Left Handed Scholarships & Grants

With college tuition rising at an average of 8% a year, it is definitely worth it to try and obtain grants and scholarships to help with tuition and living expenses. One day college may be free again, but for now it is costly. There are multiple avenues and sources of funding for college undergrads, but the best place to start is by applying for the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

Group of happy left-handed people

Federal Aid


The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is available at fafsa.ed.gov. It will take into account you (and your parents, if you are under 24) previous year’s income and other variables to help determine how much you and your family should be contributing to college expenses. The college you plan to attend will receive the application, and from there will create a financial aid package that may include grants, some institutional scholarships, and federal student loans.

Pell Grant

The Federal Pell Grant is a need based grant, and currently maxes out at $5,500 per school year.

Stafford Loans

Loaned directly from the government, Stafford Loans are the best option if you and your family choose to take on student debt. Financial aid packages are usually front loaded, meaning you get the most amount of free money for tuition during your first years in college.

As you progress through your freshman and sophomore years, the amount of Stafford Loans you are able to take out goes up. Visit http://www.finaid.org/loans/studentloan.phtml for more in depth information on Federal Stafford Loans.

More Financial Aid Sources

Institutional Aid

Most colleges, private and public, will give some form of institutional aid to its incoming students. Dollar amounts will vary from person to person and from college to college, and are usually determined by factors such as financial need and academic merit. It is advised to apply to multiple colleges and see who gives the best financial aid package.

Private Loans

If you choose to do so, you can shop around different lenders for low rates on private student loans. Note, however, that banks are not as forgiving in regards to payment terms as the federal government is, so proceed with caution.

Many times the financial aid package won’t cover everything. There are outside grants and scholarships available to individuals who meet certain criteria, such as: belonging to a certain Native American tribe, first in the family to attend college, or simply being left handed.

Scholarships & Grants for Lefties

Left-handed woman browsing on laptop.

Grants and scholarships for left handed students would fall under the “unusual” category. But when a wealthy person decides to give away portions of their estate to others in need, they get to call the shots. A particular grantor may have had trouble in school as a left handed student, and later in life found it necessary to give a little back to people who may be experiencing the same difficulties.

One such grantor is the Frederick and Mary T. Beckley Scholarship for Left Handed Students. Up to $1,000 is awarded to a student who meets their criteria, but only if that student is attending Juniata College in Huntingdon, PA. You can visit their website and look around to see if any of their academic programs are of interest to you http://www.juniata.edu/. Unfortunately, that is the only verified scholarship available to specifically left handed students. However many left handed students are creative types & may apply for various other artistic scholarships & various weird scholarship programs.

Other Sources of Funding

Visit sites such as finaid.org, studentaid.ed.gov, fastweb.com, and browse around to see if you meet other criteria in which there is another source of college funding. Of course, always check with your college or prospective colleges to see what kinds of scholarships and grants are available, and when the deadline to apply is. Your local library is also a valuable resource, and most usually carry detailed lists of grantors and their selection criteria.

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79 Comments on “Left Handed Scholarships & Grants”

  1. Devonte Berryman wrote:

    I think it is pretty cool that we have a grant for people like me. Funny too because I used do be made fun of this unusual trait of mine. My name is Devonte Berryman and im currently looking did grants because im struggling greater Ghana u think. Im working a part fine job and all my money didn’t even Co to college. It helps around the household too. My mothers a single parent and I’ve been without a father since I was.born. Im 17 with there younger brothers whom I love to death. Tao 8 year old twins, a 13 year old, and one coming in about 5 months. I can really use the money and promise to use it only for college, im also faking art classes because I love to draw, it’s in my nature. Well I would love if you can.support me. Hope to here your message soon. Thank you!

  2. Kyle Tucker wrote:

    Hi my name is Kyle Tucker I’m 23 and I have three sisters and two brothers. A little about me, I’m currently an employee at Forever 21 and I can honestly say this has been the best job I’ve ever had and I’m very blessed and thankful. This is also the lowest payed job I’ve ever had, but I enjoy it because for the first time in my life I wake up everyday and I don’t say “I hate my job”. I served two years in the United States Marine Core until I was Admin Seperated. I enjoyed serving my country and I am very proud of myself and my government. And the story on how I became a “Lefty” funny thing is I didn’t even start of life as a “lefty” but I ended up becoming one at a young age. I grew up second oldest to my sister, and grew up in a competetive environment. My older sister was better than me in everything, but I wasn’t the jealous type. I actually wanted to be like her. So whenever she did things i would tag along and copy her every move. She was born a lefty, so me being the younger brother that wanted to be like her, I copied her and ever since I’ve been able to use both hands (being ambidextrious)with my left hand ending up being my dominant hand. I’m really hoping to obtaining this grant because it will really help out with school (being that I don’t make alot a year). I also want to be the first person In my family to graduate from college. And I just want to better myself and make sure that I can keep my mother and family happy. Hopefully I can recieve support from your grant and looking forward to being a representative of your grant. Hope to hear from you soon and Thank you for the opportunity.

  3. Jamarcus harrell wrote:

    Hello my name is Jamarcus Harrell. im a student at SPC, I’m my mom only child she is single parent.I want to be the first person In my family to graduate from college.I’m just trying to better myself so i can help my mother out later on in life. So i’m looking forward to this obtaining for this grant because it will really help out with college and my future.I Hope to hear from you soon and Thank you.

  4. Joshua Riley wrote:

    To whom it may concern:

    I never thought being left handed would make me a candidate for a college grant. Awesome.

    My name is Joshua Riley and I am 22 years old. I am the youngest out of four children and the only one who has obtained a degree. I would like to go and pursue more educational goals so I will not have to struggle the many hardships Ive seen from my family. For instance, my mother has always been a major impact in my life whether it be good or bad regarding influence. She was diagnosed with Werenike’s Encephalopathy when I was 16 due to her bouts with Alcohol addiction. My whole life has been surrounded by police, alcohol, court and at times violence but my mom is still the most important person in my life. I want to continue to build a path of success to be able to take care of her and show her through everything I still managed to make it through and catch the many stars that await me. I pray that I hear from you sooner than later.

    Thank you for this opportunity

  5. Blake Hudon wrote:

    Hello, my name is Blake Hudon. I am currently a freshmen at a community college. After my first year I plan to transfer to a four year university to improve my education. I dont come from much in my family. I only have a single parent mom that tries to make as much money as she can to support me in my future schooling. I go to school full time and also work part time but still i’m low on money. My dad killed himself when i was six years old from all the drugs he was on. Til this day its hard on me and my mom to get trough life without anyone supporting us. I would love it if anyone could be our guardian angel and help us with our money problems so i can continue my years at college. Thank you for listening. Pleas email me if you have any questons at all. regishudonb@yahoo.com

    Ps. I am a very proud lefty!!!

  6. Patrick Grabowski wrote:

    Hello, my name is Patrick Grabowski– currently I am a sophomore at a local junior college to help save money for my continuing education. I plan on majoring in film, however, the schools I am interested in transferring to are very expensive. I come from a family of left handed people and I myself am left-handed so the opportunity to receive money for college because of my handiness is truly awesome. I enjoy being apart of a select group of individuals and I hope I can receive this grant for being a minority. I am looking for all sorts of grants and scholarships to help pay for college and earning this one would be ideal; right is right, but left certainly isn’t wrong

  7. Kali Stewart wrote:

    Hello my name is Kali and I go to school for cosmetology and I love it. I went to school to me a Cosmo to make people feel better about themselves and to but a smile on there face. Being left handed has been difficult on my learn and trying to do it opposite them my teach but it giving me the advanced to better my learning. I love being lefted Handed and being creative with my work. I love what I do and want to grow in the industries I love I go to la James international college in davenport ia. And I love it

  8. Raquel Da Sant wrote:

    Hello my name is Raquel Da Sant; I am single parent and currently attending the University of Phoenix Online where I am majoring in Business and Finance. I am left handed in which I inherited this crafty hand from my father. I feel extremely privilege that there is grant available only for left handed individuals. I truly embrace being left handed and being among the select few, I wouldn’t change even if I could. I remember growing up going to school my teacher would hit me on my hand to try and get me to write with my right hand.
    Well that did not work I was just more determine to write more with my left hand. I am hoping to receive this grant in order for me to finish my education in 2013 being that my Pell grant has been exhausted. Knowing that I have come this far I would hate to stop now being that my funds have depleted. I really want to show my son what it means to keep pressing forward. It’s not an easy road travel but in the end when I walk that stage in 2013 it will be well worth it, hope I will be the luck candidate to receive this grant.

  9. Sophia Lira wrote:

    All my life growing up as the only Left handed person in a family of 7 was not something i really liked to enjoy, especially at school. In Physical Education, they would always separate me from everyone else because i was left handed basically i was left all alone i always had to do the opposite of what normal right handed teens did. it really made me feel excluded. my friends would make fun of me because of but till this day as a 17 year old senior in High School i am glad to say that i am LEFT HANDED and im proud it. People now say that their jealous of me because of it and that they wish they had the capability of writing with the opposite hand, but i just tell them “its not really a change.” i would really like to have this opportunity for this Grant/Scholarship because as of now i am looking forward to going to a college to become a teacher and right now i could use all the help i can get because money is really tight right now in my words.

    Thank you so much for reading,
    Please contact me if you would like to know anything else.

  10. Kaleigh Kelso wrote:

    My name is Kaleigh Kelso, and I am a high school senior. I am left handed and very proud. My hand writing is not the best, but it really helps surprise coaches when I play volleyball. I can hit the ball in different directions more naturally than people who are right handed, giving me an upper hand against the opposing team. It does stink to get ink/graphite stains on my pinky from smearing or dragging my hand on the paper, but I like to be different. I love to be involved and go outside of the social norm by not drinking or doing drugs. So, just like being left handed, I am kind of in the minority. I enjoy singing, volleyball, shopping, and theater. I plan to go to a college in Missouri and study elementary education and childrens psychology.

    Thank you so much.

  11. Tricia Williams wrote:

    Hello my name is tricia but perfer to be called trish. I myself am the only left handed in my family. Im 16 years old I have two younger brothers and my mother, as for my step father he’s doing time but i’d just like to say this grant and scholarship is very cool my teacher advise me to look it up and i craked a smile knowing there’s a chance for left handed people such as myself and many others…Whoop Whoop thats cool….

  12. Devan Mayfield wrote:

    I am the youngest of 3 children and am looking to continue my education as a Pharmacy Technician. This past year has been really tough my family fell apart and I’m pretty much left to pick up the pieces. I work very hard to support myself and help out my family as much as I can. I would like to make something of myself and prove to my family and myself that you can do anything as long as people set there minds to it. The left handed grant is a great opportunity for us rare individuals.

    Thank you so much for reading, I look forward to hearing from you.

  13. SUE GREG wrote:

    You’ve got to be kidding me??????????????? Left handed is a reason to get $$.. No wonder our gov’t is broke

  14. Rebecca DeSplinter wrote:

    I am a senior in High School And am looking to attend Grand Canyon University. I have an older brother that is also left handed but we are the only two lefties in our whole family. I had brain surgery April 9th 2012 and all of our money went to those bills. This is an amazing chance for me to have a chance at persuing my dream of becoming a Nurse in the Pediatric ICU. This scholarship would make such a difference on what my family and I can afford and where I can further my eduacation.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.
    Rebecca DeSplinter

  15. Rebecca Mackey wrote:

    Hello, I graduated this past June, was planning going to school in the fall, but my father died on September 9, 2012 of a massive heart attack, before he could help me get my paper work to school. My dad was my best friend, I miss having long talks with him, he was my source for information. He knew everthing (to me), if he didn’t know he would research it and get back with me. My dad got laied off from GM motors, He enrolled back to school earned a degree in Bio-Medical before he died. I’m the only ” left handed person” in both sides of my family for as it goes way back. My parents would tell me I did come from their family because of being left handed, different. My blood type is O positive, and give all the time. I just want to help people, my grandmother was an RN for over 60 yrs , and I want to follow in her foot steps to help people, pay it forward! Thank You for the considerition.

  16. Lefty wrote:

    It sucks being a lefty.
    Writing in a spiral notebook while the metal spirals are getting in your way.
    Having to sit in desks that are barred up on the left side so you can move your elbow, or not having anything on the left side of the desk to prop your elbow up when you write.
    Also smearing everything that you have written on a paper and getting the lead or ink all over this side of your hand.
    Aaah ! When will this madness stop !

  17. Nouseng Yang wrote:

    Good afternoon, My name is Nouseng Yang i’am currently attending ATU as a student.This would be my second semester as a student here. I’am exicted to know that there is grants for left handed people like me, which can make a big impact in my daily life. As of right now i’am taking loans to support me to be able to help me and my wife in paying our bills and my parents house. My parents are getting old i think its a good idea for them to maybe take a break from work. I would be an honor to recieve the grant to help me in school for finishing up my major in health and physical education. thanks for your time and may god bless you.

  18. Braja Fritz wrote:

    Hello my name is Braja Fritz and I am currently a senior in high school. I’ve always heard about Left-handed scholarships but I never thought people were serious when they told me about them. I plan to be the first one out of my family to go to college and I want to make it a HUGE deal since no one has ever had the money to go. I’m very excited about this opportunity and hope that you take me into consideration. It would really mean the world to me if I could start getting the education to start my dream job as a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Nurse. Thank you!

  19. Nicole Ferrier wrote:

    To whom it may concern: I am very excited to learn that left handed people like me may earn a grant. I am excited to attend college in the Fall, but I could really use some assistance with the college debt. I have a 4.2 gpa and try really hard at my studies. I am a good person. I coach young girls in gymnastics. I also on Link Crew where I help younger students. Please consider me for your left handed grant. I would be most grateful to you. Thank you so much!

  20. Lexie Wease wrote:

    Hello, my name is Lexie Wease. I am currently a high school senior graduating in June and am looking to attend The University of Alabama. ROLL TIDE! I am so excited to hopefully attend in the fall; however, money is always an issue with going somewhere as an out of state student. It can be very expensive. The University of Alabama is my dream school and has one of the best nursing programs in the country! I really hope that you take me into consideration. It would mean so much to me. Every little bit of money counts.

  21. Brandi Miller wrote:

    Hi, my name is Brandi Miller and i’m a highschool senior student attending Hammond High Magnet School in Hammond, Louisiana. I am 17 years of age and im currently working at Piggly Wiggly in Independence, Louisiana. I am beyond grateful for all the things i have been blessed with in my life. I am a very open minded, inquirer. Being left handed can have a few negative effects, but i believe that the positive overcomes the bad, simply because, we lefthanded people are unique, and can have a lot of different talents that most right handed people do not attain. I would like you to consider me for this scholarship. Thank you so much for your consideration, Brandi

  22. Jbug wrote:

    Sue Greg, stick a fork in it! You have no idea what left handed individuals have to deal with growing up. Things you found so simple was a struggle for us left handers. You feel different and left out. While teachers are teaching the class how to write properly as a right hanger, we left handers have to figure out how to imitate that image. It’s a struggle in a lot of ways, period.

  23. Moniel wrote:


  24. Karla wrote:

    can someone please tell me where to find the sign in for the left handed scholarship

  25. dustin wrote:

    I am i animal lover, specifically in reptiles, i know a lot about animals! been loving them since i was a little kid! i have a passion for them, i’m a left handed student, my brain works a little slower them everybody else, sometimes its really hard for me to learn. i use to be a special education student until junior year when i decided to move out because i wanted to be more challenged! and boy i got a challenge! Every thing was much harder without that special help, im very slow at test taking, with the class i had more time, but without that class i had the same time to take a test as everybody else. It had always been hard for me in school my whole life! everyday after school i would be so stress from all the work, one thing that would calm me down is my animals, my red tail boa and my dog!snakes, lizards,insects! i have always fascinated by them, even though i already know a lot about them, i wish i knew more!I think its very cool how a snake move, i wish i could move like them and fast too! I have two loving parents that support me with the things i do! without them i wouldn’t have the opportunity to interact with all these different types of animals.

  26. Alieyah Lorraine Johnson wrote:

    I would just like to say, thank you for giving me a chance to be in college. Secondly, I would like to say that It’s amazing that left handed people aren’t casted out like they used to. I’m only in the 10th grade, but I believe that I should get my life started now. I used to be able to write with both hands until I got into an accident at the age of 9. I can’t use my right hand as much, so now I’m just a lefty. I am the only child in my family who is a lefty, except my mother, and my father is also amperdextrious. Our familys’ money is tight, and I was hoping on getting this grant to go to any college I wanted to. I want to go to UCLA in California, even though I’m from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It would be a terrific honor to have this grant. I am an A-B honor roll student, well known with the teachers, and is a Treasurer on the SGA. I really hope I can get this grant. Thank you for reading, have a blessed day.

  27. Evan wrote:

    I had always heard that there was a grant for left handed individuals but could never find it until now. I am the first of anyone ever in my family to attend college. With a desire to be successful in life. Receiving this grant would of great help to me in pursuit of finishing my college education. I will be a senior when the fall 2013 semester begins and due to increases in tuition and maximum eligibility reached on other grants, this would be of great help.

  28. Nikki LaBruto wrote:

    There is not many of us “left handed people” out there. I think this is great that there is a grant for being so. I remember being in elementary school and having my teacher at the time try and always switch my pencil to my right hand. I guess it never stuck. I am currently a senior in college at the University of Central Florida. I plan on graduating in May of 2014 with my Bachelors degree in psychology. I am currently studying to take my GRE for graduate school in October of this year. I intended on furthering my education and getting my Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling with a certificate in school counseling. I hope one day to open my own practice and work with children, possibly some “left handers.” Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  29. Jonathan Rich wrote:

    My name is Jonathan. I want to go to college in Minnesota, I live in North Carolina and am a senior in high school. I work part time at McDonalds to help pay for my car. My father is a truck driver and my mother is a nurse they both are right handed. I am a lefty which I usually do not find to be a problem. My hand writing is the worse but I usually use a computer to write all my papers. I am active in my community, especially through church activities . I would really appreciate the chance to apply and receive a left handed scholarship .

  30. robert alln shristie wrote:

    As some said in their comment; it is true about getting ink and pencil marks all over your side of your hand and wrist I think it as a God sent that they are offering a scholarships for people that are left handed. I also have a disease that is called C.M.T which effects your lower extremities and hands. I’ve been to numerous doctors , and they all said it gets progressively worse. but I’ve learned to adapt and deal with it. I realize, there are many other people out there who is in a lot worse position than I. and I am thankful I still have use of my hands. Thank you for listening…. Robert Allen Christie

  31. Andrea Caddick wrote:

    My name is Andrea and I’m 29:
    Growing up for me wasn’t easy with ADHD and learning disabilities as well as being left handed. My Father didn’t want to believe that I was ill. He didn’t believe in the medication for someone in my condition, to take. So he tried to find activities to wear my hyper-activity out. He noticed how I took a great liking to the water and how it calmed me down. I spent many years on the swim team and as I grew older my passion for the water grew as well. When I was old enough I had applied to become a lifeguard; here is where I learned and respected the rules of the water. I remember when I graduated high school early, he was persistent in my looking further into commercial diving school. It has been my dream to become a commercial diver. After my father’s passing of terminal cancer I became very lost. I tried every type of career I thought that I would be good at; Culinary Arts, Arts & Crafts and Diesel Mechanics/Construction. All of these were very interesting and I did well but I was still not happy knowing the future of my career. I chose my “true” passion for my career and my future in the water – Commercial Diving. As this is my goal, I enrolled at The Ocean Corporation, here in Houston, TX. I know that if I am privileged to receive this grant/scholarship, I can and will encourage other individuals whom are lefty’s & struggle with disabilities to overcome them and seek out their dream. From the heart of one left handed person trying to better my future.

  32. Pierre Townsend wrote:

    I would like to finish College with help I will get it done.

  33. Jeffry Bono wrote:

    My name is Jeffrey and I’m a Born Lefty and proud of it. Exciting to see a scholarship that celebrates it as I do. I’m currently a High School Senior and hoping to go to college next year. I’m working hard to that goal and currently am maintaining a 3.5 to 4.0 average. My Mom is a Single Mom, raising myself and my younger brother. She works hard at supporting us and making ends meet. I hope to obtain financial aid in order to help with college expenses. I’m hoping some day to earn a degree in Business Management. This scholarship would go a long way with helping me achieve this goal.

  34. Gibrilla Bangura wrote:

    My name is Gibrilla Bangura i am the only left handed person from a family of 15 borned by a single father with 5 wives. I am the eldest out of 6 for our mother. I am a university graduated, i want to purse a masters degree which will help me to secure a better job so that i will be able other family members.

  35. Taylor wrote:

    Hi I’m Taylor. I’m currently a senior in High school. I am a lefty the only out of my two brothers. But my brothers are the same age as me I’m a triplet so paying for college will be difficult especially since I’ll be going through school for 11yrs because I want to be a orthodontist. I maintain a good G.P.A of 3.8. I do not have a single parent but the only one member of my family who works is my dad. He’s a elevator troubleshooter but he works so much I barely see him because he worried about not being able to pay for school. So you see the scholarship will help. Even if I don’t get anything I’m still grateful for this opportunity and I wish everyone interested in this scholarship good luck.

  36. Dylan Bracken wrote:

    Throughout my life, I’ve been challenged with being known as “The middle child”. I have 5 siblings, Jimmy, Joece, Brook, Cj, And Alina. The last two family memebers I listed are disabled with a type of downsyndrome. My family knows me to be the bright, loving and understandable child out of all my relatives, though certain times may seem troubling, I am grateful for them and blessed to have such a caring set of family members. Currently to this day I am enrolled at NCTC, and I am working towards my next semester enrolled for full time, Monday thru Friday, proud student with lots of hopes and dreams, soon to be submitted into the medical field of studies. Being left handed has been a gift for me, the stories about how it opens your mind, and makes us great thinkers is a very bold, truth some statement, that being said I would gratefully appreciate this award. ADHD is another condition I have lived with my whole life, passing through years trying to find the right prescription, used to be a huge struggle, but now I have coped with the intelligence of my brain to overcome the need to certain substances. My 6 year plan is my goal, therefor I thrive for success, and others to do just as I do.

  37. Tayler K wrote:

    My name is Tayler. I am the only left handed person in my immediate family of four. I am soon to complete my first semester of college and came across this and felt honored that us lefty’s can be celebrated. As a kid my mother always tried to get me to write with my right hand but I always picked up my crayons or pencils with my left hand and soon she gave up and realized I was a natural lefty. I love feeling unique when I’m in a room full of people and someone asks how many people write with their left hand and only a few of us will raise our hands. I plan to get my associate’s degree from my nearby community college and then I will transfer to a university near home to continue out my education and get a 4-year degree. I am still undecided but I know I will stay in school and need some help paying for it. Thank you for reading!

  38. Samantha White wrote:

    Hi my name is Samantha. I need this scholarship to help me pay for college because I can’t do it on my own. Im 18 and I live with my mom and brother. My mom was just recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and my dad is in prison for the past 2 years, and possibly more to come. There isn’t enough income to pay for my education and since I’m a lefty I figured this is the best way to go. Being a lefty has caused some problems in my life. Like not being able to use scissors, or can openers, or even the desks at my school were made for right handed people. I always felt left out, pun intended. I’m the only person in my entire family who is left handed, so I’m not really sure where I even got it from. I would like to move to Florida and attend college there, instead of Michigan, to persue marine biology. Staying school is so important so I can get a well paying job to help pay for my moms treatment.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my comment!

  39. Saeed White wrote:

    My name is Saeed White and I’m left handed. With all the things going on in my life as well as my family there isn’t enough money to pay for rest of my college tuition. I was hoping that whoever reads this could possibly help me out. I tore my ACL so I do not how much or if any money I will receive from my athletic scholarship for football. But it would be well appreciated if I could receive any amount. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  40. prakash sharma wrote:

    hey i am prakash sharma poudel from nepal .i am very pleased if u give scholarship ,and i maintain at least 80% in 11 12 exam in management thank u

  41. Gustavo Miraval wrote:

    Hello I’m Gustavo Miraval. I’m 17 years old, heading towards my senior year. Personally I don’t think that being left handed is a disadvantage or a curse I dealt with it my whole life, like in school and sports so it feels normal to me. Also I like to be known as left handed because its different and unusual to others. I would like to go to a college to study business and administration. I would also like to go study out of state but I don’t think that’s going to happen because it’s more expensive and I need all the help I can get to pay for college. Thank you for reading this.

  42. Kelly Hunding wrote:

    Hello, my name is Kelly Hunding and I, too, am a lefty in desperate need of some financial help for college. My grandmother was a gifted teacher for elementary school students for over 30 years. She tried her best to make be right handed, but to no avail. I’m super proud to be left handed and recently read an article on how left handed people are now considered “unique” and “exotic” instead of strange and backwards. How about that!?
    I currently have my Associates Degree in Accounting and am returning to school to earn my BS in Accounting. I am a 26 year old single mom with a 7 year old who is in 2nd grade and the gifted program. (Proud mommy!) He told me that he’s so proud of me going back to school again and will help me study! I would greatly appreciate any time and consideration when reviewing candidates for this grant. I cannot afford to go back to school without financial help.

    Thank you in advance! I have left my email address and look forward to hearing from you. If this is not the correct place to ask/apply for this grant, please contact me so I can correctly apply.

  43. Cloesha Sutton wrote:

    Hello, my name is Cloesha. How can I apply for scholarships for left handed kids in California, or for the school of my choice?
    Thanks You,
    Cloesha Sutton

  44. Unknown, PLZ READ wrote:

    What happens if you can write with your right and left hand?

    Can you still get a scholarship?

  45. Chikosia Delaney wrote:

    Good morning my name is Chikosia. I am browsing throughout the web to see how could I possible apply for the left-handed scholarship. I am a junior in high school and look forward to going to college when I graduate in 2017.My GPA now is a 3.5 and I am working to keep it there or bring it up higher. I have two jobs and I don’t pay any bills but however I am saving to help my parents out to get me into college because I am not the only child ,and the only one trying to go to college. It can be very hard at times so that’s why I wanted to put my self out there and even try to get extra money by receiving a scholarship for college to help. Thanks for taking the time out to read this please contact me ASAP if possible! thanks and have a bless day.

  46. mikes wrote:

    what is the process of getting international scholarships for lefties?

  47. Amber Meler wrote:

    My name is Amber Christine Meler and I am 20 years old. When I was a child, I went through a major surgery to remove part of my left frontal lobe in my brain. This was because that part of my brain callused up when I was about a year old. This caused me to have an extreme amount of seizures a day, and these seizures increased when I grew. These epileptic episodes debilitated me from being a normal little girl, but at 6 years old, I had brain surgery to save my life. At the time brain surgery was still a learning process for doctors, they documented my before and after experience on tv. I have been seizure free ever since, but I had to relearn how to move my right side from head to toe as a result of awakening paralyzed. I also had to relearn how to walk, talk, read, and comprehend. I have trained myself to do everything with my left side because it is stronger than my right. My family is not able to pay for college due to financial reasons, they know how much education means to me and it hurts them to see me working so much to earn my way to community college. I’m currently maintaining a 3.6 GPA. I would love to go to a university and to know that everything I have been through has paid off. My dream is to be a kinesiologist and to help children who need physical therapy.

  48. Alyssa wrote:

    Hi! My name is Alyssa and I do everything left handed, except play guitar, which I was originally left handed for that but was trained to play right handed because left handed guitars are difficult to find. Anyway, after all these years of being left handed, my classmates still continue to be surprised to find out I am left handed, and always ask in awe; “How can you write so neat with your left hand?” or this amusing wonder; “Is it hard to write with your left hand?” To which I always reply with; “No, it is not hard for me, otherwise I would be writing with my right hand.” My favorite exclaim I hear is; “Wow, you are using your wrong hand.” I love being left handed and I would never want to change that, even with the difficulties using scissors, and getting my writing smeared all over my hand. I am planning to go to college next year to study design and I really need some help to pay for it. I have an average gpa of 3.7, and it would be a blessing to receive any type of scholarship possible. Thank you so much!!

  49. Bren Alexis Neely wrote:

    I love being left handed it’s a dominant trait. I feel that the whole population is made of right handed, but I am left handed. I don’t wish to be any other than what I am, and I know Left Handed people need different items than right. My GPA is a 3.6 and I have a 17 on the act.

  50. Lauryn Bouahom wrote:

    Hello my name is Lauryn Bouahom. I am an 18 year old Laotian girl and I will be attending the University of Cincinnati in the fall of 2017.I would be the first in my family to attend college and my focus is on political science and pursuing a law degree. I am extremely excited although there are a few things holding me back. My mother cannot afford it all on her own. We both have been taking the initiative to save up and are both going to be working two jobs in order to help pay for my higher education. My father is not at all involved financially and it seems to really be a problem. All I want is to experience college and become a lawyer and provide for my mom like she has for me all these years. I am hardworking and I’m a go getter. Please consider me for this possible grant. It would mean the absolute world. Thank you so much. Have a great day.

  51. Bob Hinkleheimer wrote:

    Hi, I am a struggling student and I am looking for a grant in order to go to a small college. I have been a lefty all my life and I have struggled with this fact for years. Scissors are a total pain to use and so are three ring binders. If you know what I am talking about, please grant me some money in order to complete my education. Thanks!

  52. Alexis wrote:

    I never thought there would be a scholarship for being left handed!!!!My name is Alexis Dionne and I am 18 years old currently going to Medicine Hat College. I am taking Early Learning and Child Care and absolutely love being able to work with children. I barely ever meet anyone who is also left handed, it has it’s ups and downs, such as, cutting, eating and bumping other people and smudging paper. I live at home and while going to college i have my living expenses paid for. I am paying for my college though on my own and winning some extra money through scholarships would be a HUGE help would i would appreciate so much. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  53. Alondra Lucatero wrote:

    I’m a left handed and I want to be able to get scholarships. I’m planning to go to College in the future. I want to go to CBC and start my early childhood education class.

  54. Chase Lacks wrote:

    Being left-handed is not as hard as people make it out to be. The hardest thing about being left-handed, for me, is having to search the deep depths of the web for a left-handed guitar. Unfortunately, basically every guitar store shelves right-handed instruments and leaves lefties out. The left handed ones they do have are trash.

  55. Rumbidzai Muzunze wrote:

    My name is Rumbidzai Muzunze i am a zimbabwean citizen.i am a girl aged 17.i am the only left handed person in my family of eight and would love a scholarship to pursue my my dreams.please assist me in fulfilling my purpose i would like to be one of the eight to experience this great lifetime opportunity of studying abroad

  56. Marina Reeves wrote:

    I can vividly remember my grandmother, who was a retired school teacher, smacking my knuckles with the part of the part of a butter knife that you hold, any time she saw me doing anything with my left hand. I was adopted in to the family when I was close to 3 yrs. old, and she was convinced I was “a reject” and could never learn a thing. I recently received an A.A.degree from Sierra College with honors. I think this is a wonderful opportunity to a fellow “lefty.” I also learned to do many things with my right hand. Abuse can be turned in to something positive after much healing. I’m 56 and healing from many things-just keep moving forward!

  57. Richard Flores Jr. wrote:

    Hello! My name is Richard Flores, I attend Academy of Richmond County High School, and I am left-handed. Im currently in the IB Program as a Senior with a 3.0 GPA and I think my ability to write only with my left-hand is quite unique. Whenever people see me write they usually say i write weird because i curve my hand when I do. Even though this is unusual I love it because it sets me apart from others and gives opportunities like this!! Thank in advance for helping people that are left-handed!!

  58. Crystal Mills wrote:

    I am Crystal Mills and I am an older women. I was injured this year and because of my injury I have to change my career status. I was in the Security industry for over 25 years. I also had a license in cosmetology. However, due to my injury I can’t do hair or access control as an armed Security. My injury has cause me to use my left hand. I am left handed now and it’s very difficult. Now I have to change my lift style and go to college while my 9 year old daughter go to school. I am interested in the career field of Ultrasound Technician. I pray that God bless me with grants to help me get a degree. I pray everyone that needs assistance get blessed as well. God bless us all.

  59. Amber Tipton wrote:

    My name is Amber, I’m 17 years old and I’m a senior in High School. I’ve never really felt like being a left handed was a problem. I love to draw, I’v drawn with my left hand my whole life and looking into art schools for multi-media artist and animators. It would be amazing to be able to get this scholarship because art schools art really expensive, I love to draw, and I don’t think there is any other career that I would want to go into the field doing.

  60. JALEESE LINTON wrote:

    Good evening, my name is Jaleese Linton and I am a left handed student. I attend Grambling State University and matriculate in the exciting field of Biology and minor in Psychology. I maintain a GPA of a 3.4 and I am working hard to get my GPA to a 3.8 or higher. This scholarship will help me pay for my tuition because I do not receive any financial aid, so I currently pay out of pocket. Paying out of pocket and trying to come up with thousands of dollars each semester is not easy. I will be pleased if I were to get this scholarship, because it will help me a lot. Some money is absolutely better than no money.

  61. Roshelle Williams wrote:

    Hi , my name is Roshelle Williams and I am a lefty . I am so glad that this scholarship is opened to people like me . Many people don’t understand that to be left handed is really gift . I believe that this scholarship will really help my career and my direction of my future . I am Senior , Class of 2018 and will be graduating in June .

  62. Quentin Johnson wrote:


    My name is Quentin Johnson I am a 17 year male that attends Roosevelt Senior High School. I graduate in 30 days, And I have been accepted in Livingstone College, But unfortunately being raised by my mom whom has single handedly raised me my entire life by herself. See I Love my mom, I have watched her fight the fight and strive to do the best for me for 12 years and still even now with my other siblings. I realy want to go to college and be as successful as I know I possibly can.

    As a black male in society the deck is already stacked against me, But im already one step ahead of what they say I am as a black man. On June 9th I will walk across the stage as my grandmother and great grandmothers first to recieve my diploma through a normal DCPS system. So I ask you to please help me along my journey. Thank you

  63. Shanesel Dunkley wrote:

    Goodmorning my name is Shanesel Dunkley. I’m aplying for this scholarship because I am left-handed and I’m trying to pay for the rest of my school. My mother has four kids and I’m the second oldest and my dad has been in and out of jail. I need this so I can go to Arkansas Baptist College and play football. I have a 2.9 GPA and I have a lot of sports awards. I’m trying to go to school so I can help take care of my little sisters. I just want to thank you in advance have a Bless day

  64. lexus swinson wrote:

    Being left handed has brought to my attention about the many small obstacles we face on a day-to-day basis. As an artists just using a paint brush is a drag because i might accidentally lay my hand in the spot i’ve just painted on. Just using a pair of scissors or writing is a pain; first you’ve got scissors that are only made for right handers and writing causes the granite from the pencil to get picked up on the side of your hand. Not only that, being left handed means that guitar players like myself have to learn to coordinate how our fingers move but that also means we can advance more because it can increase our playing skills. Like in many jobs; objects, switches, controls, standard universal machinery they’re all for right handers. But being a lefty means that i can learn more skills and expand my mindset just from having to use my right hand even though im left handed

  65. Daniel Drew Gallaway wrote:

    Being left handed hasn’t been the most useful trait besides getting to use a slightly different desk when available. I can’t forget to mention cleaning ink and led off the side of your hand after writing an essay. With that in mind I hope to hear from you about this opportunity. Daniel Gallaway, student at Devry University Phoenix.

  66. Grant wrote:

    My name is Grant. Please I will like to know the the procedures for left handed people like me to get an international scholarship.

  67. Anthony Minasian wrote:

    Do I also qualify for disability benefits?

  68. Ada M Dailey wrote:

    Hello, I am interested in getting a grant for a left handed person. I’m the person! I am left handed and I’m going back to school.

  69. Brianna Lopez wrote:

    It is crazy to think that being left handed can get you a grant. But I, like many others can say that being left handed can be a daily struggle. Having to ask others to cut your paper because the scissors aren’t made for lefties, yet for some reason it still doesn’t work when you switch it over to your right hand, as if the scissors know that isn’t your dominant hand. Having to write in a binder but the first 2 words of each left side are a complete mess because the rings block you from writing. Having to eat at the end, left side of any dining table because of the constant elbow hitting. Having to write anywhere at anytime will get you the question, “oh you’re a lefty?” and you don’t know whether to be sarcastic about it or not because it is clear to see that I am not writing with my right hand. And when answering yes, they are quick to throw in some stereotypes and assume I am a smart, creative devil. Overall, I am not a stereotype, I am 19-year-old college student whom happens to be a lefty.


    some one just told me about left handed people getting schlorship money. How to apply . I am currently a student. my financial aid is due to run out soon. HELP!

  71. Jenna Hensley wrote:

    Growing up left handed, I’ve always gotten the comments “OH MY GOSH YOU’RE LEFT HANDED???” and “I can barely even write with my right hand! How do you write with your left hand?” Being left handed has always been normal to me and I’m sure all other left handed people can agree. But to the rest of the population, being left handed is weird and different. Being left handed comes with many advantages and disadvantages. Some disadvantages are that most utensils and machinery is made for right handed people, including the instrument I play, the tuba. The valves that you have to push down to make different sounds and notes, is on the right side of the instrument. So when I started playing the instrument it was a bit weird for me. Another disadvantage is writing on paper. As a person that writes left handed when you write from left to write, the pen ink or pencil smears all over the paper and gets on your hand. Although being left handed has a lot of disadvantages, being left handed could help me get places in the future. Since so many utensils and most things are made for the use of right handed people, this could be used as an advantage for me to learn how to use my right hand for more activities so I can be ambidextrous in one way or another. So all in all, being left handed is not at all a burden, it’s just a way of expanding my horizons and learning new ways of doing things and getting around any right handed road blocks that get thrown at me.

  72. Ciara wrote:

    I am left handed. I need money.

  73. Gabriel Alvarez wrote:

    hello, my name is Gabriel and im apart of the minorities of left handed people. im a new york city student and im soon on my way to college; financial aid denied to give me money for college and now im left to pay for all of my college tuition. im a left handed person that faces the inconveniences of this right handed ruled world. The fact of the matter is that left handed people are automatically put at a disadvantage and have to work just a tad harder so any help would be greatly appreciated.
    sincerely a broke lefty in New York city

  74. Jessie Julian Perez wrote:

    Hello my name is Jessie Julian; I am currently attending the Platt College where I am majoring in Information Technology. I am left handed in which I inherited from my grandfather and my uncle. I feel extremely privilege that there is grant available only for left handed individuals. I truly embrace being left handed and being among the select few. I am a self taught barber and young entrepreneur. I take pride in what I do. Being able to cut hair with my left hand makes me different and unique among others.

    Majoring in Information technology can help me handle my own software system I want for my Barber Shop. I really hope I will be the lucky candidate to receive this grant.

    Thank you for this opportunity.

  75. Annelle Ngassa wrote:

    I’m 18 years old, a senior in high school, I live in Northern VA and I plan on attending Florida A&M University to major in Nursing. Growing up a lefty, I felt like I was so opposite compared to the 10 other people living in my house at one point. I was so happy at age 10 when I realized my aunt was also a lefty. I really like being let handed because I feel like the cool kids were chosen to be selected as lefties, no, I like having that uniqueness, that less than 15% of the world uniqueness. It always catches teachers and students attentions in school whenever I write I hear, “Oh you’re left handed?” Like its so surpassing and fascinating. The only problem I face in the classroom with my left handedness is sitting in a middle test and bumping elbows with those right handed people..! I’ve played basketball for 6 years so I’ve become stronger with my right hand, but initially due to usually the whole team being right side dominant, every drill, layup, shooting game, workout was on the right side. I wanted to prove hey I can do it too, but just on the opposite side. I eventually with practice am comfortable with either side now. Today, I love bragging that I’m a lefty, I’m different and that’s good. Lefty’s typically are right brained which is more creative and artsy, but I will say I have struggled with the 3 instruments I’ve tried: piano, guitar and trumpet, I took a few art classes that I dreaded. Contrary, I enjoy math and science and will be implementing that interesting into my career when I’m promoting health in the future. These scholarships/grants will help make my dream as a minority woman to attend and HBCU and earn a Bachelors Degree! Please email me with the next steps and any questions.

  76. Angelina Haddad wrote:

    Being left handed has showed me the obstacles that few of us face in life. I have learned that most things in this world are made for people that are right handed. I believe being left handed makes me special and unique compared to others. It definitely is something that I love to tell people about my self because it makes me so different from others. I believe this scholarship will truly help me go to my dream college. I come from a family that did not go to college. My parent is an immigrant and I want to make them proud. I would like to show them with the help of this scholarship, I will be able to do what they could not. I’d appreciate if I was chosen to receive the scholarship to hopefully become what my parents and family always wanted from me!

  77. Winter Mitchell wrote:

    Most look at being left handed as cursed, but i’ve seen it as a blessing. My name is Winter Mitchell, I am a junior in high school, graduating 2021. I attend high school in the great Atlanta,GA. As a high school student and dual enrollment student, I have kept my GPA above a 3.0, currently having a 3.5, pushing for a 3.8 by the end of senior year. I feel as if this scholarships fits me because growing up, I was always poked fun at by family for being different. I know the struggles of smudging your paper when writing, and sweeping backwards. Being told everything I did was odd and backwards is not the best experience but its something I learned to love and embrace. I would love to be awarded this scholarship; Thinking about how I could tell my family and hear laughter, but knowing it would be the proud kind.

  78. Maria Higgins wrote:

    Being left handed always came very natural to me. I have learned as I have gotten older that I still write with my left hand, but I am more dominate with my right. I throw softballs with my right hand, but I still can with my left hand as well. I also learned being on the dance team, it is easier to spin on my right foot going left, than spinning on my left foot going right. It was a challenge for me to learn how to spin like the rest of my dance team, since we did all our spins going right. I eventually learned, and being able to spin left was always my specialty. I am majoring in dental hygiene, and would love to have this scholarship. It will help to go towards my tuition, and help me in the future.

  79. Sherry Blackwell wrote:

    My name is Sherry Blackwell and I’m a 43-year-old, left-handed Black woman. I recently got accepted into the Parsons/Complex Streetwear Essentials course in conjunction with YellowBrick.co. I am passionate about design and I desire to start my own clothing line to help support my family. I grew up in the ’80s being told that being left-handed was the sign of the devil. Unfortunately, stigmas like this are still around today. I always look forward to August 13 which is Left-Handers Day because it spotlights people like us who’ve achieved great things. So many amazing people are left-handed: David Bowie, Barak Obama, Lady Gaga, Spike Lee, and Keanu Reeves. For me, being left handed makes me feel like I’m in a secret society of great people who’ve created incredible things whether its politics, film or music. Lefthanders have contributed so much to the world. By the way, Oprah Winfrey is lefthanded.

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