Grants for Hispanics

The Hispanic population has historically for the most part been unable to obtain any type of formal education in the United States due to a number of factors, but the primary hurdle has been a lack of financial assistance available.

Statistics reveal that there are much fewer Hispanics currently attending college than other minority groups, and yet the population is not indicative of a lesser percentage of these individuals.

In fact, the Hispanic population in the United States now has a stronger presence and outnumbers all other minority groups including African Americans.

As a result, the Department of Education and multiple private organizations have recognized the need for an increased number of grants for Hispanics and have taken steps in the right direction.

What are Grants?

Grants can most simply be defined as gifts of money from various governmental agencies and organizations for a specific purpose. Educational grants, such as the grants for Hispanics, are designed to help prospective students attend and pay for higher education.

It is important to note that grants do not ever have to be repaid and in no way should they be confused with loans or any other financing programs. Educational grants are often intended to pay for much more than just tuition. Many programs will also allot funds for books, childcare costs, transportation expenses, fees, room & board, and other associated costs.

Who Offers Grants?

Many different sources of grants exist, but the most common are:

  • The Federal Government
  • State & Local Governments
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Private Organizations & Charities
  • Public Assistance Programs
  • The Department of Education
  • Prospective Future Employers or Union Groups

It is often necessary to apply for multiple grants in an effort to receive the necessary funds to pay for an education, and some programs will only provide assistance after certain sources are completely exhausted. For example, many educational grants require completion of the applications mandated by the Federal Government programs.

The Federal Government

There are several different grants that are available from the Federal Government, but the most popular since 1972 has been the Pell Grant. All students are allowed to apply for the Pell Grant and most individuals in lower income circumstances will automatically qualify. Prospective applicants to the Pell Grant need to complete the FAFSA, which is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

It can be completed entirely online and requests information regarding a student’s household, dependents, income, and last year’s tax returns. The FAFSA is often required to be completed before any grants offered by the various other governmental agencies will even accept an application.

A school’s financial aid office can be instrumental in completing the necessary paperwork online or offline and counselors are well-prepared to answer any specific questions in this arena.

The FSEOG, or Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, is actually awarded on top of the Pell Grant and is only available to the lowest sect of lower income students. Any prospective students that apply for the Pell Grant will automatically be considered for the FSEOG based on their income and specific needs.

The Academic Competitiveness Grant is designed for students that will be entering college directly after high school. It is only awarded to individuals that have a 3.0 grade point average or higher. Second year college students can qualify for it if they did not qualify for it their first year. The school’s financial aid office and admissions department can help a prospective student apply for the ACC.

Although none of the Federal Government grant programs are specifically earmarked for minorities and Hispanics, statistics reveal that the majority of funds are awarded to these individuals in an attempt to help them achieve a higher education.

State & Local Governments

Every state in the United States has a education office and there are an incredible number of grants available that all vary widely. Some areas of the country, such as Texas, have programs designed specifically to provide Hispanic grants due to the fact that there are many living in the vicinity.

The best way to obtain any more information on any grants available from local agencies is to contact the educational office of the state. Some states, such as Florida, actually have an office called the Student Financial Assistance office.

Colleges & Universities

The Department of Education provides an incredible amount of funding to both public and private colleges every year, and a major portion of the funds are designated specifically for increasing the ratio of minority groups within the student body.

The Department of Health and Human Services also offers special stipends and incentives to schools and most are more than willing to take advantage of the opportunity to attract a more diverse student population.

The National Hispanic University in California has designed multiple scholarships and grant programs for prospective students and there are some available to high school attendees and older adults as well. All Hispanic grants available for use on their campus can be applied for directly through the school’s office of admissions.

Private Organizations & Charities

The majority of Hispanic grants that are awarded in addition to the Federal Government programs are from private organizations and charities. While some of the programs may be catered towards individuals that will follow a specific career path, others are offered to students no matter what course of study they are likely to select.

Although it can be very difficult to locate some of the Hispanic grants that may be available to prospective students, the easiest way to obtain more information is by contacting the school’s admissions office or financial aid office. Many private organizations and charities that offer Hispanic grants find it necessary to advertise to the local schools, and this is often the only marketing that these programs will ever pursue.

Public Assistance Programs

Statistics have displayed the fact that many minorities that are unable to obtain a formal education are going to require support in the form of public assistance programs, such as food stamps and welfare. Many of the unemployment offices across the United States of America have designated employees that are able to counsel on educational growth and possibilities.

Many of the public assistance programs have realized it is in their best long-term interest to help certain eligible individuals attend college, and there are multiple Hispanic grants available. The best way is to contact the counselor that has been assigned to an individual’s case or inquire for more details at the local work force center or unemployment office.

Corporate Sponsors & Union Groups

Many companies across the United States struggle to keep a diverse workforce and have realized how difficult it is to find a qualified minority due to the lack of educational opportunities available to the under served population. As a result, many organizations have created scholarship and grant programs that are intended to help increase the number of qualified applicants for hard to fill positions within their company.

Xerox is a perfect example and helps provide Hispanic grants to qualified individuals that would like to pursue a career with their organization. Some companies have grants available for specific fields, such as technology or nursing. Xerox, however, offers their own training programs to college graduates and will help a new employee learn sales skills and other necessary traits for success in the business world.

The majority of companies advertise their grant opportunities with the local colleges and universities, so the best way to obtain more information is to contact the admissions office or financial aid office.

How to Find More Grants?

One of the most significant changes in recent years as it pertains to a Hispanic prospective student is the development of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. No other source can provide nearly as much information on grants and scholarships available specifically for Hispanics.

A toll-free number (800) 392-3532 is available during normal business hours and can help steer prospective students in the right direction. Some educational scholarships are available directly from the CHCI, as are internships and other opportunities for future growth. A partial listing of their most recently compiled Hispanic grant organizations is below:

  • Adelante! U.S. Education Leadership Fund
  • American Architectural Foundation
  • American Chemical Society
  • College Assistance Migrant Programs
  • Government Finance Officers Association
  • Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement
  • Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities
  • Hispanic College Fund
  • Institute for Humane Studies
  • Jackie Robinson Foundation
  • The Lagrant Foundation
  • La Unidad Latina Foundation
  • League of United Latin American Citizens
  • National Action Council for Minorities
  • National Association of Hispanic Journalists
  • National Association of Hispanic Nurses
  • National Hispanic Coalition
  • National Organization of Professional Hispanic Natural Resources
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Salvadoran Education and Leadership Fund
  • United States Hispanic Leadership Fund
  • World Studio Foundation
  • Xerox

Why is Higher Education Important?

While individuals used to be able to secure a decent career without any type of advanced schooling, that unfortunately is no longer the case and employees with a high school education or less are often bound to minimum wage jobs that barely pay the bills. Most lower income Americans are not in their current position because it is what they dream of doing, but rather they are stuck because of a lack of education.

While a college degree may not be the easiest to obtain, the process is definitely worth it and the lifestyle it can afford can prove to be very rewarding. The largest hurdle in the past for most prospective students has always been finding a way to finance their education, and the unfortunate truth is that many applicants were simply unable to afford the tuition and other associated costs.

With the increased number of Hispanic grants and other assistance programs, more prospective students are able to accomplish their educational goals without the accompanying financial woes.

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  1. Jennie Grigalunas wrote:

    I am a hispanic (Puerto Rican) woman age 62 yrs and working toward my BA with more than half way to go at Polk State College in Lakeland, FL. I do recieve FAFSA, but I wanted to know if there is any other financial aid being offered?
    Thanks, Jennie

  2. Yanuvis Pertuz wrote:

    I am a hispanic (Colombian) student who is currently a sophmore in the University of Rhode Island. I wanted to know what I had to do so i can get the Hispanic Grant? My major is nursing and i would appreciate if you let me know in how to get this grant!

    Thanks, Yanuvis

  3. Karen Avila wrote:

    I am a hispanic (Guatemalan) student who is currently a senior at Bunker Hill Community. I would like to know how I can apply for the hispanic grant. I get FAFSA but i do not get enough to cover my book expenses.

  4. Dianelis Perez wrote:

    I am a hispanic (Cuban), 18 years old and I will be going to college for the first time in October for Criminal Justice. I was approved for FAFSA, but it doesn’t cover the complete expenses of my tuition and I come from a low income family. I was wondering if u can get more information on how to apply for this grant.

    Thanks, Dianelis.

  5. Grace Castro wrote:

    I am a Hispanic(Panamanian), 25 years old and I will be going to the Aveda School Denver, Colorado enrolling in a dual program. I am eligible through FAFSA, But it will not cover tuition completely. I am in a low-income household and am interested in this Grant. How may I apply?

  6. Olga Aguilar wrote:

    I am a 52 yr. old Mexican American female and I’m interested in attending Strayer University to study Criminal Justice and I’d like information on applying for a Hispanic Grant.

  7. meagan ortiz wrote:

    i am 16 years old a senior in high school Puerto Rican and Cuban im interested in criminal justice and i would like to know how to apply for this. thank you .

  8. braxton martinez wrote:

    I am going to attend saint louis university on a baseball scholarship and i am interested in finding grants to help me finance the remainder of my education. hoping to find grants i am hispanic of mexican decent and my great grandmother was apache indian. thankyou for you time, Braxton Martinez

  9. emillio henry wrote:

    I am a Hispanic(Panamanian),Age 20 im currently attending D.C.C. in NY i would like to apply for more grants to make paying for school easier.

  10. A. Lopez wrote:

    I am an Hispanic male, a husband and the father of two who would like to return to college. I am interested in the field of Aviation with my goal of becoming a commercial pilot. I qualify for the Pell grant however it is not enough to cover my college expenses. Please forward me information on how to apply and what grants are specifically for Hispanics that I might be qualified for.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    A. Lopez

  11. Cristian Morales wrote:

    I am seeking a major in English with a minor in psychology, in hopes of becoming a future english teacher. I am hispanic of Mexican decent. Any kind of help would be great however I do not know where to even begin.

  12. Shalee wrote:

    I am a Puerto Rican single mother attending TCI college. I would like to find out more information on Grants. College is expensive and I know I cant pay this off on my own. For my first semester I had no other choice but to take out a loan. As Im going to start my 2nd semester im trying to find some help. If its possiable could anyone help me with a little more information.

  13. George Escamilla wrote:

    Im a 23 year old freshman and go to San Antonio College and i am studying to become a teacher and want to know how i can get a grant to help me out?

  14. Gloria B. Gallegos wrote:

    I am Ecuadorian and in my second year at Fairleigh Dickinson University. I am pursuing a career in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management. I would really like financial aid in order to continue my studies for next spring and for the rest of my school year.Right now I am in an urgent need of $3,000 to pay for my fall semester so I may register for my classes. So far I have a 3.0 GPA and I am working as well to pay for my books because my parents can’t help me. Please contact me if you can help me, thank you.

  15. Nicholas wrote:

    I am a hispanic male, 23, and I have been an LVN/LPN for about two years and am currently in the process of applying to RN school. My ultimate goal is to go for my BSN, then MSN, then become a NP! The only problem is money. I work full-time and have a new baby boy born in 2011. So as you know, money is tight but I WILL further my career not only for myself and my family, but for the elderly and sick as well. The more education I have, the better I can care for them. Which is my passion, taking care of the sick and elderly. Thank you

  16. Stanley C. wrote:

    I am a hispanic male(Mexican), 19, going to Kilgore College in Kilgore Tx. This is my second semester at Kilgore College. I am working part-time for Brookshires Grocery Co. and have worked for them for almost 3 years. My goal is to become a teacher/coach and eventually an athletic trainer. My family is having a very difficult time right now, since my mother is going through a divorce. I am still living at home and I have a 18 year old sister(will graduate in May 2012) and a 9 year old sister in 4th grade. We(my mother and I) don’t have the money but I want to go to college and Not get a loan. I see from my mom’s experience how she is struggling to pay back her loan; and now support us(my sisters & myself). I also want to try to stay at home to help my mother in whatever way I can; so i don’t want to ask her to try to come up with money for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

  17. Toni wrote:

    I was looking for information to apply for grants. I’m a high school and I am planning to attend NAU in the fall. I have already been accepted as well

  18. J. Ramirez wrote:

    Im fixing to start college. I got financial aid thru my college but, its not enough to pay for tuition and books. How could i get extra financial help???

  19. Jesus Rodriguez wrote:

    I am a Hispanic male (Puerto Rican ) 17 years old. I want to know where do I apply. I’m Starting College during the Fall at Gordon College, Wenham,MA

  20. Mario pate wrote:

    I am a low income hispanic, looking to go to school for my web design at spc St. petersberg college. Online classes. I am starting in spring. Any suggestions.

  21. Luis wrote:

    My name is Luis, I am 18, I am currently attending my Community college and enrolled in the Automotive Tech program. I currently have been able to pay out of pocket until this semester. I am out of a job and have no way to pay for the following semesters. If anyone could give me helpful advice as to any grants or scholarships towards automotive programs it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  22. Melanie Caban wrote:

    I will be graduting from High School in June, 2012 and hope to attend Aveda in Winter Park, FL. I have applied for FAFSA, unfortunately, it will not cover the full cost of my career training. I am considered low income and would like to know what assistance, if any, is available to help me. Thank you.

  23. Shannon Norris wrote:

    I’m 18 years old and am attending JZ trend Academy in Bismark, North Dakota in April. I don’t have money for my housing expenses and could really use some help. I am Mexican-American female.

  24. Jovanni Alecio wrote:

    Hi my name is Jovanni , im 26 years old male (salvadorian/guatemalan born in the los angeles) currently unemployed . im trying to go back to school for sound engineer would like to get a grant. school is only 15k. thx

  25. angelica fuerte wrote:

    Hello my name is Angelica, I am a 26 year old widow, and single mother of two looking for assistance in attending college. I am hispanic, mexican to be specific. i have received 2 grants so far one through fafsa and another from a pell grant. Although i do still need assistance, due to the fact that the grants i have been approved for do not cover my whole tuition. I will be start school in april to have an associates degree in Respiratory therapy. At the moment i am unemployed, and would greatly apreciate your assistance. Thank you for your time and consideration, I look forward to hearing from you soon.


    Angelica Fuerte

    contact information

  26. Amaris Nogueira wrote:

    To whom it may concern, I am an Hispanic nineteen year old female graduating from Hillsborough High School on June 4,2012. My parents are born in different countries Cuba and Honduras. I will be a first time high school graduate and college attendant. If you can please provide me with more information on this grant to help pursue my goals on earning my Bachelors of Science as an RN, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

  27. Austin Huitzacua wrote:

    My name is Austin Huitzacua. I am a 22 year old Aztec Indian. I have been accepted as a transfer student to Baylor University for a major in Bio/pre-med but my fasfa does not come close to meeting the cost of school! Could you please get me more information in regards to the great grant opportunities available to hispanics. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

  28. Melvin Gonzalez wrote:

    Hello, my name is Melvin Gonzalez. I am nineteen years old and currently attending community college. I have just been accepted to West Virignia University and I have much interest to attend. The problem is that I have no money or help from my parents. My stepfather makes over 100k and refuses to help me because I am not related to him by blood. My mother only makes about 30k a year so she can not help me. My real father had passes away when I was two. As you can see I am in a struggle right now when all I want to do is better myself and obtain a degree. If you can help me out in any way with advice I would appreciate it.

  29. Michelle Arroyo Brito wrote:

    Hi my name is Michelle Arroyo Brito and im very interested in becoming a nurse,im attending college at the moment at Mildred Elley.As a little girl i always loved to volunteer in as many jobs and help out as much as i could.Growing up i lost many members due to disease ,that motivated me to want to go to nursing school.I wanted to learn how to take care for a patient whom needed the professional help anyone could provide with.Growing up in a low-income household also motivated me to go to college and gradute with a degree,a career which i would love to do for the rest of my living life.Im Mexican American and having only my dad working and being the only one providing with money in the household is hard just because he cannot provide me with money to pay for college,its very hard since they didnt go to school and do not have jobs which pays him enough to help with my tuition.

  30. jessica romero wrote:

    my name is jessica and i was wondering if there are any grants that help pay for childcare for a single mothers pay for childcare for those who cant afford it?

  31. Felicia Rivera wrote:

    Hi, I am a 23 year old hispanic mother of 2 and I was laid off of work a little over a year ago and I have had no luck looking for work so I have decided to go back to school and better my education! I will be attending Esperanza College of Eastern University but I am unable to pay for school because it is very costly for me & the state grant just is not enough. If anyone knows of any grants that may help me please contact me at Thank you in advance!

  32. Justin Nguyen wrote:

    I am a 24 year old half puerto rican and half vietnamese and I want to go to college for psychology. I did 4 years in the United States army and was injured and had major reconstructive surgery. Im finding it really hard to get a job due to the fact I cant do any hard labor. I had a general disharge under honorable conditions but I do not have the GI Bill. Im living with mom and stepdad and they dont have any money to help me. (My mother is puerto rican and thats who raised me my entire life and ive only seen my father a handful of times, do I qualify for any hispanic grants?)

  33. Alyssa Duran` wrote:

    I am (spanish) and wanting information on grants/scholarships. I have my pharmacy technician license and I am returning to community college this fall to work on my ASA and am planning on going to a university for pharmacy.

  34. Carlos wrote:

    Hi, I am a 30 year old mix black and hispanic a father of 3 and I was laid off of work a little over a year ago and I have had no luck looking for work so I have decided to go back to school and better my education and find a great job. I will be attending Berkeley College in Woodbridge New jersey but I do not have the money for school. I know God keeps telling me to go back. If anyone knows of any grants that may help me please email me at

  35. Oscar Donis wrote:

    I am a 22 year old college student. I am in my second quarter of community college and am looking for grants. I don’t really want to resort to loans and things like that until after I have transferred to the university I want to go to. I was hoping I could get some information on grants I could qualify for or receive to help me this quarter and maybe next quarter as well. If anyone could contact me that would be great you can reach me at Any help would be great.
    Thank you

  36. EDDIE RODRIGUEZ wrote:


  37. Melaney McDaniel wrote:


    I am a 20 year old Hispanic female. I am returning to school after taking two years off because my family had moved out of state. I have taken two semesters at a community college before we all moved. I would like to get a grant to help me further my education and help to achieve my goal of becoming a psychologist. my parents do not have the financial security to help pay for my classes or books. My parents and I cannot afford to pay back student loans, therefore I refuse to take one. Any help is greatly appreciated. My email is thank you all

  38. Brianda Robles wrote:

    Hi, i just graduated from high school and im about to go into college this fall and am desperate to find grants to pay my tuition so i am not forced to take out a loan. Thank you so much.

  39. Rachael Bryan wrote:

    Hi, my name is Rachael Bryan and im 18 years old curently trying to find grants to pay for my tuition to go to Delaware State university. My mom will not be able to pay for my tuition with three other kids, let alone shes unemplyed. I need more help to futher my education.

  40. Amanda wrote:

    I am a 22 year old Hispanic female who is going to school this fall and I’m trying to find grants to help pay for my tuition. I have an 8 month old son who has set me back on finishing my education. The pregnancy was rough and childcare is expensive so I’m looking for some help to continue with my degree however, I haven’t figured out where to actually apply for all these grants that are talked about. If I could get any more information as to how to go about things I would greatly appreciate it!

  41. Vanessa Lopez wrote:

    Hi I’m going to graduate next year around may..and I’ve been lsearching for helpful ways to pay for my desired continuing really desperate because I know my parents are not going to be able to pay for my full tuition ,so I would really wish you inform me of free grants for school.

    Thank you !

  42. Thais wrote:

    Hi. I am 17 and I am starting school in the fall. I am studing to be a Pharmacist but I’m having a hard time getting loans since i dont have a strong work history and my parents have bad credit. I was wondering if there where any grants that could help me pay for the gap of money I need to be able to go to school. thank you

  43. Darianne Grimball wrote:

    Hi. My name is Darianne. I am a Puerto Rican girl trying to go to college. I’ve been accepted to the University of New Haven. Without aid, I lose out on the opportunity to have a better future. I need some kind of help. Without help, I have to skip out on school. I’ve always dreamed of going to college. I worked hard to get here. I don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

  44. Mildred Medina wrote:

    Hi,I am Hispanic (Puerto Rican),I started Medical Assistant in Everest University. I lost my employment this year and I need help with a scholarship.I have two daughters and I need help for my career.

  45. Rubi wrote:

    Hello, my name is Rubi. I’m from Bolivia, im attending the University of New mexico right now and this is my junior year. i’ve been able to manage working full time as well as going to scholl full time, now that im in my third year its getting more expensive and harder to catch up. I really want to earn my degree in international business and double major in spanish, so im really looking for any available grants that would help me pay for school.Anything helps.

    Thanks for reading and considering

  46. george rivera wrote:

    I am in need of finacial supoport to achieve my Masters Degree in Human Services.
    Please contact me at my email listed above or call me at 646 402 – 3992.

  47. Michael wrote:

    Hello, I am of Puerto Rican decent and am a member of the Ayamaco Taino Tribe (Arawak). I am continuing my education in Criminology and hope to secure additional funding to further my study. I have studied both Police Science as well as Correctional Science and will likely specialize in Forensics. I greatly apprreciate any help that is available and I thank those people in advance.

  48. octavio a. renteria wrote:

    Hi, i am puerto rican and mexican a senior student at st. patrick h.s. looking to futher my education in a good college where i can study business and also play the one sport that i love football, i am a good quarterback and i want to play in college, trying to find any available grants that would help pay for school.thank you

  49. Katherine Subirats wrote:

    My name is Katherine Subirats, I am a 20 year old Cuban and I am a sophomore at the University of South Alabama. I am studying accounting and marketing. I am going to school full time and I am also working full time. I am in need of assistance in paying for college. A grant would greatly help towards my college tuition.

  50. Cecilia Rivera wrote:

    Hello, my name is Cecilia, and I’m Mexican. I’m currently in high school, but I took a test and thanks to my scores I was allowed to take basic required courses in The University of Texas Pan-America in Edinburg Texas. My dream is to attend The University of Chicago when I finish high school in 2014. However, I come from a low income family who struggles so much. I need grants, scholarships, whatever I can obtain, for I won’t let my dreams and the posiblity of being the first in my family to go to further studies than high school pass me. Please sent me information..

  51. Tania Roldan wrote:

    Hello, I am Mexican and I am currently trying to get back to school. As of right now I’m only taking fall 2012 semester off due to not having the money to go back to school. I want to be able to go back in Spring 2013, which I can understand is cutting it pretty close but I need to know how I can get started now. I’ve already finished 2 years of university and want to finish the next 2-3 years to get my degree in Education. Grants like these will definitely be helpful since I’m now responsible to pay for tuition and not my parents anymore.

  52. Isolivette Lugo wrote:

    Hello my name is Isolivette and I’m puerto rican who is currently going to college I do not receive any financial aid support and I don’t want to apply for a student loan so I was wondering which program or what funds can I apply to get a grant?

  53. Isolivette Lugo wrote:

    Hello my name is Isolivette and I’m puerto rican who is currently going to college I do not receive any financial aid support and I don’t want to apply for a student loan nor do I want to receive a phone call about a scholarship opportunity from another college when I’ have only a year and a half left in the one I’m currently in so I was wondering which program or what funds can I apply to get a grant?

  54. Wilson Perez wrote:

    My name is Wilson and I attend drake college of business for dental assistant. I received financial aid but it don’t even cover half of the cost. What grants can I use to help me out?

  55. Paula Jimenez wrote:

    To whom it may concern,

    I am a 21 year old Colombian female (just became a U.S. citizen) with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Criminal Justice. I just got accepted to a private graduate school in Illinois and i’d like to know of any scholarships or grants available that are not already included in FAFSA.

    Thank you,

    Paula J.

  56. Victor Rodriguez wrote:

    Hello I’m a 36 year old Mexican American, currently unemployed with a B.A. in Graphic Design. I’m looking to further my education at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in Game design to obtain a better career and eventually give back to the Hispanic community. I would to find some assistance and information on grants and scholarships to help for my schooling.

  57. Victor J wrote:

    I am a Hispanic, 20and currently in Michigan and looking to go to a trade school in Wisconsin for Heavy Equipment Operator. To be certified and get my basic CDL license. I need this grant to fulfill half of my other tuition and room and board. Much help will be needed, of course thanks for your consideration and hope to hear from you guys. Any help and information of possible grants or scholarships is needed, I am also have a hearing impairment disability as well.



  58. Ruben wrote:

    Hello, I am a techer looking to change careers, and I was wondering where I could go to get a grant to become a physical therapist. I would like to get a grant to be able to go to school while I don’t work full time as a teacher.
    Thank you,

  59. nelson irizarry wrote:

    I started my Master’s degree on Aviation Safety a while back but had to withdraw because It was impossibe to pay. Please send me some information soi I can better help myself and finish my degree.

  60. cesar zavala wrote:

    my name is cesar. i am 31 years old. i spent the last 10 years in the Marines. i get out late 2013 and plan on going to college. i have not applied for fafsa yet, but i will. i will get my b.a. in linguistics, russian. i would like to join a three letter agency. i am going to apply for a grant but not quite sure where to start. please help.

  61. james ramirez wrote:

    hi my name is james and im looking to attend college in april but dont have the money and i cant rely on my parents. i am 20 years of age, and i would love to pay for my clasess myself, and i just want to be someone in life, just to matter. thank you for your time, i just feel theres no other options, i need help, a push in the right direction.

  62. alma aguirre wrote:

    Hi my name is alma and i am a high school senior in wooddale high school looking for a grant to attend christian brothers university. My parents are unable to help me pay and by myself it is very hard to pay for the books and room. I would really be thankful for any help offered

    im a 18 year old student looking for any aid available to help pay for my college books and room please help

  63. Carissa wrote:

    Hi my name is Carissa,(Puerto Rican) I just passed the GED and I want to go to college for medical coding & billing. I was wondering how can I get grants for me to be able to go to Virginia College. How can I apply for them? I really need all the help I can get. because I cant afford to pay for college myself. Please contact me

  64. Maria wrote:

    Hi my name is Maria, I am 59 years old, Mexican and a US citizen. I am attending college I only need two semesters to graduate and get my Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education. I applied for FAFSA, unfortunately, I am not cover for year 13 -14 and are not able to pay for my tuition. How can I find information on scholarships or grants that help women of my age. Thank you for all the help you can give.

  65. Laci clement wrote:

    Hi my name is Laci Clement, I am a full time student at brown mackie college working on becoming a surgical technologist. I currently am having to pay 150$ every month and it has got to a point where I can’t pay it because I have lost my job. It would be a great help
    If you could please contact me back with information on anything else I need to do. Thank you for your time.
    Sincerely ,
    Laci Clement

  66. Karol I. Davila-Roman wrote:

    Hello. My namae is Karol I am to start university this summer(FIU)and I wanted to know how can I get grants to continue my education.Please contact me with information. I am the yougest of 7 and my mother is a single parent. I forgot to mention that I am Puertorican and Nicaraguense

  67. andrea trevino wrote:

    Im a hispanic woman andI’m pregnant and have 4 kids with bills and no income

  68. Silvia Ochoa wrote:

    My name is Silvia Jazmin Ochoa Tinoco, and I am a Mexican-American girl that is about to start school at Saint Mary’s College of California. My parents don’t know much English, and I am the first one in the family to go to college. So all the money needed is a big amount, and it is hard to find resources, therefore I would really appreciate any help!

    I may not have less than others, my struggles may just started, but I know what I want and won’t stop until I get there. So please, help me get through college as I have an entire road ahead of me…

    Silvia Ochoa

  69. Jorge Rodriguez wrote:

    Im 42 years old hispanic single dad trying to get back to school and I wanted to know how can I get grants to start my education.Please contact me with information.

  70. Reyna Berrelleza wrote:

    Im 18 years old and I wanted to know how I can get grants to help me with my education. Please contact me with info.

  71. Rafael Rodriguez wrote:

    Hello my name is Rafael Rodriguez, I am currently attending Broward College. I am a permanent resident struggling financially. I am studying to achieve a BS, and would like to know how to apply for the opportunity to receive this help. Thank You

  72. pearl carrillo larios wrote:

    Hi, my name is pearl carrillo I am 23 years old and I wanted to know how to apply for the opportunity to receive help to go school for medical assisting . Please contact me with info. thank you

  73. Francisco Guzman Vera wrote:

    Hi, my name is Francisco Guzman. I’m from Mexico and I am 17 years old. I am wondering how could I apply for this scholarship so i could have the opportunity to study to become a medical. I would really appreciate if you could contact me on my email so k could know how to apply.
    Here’s my email

  74. Kory Hernandez wrote:

    I am a 38 year old unemployed single mother of an 8 yr. old boy looking to go to college. I live in Corona, Ca and I have no idea where to begin to find a grant that may pay for my schooling. I am desperate to make myself more desireable in the workplace and I believe education is the only way. Please contact me with any information that can help me at Thank you.

  75. Dee wrote:

    hello am 27 year old am Puerto rican unemployed still looking for job am LD I have learing disabilities but it haven’t stop me form trying reach my goals and dreams to work with animals I live in Arizona I like to know how to get help to get a grant to work with animal animal control or veterinary assistance u can e mail me with any information that would help me thank u Email at

  76. Rachel Cano-Garcia wrote:

    I am 25 years old Hispanic woman attending school at the University of Tulsa. I am the first in my family to go to college and proud to say I have already completed my undergrad degree. I am currently working on my master while being 20 weeks pregnant. I graduate in May 2017 but would like the help playing for my student fees that I owe. I want to continue to set the bar high for my family as my sister/cousins look up to me and want to go to college themselves. My passion is to help people out anyway I can and would love the help back. Please help me with assistance with information that can help me with my goals. Thank you and God bless

  77. Alexandra Beltran wrote:

    I am an 18 year old hispanic student in a small town. Not many people seem to get out of this town. However I am trying to get out of this town, so I can follow my dreams at my dream school. However I’m the middle child of three children of a single parent. So I can’t get help from my mom to pay for college so i’m working hard to find scholarships and grants.

  78. Carmen wrote:

    My name is Carmen and I am 51 years old. I am currently a preschool teacher looking to earn my Bachelor Degree in Early Education. I am looking for any type of grant or scholarships out there to help me reach my goal. I already know about the FAFSA. Just looking for additional help.
    Thank you in advance.

  79. salvador renteria wrote:

    Hello I am a 34 year old male, looking to go back to school for diesel tech. I would like to know of any grants that are for that or any info to help apply would be grateful.

  80. Maria Ramos wrote:

    Hello My name is Maria Ramos, I am currently enrolled in a nursing program at Lawrence memorial Regis College. I do receive some aid but it does not cover my tuition. as a single parent it is hard to cover these expenses. Thanks for taking the time to review my information.

  81. Iris V Maldonado wrote:

    I am 37yrs old, currently in college to advance my career, I already get Financial Aid but I was looking for other grants to help me out. Most sites give you the run around and just want your info to call you non stop about other schools, I am happy with my school I’m almost done with basics and about to apply for my program, I just need more financial help, No Loans. Thank you, any info will help

  82. Jalia Waller wrote:

    Hello, I am a 26 year old woman of Panamanian descent, my great grandmother, Eleanor Braithwaite, came to America on the George W Goethals. I am finishing my BA in Paralegal Studies with one full year to go. I am a mother of two, I work full time, and I have limited FAFSA and I do not want that to hinder my completion. Receiving a grant or scholarship would be very helpful to my completing my degree and giving my girls someone to look up to. Please contact me with any information. my email is

  83. Katelyn Ramirez wrote:

    Looking for a scholarship to assist me in attending college.

  84. Alexia Castro wrote:

    Hello my name is Alexia . I am a 19 year old hispanic female, and currently attending my Freshman year of college in Arizona. I plan to transfer to California in the Fall of 2018. I have qualified fo FAFSA, however I would appreciate financial support to help me cover the rest of my tuition and expenses. I would greatly appreciate it if you can please send me information on how to apply for scholarships and information on the eligibility requirements.
    Thank you

  85. Anthony Bettencourt wrote:

    Hello I am Anthony a 25 year old latino male from washington state, I have many goals and dreams some I can achieve and others that I cant. I want to learn to become a diesel mechanic in order to help repair buses and other forms of transpertation and heavy machinery that affects everyone on a daily basis. I want to work hard for my family that needs my help to provide and be a model citizen in my community. With a education anything is possible

  86. Jacob Erreguin wrote:

    Hello am 27 years old from Houston, Texas. Oldest out of 6 children and need aid to pay for my tuition. Family is struggling to recover from the Hurricane Harvey. Any assistance will help.

  87. Elisa Torres wrote:

    My name is Elisa Torres and I am a sophomore student at Temple University in Philadelphia. I would like to apply to a grant or scholarship!

  88. julissa rivera wrote:

    I am a 41 yr Latina woman returning to school to complete my bachelor and master degree in psychology. if you can email me with any information that can help me. I am in my second year at RIC (Rhode Island collage)

  89. Josephine wrote:

    where do i apply for a grant? I am 54 and can’t find a job with health insurance i am looking for a degree in business

  90. Carlos Antunez wrote:

    I looking for a grant for my little sister. She was born in Honduras and want to study to be a teacher. Unfortunately I no longer can afford to pay for her tuition cost and she will have to go back to Honduras.

  91. scarlet herrera wrote:

    Hello, I am a 17 year old high school senior. I come from a Dominican and Cuban family and live in New Jersey. I am looking to major in business management in a 4 year school. If you can send me more information my email is: and my number is 7325338678. Thank You!

  92. Natalie wrote:

    Hello i’m a 19 year old unemployed (Still looking for a job) puerto rican first year college student unfortunately i had to take a loan for my first year in college because my single mother who’s responsible of all the bills and the one who brings food to my plate was told by financial aid that she ‘made too much money’. I am going to school for an A.A and reaching for an B.A.i do not want to keep relying on my mother to buy anything for college and don’t want to keep relying on loans as well. I would greatly appreciate if you could help me out..Thank you.

  93. Amanda S wrote:

    Hi, my name is Amanda. I am a 18 year old Hispanic girl. I am currently enrolled in cosmetology school. I received FAFSA, but am looking for grants and scholarships to pay for what did not get covered. Please email me.

  94. Jenna Hensley wrote:

    My name is Jenna Hensley and I am a 17 year old Hispanic female that currently goes to Rio Rancho High School in the state of New Mexico and I plan to go to New Mexico State University to get my bachelors’s degree in animal science in hopes to move up to go to Adam’s State University or Colorado State University in Colorado to go to vet school to get my doctorate in veterinary medicine and one day become a veterinarian. I am very passionate in achieving my goals and I have the mind set of never giving up. I’ve wanted to work with animals since I was around 6 years old. I’ve been able to keep good grades all my life and have managed to maintain my 3.5 and above GPA as well as making honor roll since the 6th grade. With that being said I’m very confident that getting into vet school won’t be a problem for me if I can get all the money saved up, to complete my life long goals.

  95. Emerson Lira wrote:

    Hi, my name is Emerson D. Lira, I am a Mexian-American, I’m currently working for a school district in Texas but I’m not a teacher. I also currently hold a Bachelors degree in Business & Technology but would like to continue to pursue my education by obtaining my MBA. Is there any grants, scholarships etc that may help me with this? I was attending Western Governor’s University about a year ago for my MBA and currently hold 9hrs. I had to withdraw because financially I couldn’t afford it anymore. Please help!

  96. K. R. wrote:

    I am an 18 yr. old Senior about to Graduate in June, Full Mexican and Adopted.
    I was wondering if there were any financial help I could receive to further my education. I want to go to college for a 4 yr. engineering degree (in Ohio).
    Thank You

  97. Raul Benitez wrote:

    Hi I’m 19 years old Hispanic
    and decided to go back to school but funds are not enough so look for help

  98. Martin Torres Jr wrote:

    Hello there, my name is Martin Torres, Jr and currently make my home near Portland, OR. I am a Hispanic-American who is currently looking for Scholarship opportunities to help me pursue and finish my Doctorate at Liberty University online. Would love the chance to begin this doctorate program his coming Summer of 2020. I can be reached with the email provided. Thank you again for your time.


    Matin T. Jr.

  99. Yesenia grimaldo wrote:

    I am 25 years old Hispanic,
    I am first generation college student in my family out of six siblings. However, I am currently attending CSULB and graduating this year until further notice due to events going on at. the moment but my last semester is Fall which will be in August. I no longer qualify for Financial aid grants due to over exceeding the amount of 6 years but I would like to know how I can go about applying for these funds and scholarships to help me pay for my tuition in the Fall 2020 which will be my last semester at CSULB. Please contact me by email thank you for your time.

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