Africa.I have had chances of being enrolled at universities to study on line but have failed because am unable to finance myself for the education.May you help me on the issue.

  78. Namitondo. wrote:

    Am a tr accepted into a Msc Biology Education at DMI st Eugene university in Zambia..i need about$5000.00 to complete
    e my program.


  79. Christin wrote:

    I am a senior at a University and graduation is right around the corner. I have a balance of a little over $5,000.00 but don’t have it to pay in order to graduate. Please Please Please, if you can help me it would be greatly and humbly appreciated. Thank you so much!

  80. Suzi wrote:

    Thank You. Do you have a scholarship for adult women for 2020? I have BA mgt. and MA Leadership only left the thesis.

  81. Cleopatra De wet wrote:

    I am 38 years old in request for Scholarship to pursue my career in aviation.It has always been my dream to become a Pilot but the only thing that is standing in my way is funding. With your help my dream of being in the Cockpit and flying the Aeroplane will come true and not just a dream but also giving me an opportunity to become what I want to be in life.

  82. Maria Kaimunine wrote:

    i am Maria Kaimunine 42 old i need loan for diploma in teaching field

  83. Nesru Kemal wrote:

    My age is 52, I would like to learn doctorial leavel.

  84. Mercedes wrote:

    I am a 59 year old woman recently unemployed and finding it tough looking for work.
    I am a Construction Estimator / Project Manager and I would love to be able to go back to school for a Master in Construction Administration and get at least a part-time job in the time being.
    Need Grants to move forward.

  85. Amanda wrote:

    Unemployed and need education to get a career. Looking to better myself.

  86. michael wilson wrote:

    Hello, I came across this website hoping to gleam some information on going back to school. I have read all these “poorest me, give me money” emails and am wondering, is anyone even out there? Are they even responding? Anyway, yes I am returning to school. Yes, I’m a “Older Adult”. Yes, I am interested in funding my return to academia. Thank You

  87. Todd Harris wrote:

    Young, energetic, 57 y/y father of 3 in same industry for 30 years. Work with Engineers and Sales Engineers for last 10. I communicate with them well, providing solutions for their requirements. I want to take this a step further returning to school for Sales Engineering. My oldest Daughter is in her Sophomore year of College. Oldest son will be going to College in 2020 and my youngest is 6 years out. My wife has her degree. My early years were spent taking care of my parents who both passed but I did not pursue College at after that due to a successful sales career. Now, it is my turn. I am searching for Grants, etc. to help with funding. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  88. Jerry Ellison wrote:

    I am a 56 year old Grandfather, currently unemployed and looking to get a degree in creative writing and in need of financial assistance. Suggestions??

  89. Kelley Young wrote:

    I am a single mother of two children. I have been attending Strayer University for almost 3 years. My GPA is 3.8. I have ran out of federal aid money and need money to help me continue my education. I would like to find grants and scholarships because I have enough debt in student loans. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.

  90. Lakisha wrote:

    I’m in my last semester as a senior and I need help paying my tuition which 6000 dollars to finish up my B.S degree in Criminal Justice. I have too many bills to pay anything right now, plus three school aged children at home. Please help me if you can. Thanks!

  91. Danielle Henry wrote:

    I would like help with my finances during my senior of 2020. I need 8,000 in order to finish my classes.

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