Grants for Low Income Students

College is no longer the domain of the wealthy. The abundance of financing options means that people from low-income backgrounds can afford tertiary education. This can be a life-changing opportunity. If you and your family grew up barely making ends meet, college could be your way toward a well-paying job and greater social mobility.

Today, people who can’t afford to pay for college out of pocket can pay for it through loans, scholarships, and grants. Loans belonged to the middle classes, who had good enough credit to qualify for them. Grants, meanwhile, were usually for people who were destitute or belonged to disenfranchised communities. This created an ignored group—lower-income families who weren’t quite in the poverty line.

What is a Grant?

Hands getting free money

As simple as it is in principle, grants aren’t a well-known option. Many students ignore grants, which is essentially turning down free money. College grants cover the costs of tuition, books, and other school expenses. Once you qualify for a grant, the money is yours. Often, the only requirement is that it is spent on school expenses.

There is no need to pay back a grant. Unlike loans, which must be repaid with interest, grants leave no lasting impact on your personal finances.

Compared with loans, grants are also much easier for low-income students to obtain. A poor financial standing can make it impossible for you to get a loan with a good rate. Meanwhile, these same issues mean that you more than qualify for many of the most common government and institutional grants. That is, of course, you sign on to them in time.

You do not need to be well below the poverty line to qualify for low-income college grants. However, your parents’ income will also be considered. This is not a deal-breaker. You may still qualify if you can prove that they cannot cover your tuition. This is optimal if your parents or legal guardians do not have stable credit.

It takes a lot of work, but with the right choices, you can get an education that could’ve cost you thousands of dollars practically for free.

Federal Grants

The Federal Grant Program was designed to promote accessibility to post-secondary education for low income students. The most common federal-funded sources of money are the Pell Grant and the Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant.

The amount of money awarded to the student is dependent on the individual’s financial standing. The sum is calculated through a formula designed by the U.S. Department of Education. The main factors are as follows:

  • The student’s expected family contribution
  • Cost of attendance at their school
  • Whether the student attends full- or part-time
  • Whether the student attends for the entire academic year or a single semester

Most schools participate in the federal grant program. Ask if your school participates in the Pell Program before signing on.


The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is your ticket to federal grants. It is managed by the Office of Federal Student Aid and disburses about $80 billion in financial aid to about 14 million applicants each year. Schools also use the FAFSA to determine eligibility for their school’s individual financial aid awards.

A FAFSA application takes an hour to fill out if you have the necessary documents before you begin. Today, it can be accomplished and submitted online. You’ll need information from five separate categories:

  • Information about the student
  • Student’s dependency status
  • Student’s parents
  • Student’s finances
  • List of preferred schools the results of the FAFSA should be sent to

Here are some of the important details you should have on hand:

  • Your most recent tax return
  • Your parent’s most recent tax return
  • Current bank statements
  • Current investment records
  • Records of any untaxed income
  • Driver’s license
  • Social security number
  • Alien registration or permanent resident card

After filing a FAFSA, you will receive a Student Aid Report and the your designated school will receive an Institutional Student Information Record.

Improve Your Chances

Many low income students need more than what federal grants can offer. This is when it becomes necessary to look for other grant options. The minority grants and those offered by private organizations and companies. To improve your chances of being qualified, there are several tips to consider.

Apply for Several Grants

Do not put all your eggs in one basket. You are almost as likely to be rejected as accepted. By applying for several grants, you increase your odds of getting accepted by at least one of them.

Man checking up all in the form

Be Honest

Make sure you fill out each application with accurate and honest information. When a program is giving a substantial amount of money, chances are that much of the information you provide will be double checked. If they uncover even one lie, no matter how small, it will likely be grounds to disqualify your application regardless of its strengths.

Have References

Find three or four dependable references to vouch for you. Choose those who are trustworthy and carry an air of authority. Teachers, volunteer organizers, pastors, and work managers are ideal candidates. Grant programs want their money to go to someone deserving but they don’t have the time to get to know you. References can make the difference between otherwise identical applications.

The references you choose can also work to your advantage. Having a volunteer organizer or pastor as a reference, for instance, suggest that you are active outside of academics. This is a great selling point for many grants. If you are not already involved in community activities, now is the time to start.

Be Punctual and Organized

Start your research and apply as early as you can. In junior year, look for all the low-income grants you could qualify for and make note of their deadlines. Keep meticulous, organized records of each grant to avoid confusion when time comes to submit them.

Watch the Money

Be careful not to have too much money sitting in your bank account when applying for low-income grants. Without appropriate context, those reviewing your application might mistake high savings for a high income. Removing extra savings from your account is not lying as long as your with your income and financial documents are honest.

State Level Grants

Many states offer grants and financial aid programs to further the development and growth of colleges within their boundaries. In most cases, states provide grants for low-income students, minority students, or students in high-demand careers. Inquire at the institution you plan to attend; visiting the financial aid department will likely provide information regarding the state level grants they accept.

Minority Low-Income Grants

Group of happy minority people

Students that are Hispanic, African American, Native American, and Asian more often qualify for low-income grants offered specifically to minorities. You might even uncover grants for majority students if you belong to specific European communities such as Polish, German, or Irish. If your school needs to meet a quota for ethnicity, this will work to a minority’s great advantage. Be prepared to have proof of your heritage.

Private Organizations and Companies

Unlike the FAFSA, there is no standard application for grants from private organizations and companies. By dedicating time to research, you can find many that suit your individual pursuits. Some grants are given based on the field of study. Many healthcare industry organizations, for instance, provide grants specifically for nurses.

Other grants are based on personal circumstances. Coca Cola offers grants to students with the honor of being the first in their families to attend college, or come from a disadvantaged background.

Be Careful

There are many scams floating around the internet. Too many students have become victims of identity theft due to a fraudulent website that promised grants for low-income students. Do your research before giving out personal information. Make sure you interact only with trusted organizations.

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  1. danielle foor wrote:

    I am looking to get a grant for college. And being how i live in a low-income household with one parent working and myself but i only work part-time, and there are 6 people living in my house. I would really appreciate it if you could help me somehow.
    Thank you.

  2. Chiquita wrote:

    I really want to go to college but I have a bill at another college and they won’t release my transcript to me until I pay it off. I just wanted to know if there were any assisstance out there that could help me

  3. lindsey conrady wrote:

    I have been excepted to capital universaty and and need help with the rest of my room and board and tuition needs. i have not worked to get a loan on my own and i am unable to get a co signer. I would love to be able to fullfill the dream i have of becoming a nurse/

  4. Jamie Gilcrest wrote:


    My name is Jamie Gilcrest.

    I am a single parent with a minimum wage job and I am looking for a grant for my son to attend college.

    Please call or email me with any suggestions you may have 805-415-7547.

    Thank you.

  5. Terrika wrote:

    I am looking for a way to pay for college when I graduate. Grants or scholarships will definetly help me. I want to go to college to become a PH.D
    If you contact me at or 469-524-9023

  6. Monica Wetzler wrote:

    I am a part-time working student and am looking for a grant to help me attend Illinois State University. My parents have average income but we are not able to afford such a wonderful school. It has been my dream to attend there and with such a rough economy there’s no way we will be able to afford such a wonderful school. I hope you will be able to help me.
    Thank You,

  7. A. M. Harvey wrote:

    I am a sophomore at Dillard University this year. I was recently informed that I have no/am not eligible for federal aid and I must take out a private loan for school. Every loan that I have applied for, I have been denied. I have no credit, and I do not have a cosigner. My mother has no job and my father passed away. I really need to get back into school. Do I have any other options?

  8. Brenda Edwards wrote:

    Hi, i am a single parent looking for money for my daughter to go to college.I am on disablity and do not have enough money for books and tuition, i greatly appreciate the help. She is going to school for Phyical Therapy.Thank You Vrey Much

  9. Jason Brown wrote:

    I can tell anyone who may read this post, Mrs. Conrads post is a big reason why people dont want to offer grants or assistance. Grammar and spelling are required to present yourself in an educated fashion. If you have been “accepted” to a college or “university” it would help for you to be able to at least spell properly. If you dont hold yourself to a higher standerd, no one else will either. I can appreciate your wanting to be a nurse as I am a paramedic. But… that being said if you dont spell and use correct puncuation your never going to get anywhere in life or nursing because you wont be taken seriously. Good luck to all.

  10. Kenya wrote:

    I’m trying to find a way to pay for college now.. I don’t want to get kicked out of school just because I can’t afford it.. Somebody please help me.. I really don’t know what else to do..

  11. Darius Burney wrote:

    I have been to college and allowed myself to get caught up in the excitement. I am looking for an opportunity at redemption. I know there is no excuse for my performance and I understand that many foundations will not give me a chance. I only desire to prove myself worthy of that opportunity. If there are any foundations that may give me a chance, be it through testing or any means please contact me at or call at (704) 658-7300

  12. Faith Garner wrote:

    I need extra grant money to help me with living expenses while I am in school.

  13. taylor wrote:

    I am trying to attend nursing school I really need a grant or scholarship. If you can help me email me please.

  14. Amber Biernacki wrote:

    Hi, I recentley started college with my husband. we are tired of working part time jobs so we are doing our best to earn our degrees. We hardly make enough combined to even get by let alone pay for gas and books. we would appreciate anything that can help us out. especially for gas because our school is about a hours drive from where we live and i drive a suburban. Thank you.

  15. Skyler wrote:

    I am a Freshman at the U of A and receive FASFA; however I am falling short 3000.00 and I don’t qualify for any loans.
    I have no credit, and I do not have a cosigner. My mother is a single mom going to school herself and my father has bad credit and is not in the picture. I don’t want to get kicked out of school. Do I have any other options?

  16. Aliceson wrote:

    I am currently seekking help in paying for my education, both are my parents are disabled, and I have no credit. I have applied for FASFA. I really do need help I am making minimum wage and I was wondering what other options do I have.

  17. marshecia wrote:

    I am now searching for help towards paying for an good education, i could use all the help i can receive i have neither mother nor father in my life.Mgrandmotheris doing the best she can by taking care of her three grandchildern. i know for a fact she will not have the funds for me to attend college. I havepplied for FASFA, and other grants all i can do now is pray that they all come through

  18. Kristy wrote:

    I am currently seeking help with a college grant I am a single mother and of american indian heritage and never had the oppurtunity to apply for college because I never knew how to go about applying or had the funds to apply please help im in desperate need to give my son the future I never had thanks my email is

  19. felicia wrote:

    I am curently working as a certifed nursing assisant and im a hard working women.I’m 23 and its very hard for me to get any assisants with school because i dont have any children and they still having me under my mom house hold.I have been taking care of my self since i was 16 so school is keep me motivated to do the right thing. This well hell me alot on trying to reach my dreams on working in the criminal field because i know how it is on the streets thank you for letting me express my self

  20. Joshua Pontious wrote:


    My Name is Josh and I have currently gone back to College and am going full time, my wife is looking at starting this winter. We are currently getting Finacial Aid but need a little more help in accomplishing our goals. We are looking for grants that may be able to help us to do this. Any information that could be given to us to help us further our dreams would be greatly appreciated.


    Joshua Pontious

  21. Katherine Martinez wrote:

    Hello, my name is Katherine Martinez. I am a current undergraduate student at Bergen Community College. I am majoring in Criminal Justice (CRJ) and minoring in Psychology (PSY). I need further assistance with my tuition fees for my college expenses and am also needing more assistance for when I transfer to John Jay College of Criminal Justice/The City University of New York. I’d gladly appreciate a scholarship or recommendations for what scholarships to apply and how.

  22. Mary Sutton wrote:

    Hello, I am a 20 year old mom of a 3 month old baby with no job. I go to Anthem College to be a medical assistant to later become a RN. I am presuing this field because my mom if fighting Leukemia for 7 years and i want to be a part of helping people. I would like to know what kinds of grants and scholarships I can apply for. I am a former foster child also. Thank you. 🙂

  23. Leeza Ballew wrote:

    Hello, my name is Leeza Ballew. I Live is a small town, with my small family, and with our small jobs that just barely get us by. My dreams exceed the perimeters of this small place. The rage to succeed only fuels my fire for a good college education. Please don’t put my fire out, it’s really all I got…

  24. Jeremiah Lewis wrote:

    hello, my name is jeremiah lewis and i am curenttly stil enrolled in high school but seeing that this is my senior year i am starting to look for grants and other ways to help me pay for my college. I am wanting to go to culinary arts school and major but yeah i still dont know what im going to do if anybody knows anything that can help plz contact me at

  25. Sarah Bark wrote:

    Hi my name is Sarah, I have been accepted to the University of Dubuque. I want to be a English teacher. But I don’t know if I’m going to get to go since I live with my grand parents,who live on social security and disability. I will be a first generation to go to college. I will graduate May 2012. But there’s no way my grand parents can afford to send me to college so if I don’t get grants and scholoships I’m not going to be able to go. My grandma is so proud of me that I have been accepted at DU but I’m afraid it’s only going to be a drean. I do work part time at our public libary but that’s not going to be enough to send me to college. When my grand parents took us in seven years ago to keep us out of the system, we are abused kids. My grand parents had to re finance their home to build on bed rooms for me and my brother. So please if there is any way you can help me I would be greatfull.

  26. Nate wrote:

    Hello everyone. I was wondering if there is any grants out there for disabled unemployed vets. I have signed up for the FAFSA and I am using my gi Bill that I paid into. But work is tough around here especially when you can barley bend over to tie your shoes. Any idea’s you have would be great. Thank you and enjoy your holidays.

    Nathan Clements

  27. Ayana wrote:

    I am graduating in June from high school what are the grants are best for me Thank you.

  28. Rashelle Carr wrote:

    Hello my name is Rashelle Carr..Im attending Western Ok state college in Altus oklahoma..Im 12 credits short from receiving my associates degree..Im need of financial assistance to finish this summer..Contact me at 580-475-2561 or

  29. Tammy wrote:

    Hello everyone! I grew up in a family with four children, one older sister, an older brother and a twin sister. In third grade my dad obtained a job that demanded his presents in Saudi Arabia allowing us to see him just twice a year. After all of the terrorist attacks his job was deemed to be unsafe and our family called him back home, bringing on a huge income loss. Since then my father has had three major hip replacements. One of which gave him a deadly staff infection leaving him dependent on an IV for 3 months and many hospital stays, preventing him from being hired at any work place. As of now, our house is running soling on my father’s social security and mother’s income who is only able to work three days a week due to old age and arthritis. These past few years have been financially hard for my family, still paying off my older sibling’s student loans. My parents should be retiring but they are now in the process of filing bankruptcy and losing our home. As a result, my parent’s don’t qualify for any parent loans making it almost impossible to find money for my soon to be $130,000 dental hygiene bill. Likewise, as a young college scholar with little credit I do not qualify for many student loans either. Even with financial aid, the financial burden is still abundant to what we can afford. Without any scholarships, my dental hygiene pursuits cannot be completed at USC. My email is if you know of any scholarships that could help!

  30. Natalie Hoffman wrote:

    im currently unemployed, single mother and currently in college, i have fasfa but with the price of books and classes i can afford things.

  31. Ime Ekpo wrote:

    I have been struggling for a year looking for a way to pay off my balance at my previous and only university, The University of Maryland Eastern Shore. They are holding my transcripts and I am unable to attend any other legit school in my home state of New York City. I am an independent and lack parental support, so I am not able to find a cosigner for any loans. Is there any way I can negotiate or any grants and loans I may qualify for on my own? Please if anyone has a possible solution, email me at

  32. Michael Easton wrote:

    Hey I am a first generation college student in my house hold, my mother is unemployed and has been unemployed since september 11th. She has received injuries that kept her from employment meaning she cannot help me out in college and also I am unemployed . My mother was my only source of financial aid and my college cost is creating a toll on us and I really want to finish college. Without any help I cannot attend my second semester of my freshman year, and I have been denied recently by private loans. my email is

  33. Ashlee Ann wrote:

    I am looking for a way or how to apply for low income grant for college,
    No one in my house hold works And I just lost my Job and can’t afford too
    Pay for school if anyone knows how too apply for this grant
    Please let me know thanks (;

  34. Senica Daychild wrote:

    Hi.. My name is Senica Daychild. I’am currently a student at an community colege and am having problems with my financial aid and books. I have no income and can’t apply ofr student loans. I desperately need some advice for the right grants or loans. I have children(5) and my husband is in college to at Wyo Tech. I just need some help trying to get the money for my college fees. please help!!

  35. Omara wrote:

    I am looking to get a grant for college. And being how i live in a low-income household with one parent working and no current jobs available to me, I need financial help so I can continue my education at the Art Institute of Atlanta

  36. Julie Hawkins wrote:

    Hi, I am a 39yr old female and after 20 of no schooling i am wanting to go back for communication . i am on Disability . Is there any grants that can help pay for the classes .. est price 30,000 ….. help please email me

  37. montrell hale wrote:

    i am looking for a college grant to apply for this fall semester. i am currently in debt with fasfa so i was wondering is there any other options to still go to school other than going through fasfa. if anyone has any knowledge about it email me at

  38. abigael jepkogei wrote:

    am Abigael am a needy girl who wants to go to college but have no money am a orphan ‘i have try to get some help from bursaries but i cant please help am suffering i have two sisters in secondary school and i cant afford all
    call my number 0701000512 or email

  39. Ebony Kirven wrote:

    Hi I was looking to apply for a grant or a low income loan so that I can pay for cosmetology school. This is a passion of mine and I want to take it farther then where it is right now so that I can help out my community.So please email me

  40. Justin Edwards wrote:

    Hi my name is justin edwards Im a 19 year old young man on my own working hard to pay bill and provide for my self with no help im tryin to go back to school so I can have a great life

  41. Asia Williams wrote:

    Hi my name is Asia Williams. I am in need of financial assistance. taking of my dad who had a heart attack, still staying in college life is hard, but . I REALLY NEED this scholarship, this will help me tremendously! Please contact me by email

  42. Amanda Shepherd wrote:

    my name is Amanda, I am a 23 year old, newly single mother. I am a survivor of Domestic Violence, and currently homeless. I am enrolled to go back to school in the fall and I am looking for grants that will help me cover some of my living expenses in addition to tuition costs. I have been doing a lot of searches for grants and I feel like I am chasing my tail. Any help you might give me would be greatly appreciated.
    Amanda Shepherd

  43. Laura Anderson wrote:

    My name is Laura Anderson. I am 20yrs old and am married with no children. My husband and I recently moved back to my hometown from Portland, Oregon and both of us are living with my parents and are un-employed. Ive wanted to go to college to become a Veterinary Tech since I was little, but there is no way that we will be able to afford it in our position. I wanted to see if there were any grants that would make it possible for me to go to college. I would be the first person in my entire family to go to college and really appreciate any help!

  44. Ivan Mpaluko wrote:

    Dear sir/madam

    I just wanted to apply this grant funding so that i could pay to a USA home study school called ” Penn Foster College in USA.

    So here is my postal address you can use when sending the grants:

    Ivan mpaluko

    Deloitte& Touche
    P.O. Box 30364

    Your Faithfully

    Ivan Mpaluko

  45. angelica thomas wrote:

    hi, i am a 22 years old and im in my first year of college i live in a low income appartment with no job i really need money to pay for things for school and help with my liveing expences i want to become a x-ray tech and i live in florida please help.

  46. Holly wrote:

    To Whom it May Concern;

    I’ve always wanted to attend the University of Oregon. My parent’s income is too low for me to attend any college at all. It would be so much appriciated!

  47. Armand Nance wrote:

    I’m a senior this year graduating from a overpopulated high school in Houston, TX. I’ve been accepted to Boise State University and wish to further my education in business and photography. My mother is on disability and unable to pay my travel expenses. I would really appreciate any assistance I receive from you.

  48. Linh wrote:

    I’m 20 years old and living with my dad and step mom in a section 8 housing complex. I’m currently looking into attending online classes at the University of Phoenix, in order to help my family. If there is anyone who could help me with information to assist in paying for college, please contact me.

  49. jenna wrote:

    hi my name is Jenna my mom is a single mother im staying with her i got into a bad relationship dropped out of school became deeply involved in drugs i was going no were with my life expect down by the grace of god my life is now changed around I’ve got my g.e.d got off drugs and go to a nice church i work at Hardees fast food want to go to ivy tech i need help with low income scholarships how well i pay for school,gas,bills,food if i work 2 or 3 days a week? its hard anyone no how i can get government help? im shure god well make away not for me but anyone who is needing help but anyone’s input will b appreciate email me ( you god bless

  50. Treyvon Randall wrote: (email that i can be reach at) Hey my name is Treyvon. I’m s high school student tharmt live on his own. My parents put me out when i was in 11th grade. I’m just looking for some help with paying for college. I have no clue how I’m going to pay for it because I’m struggling to make ends meet now. Any help is appreciate i

  51. Rashawnda Smith wrote:

    I am Rashawnda Smith,
    I need a grant my dad is the only one working i work part time i do not get much money for working i work 3days a week i have no money after i help pay bills n i want to go to college to better my self i am the oldst out of five kids i really need this grant please contact me at
    720 2885663

  52. bathsheba wrote:

    Hi i am a student currently studying i the university of abuja and doing my ACCA at the same time am a low income earner and will love to apply for grant here is my no 07051283249

  53. maggie wrote:

    hello my name maggie i am a single woman working a part time interested of becoming ultrasound tech but unfortunately school is very expensive i have no help am already paying car notes plus my insurance i cannot afford any extra bills but would love to attend school anything would help please

  54. Therese Gerdon Mazurowski wrote:

    I am desperately seeking funds to help my daughter stay in school at James Madison University. My husband is unemployed. I am cleaning houses, assisting elderly swimmers and part time with real estate company. I can not continue to help my daughter if Iwe can’t get help from others. She is 3.0 undergraduate in the school of Hotel hospitality management. She also works, Chairs an event organization and walks to everything. We need help.
    THERESEGM@AOL.COM 240-429-0978.

  55. Michael Kauwe wrote:

    Aloha, My name is Michael Kauwe and I’m attending University of Phoenix online classes. I’m currently unemployed and is struggling in life when it comes to financial. The reason I’m struggling in financial is because of my dad health. He need to be assisted 24 hours and that is why I’m his caretaker. I’m trying to get my bachelor degree right now, but don’t have the money to cover up the left over that the financial aid could cover. Please feel free to contact me through email.

  56. Gina McGraner wrote:

    To Whom it May Concern;

    I am a current graduate student taking online courses online for a Psy D in Clinical Psychology.

    I am in my residency year which the school requires it to be paid out of pocket.

    I have a past due balance with the school for the first time due to having to pay for the residency costs out of pocket.

    I am inquiring about applying for a grant to see if I am eligible to receive some money. The school is telling me that I have to pay $6900 towards my $8900 past due amt. before I can schedule for classes in a wk. or complete residency in June of 2012.

    Please let me know if there is anything I can do.

    I do not have good credit and unfortunately, have no co-signer available to apply for a loan to help.

    Thank you.

    I don’t know what to do.

  57. jeniffer wrote:

    I’m jeniffer married from kenya but in Uganda after my studies in undergraduate still trying to fulfill my dream of doing masters.Please lets God touch you this Easter so that i may be able to go back to school or college.I graduated a year ago but i wanted to continue with masters but money is a problem please help and God would add for you.

  58. Ta'Yana Monet' Vinson wrote:

    I am a 18 year old student getting ready to transfer in to college once i graduate high school and I am looking for Scholarships and Grants to help me pay for school I am from a single parent home and unfortunately my mother cant afford to send me to college. I am the first in my family to graduate High School on time and will be the first to go to college if I am able to pay for my education and that’s where the Scholarships and Grants will come in handy to help me pursue the career I am interested in… if you would like to be the helping hand to success you can contact me at…. Please and thank you for your help it will be very much appreciated if you will invest in my future!

    Ta’Yana Monet’ Vinson

  59. Kelly wrote:

    I am a single mother and currently attending college as a full time student. My son and I are having to live with my parents due to me becoming single after 22 yrs. of being with his father. I am having so much trouble trying to find a part-time job and start my life over again, but I won’t give up. I have no income and desperately need to move out of my parents house. I had to spend the last of my money ($1,000) on car repairs. We have 3 dogs that are now split up and they are living temporarily with different people. For my son’s sake I need a home so that he can have some stability back and so that he can have his dogs back with him again. I will be graduating in 2013 and plan on starting my career and hopefully going back in to college after graduation to further my education. I just want to make my son proud and give him a stable home before he leaves in 2014 for the Air Force.

  60. Austin wrote:

    Hi. I’m a sophomore at Humboldt State and will be going into my 3rd year in the fall. For half of my life, I have been working at the same job, but it hasn’t been enough. My parents have been supporting me through college since I have no way of doing so. But in less than a month, my dad will be retiring from his pastoral job in Berkeley. This is devastating because my mom does not make any money. There will be no income from my parents. They have to rent out our house of 17 years (I have a lot of memories there and feel myself breaking because of this). Having no job, I am forced with two options. It is incredibly hard for me to make them while approaching exams at the end of the term. I either do what my parents don’t want me to do which is take out loans and debt all in the same or live back at home and live with family members while going to a community college. The one problem with this is that the Wildlife classes I need to take are at Humboldt. My heart yearns to return back to Humboldt or at least stay in the area and attend College of the Redwoods. I can’t do this without scholarships. Somebody please help me! I’m on the end of my rope and don’t know what to do.

    Grateful to anyone who reads this.
    Austin Collister

    Oh and you can contact me at

  61. Caitlyn callahan wrote:

    I would love to go to college and make something of myself. I’m getting close to graduating highschool. I have a low income and work a part time job. I’ve lived and have been supporting myself since I was 17just years old my parents had never put money away for me to go to college so I’m trying to do it myself. I would love to get as much help as I can!

  62. Sarah wrote:

    Hi, I really need help. I really want to go to the college of my dreams but I’m off $300. I can’t afford it but I don’t want to go to a community college. Please help me. I really want to go to this college. Please contact me at Please and thank you. I will tell you more about why I can’t afford it – I’m desperate.

  63. Perla Rodriguez wrote:

    Hi guys if somebody can help me to go to college will be wonderful, I really need to go to be somebody, to get my own stuff, to be a better person. But I don’t have the money, all college are to expensive and my mom is disable,that the only income we have.I’m really need about 20,000 to make my bachelor degree in science,I don’t want to go to a community college,I want to go to college and when I finish maybe make a militar carrer in the air force.I don’t want to depend in the future from welfare or the goverment, I want work and have my own stuff by myself.

  64. Allia wrote:

    hello,i will really love to attend Indiana University Of Pennsylvania In the fall but i live in a low incoming house hold.i have most of my money for the fall semester of 2012 but im in so much need to have money for the IUP summer program. the program is not mandatory however if i do not complete the summer program i will not be able to have on campus hosuing my freshman year and ALL FRESHMAN must live on campus. now the program cost 4,045 dollars and i have received my award letter but it has loans on it and i do not want to take out any loans so can someone PLEASE contact me before the summer of July 9,2012 (thats when the summer program begins).
    Thank You,
    Allia Scott

  65. Richard wrote:

    I am looking to get a grant for college. I really need this, because of how i live in a low-income household with two parents, one working and myself; however I am unemployed, and there are 4 people living in my house. I would really appreciate it if you could help me somehow.


  66. Jada l. Gaskins wrote:

    I pray all is well, my name is jada. I come frome a low income home, and am currently attending college, my first year. My mother is a single mom, and only have one income coming in that barley, pay’s for her Billy’s at home, and is trying to pay for my college as well. On her income she can’t pay for me to finish college were I really won’t to be, would you all be able to keep me in college, I am the first in my family to attend college,
    All things are possible through our Lord.
    Thank you and may God bless you and your family
    Jada L. Gaskins

  67. robert g cooper wrote:

    i am trying to complete college i almost have my associates but cannot afford to keep going to school, and my parents have financial issues help me continue and pursue my dream of owning my own business

  68. Mary Russell wrote:

    I’m a female of 55 yrs. of age who’s trying desperately to turn my life around through education. I so badly need a grant and quick so i can stay afloat to continue on my path of higher learning. Someday I can only hope at this point that i will be able to help others with their life struggles. I’m begging for help and desperately need information about Grants available to me. I also have a brain disorder which challenges me from time to time, but my disability will not stop me from achieveing my ultimate goal of a Master’s in Science specializing in Medical research.

  69. Candice Maggiora wrote:

    Hi there, my name is Candice and I really want to get back into school to become a vet tech, but cannot afford it. I am finding it nearly impossible to find a better job than what I have now. Currently I am making about 50 dollars a week, definitely not enough to afford college. A grant would help me so much both short term and long term. Thank you for the consideration.

  70. Brandon Stocks wrote:

    I am a single father with a minimum wage job who is attending school to get a better job. I need extra money for a computer and to help with bills. Please contact me with any useful information u may have.

  71. Jim Pineda wrote:

    I am planning to go to collage for an advanced welding program (two year)….and it would be fantastic if there would be a way for you to help me find grant money to get my gear that i’m going to need, not to mention my living expences. I am about as low income as you can get. I’m currently collecting unemployment and that is running out soon, which is’nt much to beging with. I am also half Mexican & half Irish, so I must fall under some kind of grant program. If you could help me out that would be great!

  72. Cathy Cunningham wrote:

    Hi. My name is Cathy. I am currently going to be a Senior in Nursing school. I am helping my daughter raise her twin sons that are both special needs. One has cerebral palsy and the other is severely autistic. I currently do not work , school and the children keep me very busy. I have used up all of my student loan money attending school and have found myself 13500 short of finishing my college education. I am a hard worker and family oriented, but not sure how I can possibly come up with the funds to finish.

  73. Sierra Clark wrote:

    Hi my name is Sierra. Both of my parents have very low income and are considered as poor in the economy. Being only 17 years old its hard for me to find a job beacuse people want to hire someone who has expierience. Due to lack of money im scared i will not be able to fulfill my dream of getting a bachelor degree in nursing as i plan. I would greatly appriciate any help i could get so that i can further my self and give back to the community.

  74. Stephanie Proctor wrote:

    Hi my name is Stephanie proctor. I’m a teacher assistant and full time college student. I cannot afford to pay 100% for my college At CSU-ci. It costs almost 4,000 each semester to be full time. There’s no way to pay it full before school starts which is required. I live on my own and theres another bills needs to be paid for. Your grant would help me to continue to be full time student and achieve higher GPA to be able to received more financial aid from csuci but this grant will help me to prove the university that I deserve financial aid from them and complete my bachelors in education liberal studies.

  75. Courtney Stocking wrote:

    Hi, My name is Courtney Stocking. I am a full-time college student at Columbia College Chicago and I cant afford to go there anymore because my mother just got turned down for a loan that i really really need to attend this semester. She is a single mother in school also trying to make ends meet since my father doesn’t want to be in my life. I’m going to school to major in Musical Theater and i plan on being very successful at it if i can get a scholarship. Any little bit will help. Please help me and my mother out because she doesn’t even know if she can afford to go to school either.
    Please contact me at

  76. Andrew wrote:

    I will be going to LSU Baton Rouge in the fall. My father who committed suicide when I was one served in vietnam in ’69-’71as a marine. He then served as a flight surgeon for the air force. My mother lost her job and makes almost nothing cutting hair. We were almost evicted this month. My older brother is in a coma in a nursing home here in Louisiana. I’m excited about school and have been working in the oil fields here in louisiana. Any grants we could apply for would help alot. I have many friends, am very active in drama and have kept a spiritual, positive attitude. Thanks.

  77. Orrion Brooks wrote:

    ★Hello. My name is Orrion Brooks. I have my eye on Texas Wesleyan University. Unfortunately, I do don’t possess the funds to cover school. In my household are me and my eight siblings and also my three nieces, and my mother and stepfather there’s quite a few of us and my stepfather and I are trying so hard just to keep our home. We sometimes go days without water. If I could just get this one chance to make my family proud, and make my future brighter, I can help my whole family and my community as well. Thank you so much for allowing posts
    Please do feel free to contact me at my email

    Orrion B.

  78. Samantha wrote:

    Hi, my name is Samantha Reynolds. I am a 22 year old full-time college student at Woodland Community College in Woodland, CA. My mom is a full time student, unemployed, my dad is disabled and is on SSI but doesn’t get very much. I need help paying for transportation (because I live in a town about 30 miles from the school) books, food. Please contact me at

  79. Candace wrote:

    Hi, my name is Candace Conley. I am a full time student at Penn State Altoona, Pa. MY my has no job as of now. we have a baby on the way. Dads a truck driver, he doesnt make enough to pay for two kids to send to college. I need help with books, tution,etc. Please contact me at

  80. Candace wrote:

    I meant my mom has no job as of now.

  81. Jasmine Lucas wrote:

    My name is Jasmine Lucas. I am a 19 year old full-time student at Norther Arizona University and struggling to find the funds to return for my sophomore year at the end of next month. My mother is the bread winner in the house but we still lie under the poverty threshold and being the first in my family to attend a university, I must proceed to find the funds on my own. I really need help with finding the funds to return. There are 6 of us in the home when I am home from school. Both of my parents work but it is still not enough. Please help in anyway.

  82. Kashawahara Hughes wrote:

    I am a low income student going to Georgia Gwinnett College full time. I suppose to be returning in Fall for my sophomore year but I can’t afford to go. So if you can will please find someway to help me. Thanking you in advance!

  83. Elizabeth Koenig wrote:

    My Name is Liz Koenig, I am 24 year old, part time worker who graduated college in 2009 and have been looking for full time work ever since. I have also been trying to advance my career by going back to school but because I work part time I am not able to pay for my classes. I am looking for any assistance that there may be so that I can further my chances in a promising career. Thanks you.

  84. Latisha M Moore wrote:

    I am a singal mother of one with a low income i was wonder how can i get a free grant for my daughter who is going to be attending Delaware State University this coming fall to help me pay for her schooling

  85. Margaret McDermott wrote:

    Hi my name is Margaret McDermott and I am 19, will be 20 in 6 days and I work full time at a carwash. I live with my dad and he has NO JOB and he told me that he will not help me pay for college! I pay rent each month along with personal bills to live here. I stsrt school Aug 27, Im looking for money to help pay off my school. Please Help Me With Grants!
    Thank you!

  86. Kyle Tucker wrote:

    My name is Kyle Tucker. I am 23 years old and I work a part-time job at Forever 21 Inc. I’m hopefully attending California State: Los Angeles for the winter semester. I make around $800 a month or less and I’m looking forward to going to school to earn my degree in this struggling economy. To be honest I can really use the help, always been on my own pretty much my entire life and I’m just looking for a little bit of help I can recieve. Hopefully I can recieve this grant to help pay for my education, but if not I’m still fortunate that grants like this exist for struggling people such as myself. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank You

  87. Quajah Trice wrote:

    Hello Iam looking for grants and scholarships for this semester I need about 5,000 dollars to pay for the rest of my tuition. I am a dependent student and I live with my grandmother who can’t help me. Please help me !

  88. Darianne Grimball wrote:

    Hi. I am looking for aid. I’m 18 years old and the first of my family to graduate high school. My has a minimum wage job and is taking care of four girls all alone. She’s in a shelter. My dad died before I was born. I have a job, but that won’t cover anything. I will be the first to attend a University, but without aid I’ll have to skip out on college.

  89. Alondra wrote:

    Hi my name is Alondra I am a full time student at san jacinto college which this upcoming year will be my first year as a freshman. I am a single parent and im currently working I need help on paying for my school for my spring semester I bearly could afford me and my daughter expenses please I will like to know if you can help me out please email me at

  90. Naquan Gant wrote:

    I am looking to finish paying for some of my tutition my mother is a single parent and struggling. Can you help me find something.

  91. Andre wrote:

    Hi my name is Andre and i am looking to feel out grants to help pay tuition for school my father is a single parent with 8 children. I am justtrying to help lower financial reduction on achieving money from grants to pay for school. Contact me at

  92. Ryan Patterson wrote:

    I am a student looking for money for the rest of my tuition. I am 18 yrs old and just graduated high school. I am enrolled to go out of state to a great college that has an excellent program for my major. I live with my mother who is a single mother trying to pay back her own student loans and my sister who is still in high school. Please email me at


    PH# IS 2065795876

  94. antonette Houston wrote:

    Hello My name is Antonette Houston I am a striving young african american student at BGSU. Im trying soooo hard to be the first in my family to graduate from college. im majoring in Biology to becoming a heart surgeon. Im from a very low income family and my family helps alot when they can, especially my mom with many problems of her own. I was senior class president,prom queen,drill team and Cheerleader captain, and also a mentor at JFK High School which was on academic watch. But I overcame obstacles and proved to them and myself that its up to the individual to want to achieve. I went to early college starting in 10th grade, It was hard because my dad left our household after then being together for 25 years. My mom searched everywhere this year makin it possible for me to continue my studies, even attening college through the summer. I lived off noodles and water, even getting sick but i made it. Now i want to continue to make it through 2012 and 2013 year at BGSU but i dont have enough money for books and household items and housing. Please someone answer me and my mom prayers with a financial blessing. i will continue to Pray and not give up. Thank You and God Bless . You can email me for further info at

    I really hope someone, even if its just one someone to hear me calling out for help. Please

    i know we live in a non trusting corrupt world where people dont want to help others anymore. But im honest and sincere. if you dont trust me you can send donations to BGSU in care of Antonette Houston Thank you

  95. thomas wrote:

    ima african american college student from philadelphia. I was raised low income family. I know you have heard this millions of times but i desperately want to make something out of myself. If theres anybody that reads this even by accident im asking for your help.Im asking for a chance.

  96. Antonio Beard wrote:

    I am a striving young african american student at Talladega College trying to pursue my goals in life. I have no family help none what so ever. Im in need of extra funding to pay for books etc. I have already taken out loans and the max of the loans. I still have a balance an this semester or any semester, I wont be able to pay for any of my books.

    I really need help with paying gor school and books and supplies.please HELP ME WITH getting the grant oney of any sort of money.
    email me


  97. Crissy Couturiaux wrote:

    Hi, I am currently enrolled at EMPIRE BEAUTY SCHOOL OF STATE COLLEGE, PA! PSU. I started July 1st. Fasfa has helped me pay for my tuition, but due to financial issues at home, I am struggling insanely with 2 young kids as a teen mother trying to further my life with cosmetology, and be able to provide for them. I am asking for help for school expenses, transportation expenses, child care expenses, food expenses, etc. It all just adds up to be too much 🙁 And the last thing I want to EVER happen is not be able to complete my schooling due to money. If theres anyone or anything out there to help me better my life for me and my kids please PLEASE e-mail me at or call me 8144967654 ! Please and Thank you for your time. I will continue to pray for something good to come my way.

  98. vb wrote:

    I am a single,disable father with a daughter in college for her second year and one in high school. Our income is below low income. No assistance from the other parent. Is there any grants out there for a single father to assist with making sure his child has a college education? Thanks for reading this and God Bless ALL…..

    Please contact at VB @

  99. Darcel Carey wrote:

    I am a student at Ultimate Medical Academy and am going for PCT while I am go to school I also care for my elderly father and mother. It is hard for me to pay of my schooling and then on top of that I dropped everything in Virginia to move done here with my husband and am going to school stressed out because of this bill and my husband applied everywhere and still can’t find a job. I pray everyday that something good is going to come of this but I just don’t know what to do at this time. I need help bad. God bless the people who help those in need I pray that only good things happen for you all

  100. Eleni wrote:

    Hello. My name is Eleni. I live on my own in California. I have a part time job but with all the bills and rent that are coming through the mail, I dont think i can finish school. Im asking for your help if posiible. Thanks. I would really appreciated.

  101. Angela Clements wrote:

    Hello people my name is Angela Clements and i am a single parent of 4 boys. One of my sons just graduated from high school in June of this year and he is trying to go to culinary school, he will be going in as a sophomore because he took classes while he was in high school. being a single parent and a minimum wage job its so hard to help him start to school. if any one know of anything that i could do a donation or even where i could get scholarships or grants. We have already signed up for financial aide but that was still not enough. I would love for him to fulfill his dream. Im asking for anyones help. He is trying to get the money to start which is in less than a month. you can email me at nann6782003 with any details or even help. thanks.

    my email address is

  102. Vanessa King wrote:

    Hello, my name is Vanessa King and I have a daughter in college. Unfortunately I became unemployed in January 2011 and my daughter is in need of more money for college. She did receive some grants and student loans but it is not enough. She is struggling trying to learn without the textbooks she needs. The college did lend her one book (on emergency) but that was it. The bookstore will allow you to rent books but I cannot afford it. I receive no unemployment benefits whatsoever. I am boarding with a relative (thank God for that) and it is just so hard. I just want my daughter to receive the education she so rightfully deserve. I don’t want her to suffer because I am unable to provide the what she need for college. If anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it. My daughter attends Benedict College in Columbia, SC. Please contact me if you can help. My email address is
    Only serious people please contact me. I don’t need anymore disappointments.

  103. Amy wrote:

    Hello, I am currently in college right now. I pay for everything myself with no help from my family by working a part-time job. With rent and all the bills coming in now I am not sure how much longer I will be able to be in school. If there is anyway you could help me out, it would be greatly appreciated!

  104. Emmett Rogers wrote:

    My name is Emmett Cortez Rogers Im 18 yrs old the last of five children and the First to graduate high school,But I do not want it to end there I need a grant so I could continue to achieve my goals I want to be in the music industry! I want to be somebody I have worked to hard for my dreams to end now my dad has been in and out of prison all of my life my mom I love with all my heart she is an alcoholic I currently stay with my sister her husband and there two children I Don’t want to be another statistic I need this despratley please help me Im Hispanic Im creative Im not into sports! I gave up on school for a while got into drugs went down the wrong road my sister believes in me I turned down the wrong road after my older sister committed suicide but I have come to the realization that I want to rise above and Financially my sister whom I live with does not have the money to help me with college with her son my nephew graduating next year money is tight please choose me I would be so grateful thank you for taking the time to read my story!

    i gave up on school for a while

  105. Jasmene wrote:

    Hi, I am single mother, unemployed, and in desperate need with getting help to pay for school…I currently have a bs degree and decided to go back to school so I can get better skills so I can find a job…I do not qualify for any financial aid and I am experiencing so much hardship with transportation and materials needed to go to school. If someone can assist me with any funding programs or grants I would really appreciate it because Im at the point where I may have to drop out 🙁

  106. shaqkilla carter wrote:

    hi, my name is shaqkilla carter I am a senior in high school with big dreams and goals but is not finacialy able to pay for anything that i need in order to go to college. I do not have a job neither do my mother or father. i am the thrid child of five siblings and a nephew. me and my family been on housing for a while now. my mother does not have a job and my father is disable so we have been struggling for a long time now and it would mean alot to me and my family for me to be the first child to get out and go to college and make something of myself without financial issues. thanks for reading my requests hope to hear from you thanks for your time.

  107. Sarah wrote:

    My name is Sarah Mayernik and I will be moving to a new city alone and am looking to find out what kind of financial aid I can get so that I can register for classes at my new school. I am 21 years old with no children or husband. I will be alone. I am having trouble filling out my FAFSA due to the fact that it says my information has to be based off of my tax info from 2011. I have no clue about taxes and etc. So I am having issues with filling out a current FAFSA. Thank you. I hope to hear from you soon.

  108. Nate Manthei wrote:

    Hello, my name is Nate Manthei. I am currently a struggling freshman in college because I did not receive financial assistance even though I applied for many scholarships and grants. My parents are divorced and my father does not assist with bringing in an income. I live with my mother and step-father. My mother works for The Home Depot in kitchen and bath and my step-father is a plumber. We have a low income household and I could really use any help that my readers would be willing to give.

    Please e-mail

    Thank you,
    Nate Manthei

  109. Happy wrote:

    Hi, I am currently working in a Seed company in Tanzania as a seed production officer. I would like to update my educational status from Certificate to Degree. Please I need your help

  110. Precious wrote:

    Hello, i am an independent college student currently attending a community college. I am looking for scholarships that help students who are wards of the state. Both of my parents passed away before the age of 12 due to disease causes and i was place under guardianship.I have been on my own since 18 and decided i want to go to school for sociology but, i do not have the funding to go full time. I am over 21 and i pay for all of my living experiences. I wish to get a degree to advance me in job oppurtunities. Im currently struggling and wish i had some assistance for my college funding. I am reaching out for help and would love to apply for a your scholarship.

  111. john sommerer wrote:

    I am trying to readmit to school and an outstanding balance of $1,850 is preventing me from continuing my education. I have exhausted every option and with currently being on unemployment it just makes matters only that much more difficult. I really hope you can help.

    thank you,

    John Sommerer

  112. alleine wrote:

    hi,i am a high school student and is about to leave school .but in a way i really want to go to coledge but my parents aint have the money to pay for it .i live with both parents, but my father is the only one working he has to pay all of the bills and for him to send me off to coledge is to expensive ,he doesn’t have the money and there is no one else to help me.i really want to go to coledge to study pediatrician and midwifery please help me ,scholarship or grant would do me great

  113. Lawrence Seals wrote:

    I am currently a full time student at Westwood college in Chicago IL and i really need your help, I am unemployed and its a struggle to pay my monthly tuition with no Job, If u can help me in anyway that would be great, because I will use the money for my educational needs.

  114. Whitney Johnson wrote:

    I am a low-income student I am obtaiing an associates and it os very difficult for me to afford my books and supplies and keep my bills paid. I work part-time for a small store and barley make 20hrs a week. Please help. 6785981721

  115. Rebecca Lawrence wrote:

    I am currently a full time student in high school and I am about to graduate! I have high honors and want to become a doctor! I have a part time job and manage to fit some volunterring in. My mother is a single parent and I have three siblings at home. I am in desperate need of some assistance to get me on the right track and help me work towards my dream in becoming a doctor. If there is anything I can do to recieve some assitance please let me know! Thank you!

  116. Christopher Johnson wrote:

    I am A Aftrican American male that is potentially one summer worth of credits away from being the first person in my parents 5 children to graduate from a 4 year University. I am 25 years old and I almost gave up after 4 years but I am willing to complete the final few credits needed to graduate but I am deeply in debt from my previous loan and can not afford to pay for all of the classes needed out of pocket. I am only about 1000 dollars shy of my fees needed to take and complete my degree requirements if you could help in any way I would appreciate it dearly.

  117. Ken'Tiara Dow wrote:

    I really want to go to college but I have a bill at another college and they won’t release my transcript to me until I pay it off. I just wanted to know if there were any assistance out there that could help me.

  118. sharon wrote:

    My 20 yr old son is a new student (began at the end of September) at MMI in Phoenix. The day after returning to Arizona from our home in Portland,OR (from christmas break) his appendix burst. He has spent the last 11 days in the hospital in Phoenix. I was able to be with him only because my parents were able to fly me here. His father and I are unemployed painting contractors due to this lousey economy and do not have medical insurance to cover this cost let alone the funding he needs to stay in school. We can’t afford to cover the gap between now and the time he gets his next financial aid installment as he has to repeat the last course due to absence from surgery.We are praying for the financial miracle for him to stay, get well and find work to sustain himself. He can not find work while under a doctors restrictions. Any help or guidance is appreciated.

  119. kimberly Mack wrote:

    I am surfing tge internet for grants to help me re enroll in school for march 2013. I currently owe a balance of about 4 grand. I haveabeensaving up and only hace about half the amount needed to attend class. Im a single parent of 3 and on Unemployment if thee is anyone or any organization in which could help me please contact me! I only jave 6 months left of school and in which I will be able to staet my career as an Lpn. Contact me at thank you!!!

  120. Cody Schrock wrote:

    We all need grants. We should all pray for grants. God has given me a chance to go to school. We can’t let money stop us.

  121. Javier Cervantes wrote:

    Hi, i am a low income student who needs help on paying for my college tuition just like the rest of these people. We are all equally here for help because of unemployment, only have one person in the house working, or as to no one in the house works but we are here because we have a dream to accomplish for our futures. I need help myself. I am 18 years old and only have a step father working which he is the one to berly pay our house expenses. I recently found a part time job myself but minimum wage will not help me save money before i have to pay off all of my loans. Need help! Any suggestions? Please call (630)962-7326. Thanks for your help

  122. Ashley wrote:

    I am twenty three and living with and helping to take care of my elderly grandmother. Right now, I am trying to find money to help pay for the 2013 Spring quarter of college. I tried filling out the FAFSA but they kept asking for my parent’s tax information, but really my parents do not have the money to help me and they won’t allow me to do it based on my own income since I am not twenty four. I do not make enough money as I am only working part time right now and am looking for a better job but have not had any luck yet.I have also applied for a couple other scholarships but have heard nothing back. I would really appreciate any help or advice that anyone could give me. Email would be the best way to reach me. Thank you very much.

  123. keoka davis wrote:

    hello my name is Keoka Davis and my dfaughter wants to go to school for pct in FL the course itself is a short program, but she wants to get on her feet and go to Keiser and attend the OCT course there. Our issue is Im in and out of the hospital and her father is in prison. I have 5 kids one just graduated from the army in feb 13, my daughter graduates out of HS this april. She has a passion and desire to help others, and thats what I love the most about her. We looked into a school that offered the program but we dont have the 2500 for the course. Can someone please assist us if possible. My number is 386 338 7947.Thank you in advance for your help.. Have a blessed evening

  124. Tabbitha Fletcher wrote:

    Hi, My name is Tabbitha Fletcher. I am a 20 year old single, low income girl, living on my own and attempting to work and go to school full time. I am having financial difficulties paying for all of my bills and schooling out of pocket. My mother is disabled and unemployed and father is not in the picture. I’m looking for anything grant or scholarship wise I can use to help my current situation and make ends meet. I really want to break my cycle and make something with my life. 5412824044

  125. Alyssa McGhee wrote:

    Hi my name is Alyssa, I am a senior in high school and am in need of scholarships and grants. My dad said if I don’t recieve full tuition I will not be able to go to college because he has “more important” things to pay for. My grades slipped my sophmore and jumior year due to me working and taking care of my younger sister because my mother is on drugs so I havent recieve any outside scholarships, only financial aid and I was offered loans but not many. So basically all we live off of is a part-time cashier and a part-time bartender’s pay. I really want to attend college and reach my goal of becoming a Pediatrician. Please contact me at Thank You for your time!

  126. Marlon wrote:

    Currently I’m having financial difficulties paying school, things have been really rough, I had to leave college earlier this year because of money issues, also family issues, But I really to attend college again to upcoming fall semester and finish school on time. If I completed this dream I would be the first person in my family to finish college… PLEASE CAN YOU HELP ME OUT!!!

  127. Jean-Pierre wrote:

    Hi im jean-pierre cook. I graduate school last year and my dreams is to be an actor one day, unfortunatly my mom cant afford to send me to a drama school cause she is a single parent and have to provide for the householding needs.. I really do want to make a sucsess of my life and looking forward to built a stable life. If anyone can please help me to make my dreams comes true I would sincerely appreciate it.

  128. Pauline wrote:

    Hi my name is Pauline. I currently live with mother and brother. We all have jobs but we are part time. What we make is made for bills. I would love to go college, is there any grants out there help me?

  129. Victoria Touchette wrote:

    When i was two years old, my parents divorced. I have been living with only my dad for about 4 years now. I just recently graduated high school. I grew up with depression due to the divorce. I’ve never had a functional family. Now is my chance to fix my life into what i want it to be. I’ve been an artist all my life- ever since i could hold a pencil. I’ve been accepted to Southern Illinois University Carbondale. However, my high GPA and ACT score of 25 did not get me enough financial aid. if i were to go to this school i would accumulate too much debt. I want to change the world with my art, but i need a little help.

  130. Rhonda wrote:

    My dream is being a RN. I have no income and have not been able to find a job. I’m a single parent that wants to better myself as we’ll as for my kids. I really need all the grants I can get to help me through the RN program or will not be able to go. I would greatly appreciate any grants I could get to help me with my dream… Please!!!!

  131. alexis wrote:

    hi, i’m lexi and i’m in the 8th grade. My mom and dad told me that its never too early to start thinking about college, but when i started thinking, i ran onto a problem. We are a low income family and can’t afford college or to even start a fund. I’m a very good student and athlete and i thought i could qualify for a grant.
    I really hope someone can help me because college is my dream!

  132. Melissa Hawk wrote:

    Hi, My name is Meissa Hawk. I am writing about my siter, Amber, who is in need of a little somethig extra to help her survive while going to school. She moved about 4 months ago to Seattle. All she wanted to do was go to school. Now that she finally got there with her 3 year old she is having a very hard time. Her job is not giving her enough hours and she can not afford to pay rent or feed her daugter. She is struggling so bad. Our family is sending her all the money we can, but we too cannot afford to keep doing so. She wants to give up but doesnt want to ruin everything she has worked for. I want to see her do well because this is all she has ever wanted. She had to pawn a lot of her items to live these past few months. PLEASE HELP HER REACH HER DREAMS!

  133. elizabeth mtz wrote:

    Hello, my named is Elizabeth Martinez and i am in 12th grade , i don’t have a home and i’m by myself. I want to attend college but i don’t live with my parents and my income for the month is really low,i actually have an income of $350-$400 a month and i really want to go to college. I know i can’t afford college and i really want to go for my bachelors degree. I am hispanic, i do not speak fluent english but i know the basics to be able to communicate with others properly. I’ve lived in the U.S. for about 3 years and my current GPA is a 4.0 at RSBA (Rising stars business academy, i also want to enroll in the marine corp but first i want to get my bachelors degree so i can become an officer in the marines. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me find a way that i can get some kind help with my situation so that i can get started with my life dreams.Thank you for your reading my message and i hope that someone could give me the necessary helping hand to get my financial aid or scholarship.

  134. colleen wrote:

    I am 56 years old and finally went to school and finished high school. I graduated in may and now want to go to school and become a nurse. However, I really cannot afford college. Anyone know of any grants for women over 50 interested in pursuing a higher education?

  135. Crystal wrote:

    I have so much to say, but don’t know where to start. I could start with my childhood where my parents were drug addicts. Perhaps I could start with my pre-teen years, the years when I changed my mother’s diapers at age 10 and pushed her around in her wheelchair. Maybe you’d like to know more about my father’s love for our family, and how he gave up his successful career to raise four children and take care of his wife with multiple sclerosis. I could start with the years I remember most, my teenage years. These years my mother died and my father became an alcoholic. Instead of resorting to alcohol myself, which my entire family did, I hid in my room and studied. Three years after my mother died, my father’s addiction was still dominating his life to the point that he attempted suicide three times. In his 3rd attempt he succeeded. Here I sit at age 21, one year after my father’s death I’m in seek of help.

    My younger brother, John and I need help financially. Everyday is a struggle between bills and staying hopeful. We don’t have much, but we have each other. The one phrase that keeps us motivated is “our past may define who we are, but it does not limit us.” Any help given to us would make the world of difference.


  136. brittany wrote:

    please help me with getting a grant for college. my mom is unemployed if anyone can help email me at

  137. Lawrence wrote:

    Hi, my name is Lawrence im in my 3rd in pursuit of business degree. For most of my academic career my grandparents have been the source of EFC but most recently aid has been scarce and I recently become unemployed and my rent has now gone up to $700+ a month; so unless Im able to find a significant amount of aid I will have to take a SEMESTER or TWO OFF! Going into my 4th year only 28 credit hours( 2 semesters) away from completing my major and minor; right i’m in search of any and all aid that applies or could be assigned to me as it would be more than very much appreciated for this coming fall.

  138. nicholas wrote:

    Is there a grant for me. I plan on getting my dictate in chemistry. And working in government labs

  139. Dalian Yates wrote:

    I simply need assistance relocating from Tampa, FL to Portland, OR in order to attending grad school at the University of Oregon. I am married with 4 kids and unemployed (as is my wife). The money would be used for driving to Oregon (food, lodging, gas, etc…), move-in expenses for an apartment (deposit), and utility deposits (electric, water, etc…). If you can help, please let me know. I can be contacted at:

  140. Crystie jeter wrote:

    My major is Business Administration. I don’t have enough money to pay for housing for school. I’m 20 years old and currently homeless. Being able to pay for my living expenses will be a blessing. Please email me if you interested in helping me.

  141. Rosa wrote:

    Hi my name Rosa, I am a striving 32 year old mom. Looking to finish college. I have supported my family time to time and it is time for me to go back into college. I would love to finish getting a a Phyical therphy Associates degree. With this grant I feel would help me a long way.

  142. Mardia wrote:

    I’m a brilliant student. First generation, lives in a Single parent home. I have four other siblings and my mother makes less than $180 a week or sometimes two. I really want to attend college to take my family off poverty. I want to make my mother proud. I’m certain that I want to become a biochemist (medical doctor) CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME?

  143. Cherish Goldberg wrote:

    I am a mother of 4 and I have worked retail for 15 years and I need a change. I have looked in Everest for Admin. Medical assistant. I want to provide a steady future for my kids. I would love to recieve a grant so I can be a great role model for my children. Thank you

  144. Maddalena wrote:

    My friend is going through a difficult time right now his father just had a major medical emergency that has made him mildly disabled and the step mom does not work therfore my friend who is an american citizen believes there is no real help for him. I was saying he should claim independence but he is not yet 24, and even though he has been a student for 2 years in state university he is starting to believe he needs to quit school. Please is there anything like a grant or a financial aid fund that can help him? I really want to help him.

  145. Maria wrote:

    I am looking for grants so that I can finish up my degree in Hotel and Restaurant management. I am supporting a disable spouse and two teenage boys. I have just reached my limits on government loans and grants and need to find other finances to finish up my degree.

  146. jamal powns wrote:

    hello my name is jamal powns i grew up in a low income family in the projects. I’m having trouble getting money for college, i was recently accepted to Clark Atlanta University and i dont have the financial stability to attend. financial aid have covered 15000 dollars of tution which is 19000. i have tired applying for loans but due to my families finance problems i was denied. i hurts me so much to know i finally have the opportunity to get out of the place i called home and to make a difference. please grant me with the ability to be able to live my lifetime dream of not being the static of my kind.

  147. Nuwan Sanjeewa wrote:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am a 19 year old, Sri Lankan student in Advance Level class and sitting for the exam in 2014 in Maths subjects. I have passed the lot of Examinations, and I’m in the senior prefect board also. While doing Extra activities I’m dedicating on my studies as well. In Sri Lanka we need to seek for extra education given by private classes if you want to get through to the University. My parents are very poor and I am seeking for a financial support from you. Hope your king heart will listen to my words.
    Thank you

  148. Andrew Joseph wrote:

    Hello. My name is Andrew and I come from a broken home. I suffer from depression and attention deficit disorder (add) as I was born with cerebral palsy. I managed for the last 7 years to go to school part-time and have received a 3.1 GPA.

    I have been accepted to Buffalo State College and I have received Federal Loan Assistance plus a Pell Grant & Tap award.

    I am short funds to pay for my books, partial housing and the required health insurance. The total needed is $3.300.

    I have no one to co-sign on a loan for me and school starts in 4 weeks. Can you please give me direction where I can go to get the remaining funds needed? I would greatly appreciate it.

  149. Rainie Gordon wrote:

    Good Afternoon,
    My name is Rainie Gordon and I am 18 years old. In the fall I plan to attend Winthrop University located in Rock Hill, SC. I am the second person in my family to go to college. Neither one of parents attended college. So that’s why furthering my education is important to me. We all know college is very expensive! I’ve reached the maximum amount that I can borrow for my students loans. I still owe another $4,500 to my college this semester. I’m so confused. I have no clue what to do or how to go about trying to pay for my remaining amount. My mother is a single parent and our funds are low. May you please give a direction on where yo go about paying for my remaining funds? Thank you for everything!

  150. Andre Dottin wrote:

    Hello, My name is Andre and I am an only child with a low income earning mother. We seem to not be able to receive any help from the military even though she is a Veteran. College is all I have right now and my college is one of the few that has the major I am interested in. I major in Business with a concentration of Audio Engineering. The amount I owe my school is $2,000. It is very difficult for my mother thats juggling all the bills we have with the low paying job she has.

    If anyone can help me out with any amount it doesn’t matter please Contact me at

    Thank you and God Bless

  151. Mark Evan Slavin wrote:

    I am disabled and have two sons both want to go to college but with my disability imcomen they would have to barrow way to much moneyis there any help out there that would be good and not leave them owing so much back that it would put them in a bind that they could not get out from

  152. Jean Robinson wrote:

    Hi, My name is Jean and I am unemployed since July of 2010,
    I was receiving unemployment until last year April 2012 when my unemployment ran out. I was taking a class online in Graphic Art and my grade was a B. I had some personal and financial problems, and I has to drop out of the class. I want to come back. The school tells me that I need to pay $632.00 before I can comeback. I don’t have it because like I said I am that working. Can anybody tell me who to get in contact with that can help me. I would very much appreciate it. Call me at 443-750-7515 or

  153. Shari for Destiny Gardner wrote:

    My name is Shari, & I am completely disabled; unable to help my daughter pay for going to college, I am trying to help her to find enough grants to attend college, pay for tuition & textbooks etc that are needed for attending classes, & for her to help out with the bills yet still be able to remain living with me in my section 8 housing unit! They count her grants as income, so she needs to be able to get enough grants to help; plus pay for college tuition & textbooks etc too, plus she would really like a new laptop computer to use for her college assignments given! If anyone can help her, please email her at with help for college put in the subject line! Thank you much,

    Shari Gardner Mattice (509) 526-7114

  154. Angela Ivey wrote:


    My name is Angela Ivey. I’m single mom and Hearing Impaired. I am looking for a grant for my daughter to attend college. She is a Senior at Henry County High School. She told me that her counselor told her that she will not be qualify for Hope Grant because of her average point is under 3.0, is that true? Please help!!!

    If there is other program that can help my daughter, please let me know.

    Thank you!
    Angela Ivey

  155. Kenny Miller wrote:

    Please anyone with a little information on grants other then fafsa and pell grants for a struggling 25 year old father please send me some info. My email is… I am white born in denver been on my own since 18 and had a baby at 20 and am trying to figure a way out of a bad income job laboring and making no progress… helllllppppp pleaaase

  156. Jackie Dancy wrote:

    Hello my name is Jackie and I have been unemployed since and July of 2013, i am currently a college student and I have taken out student loans for school but I want to find another source to pay for school. I am in a Healthcare Administration progam and I would like to further my education but I need help paying for it. I can not afford topay for all of my education so I need some grants that I can possibly recieved I would appreciate someone getting back to me. you can reach me at

  157. Barbara Richardson wrote:

    Hi my name is Barbara I need help in paying for my Daughter Phonicia’s education, she want to attend Full Sail University in Winter Park/Orlando Florida for game design but at $72,000 for a bachelor degree she decided on a Associates Degree at $39,000. I have been disable since 96 and live on a fixed income of less than $800.00 a month I have applied for fafsa and some of the schlorships and loans at Full Sail, but iam afraid I will not be able to afford the loans interest or the loan it’s self if you can help me with a grant or grants that I do not have to pay back I would appreciate your help you can contact me at phone number 386-698-0823 or my website ( thanks I welcome all help

  158. jasmine evans wrote:

    I am in a financial crunch. I might not be able to attend school next semester. I am so close to finishing. I have a balance on my student account of $4,000 after all my aid has been taken out. I have no way to get a private loan because i fully support myself with no one i can ask to be a co signer. I don’t have a job at the moment so a bank loan is impossible and to top it off I have bad credit because I wasn’t able to keep up with bills in high school and previous years in college. I’m trying I really am but I have no option at this point. I don’t know what I can even do at this point. I don’t want to drop out of school. I’ve battled depression and being completely on my own this long I don’t want lack of money to be the reason why I have to give up on my education. Please help 2317693249

  159. Shaniqua curry wrote:

    I have a bill of 3,000 at my school, I haven’t quite made the best decisions in school but I want to change it all start fresh and get on track. Is there any assistance that can help me ?

    If so PLEASE email me at

    Thank you.

  160. Justice Otero wrote:

    I am admittedly a poor student in the past. 19 years of age and my entire families financial situation is sitting on my shoulders and I made several poor decisions in the past that have over 2000 dollars of debt hanging over my head currently with the upcoming semester I do not know how I will even pay the courses if there is any advice or grnant information tat anyone has for me my number is 352-282-2453 or my email is

  161. Akuku Justin wrote:

    Hi I am Akuku Justin, I am a Ugandan (Africa). I have been Admitted to study Education is Makerere University. I started the first semester in Oct.2013. tui 1,000,000 Ug. shillings per semester ($400 US dollars). Accomodation 400,000 Ug shillings per semester.($160 US dollars)

    Grant total will be: 2,800,000Ug shillings per year ($1120 US Dollars) there are two semesters per year. The whole course is for three years, that means: $1,120 x3 = $3,360US Dollars

    (a)Tuitors fees 1,000,000 x 2= 2,000,000 Ug shillings ($800 US Dollars)
    (b)Accomodation 400,000 x 2 =800,000 Ug Shillings ($320 US Dollars).
    I don’t want to drop out of school. I have worked hard to reach this stage paying my school fees though raring of animals and growing of vegetables which I sell to pay my school fees now I feel helpless I can not raise these among through those previous activities. Pleae help me.
    If there is other program or persons that can help me, please let me know.I would be very grateful.
    May you be blessed.

  162. Kateena Carter wrote:

    I really want to get back in college but I have a previous balance from a college and they will not release my transcript until I pay it off. I just wanted to know if there were any assistance out there that could help pay this balance. please email me at

  163. Runa Chowdhury wrote:

    I’m going to college for AAMA and I borrowed almost 18,000 loans up until now and it’s going to be more till I finish my associate degree. I really need help paying for my college loans because I work as a part time teacher assistant. I don’t get paid for any holidays beside one day for Christmas and one day for new year and I also don’t get paid for summer vacation . Whatever I earn isn’t enough at all because I have to support my family. My parents are unemployed. Please contact me in this email: I really need help.

  164. Ramon Spicer wrote:

    This is a first and hopefully a last. My name is Ramon Spicer.I’ve been attending community college for the past 2+ years now.I’m sorta a proud person and never reached out for help or other assistance, even with times such as this. I’m in a real bind and have ambitions of becoming a biochemist.sadly money is always an issue.I’ve grown up in poverty all my life struggling just to pay for basic the process diminishing my GPA. Where i come from and grown up from there isn’t much of a way to stay in school without losing the roof over one`s head, that I’ve been fighting to keep.if there is any assistance or help please contact me and reach me. Cell 415-756-2071. Thank you.

  165. Alma Nieves wrote:


    I’m going to college as a freshman right after I graduate in June. I was wondering if I can get any help finanacially. My father is in disability and my mother and I both are unemployed. I’m a current high school Senior.

    Please contact me at

  166. Megan Camp wrote:

    I am going to be attending Clary Sage College in Tulsa, OK. My school doesn’t offer on campus housing. I am moving to there from Vermont. Are there any places I can get a student loan or assistance for off campus housing? I’m not looking for a large loan, just enough to cover till I get a job out there. I know and have been told such loans or assistance does exist but I can’t seem to get the right places. I ask the school and they told me to go to the credit union they are signed up with but then the man at the bank said they can’t give me a student loan for housing assistance since the school doesn’t offer housing! That’s why I am getting the loan for housing assistance. I’m stuck and need help bad. My classes start in less than a month and now idk what I’m going to do cause I was under the impression I could get the loan through their bank! Someone please guild me in the right direction! You can contact me at

  167. Brad Brown wrote:

    I am from Gary, Indiana and Currently Attending at Independence University Getting my Bachelors Degree in Computer Science. My mother is addicted to drugs for many years and father in Prison my younger brother is prison. Last I was sick and near death so I asked my father in heaven to heal my body and give me a second chance at life. So God truly blessed me to have a future. I had lot adversity in my life but I have not given up on myself I still strive improve on myself daily. Thank for your time.

  168. Melanie wrote:

    I am and have been a single mother for 24 years. In December of 2013 I received my GED, in March I started classes @ Ivy Tech. I would like to get back into cosmetology school. Could you please direct me to a place that maybe can help. The skies the limit!!

  169. Robert wrote:

    A 22 year old malawian studying bacherol of commerce am looking for a sponsor to finish my currentry failing to continue my studies bcoz my parents cannot afford the university expenses.

  170. Angela Fe Ampoon wrote:

    I am a single mother for my four children aged, 16, 8,6, and 4 years old.
    I wish for my daughter the 16 to push through on her College taking up Nautical. She always wished to become part of the ship and see the world in that expense. I would like her to see the things she always wish for.
    I am a single mom and I cannot give what her wish for. She earns honors in her grade 12.. Who ever has the good hearts… I beg for you to please open your hearts in her simple dream to achieve…
    Thank you.

  171. Althea wrote:

    Although my son has two Parents we are constantly short on money were doing fine when my applied for school then
    n things started happening car accident we have one car i had finally gotten a job then the job ended we used save money to puchase another vehicle with a little larger pament. Thinking we could pay balance did not work with one income and anothet high schooler who is very active. my son hung around the wrong group at schools end

  172. Daniel wrote:

    I am all but homeless, unemployed, and I have recently lost everything due to an on going divorce. I would like to go back to school to better my life. However, I do not know where to even begin let alone, where to ask for help. Would you please help me.

  173. toni greer wrote:

    Hello I am trying to make an better life for my 2 kids and I so am in school full time and work 2 jobs right now but it’s too hard so am quiting one but it still was not paying all the bill where I live is an better life for my kids than how I grow up so the bill is little high I will be done with school in DecemberiI’d so way I can get help please let me know thank you for reading this my email is thank you for your time.

  174. Shakeria Riley wrote:

    I’m looking for grants for school to pay for my tuition and books fee, room and board. My mom is a single parent trying to take of the of the both of us on her salary which isn’t enough to pay the bills in the house we are receive living with our cousins so i can stay in high school still I graduate from school in May. I’ve been accepted to the Livingstone College in Salisbury, NC. I would be grateful for your help into paying for my college tuition.

  175. William Gorbey wrote:

    i’m looking for help paying the rest of my tuition off.. it is stopping me from getting a better job so i can make a better life for my kids… i am making payments but they are too much. by the end of next month i will have passed but will not get my diploma till it is paid off please help? it’s a low tuition i promise

  176. Gabrielle Finney wrote:

    I am a college senior and I will be reeving my associates degree soon. I am looking for scholarships and grants to help me continue to my bachelors program since I was informed I don’t have enough aid to pay for my bachelors degree. I am a single mother of two and the owner of a catering business. If you know of anyone that could help with tuition or books contact me 405-973-7249

  177. Tyquashia wrote:

    Hello I will be attending college this fall and I am in need of extra money to pay for school. I would ask for help from my mom, due to the fact she is a single parent of 9 and not working. I will be so grateful if you could help me with tuition fees.

    you can contact me at 318-418-1693
    Thank you,

  178. Anne Omwaga wrote:

    Hello my name is Anne i come from kenya. i have been surfing the internet tirelessly looking for a way to facilitate my studies. I finished high school in 2007, i joined a university as a self-sponsored student but could not go beyond year two of studies due to financial lack. Is anybody out there to care? i feel totally wasted, please help. Call me at 254715119190, my email is

  179. WAFULA WYCLIFF wrote:

    Hello,My name is Wafula Wycliff and iam 20years old ugandan male and iam currently a 1year diploma nursing student but unable to complete the remaining 2years due to lack of tuition and accommodation worthy $1000 per year.My father has a low income family and he is a peasent so i have no way get money to complete course without the grace of GOD and assistance of the gqants.please help me! i have goals and dreams of becoming a nurse.iam veqy determined and consistant in finding the help i need and i will never give up! If anyone has information,please email me on;

  180. Nick wrote:

    I am a first time, undergraduate. I qualified for the grants and even loans, however, I’m out of work. I apply for jobs everyday but I have no income. My problem is, my school’s financial aid office not only could never give me an amount of time my loans and grants would take but now I’m halfway into my semester and am late on rent, no money for gas to get 2 and from school and am basically high and dry. I have poor credit, no luxury of having friends or family to help with rides or money, but when I ask for help and explain my situation to my schools financial aid office I get a shrug shoulder reaction and the same 4-6 week answer every 2 weeks. Is THIS how the schools and government expect to help people actually get their education ??? It seems that the schools just want your tuition money from the grants and loans and then once they got it on the way they forget all about you and the welcome to our school attitude goes right out the window. It’s especially sad that this is how FIRST TIME students are treated as well. I’m not alone when I say Disbursement times and also the lack of respect for students needs to change because we are building from nothing while you have a job !

  181. Michelle wrote:

    Hello, my name is Michelle. I have an 18 yr. old daughter who is in her first year of college. However, she has been getting loans. Needless to say I just started working 3 months ago and have no help.We are barely making it. She has had some struggles but is determined to finish college. Her father committed suicide before she graduated high school. She found him after school one day. Very strong minded young lady! Im lost and need help or some referals for grants….PLEASE!!!! Thank you! My email address is Never done nothing like this. Hope i didn’t go too far. No need for sympathy just guidance!

  182. Dnyaneshwar mahadev turi wrote:

    My family is very poor they not study me i want a scholarship to study. It my real condition my family is realy poor

  183. Amakor Nkechi wrote:

    my father is late , my mother have no money to send me to high institution and really want to further my education. please hear my cry and help me

  184. Megan Hidy wrote:

    I am a soon to be mother and live check to check. Barely make $120 a week, I am trying to go back to school to give my son the life he deserves.

  185. alim sutar wrote:

    my family is very much poor.i need money for my education.soo please please help me
    my contact

  186. samwel m james wrote:

    Im looking for a grant to further my studies,

  187. Annallyse wrote:

    I don’t know if this will help by writing a reply to this site, but i’m short on options as it is anyway. I’m 25 years old, high school grad ’09, attended Northern Kentucky University for 1 semester, before i could continue my college education, it ended due to no financial backing. I’ve applied to many scholarships/grants, and none prevailed. I’d love more than anything to finish what i started, I’d LOVE to get financial support thru grants, I’m 50%Native Am., 50%Norwegian, WHITE, hard working, strong, brave, KIND, and always maintained a 3.7GPA. Hopefully someones writes me, KNOWLEDGE from EDUCATION is the only way i’ve come to find, to earn the most Respect, Stability, and have an Opportune lifestyle.

  188. cloud faraja wrote:

    I’m an african boy. I need to get education but I’m poor too, my mother is dead, and I have no anyone to help me. Please help me. My

  189. Kenadee Kleeh wrote:

    I an under grad student and I need to find some grants or I wont be able to continue college. My parents have bad credit so its hard to apply for loans.

  190. sisi wrote:

    I need help paying for expenses while I attend medical school. I don’t know how I’m going to pay all my utilities expenses & am almost on the verge of dropping out!!!

  191. Gibson wrote:

    hello, I am Gibson 22 years old boy. I want to study more, but my condition is too bad that I cannot even afford to pay fees for my hostel. I need help.
    phone-: 9402277868

  192. Sherley F wrote:

    I need help to have old student bill of 7,500 paid do I can move forward to return to school.I have a desire, strong connection to administer to people with weakened body,spirit, soul either in a hospital,home and or overseas. I am in a position that I can not do this on my own but need assistance so this is my reasoning to seek where I might find the help.

  193. Diane wrote:

    Hi, I’m starting College this January and I’m looking for some grants to apply for. If you can help me, please email me at

    Thanks for taking your time to read!

  194. Melinda Poissonnier wrote:

    I am a mom of 3 kids. My youngest one is autistic. We struggle financially with day to day living. I would like to go back to school but my I have poor credit. I’m looking to get on a career path so we can afford the costs of having a disabled child. If there is anything out there that can help me please send me an email

  195. Waseem wrote:

    I’m form Pakistan. I looking for a scholarship/grant for my college dues. I belong to a poor family. I’m studing undergraduate 4 year programm and there are 2 semesters per year. I’m 18 year of age & want to study more & more. Kindly help me…..
    Please mail me. I shall very very thank full to you! For more info you can ask…..

  196. Niyonsenga Odilon Bruno wrote:

    hy am Bruno am orphin from soschildren here in Rwanda but I want to get free university in multimedia because I have no opportunity to pay it my self and am alone I have no father and mother so please if I get the chance contact me on +250786102958
    and my email is

    thank u

  197. Vlad Daniel Pavlov wrote:

    I need money to live in compus, for a room at UNG .near the Athens city . My farter is retire, mom with no job .Thank you ! Vlad I am in the first year for computer science.

  198. Judith Kiprop wrote:

    I was so excited when I got the mail about having been considered for a partial scholarship to pursue an LLM in International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law. my dream almost came true. My hopes were however shattered when I found out the general cost of living in Geneva was extremely expensive.

    The Geneva Institute of Humanitarian Law and Human Rights informed me that in order to be able to live in a students accommodation facility, I must have at least CHF 1600- 2000 per month for close to a year.

    To be honest, it is impossible for me to raise that kind of money.

    It is my request, if possible that you kindly consider me for a grant to fund my accommodation and daily subsistence and by doing this you will have helped a young African woman achieve her dreams.

    Thank you.

  199. Valerie Yao wrote:

    Hello, My name is Valerie Yao and I am an Undergrad Student at the University of Maryland University College. I need legitimate governments grants to complete my degree. My major is Human Resources Management. I have already earned 95/120 Credits and I and need about 25 credits to complete. I have applied for FAFSA however, Federal student only gave me $300 per semester towards my courses which is not enough, and I don’t want to take too many students loans. My current student loans have already been maxed up to $80,000 and only work in a low paying job-living from paycheck to paycheck, I am not even able to make ends meet nor go to school to complete my degree. I have been searching for free government grants and want to know if anyone can help me. My email address is Thank you kindly.

  200. Jessica Merced wrote:

    I have a 21 year old daughter who wants to attend college. She needs to finish her remedial courses first…she was going and only passed English and not math because she is so terrified due to her learning disability. She wants to go back and finish it as soon as she can. She finally decided last year that she wants to be a Outpatient Therapist for kids with disabilities. She works in a daycare for 3 years now and has so much experience with children and really wants to be an advocate for these kids. She is working now to get herself a car and for her insurance. Hoping I have other resources to help her with college money. If you think I can contact other resources please let me know. at Thank you.

  201. Eugene Mafah Jr. wrote:

    My name is Eugene Mafah and I’m 18 years old. I will be walking on to become a student-athlete at Kennesaw State University. I was in deep depression knowing I didn’t secure a football scholarship, and knowing my single mother had to pay for me to go to college. Please help me help my mother.

  202. Jennifer brown wrote:

    I am a 22 girl who is doing her second year in bachelor of commerce in accounting and I.T. Unfortunately l am out of school because l can’t afford it no more. I don’t know what to do or turn to. I really want to reach my full potential and be something in life.

  203. Jessica Hicks wrote:

    hello my name is Jessica, I am a single mother of 2. I was a teen mom at the age of 16 and 17. ever since then i have been trying to further my education and now i made it to college. I am looking for any type of grants that could be available for me. I am raising a 10 and 11 year old on my own and i just want to become something for them i want to be a nurse. please if it is in your heart to give anything is ok with me . i can be reached at or 267-349-0308

  204. vivian atieno wrote:

    I am a kenyan…my dad died while i was sitting for my k.c.s.e examination…he died of menengitis…my mother was a house wife…now she is not working…nobody is there to rely on so that he ormshe might pay my schoolfees…i wanted to ask for grants from grants college so that i may be able to start my diploma in the next semester…i will really appretiate

  205. Abaidul Bhuyan wrote:

    I’m an orphan I don’t have my parents but I passed my HS with 66% in PCB stream science.And I wanna study more if will get some help with money! please help me otherwise I have to leave my study!!! email me

  206. Madison Dye wrote:

    I am an undergrad student at Mississippi State University. The State of Mississippi just recently raised the cost of tuition at the State Universities and I will not have enough funding for school and for rent as well. I am in desperate need of help with a grant to help me pay for my cost of living while I am attending my last year of Veterinary College. If you could, please send me an email to the attached email. Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon!

  207. Thompson wrote:

    I am a single parent looking for grants to help cover the cost of tuition for my son. Can you please help with providing scholarship information or grants that are available.

  208. Bria Lee wrote:

    My name is Bria Lee. I am 20 years old from West Philadelphia. I got accepted to my dream college Drexel University for Entertainment and Arts Management. My tuition is about $69k+ and I simply can’t afford that. My mother has put my 2 older siblings through college so her credit is jacked, it’s hard to apply for loans. A grant would be a blessing.

  209. Dawn Banks wrote:

    I am trying to attend college this December 2017. I am a single mother, currently on sec 8 housing hearing impaired. In severe debt with medical, and other things. I am trying to go back to school to further my education and prepare to send my son off to college in two years. I lost my oldest child in march 2014 to sickle cell disease. I need a car, since I had to give the one I had back because it costs too much to repair it and its payments along with insurance. I am receiving soc disability, which I plan after my education to get off. I am in need of a laptop and internet services to accommodate me with fulfilling my educational needs. I plan to enroll in Kaplan for psychology. I am trying in all aspects to improve my way of life for myself and more so my son. Please email me

  210. Nikki wrote:

    I am a single mother who has had a bad year from separation, to homelessness,to not being able to pay for my son’s tuition for school. He did not qualify for pell bc of what I made last year. Please if anyone knows of any resources it would greatly appreciated. His balance for tuition is $10,128 and school starts Thursday. I have applied to every place for a loan and have been denied.

  211. Marina Reeves wrote:

    Is there help available for a woman recovering from a long term abusive marriage? I am on SSDI for Major Depression & Panic Attacks. I stayed (far too long) to raise kids. I am in the process of learning Microsoft Office. I do have an AA degree in Adm.of Justice (with honors :)) that me about 20 yrs. to get-but I don’t know what to do. I have a strong desire to help women who have gone through the things I’ve gone through.Thank you.

  212. Iyanna Lewis wrote:

    I need a scholarship to attend college my parents are elderly and my mom can walk so we are low income I would love the chance to go to college and become a Cardiologist. But they can’t afford to send me I take care of both of them

  213. Reginald wrote:

    I’m a 37 yr old school bus driver from Alabama and have been for 3 years straight. So far this has not proven to be the best career choice. I’ve training for 4 years in physical fitness department and I feel I’m more than ready for taking on the a career in this field (personal trainer). I have been looking for a grant or scholarship start me off. So far no luck. Can you please help find what need to make a better living for myself?

  214. Chervester wrote:


    After my secondary school certificate of education I have been struggling to attend tertiary education because my family can not afford to pay fees for me .
    I was requesting if there is chance please help me

  215. TeresaPensante wrote:

    Hi am a mother of 2 who has no clue where to start. My son is graduating this year & I have no clue where to start helping him get into college. I am not working now – I work part time at a raceway so I have an extremely love income & I am separated & will get no help from the father ( who works but lives pay check to paycheck. With FASFA will it even be worth my while to fill out since I only made 6.000 last year? Anyone able to tell me I where I should start?

  216. Jerome henderson wrote:

    My name is jerome Henderson I’m looking for a grant to go to college when I graduate in June 2018 I live with my mom and she’s not working due to illness my email address is

  217. Kyaira R Jumper wrote:

    I forgot to mention my motivation
    “The life of lights”
    No school loans but still no degree, 26 came and went so 27 came and still weak, entertainment will be the only reason why I go to school and possibly be complete, I’m idolized to a “T” dot my “I” and zigg zag my “Z”, close my eyes and live my life.
    I’m looking forward to speaking to the greatest of the great.
    Kyaira (wish my last name was really Kapree)

  218. Kpabi Regina wrote:

    Please I need a scholarship to further my education I lost my dad who used to take care of me thank you.

  219. Anthony P. Bettencourt wrote:

    Hi. I am a 25 year old man in Washington state and like many others my age I am in need of support with finances to reach my educational goals. I work full time and overtime to just barely pay my bills on a month basis so i was never able to save or attend school after high school but i always wanted too. With your help with a grant I am able to reach and achieve dreams never thought possible

  220. Raphel Dent wrote:

    Raphel Dent:
    My name is Raphel from Fort Collins Colorado looking for a second chance at at school. I am an Undergradtuate student who is looking for some grants to continue my education. My end goal is to receive a Business Administrations degree. My email address is Thank you.

  221. Diane wrote:

    I’m trying to go back to school but can’t afford to do so. I have 9 kids. I’m the only person working and can barely keep up with bills and other household needs. If there are any grants out there for low income families with a large household, I would really appreciate the assistance. Thank you! 801-970-3199

  222. Tumuhairwe Paul wrote:

    i here by appreciate for this organization, it brings back our memory of hope! am doing my bachelor degree in science education secondary (majoring Biology and Chemistry) in Bugema University (main campus in Uganda)and am in my last year but i failed to raise enough amount for my research, and finalizing with other following dues of the institution. i am a total orphan, everything i struggle to reach the ends. i will be grateful for any positive response. thank you.

  223. Sandra Smith wrote:

    Hello. My nephew is scheduled to start college this month. He has a scholarship and was set to live on campus. But something happened with the housing at the last minute, so now he has no place to live on campus. He is such a sweet and kindhearted kid and it just breaks my heart that he has to deal with this stress. I was wondering if there are any Grant’s that he can apply for to provide him with housing for at least the first year. Please contact me at if anyone can help him. He will be attending CSI in Staten Island. Thanks in advance.

  224. Ruby wrote:

    I am a single parent and does not receive any support from the other parent. My daughter just started college and received financial aid but it’s not enough funding is there any grants or loans or scholarships available out there for her? My daughter is attending Iowa Lakes community college and has been accepted in the Nursing program.

  225. Ruby wrote:

    I am a single parent that receives no support from the other parents. I have one daughter in college struggling because not having enough money to pay for books and college. My other daughter is still in school. I would like to go back to school but I owe 21,000 in student loans and I was wondering is there some way I could get funding to go back to school and finish where I left off at. I was at Iowa Lakes college going into Nursing program. Please help me so I can be a better parent to support both my daughters. Thank you!

  226. Jessica Brown wrote:

    I am an undergraduate that is trying to graduate with a bachelor degree. I exhausted all options personal loan, family everything but was denied. I have no cosigner on my behalf, my mother cannot apply for loans nor cosign for me due to bad credit.I need to continue my education because it is important to me and my future. I really hope you can help me. Truly appreciate it.

  227. alejandro wrote:

    Hi, I would like to know what can of free tuition exits in WA state for college.
    I am to classes short of graduating and have no money.

    Thank you


  228. Cheyenne Morisset wrote:

    I am a student at long island university who is struggling with financial aid loans do not want to help i have seizures. I AM RUNNING OUT OF HOPE JUST LOST LOST A FAMILY MEMBER.THE ONLY INCOME I HAVE IS SSI

  229. Candice wrote:

    My home was destroyed by a hurricane 1 year ago. I need he with a scholarship to bachelor. Please assist

  230. Lexsys Becker wrote:

    Being accepted to Indiana University Of Pennsylvania was the most wonderful thing ever. While only being able to attend for one semester, I had a GPA of 4.57, worked two on campus jobs, and participated in 2 clubs. Despite all I done, I am not able to pay for my tuition due to not having a creditworthy cosigner, and being from a low income family. We moved to USA from Puerto Rico in order to have a better living. My family won’t be able to pay for my education, I am all alone to pay for it yet the school financial aid and bursar office has given me no hope. Because I cant register for the Spring semester, nor I cant get my official transcript to transfer my credit. Its all a mess due to not being able to pay for my education. If anyone knows how I can receive aid in any way please contact me at Now I can’t go to school until I can pay it. Thank you!

  231. Jashala Wester wrote:

    Hi Im a single mother of a four year old little girl. Im looking to finish my bachelor’s degree but I have used all my financial aid due to changing my major. Please assist me in any way possible. Thank you!

    P O Box 223225 West Palm Beach FL 33422

  232. James wrote:

    I am undergraduate in my final year in college but my parent cant raise the finance to complete my final year.And having taken loan for the previous years of study,it’s now hard for me to secure finances.please i will appreciate of your assistant.

  233. BONNIE L SANFORD wrote:

    I am a 47 year old women. I started my Associate’s in Medical Administration in 2015 and graduated now I am studying for my Bachelor’s and I have two semesters left and I don’t have enough money in student loans and financial aid to finish. I have been through many medical problems and have been out of work off and on and I can’t get loan anywhere? I need help to finish so I can get a better job. What can I do

  234. Bobbie Penberth wrote:

    I am 52 years old and make under 10,000 a year I enrolled in college and was accepted but I am in default on a very old Student Loan I am working to get it out of default but it will take 9 months of consecutive payments. Is there any grants or funding that can help me pay my tuition sooner?

  235. La'Montro McCain wrote:

    Hello my name is La’Montro McCain and the reason why I need more financial aid grants is because I was once a student at Texas A&M University in the Fall of 2016 as a freshman, but I left because of academic suspension, but God had different plans for me in that my Mom got sick from cancer during the beginning of 2017, so although i had to leave A&M, it was meant to happen because God wanted me to take care of my mom because he knew what would happen, I was still in school though, while taking care of my mom with the help my grandparents and younger brother, unfortunately i lost my in December of 2017 and it had a big affect on my life financially and also dealt with depression at times, but that wasn’t going to stop me from giving up on getting my education, I made a promise to my mom and myself that I would return to Texas A&M University one day and I will in the Fall of 2019, and I’m currently a student at Blinn College which is a local community in Bryan, Texas not far from Texas A&M, once I transfer to Texas from Blinn College to Texas A&M for the fall 19, I will be a Landscape Architecture. I know my Mom is looking over me and proud of me for continuing my education because I’m not just doing for her, my family, and myself, I’m doing it for God because without him I wouldn’t be where I’m at now. I need more financial aid because since my Mom passed away it’s been hurting me financially, I’m considered an orphan because my Mom passed away and also because my Dad’s name is not on birth certificate and he’s an absence in my life and it’s only so much my grandparents can do because they still have their lives to live and their expenses they have to pay, and I don’t want to keep having to depend on them for help and they only can help when they can, I’m currently not working at the moment and looking for a job and I’ve been doing great in all of my classes this semester to the point that my GPA will be a B average when it’s done, so I’m working hard to reach my goals in life, but a grant would be a big help for me financially to help me pay for the remaining classes I need to take at Blinn College in the Summer of 2019 before I transfer to Texas A&M University because I want that Aggie ring and degree and to continue to be part of the Aggie network like I was my freshman year at A&M in 2016, God Bless whoever is reading you and thank you.

  236. Rachel Schock wrote:

    I’m in need of help to pay off my tuition for the spring semester. I get paid every two weeks and my paychecks don’t help to pay my school. My car payment comes out of my checks and then I’m left with nothing to pay my tuition. I am a single mother. I have a job but my checks aren’t big enough to pay my tuition. I can’t get any loans to help me pay for it either. Please help me otherwise I can’t graduate in may

  237. Cheryl B wrote:

    Looking for assistance. Single mom,5 children. She just completed all pre requisites to get into a RN BSN program, now needing 30,000. She was married, now separated. Mother of this young intelligent women, who graduated with highest honors, an obtained an Associates degree in science and technology, is requesting help for her to continue.

  238. Marilyn Smith wrote:

    I really need help. I am attending an online college that has informed me that I am out of funds and have a balance of $3,000 or I will be blocked and not allowed to complete this semester. This is my last semester – I am supposed to graduate with a Bachelors Degree of Early Childhood Education in January, 2020. I have tried to apply for loans since they told me what was going on, and could not get approved for any, with and without a co-signer. If there is anything that you can do to help me reach my goal, please contact me at
    I am desperate at this point and really don’t want to drop out after completing 75% of my college education.
    I will definitely pay any amount given to me back, as I am a full-time assistant teacher, and will put this new bill in my budget. I am a struggling single mother with a daughter under one year old, and I really would love to finish my college education and receive my degree. Please advise if you can help. Thank you

  239. Eniyah Reed wrote:

    Hello, My name is Eniyah, I am 16 years old and want to become the first youngest Nail Tech in my area to have a Nail business. I want to get licensed and launch my career in my passion. I know I have to graduate from school but I want to start now on my apprentice programs since I can be 16 in my state to start. I have lots of clients to come to me now and they know I’m too young to be licensed but they know that I’m just practicing for fun and giving back to the community. I have adults that come to me and even give a donation. I have plenty followers on social media. I taught myself everything I know. I completed 2 years of cosmetology in my High School
    But they don’t cover much about nails. I was first to be nominated and competed in the SKILLS USA Program for the nail competition for my school in 2018 in Georgia. I will like to start early on my path until I graduate in 2 years I will like to get help with my education due to the fact that my mom has a disability and my DAD has not been around since I was in the second grade… I have plenty of followers who love my work. My mom always says love what you do.

  240. Godfrey Manchishi wrote:

    interested in your help

  241. Angel Clark wrote:

    Hello, my name is Angel Clark I am currently a student at Georgia state university. I come from a single parent household and my mother is currently bankrupt which makes it difficult to apply for loans. My email address is if anyone could send me more information on available grants

  242. Kristen wrote:

    Undergrad student returning after several years hiatus. My husband is unable to work and stays home with our daughter while I work full time. I could really use some help finding grants/scholarships. You can reach me easily at my email
    Thank you!

  243. Li wrote:

    I am a first generation low income student, I started attending university in September unfortunately my dad got laid off from his good paying job which he had barely acquired two months before getting laid off and all the savings for my tuition went into their late bills because we were going to get kicked out of our apartment if we didn’t pay our rent. I am currently 2 months late on paying my tuition and I am in another state. I been to the financial aid office and the only solution they gave me was loans, since financial aid barely covers half of my tuition, unfortunately my parents have bad credit and my job doesn’t pay me well so I can’t get one on my own. Since I am an out of state student I am living in campus housing but I will be getting kicked out next Friday on my birthday because I am unable to pay on time. I tried begging housing to give me a few more days since I don’t have enough money to buy a plane ticket to go home and don’t know anyone that can let me stay at their house until I get paid or until my dad is able to send me money to buy a plane ticket to go home but they want me out by next week. I don’t know what to do at this point, nothing has been going well and I might be homeless in a few days, I’m really scared.

  244. Santayna Folkes wrote:

    I’m under low income family not bringing much… I self payment balance on the December 19 to pay dont know where money coming from and where I can get help.. I’m been doing school. And I know this going to hold me back

  245. Bivanju idi wrote:

    am kindly requesting for your help am from uganda a student at maker re university doing BBA but am financially not OK please am requesting for your financial support

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