Cosmetology Grants

It is practically not possible for all students to get scholarships and merits. Without grants, many students would not be able fulfill their needs and career interests. Besides traditional college degrees, grants can also pay for an education in many other professions.

Cosmetology is one field that has surpassed its commercial expectations. Today’s fashion-forward generation demands an ultra-competitive arts-styled ambiance. Hairstylists and makeup professionals must give it their A-game, requiring specialist training.

The small beauty salons may remain a mainstay on the streets of Anytown, U.S.A., but this isn’t enough for the career-oriented students of today. Superlative training can prepare them for exciting and lucrative careers in the film and fashion industry.

The demand for high quality stylists is continuously increasing in the general market category. These cosmeticians can expect professional-grade salaries and exciting high-powered careers.

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What are Cosmetology School grants?

A cosmetology school grant or scholarship is a financial gift for aspiring cosmeticians. These grants, used to pay tuition, don’t need to be paid back. Any amount remaining after paying for the course fees belongs to the student.

Studying cosmetology in prestigious schools (and even in regular reputable schools) does not come cheap. A regular course in cosmetology will cost anywhere between $6500 and $10000.

While still in high school or college, aspiring cosmeticians should talk to their school’s adviser or counselor on grants specific to beauty schools. They often have a list of grants from various specializations. If you’ve enrolled in a cosmetology school, they may also have counselors who can help.

Most grant applications can be completed online.

Cosmetology Admissions

The guidelines for cosmetology courses and the accreditation for schools is regulated by states. To avail of financial aid, you should choose a school that meets state-specific licensing requirements. The National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts & Science (NACCAS) monitors the accredited schools.

Not all states require a high school diploma for students aspiring for a career in cosmetology. Some states also accept GED equivalent.

Some cosmetology schools insist on admission test before enrolling. The cosmetology program varies in different schools. These span anywhere between a few months and up to two years, depending on the specialization of the study.

How Grants are Awarded

Cosmetology school grants and scholarships are awarded on the basis of needs and disadvantaged backgrounds. Others are provided on the basis of merits. Talent plays a very big role in the field of cosmetology. The grades and potential of the student can get them a free or discounted ride in many reputed cosmetology schools.

Regardless of what other people say, grades in high school and college do matter. A sterling report card can increase you chances of winning the grant and scholarship. Larger technical schools often award more grants than specialist schools.

How to apply for cosmetology Grants

Financial assistance in traditional colleges and universities is easy to approach. The same cannot be said about cosmetology schools. Students entering college have several resources at their disposal. Cosmetology students, meanwhile, would have to carve their own way.

  1. Find a cosmetology school that suits your requirements. Inquire if they have their own scholarship program. If not, participate in a state-based, federal, or corporate-supported grant program.
  2. Apply for the grant or scholarship through interactive forms. Send the forms through the participating program administrator.

Types of Cosmetology Grants

Merit-based Grants: The applicant must demonstrate talent and skills in abilities such as artistic make-up and hair design to win these grants.

Need-based Grants: The applicant should be interested in a career in cosmetology but is restrained by financial circumstances. These grants may cover all (or part) of the tuition and provide extra to cover living costs.

Group-Specific Grants: The main qualification to obtaining this grant is belonging to underrepresented groups (such as those based on race, religion, or national origin). Applicants are filtered based on demographic affiliation. The final recipient gets due consideration based on other additional factors.

Institutional Cosmetology Grants: These grants are school-specific. The applicant must study in the same school to get the requisite grant.

General Cosmetology Grants: This covers the other scholarship programs provided by salons, corporate entities, beauty schools, and specific websites.

Where to apply for Cosmetology Grants

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Students aspiring to study in cosmetology schools can apply for funding from The American Cosmetology Education (ACE) Grant provided by the American Association of Cosmetology Schools and its corporate sponsors. Getting a grant from here will depend on the following data:

  • School you want to attend and their participation in this grant
  • The status of your interview and application in the chosen school
  • Your financial status

Since most cosmetology programs fill up fast, you may have a waiting period. This is especially true you applied for grant subsidies. Here are some of the grants awarded through the ACE grant.

Sport Clips Scholarship. Sport Clips awards several scholarships worth $1000 to students from AACS member schools. This is limited to one recipient from each school, chosen through a selection committee comprising Sport Clips Area Developers, SCI Support, and team leaders. The deadline for applications is January 31st of each year. Applications can be submitted online.

Dream Shears/Trade Essentials Scholarship. The brand offers scholarships worth $500 to 10 students from participating AACS schools.

OPI Scholarships. This cosmetics brand provides grants of $500 each to 24 students. Eligibility is based on an essay submission. The essay can be submitted in written or video form. The program is open to both incoming freshmen and cosmetology students with good standing.

Pat Goins Memorial Scholarship. Scholarships of $1000 each are awarded to three students from participating cosmetology schools. Aimed at meeting the tuition and education fees, the scholarship amount is paid in favor of the school on the selected student’s behalf.

American Health and Beauty Aids Institute (AHBAI)Scholarship. A Chicago-based foundation, AHBAI issues scholarships under the Fred Luster, Sr. Education Foundation. Over the years, the institute has provided more than $670,000 in grants to African American cosmeticians.

School Grants

There are many cosmetology schools that provide their own grants. These include the following:

Model College of Hair Design, MN. The college has high-quality programs in cosmetology with on-campus residence. The grants are awarded regularly and can be applied for through their online process.

Oregon Office of Student Access and Completion. Residents of Oregon State can benefit from this state-specific grant. Students in approved cosmetology programs can receive $600 in grants.

John Pelloni Memorial Scholarship. Eligible cosmetology students in California’s Cerritos College get an award of $300.

Highland Community College, IL. The school offers several scholarships available to students studying cosmetology in Highland Community College of Illinois. Eligibility is based on the student’s financial condition and academic performance.

Sally Beauty Supply Scholarships. This program is sponsored in partnership with Professional Beauty Association (PBA). It provides grants of $1000 to ten students in three different categories. Five scholarships of $1000 each are awarded to high school graduates (below 26 years). Three grants of $1000 each are given to PBA members. The third category is for the children and grandchildren of PBA members seeking advanced education in cosmetology.

Walla Wall Community College, WA. This school has its own cosmetology program and offers a broad array of scholarship options for its students.

Other Available Programs

Joe Francis Hair-Care Scholarship Foundation. The Foundation awards grants of $1000 each for 19 students every year for cosmetology programs.

Alice Madden Barton Cosmetology Scholarship Program
The program awards grants twice a year (January and July) for students pursuing a career in cosmetology or barbering. It is available to all cosmetology school. The grant is supported by Great Clips.

NCEA Esthetician Scholarship. A scholarship of $1000 is awarded to esthetician students four times a year. The application can be submitted online along with an essay describing the applicant’s interest in cosmetology and financial need. The criteria for winning the scholarship are enrollment in esthetician-only training program, an 80 percent attendance rate, and an 80 percent grade average. The deadline for submitting the application for each quarter is March 1st, June 1st, September 1st, and December 1st.

Kathy Jaeger “Education Rocks” Scholarship. The program is an essay contest open to beauty school students and cosmetology professionals alike. A scholarship of $250 is awarded to the winning candidate.

Massage Magazine Scholarship Program. This is given to five students studying for their massage therapy license to the tune of $1000 each.

Federal Grants and Financing

One other option to finance your cosmetology education is federal financing. There are various types of federal financing available through accredited cosmetology schools.

Federal Pell Grant

Pell Grants can be used as a foundation for financial assistance and supplemented by other sources. Under this grant money is paid out annually, the amount disbursed is based on various aspects of the student’s education including financial situation.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant

This grant is based solely on availability of funds and are distributed by the Department of Education to participating schools. Students can apply for the same through their respective schools. To be eligible for this grant, the students should have extreme financial need. Other monetary assistance the student receives will also be considered.


The other thing you will need to remember is that grants and scholarships, might still come short of your tuition and living expenses. To cover the difference, you may need to take out a student loan. Your school counselor would help find low interest loans with flexible repayment terms.

Federal Stafford Loan

Once known as the Guaranteed Student Loan, this is a low interest loan that students can receive through external lending institutions and agencies with a guaranteed repayment by the government. Stafford Loans come in two forms: subsidized and unsubsidized. Under the subsidized scheme, the interest is paid by the government while the student is still in school and for 6 months after course completion.

Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students

This is an alternative loan that aims at helping parents provide for the educational expense of their children. This fund is aimed at helping parents secure themselves against borrowing on their assets and properties.

G.I. Bill.

People who served in the military can use their G.I. Bill to fund their cosmetology education. This bill aims to meet the expenses of vocational and education training. However, these grants are school- and state-specific and are not available in all places.

Private Student Loans

A few good sources of private loan funding include from Salle Mae and the Citibank Student Loan Division. These lending institutions give a grace period of up to six months after completion to start the loan repayment program. Remember that these can still cause financial burdens. Loans outside federal lending options should only be a last option.

Beyond Grants

Be careful with the financial assistance. Some need to be paid back immediately (after the completion of your course) while some don’t need to be repaid. Apart from grants and scholarships, you can also choose sponsorships, contests, and similar opportunities supported by corporate backers.

Career options

woman hairstylist doing customer's hair

Depending on their specialization, cosmetologists can be employed as hair-dressers and hair-stylist, barbers, skin care specialists, manicurists and pedicurists, and shampooers. Advanced courses in cosmetology open other careers such as aromatherapist, cosmetician, makeup artist, massage therapist, and film and theater hair specialist. The most lucrative field for cosmetologists is undoubtedly the fashion and film industry.

You can find a job almost as soon as you are out of school. Some schools even have placement options to help you land a new career off the bat. If you are good at what you do, you could consider building your own business. A few corporations might even be impressed enough to help you build your new enterprise.

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  1. Shannon Bradfield wrote:

    Im interested in going to Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles, CA. I am having difficulty finding scholarship assistance because it does not a federal grant money. If you can help me please email me. Thank you.

  2. Kandra Moore wrote:

    I need a Cosmetology Grant based on need. My tuition. I want to start school September 12 2011 and I need assistance. I’m over my head with Tuition and I need this education. Not only do I need it but I want it, but not at the expense of going further into debt trying to get out it via College education. Please, help me help myself.

  3. lidia sanchez wrote:

    I need a grant for cosmetology. i would like to start school in september 13 and my financial situation is not helping me much. i have dreamed to be in a cosmetology school for as long as i remember to get to my school i need to take the bus and walk it takes me over a hour to get to my school,as i said my financial situation it is not so helpfull. thank you for your time and hopefully you can help me. thank you

  4. Amanda Earley wrote:

    I am planning on attending school in September but I need help with tuition. I was enrolled last year but had to stop because I was in need of a full time job to help support my single mother. Any money I can receive will help me for fill my dream of becoming a cosmetologist. Please help!

  5. Patrick Brown wrote:

    Hi my name is Patrick Brown, and I’m looking to go to a Academy for cosmetology. I would like any and all information about any available grants or scholarships. Thank you for your time, and hope to hear back from you.

  6. Crystal Ney wrote:

    i am enrolled to begin cosmetology school in October at Regency Beauty School and desperately could use any financial assistance. I like many, must work while continuing my eduction, and would love to hear any suggestions you might have. Feel free to contact me at any time:]

  7. rikki wells wrote:

    Hello my name is rikki wells i would like to attend jean madiline beauty school i am planning on starting in november, i just graduacted high school june of 2011 as well as having a baby in april i am a single mother trying my best to provide for my daughter as well as achieving my dream of going to hair school, my parents do not support me attending school and any help or information will help i can be contacted by email thank you



  9. Nicole rataj wrote:

    Hello, my name is nicole and I have wanted to attend cosmo school since I was a small child! I am currently enrolled at avalon cosmotology school in mesa, az. I have a gpa of 98.3, this is my passion! Although…..i attend full gime and a proud single mother who needs desperate help! She will be 3 in dec. And I have yet to see a dillar. Been evicted twice in a year, had to sell my car due to making school. Im 31, single, and cant wait to complete my dream! Please, please, consider me. Im determined and loysl. But I cannot do this slone….i can be reached via e mail at thank you, nicole

  10. Cindy Touhey wrote:

    Hello my name is Cindy and my dream has been to be a Nail technician, i am married with children and my husband and daughter are both disabled. I just want to be able to take care of my family and I cant afford to take the Cosmetology Course because it is too long and I need to be able to work within 6 months, so the nail classes would be so beneficial.Plus in the future I would love to open my own Nail Studio! If anyone knows of how I can get Nail Classes funded please leave me a message

    Fulfilling my dreams into a reality would be a dream for me!

    Thank You..

  11. Kayla wrote:

    I am trying to apply for some scholarships to attend the Beauty Academy in Glenwood Springs, CO. Out of all the crap google spits out I have only filled out one application and it like a drawing for a free scholarship so I dont even think it is real. This is frustratingly not as easy going as I first anticipated. Please someone help! I want to go to school so bad but at this rate it seems impossible. :'(

  12. Kayla wrote:

    I am trying to apply for some scholarships to attend the Beauty Academy in Glenwood Springs, CO. Out of all the crap google spits out I have only filled out one application and it like a drawing for a free scholarship so I dont even think it is real. This is frustratingly not as easy going as I first anticipated. Please someone help! I want to go to school so bad but at this rate it seems impossible.

  13. Tyiesha wrote:

    Hi, I am a senior in high school at the moment [10-03-11] and i am seeking a Cosmetology Scholarship because i am going to need financial help. My school’s that i am looking into are Milan Institute of Cosmetology in San Antonio TX and Houston Training Schools in Houston TX, But my mind is open and still looking for the best! If you can help me With any information or ways to get a scholarship please contact me by email!

    Thank-You for your time

  14. Kayla Stitt wrote:

    Hello my name is Kayla. I have a 20 month old daughter and I am a single mother. I am trying to go back to school to finish what I love to do, hair, nails,make-up, to make people feel better about themselves even if it is only for a short time. I would love to attend Rogers Academy of Hair and Design starting October 25th, 2011 but currently I do not have enough money to attend and complete the needed courses to complete this program. Please help me finish my dream.

  15. Eldredge wrote:

    I enrolled to begin class in Jan 2012 and have to secure grants/scholarships to fund school. At 39, I have decided to pursue something fun and creative, and not just a job. Many scholarships are for recent grads, but what about the moms that are returning to school while raising their children. Financially we carry more load than a teenager, yet have less opportunities. Is there something more for us to benefit from?

  16. Nichole wrote:

    I am seeking some assistance with paying the tuition for Regency Beauty Institute in Greenfield, Wisconsin. I see the list of several grants and scholarships, but I do not know how I go about applying or being considered for any of them. I see other comments include details about their personal situations, so I am guessing I need to do the same, for that appears to be part of the process. Therefore, I am 36 years old, married and have 3 children. I do have a degree, but unfortunately it is in real estate, and of course that is not a promising career field in this economy.
    My most recent job downsized their staff, and I was part of the cut. I do not qualify for unemployment, and we are struggling to make ends meet. All of our savings went to pay for the burial of my father, who passed away unexpectedly in April. He had no life insurance, savings, or anything. I being an only child had the burden of taking on his expenses, and I am still indebted to the funeral home. To make matters worse, I cannot find a job in my field of expertise.
    I ultimately have decided to return to school for cosmetology because it has always interested me, and I know it is a career I would enjoy doing, as well as it is stable, for which is what my family needs.
    We are on food stamps and at risk of losing our home, and I do not want to see my children uprooted because I cannot provide for them as I should. I really need to find a way to make paying for my tuition possible so I can have a future for myself and my family. I only qualify for the Pell grant, which of course will not be enough, so we really need some assistance. I hope this comment and website will lead me in the right direction, or be the answer to our prayers.

  17. Sheila wrote:

    There are only 3 Nail Tech. schools in my area. Two of them are over 30 miles away and I have no way there. The other one is within 5 miles and the total cost is $1675.00. I NEED to start over. I have a 13 year old daughter and recently lost my job. To date I have applied for 810 positions with only 1 interview granted. I did not go to college so I have no BA Degree. However, I would think my experience would be enough!. My mother was living with me and shared in the household expense but she passed after a 7 week struggle with Lung Cancer. I have to take care of my daughter. I need to change my career to a no fail industry so we can be secure. I need $1675 to attend school. I will even opt for a sponsor so I can get my Nail Tech License. If anyone knows how, what, when or where PLEASE HELP US! GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!

  18. Cathy Ponder wrote:

    Cathy Ponder
    Michaels School of Beauty
    1325 Augusta W. Pkwy, Suite C Augusta, Georgia 30909
    I am a student at a Private Cosmetology Institution who does not offer any Scholarship insensitive and I encourage your request in granting me some funding to support my education and endowment to promote my study here as successful as it is right now. Our class requires us to plan, develop, and execute as Stylist and to become Career Oriented and to do so, my anticipation on your organization/foundation support could be most rewarding to me in attending promotions of Hair Shows, purchasing most needed appliances (not included in Kit), obtaining hair supplies needed to demonstrate hair care for Clients we services on the Clinic Floor and to prepare me to go before the State Board with the necessary tools or equipment at passing to achieve my Masters License in Cosmetology. My seven hundred (700) hours is significant to me and reaching the required one thousand/five hundred (1500) is very hard because individual assistance is much needed. We are able to receive credits toward any participation or attendance at any function. I previously have a BS Degree in Business Ad and disable and not able to work and as you possibly know that with a degree; one is not eligible for any Hope Grants and more less, none other. By my petition for donations from this particular business for monetary gifts, a sponsor or even sample hair products in Promotional Products that you may be aware to be benefit to Cosmetology Industry. If your foundation is interested in donating to my being a candidate, I could greatly appreciate your input. All donations would be recognized as donated from your establishment at the institution, in the resident community newsletter and possibly in the local newspaper (if my ability to interest them in a human-interest story for the paper). This letter and my letter of Thank you indicating your exact donation are sufficient documentation of your donation for tax purposes.
    This letter and my letter of Thank you indicating your exact donation are sufficient documentation of your donation for tax purposes.
    This donation will be used for the sole purpose and benefit of a US citizen. My project goal is to provide a decent study to include all my research and Extra Curricular Activities when there are shows/classes to upgrade my learning experience and skills. If you have any questions you may contact the school’s Director, Rev. Brodneax at (706) 854-0010 ext 23 or Michael Beauty School( If you wish to have further information on the nature of the class requirement you may contact our Instructor, Ms. Rolland at Ext. 24… Thank you in advance for your consideration and support.

    With Regards,
    Ms. Ponder

  19. Donna Gibbs wrote:

    My cosmetology license has lapsed since 2004 and i want to take the test again however i would like to go back to cosmetology school to refresh. Please help! Sincerely, D. Gibbs

  20. Jessica Prado wrote:

    I’m currently enrolled in a cosmetology school that doesn’t allow federal funding. I am a single mother of 3 children, working full-time and attending school full-time. Any assistance would be greatly appticated. Thank you

  21. M. Tavegia RE:Samantha McClure wrote:

    I have been helping Samantha look for ways to improve her life and make a career out of something she has truly been fascinated with her who whole life. She is a great student and a joy to have around. It would be exciting to see those girls who have tried everything to make their dreams come true only to succeed instead of hitting the road blocks so many young women do before hey are given the chance to make their dreams come true. Wish Samantha the best of luck.

  22. Noelle Gerardi wrote:

    I’m hoping to start school on Jan. 3 2012. My tuition is $16,200 plus my additional cost (lab cost and supply kit) brings me to an overwhelming total of $17,706. Thats a lot of money. I got my fafsa completed and between that and the school, I’ve been granted $8,005. I was also given an unsub. loan worth $2,885 and a sub. loan worth $5,490. I know that’s a lot of money right there but that’s more loan money than I want to pay back. Even if I did use the grant and the loans, I’m still short $1,326. I know that doesn’t seem like much but it is for me and my family. I don’t have a job, my dad’s on disability, and there is no one in or around my family that can afford to help me. I’m so lost and desperate. I’ve been searching the internet for different grants but I can’t find anything. Maybe I’m just not looking in the right places. Any advise?

  23. Maranda wrote:

    I am currently enrolled in cosmetology school and I just got the news today that I will not receive my full pell grant. They made me go off of my fathers income and I haven’t lived with him in over a year and a half. We only have one finical aid worker in the school and she won’t help me, she is rude and all she is telling me is “we don’t do student loans”. I’m out of options and I’ve got 2700 dollars left to pay, i have 750 hours and I won a trophy at state competition and now I might have to drop out due to lack of money. Will someone please point me in the right direction??

  24. Drina wrote:

    Hi, My name is Drina, I am 46 and will be starting at Paul Mitchell the School on Jan. 14 2012. I am on SSI and need to find a Scholarship for needs basis. I am not familiar with what to do to find help getting a Scholarship and my school does not have any available. My Tuition is over 18,00.00 and I will need money for living and traveling expenses. I will be recieving a small grant with which I am very thankful for but it will only get me in the door. If you have any information or any Grants or Scholarships that I might qualify for I would appreciate the help of any kind. Thank you for caring.

  25. Krystal wrote:

    My Name is Krystal, I am 20 years old with my frist child on the way. Ive been trying to find grants and scholarships to help me make the best out of my life and so I can give my baby the best life I can. My mom is a single mom with no education under her belt, my father died when I was 12. I understand how important going to school is. I would love a career in beauty I even have my heart set on being an esthetician. Ive already looked at schools and have made my choice in which one I want to go to. However the money part is the hard part. I would greatly appreicate it if I could get help trying to pay my way through school. Thanks for taking the time to read!



  27. Lakeisha Dagner wrote:

    My name is Lakeisha i am 21 years old,i have been doing hair since i was about 12 years old. Learning from watching others, growing to love it and also becoming extremely good at it. I am currently getting into learning how to cut hair and so far i have been doing a good job, i absolutely need this opportunity! I feel that it will be something that i will give my all to and will better my living situations right now i am currently unable to pay the tuition on my own and i don’t believe that financial aid will cover everything.My tuition is a little over 20,000 dollars. It would mean more than the world to me if i could be blessed enough to receive the money that i need to for fill one of my dreams and to start a career that i can be proud of.

  28. Flor wrote:

    Hi my name is Flor I will soon be 18 and ill be graduating school by may i really wish to study cosmetolgy , but i am looking for a scholarship to be able to follow my dreams. It would mean the world to me if i could follow my dreams and go to cosmetology school. thanks for taking the time to read my comment.

  29. gabrielle C. wrote:

    HI my name is Gabby I’m 24 years old. I have a beautiful daughter and I am doing my best to raise her as a single mother. currently I am attending school to obtain my AS degree in Early Childhood Education. I have a dream to be a pre school teacher, but also have a love and passion of the cosmetology world as well. I love taking care of children, but I also love doing other people’s makeup, so they can feel good about themselves. If I could have both in my life I would be delighted. As of right now I am receiving financial aid for my AS degree. I wanted to know are there any possible ways of me receiving aid for my cosmetology license to do makeup at the same time as receiving aid for my AS degree in Early childhood? Are there any options for individuals such as myself? What would be some advice if any that could be offered to me. I would appreciate any feed back. I just want to do all I can to take care of my daughter and provide for her as well as accomplishing my goals.Thanks for taking the time to read my comment

  30. melanie wrote:

    Hi my name is melanie am 21 been a beautician is my dream I love fashion am very creative done some nice makeovers on brides write now am studying agric sci in a uni in nigeria buh am not feeling it a bit cos its not what I want I love make-ups I love making people beautiful and happy when I see a person happy about the makeup I did it makes me very happy my parents are not stopping me from doing it buh the financial aspect blocks it all I will really love it if you can help me I don’t even mind working part time all I need is a school to admit me and your support am really hard-working and I know what am doing I promise not to let u down please. Thank you so much am melanie from nigeria please you could save a girl’s dream

  31. Raven martindill wrote:

    Hi my name is Raven Martindill,I am 18 years old and I will be the first in my family to graduate from high school. I graduate on May 18,2012 this year. I am interested in going to Paul mitchell cosmetology school. I have been in the cosmetology program in my high school for 4 years so im really inerested in this field for my career. I would like to start in July but I have no job and i need help trying to get money for the school so I can accomplish my goal and dream of becoming a cosmetologist. Would you have any feed back on how I can accomplish my dream?Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my comment

  32. Jalleeza K wrote:

    My license has expired and I am looking to get my life back together and step into the cosmetology scene once again. Can you point me in the right direction?

  33. Amber P. wrote:

    Hello everyone. My name is Amber. I am 28 years old, married and have 9 kids between my husband and I. I really want a change in my life that will help my whole family in the long run. My dream is to become a Nail Technician. I did not know that the only college in my area that offers the course would not allow Pell grants or student loans to be used for the Nail Tech course. I was informed that I would have to pay $100.00 for enrollment, $1000.00 down payment, and $989.00 a month payment for 3 months. I don’t see how anyone could afford that kind of payment each month. So I am wondering if anyone knows how to get a scholarship or grant for the Nail Tech course? If anyone could let me know anything. I would be very grateful for your time.

  34. nthabeleng wrote:

    Am nthabeleng khoza currently staying at vosloorus am asking for a busary to help achieve my dream of becoming beautitian. My parents are not working and its had to find a desent job when you don’t have qualification so plz help to fither my studies.

  35. Jade Scott wrote:

    I am in Serious need of a vehicle. I currently am driving a 97 chrysler town and country Lxi. Every other week my entire paycheck goes toward repairs. I need to pay for schooling and a new vehicle something dependable. Since I drive 40 miles to and from school I’d also like somethig a little cheaper on gas. If anyone can help please let me know thanks.

  36. Tiffany E. wrote:

    Hello I was wondering if someone could give me advice or tell me how I could get a loan here in va. My passion is to become a nail technician but I don’t have the funds right now to attend. I am not on here looking for a handout but I am asking everyone reading this who knows how I can go about getting a loan (nothing exceeding 5,000) to please let me know. Thanks for reading……

  37. Chantel wrote:

    Hello. MY name is Chantel and I am graduating this year in May. I would like to recieve a cosmetology grant because my family does not make enough money to help support me and i myself do not have enough money to support myself. I just turned 18 this year and i would really like to get a better education to i can better my life. I have been interested in cosmetology for a very long time. I love to make people feel good about themselves i strongly believe that everyone is beautiful. I would really appreciate any advice you might have for me. look me up on facebook.Please and Thank you. <3

  38. Theresa kurei wrote:

    i really want a scholarship in cosmetology in the field of being a make up artist i have currently done a diploma in cosmetology in a school called pivot point in kenya in 2005 and since then this is what i have being doing manicure ,pedicure, waxing,bridal makeup,and eyebrows (thearding)its something i love to do i have a passion for it, but i fill i still have alot to learn.i live in kenya i would love to go to the united states of america and learn all i can about being a makeup artist i would love the school to be in florida please if there is anyone out there capable of helping me please let me know thank you

  39. Aghaebene ifeoma wrote:

    Plz, i reside in african, i have been dreaming of working and schooling(nurse) abroad but it is expensive, i need help.

  40. Perla Ojeda wrote:

    I really want to go to the Regency institute in Tucson Az. for continue my dream in this fascinating career.

  41. LaQuinta Walker wrote:

    I’m interest in this grant for cosmetology school. I just recently found out that I had to start my hours over due to the fact that I owe my last school money and they will not release my officail transcript. I was a cash paying student and still owe that institute, however I choose not to let that hinder my goals and dream. I am set to attend Empire Beauty School on June 18th. This Grant could really help pay my tuition. I am also a single mom trying to be a positive role model for my son to look up too. I just recently lost my job in April so I decided why wait for a job to come to me, this is a great opportunity for me to go back to what I love, HAIR! I wanted to be proactive in my future so I enrolled, now I’m trying to get some grants to help sail my ship a little more smoother. God Bless.

  42. Jasmine Grossbard wrote:

    im going to Paul Mitchell the School Michigan this summer. tuition is very expensive and my parents have full time day jobs and have difficulty paying all the expenses the 5 children they have and the one on the way….2 of my siblings have special needs. one with cerebral palsy and one with autism. im i senior in highschool and im graduationg in a month. ive had part time jobs since i was in 8th grade to save up to go to this school and follow my dreams. im trying to help myself and my parents. thank you

  43. Wendy Teske wrote:

    I am starting Minnesota school of cosmetology on June 18th. I am 3000.00 short and I am looking for any help. My credit isn’t good and I have 2 teenagers. Any advice or help with my situation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  44. Stephanie Molina wrote:

    I attened a school that doesn’t accept financial aid. I started when i was 19 and am now 21 and haven’t graduated due to money. In December of 2011 i missed school often due to a collapsed lung. The owner charges by hours so i am very behind but owe tuitin as well. It is my dream to have my own salon. Any amount wounld be helpful. Thank You.

  45. Tamisha Troupe wrote:

    I’m trying to find information on how I can obtain different scholarships/grants for cosmetology school. If you have any information and can help with any assistance please do so. I really look forward to hearing from you. Thank you so much.

  46. Jacinto De Leon wrote:

    My name is Jacinto. I am a young, extremely talented, hard working individual who wants to pursue a career in Make-up Artistry and Hair Design. I am in need of several grants to pay off the school i would like to attend and I have no icome, nor the support of my parents. If someone could help me find more information please email me at

  47. Shalonda Hamilton wrote:

    I am currently attending Paul Mitchell the School of Nashville. I do not receive any type of income, but I need help. My mother is a single parent of five children. She only has a part time job, which she only gets three hours a day. She doesn’t receive no type of help, she does everything on her own. I am a 19 year old Africa-American who strive each, and every day. We have no vehicle, each day I don’t know how I am going to get to school, but I manage. Currently going through a downfall in my life, while trying to attend school. The last thing I want to do is take a leave from school. Every day I walk in the school building, it bring the best out of me. I am not asking for much, I will take anything that is offered to me. Thank you!!!

  48. cree wrote:

    I am indeed help of a Cosmetology Grant based on need of My tuition. I want to start school September 12012 and I need assistance. I’m over my head with Tuition and I need this education. I am having difficulty finding scholarship assistance If you can help me please email me. Thank you.

  49. DOROTHY JOHNSON wrote:


  50. Denise Antolin wrote:

    I am returning to school after many years. I have been a full time parent for my two sons. Now they are ready to go off to college themselves. I can pursue my dream of esthetic skin care in beauty college. I am now a single parent struggling just like everyone else. So I need information on where to go to find as many scholarships available. Please help me find financial help to see my dream come true. Please email me with finding scholarships for beauty school. Thank You!!!!

  51. Frankie wrote:

    I am no longer in my 20’s and I thought at this age it was 2 late, but I’ve changed my mind. I would love 2 go 2 school 4 Cosmetology! I’m having trouble with trusting web sites, and knowing which ones are real. I need help with that and also with which school 2 choose. I live in Va and I haven’t a clue of how 2 go about all of this. Please help this old lady 2 do something that should’ve been done yrs ago in my wasted youth! Please leave a reply 2 Frankie with the 411 that I need @ .

  52. Cesar Reynoso wrote:

    Hello my name is Cesar, I am 18 years old. For a very long time now it has been my dream to be a Cosmetologist, but i am having financial issues. I can’t receive Financial Aid which is really complicating this for me, but I remain with the Will, Determination, and Passion to go into Cosmetology for a Long Term Career. It’s my dream, please help me achieve it with information on these Cosmetology Grants. Thank You so Much, i hope to hear from you soon.

  53. Diana wrote:

    Hello my name is Diana. I am currently enrolled in cosmetology school. I have received sub and unsub loans and a pell grant. I have one financial advisor (who is the owner of my school) it was my understanding that the loans were to help me pay my bills while enrolled in school. I recently found out that I will not get any money if there is any left over til I reach 1250 hours. My advisor told me to get on welfare. So my search began for scholarships and grants. Any information on how and what scholarships I qualify for would be deeply appreciated. Thank you alysha and Brooklyns mom.

  54. LAQUASHA WILSON wrote:


  55. sebeka peace wrote:

    i am looking for a grant busary to study cosmetology in north west college or univesity in north west.becouse i do not have money to further my studies.plz.even to study hair dresser if possible because i have the skill.

  56. Rynicka Hawkins wrote:


    I am in search of scholarships for cosmetology school. I would like to attend Paul Mitchell in Chicago, IL. I am truly interested in this field and I have been most of my life. My ultimate goal that I plan to achieve is to become a National Makeup Artist and also a well known Makeup Artist & Hair stylist in the Fashion World. I am have start working toward my goals, however, I would like the credentials and to further educated myself. I have extraordinary talent but their is always tips, tricks and things to be learned. Any assistants would be awesome, I plan to graduate with honors.

  57. Amberly wrote:

    I am a single mom with 3 kids 3,6,9. I am now register for Lowell Academy Beauty school in Lowell , MA. I am in need of some financial assistance for the school fee.I will start school on November 5th,2012.I like this career too much since I was young but my parents are poor they couldn’t afford to send me to .Is there any one know where to apply for scholarship please let me know?
    Thank you so much

  58. Celestine Asare wrote:

    my name is celestine am 28yrs and a single has been my dream to be a cosmetologist since i was young,i have started working towards my goals but the only problem is that i cant afford to pay my fees again since am already in one of the best cosmetology school in west africa Ghana.FC Beauty College.
    I am in search for schorlarship to further my school,please is there any thing you can do to help me i need financial assisstance please help me.

  59. Mariana wrote:

    Hi my name is Mariana R.
    I am a High School student. My goal after
    High school is to becomea Cosmotoly License.
    I am married to a military man and i am afraid
    to not be eligible for a grant. My husband income is not
    enough to pay house bills and school bills as well. Please
    email me, help me get a grant before i graduate please and thank you.

  60. Caitlin wrote:

    I am looking to enroll in Nail School. I need help finding funding for it though. I have been a stay at home mother for almost 2 years and my husband just lost one of his full time jobs. We will be ok for a little bit with just the one. But, If I have to go back to work I want to go back and do something that I love doing. If anyone can help me out by getting me info on how I can make this happen I would greatly appreciate it. You can email the information to me:
    Thank you in advance!!!

  61. LaQuashia wrote:

    Hi my name is LaQuashia and I’m currently in cosmetology school, but I have to leave school beavuse I have no way of paying for it . I really need some help right now on paying for school. I have no help from my family I’m basically on my own . I really don’t see why most of my tuition is being paidfor since I don’t have any income and neither does my mom have any income please tell me what should I do. Really in need of help

  62. Dakota Summerton wrote:




  63. Mercedes wrote:

    Hi im Mercedes and i am 22 years old. ive been looking into school that i can affort but the problem is there all pretty expensive and out of my price rang. i was told by my mother and friend to try to get a grant that could help me pay for school. the school i wanna get into starts in spring and thats kinda right around the corner, im not sure if i will approve for financal aid, but i really honestly wanna go to cosmetology, its my dream to open up my very own salon on day. so if there is anyway i could be helped with getting a grant to help me pay for school id really appericate it. if anything comes up or any help
    please email me at

  64. silvia hernandez wrote:

    I am 22 i was a student from Marinellos school of beauty in Moreno Valley ,I did graduate but i still haven’t got my license.My dream is to become a famous CosmoStylist but i don’t have the money to pay my license,and loan .I am merried but don’t depend on my husbands money cus we could berly pay rent,its been 6 months I lost my first baby and i have been in depression ever since.My career is all i have I don’t have a job right know i have apply every where but I haven’t get called .All i want its to be well educated i am hungry to learn more more more and more .I will like to know if someone could help me please i don’t know what to do right know .I am good on doing things but ,working in warehouse,Saleing candy’s in the street , is not going to be much I have faith president Obama gives a reform immigration for america so i could help my parents pay there papers there Mexicans and like them i also have a dream I have to work in my cosmo industry makeing every single person in the world beauty full ,pleace help me

  65. Kelly wrote:

    I am looking for help to go back to school. I am a single mother of 3 children. I am wanting to go back to school to make a better life for me and my children. I am a single mom so any help I could get is so needed. Thanks Kelly

  66. danielle green wrote:



  67. Charmion Wilson wrote:

    My name is Charmion Wilson. I am trying to attend Cosmetology School. I need a Cosmetology grant based on need. I have a health situation that calls for a lot of money to keep me healthy, and I honostly can’t afford to pay for school on my own. I really would appreciate any help you can offer me towards my educational goal. Please e-mail me all the information you can. Thank you in advance for all of your help.

  68. Charlene Smith wrote:

    Hello my name is Charlene Smith, I a single mother of two wonderful kids. Back in 2009 I fell on hard tines and did some things I am not proud of which resulted in jail time. Since thevowed not to get in anymore trouble and to better my life so that I can be that positiverolmodel and figure in my kids lives. With your assistance I will be able to make my future what U want it to be. Blocking out my past and working on my new life from this day forward. I just paid my enrollment fee so I will be starting school in March or April I just need assistance with tuition. Please find it in your heart to help ne achieve greatness and stability in life.

  69. Charlie wrote:

    Hi, I have afriend who wants to do cosmetology course, but does not have funds. she is currently leaving in Africa and will also study in Africa.can she qualify for this scholarship

  70. Kendra Duncan wrote:

    hello, My name is Kendra Duncan. My life hasent been the easiet, or the happyiest, i have chosen to make better decisions, and choices. I used to be a very different person than i am now, and I would like to go to cosmotology school, because i want to show other people that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and everyone as beauty in them. big small, tall, skinny, big. everyone deserves tgo be beautiful. 🙂 thanks for reading. God bless you

  71. Lindsay D Hurst wrote:

    Thank you for the chance to even get a hand up on my schooling i am a proud mother of 3. i love my kids with all my heart and i wont only the best for them. i will be the first person to go to school in my family and i wont my kids to see they have to work for what they wont. since i am the first one to go to school out of my family i do not have the money to pay for school so with your help i will. so i am asking you to please help me out so that i can teach my kids that hard work dose pay off and that you do need an higher education to go places in life thank you for your time
    lindsay hurst

  72. Michala DePamphilis wrote:

    Hi I am really looking forward to going to cosmetology school but really need finacial help. I have been looking for ways to get scholar ships because I live at home and cant get federal help because they go off your parents finances. My parents are letting me live at home for free but cannot pay for my school, so I need help. If I could get a grant or scholar ship that would really help me achive my goals.

  73. Julia Budd wrote:

    I want to apply for a pell grant for hair school

  74. Jenn Summmers wrote:

    I am a single mom and want to have a future for myself and my children. I want to be somewhere where I feel like I belong, hair and skin care has been a life long passion for me, I use to practice on my babrbies hair when I was a little girl. I am unemployed at this time and I cant provide a good home for my children always stressing about finding a dead end job. I want to be something and prove to myself and children I can fulfill my dream and do what I want to do with my life. Please help me, I think it’s important for young children to watch their parents follow their dreams and hearts.

  75. Sabrina Edwards wrote:

    I am a 28 year old, stay at home mom. My husband works so hard but we are still just barely squeaking by. In Alaska the cost of living is very high and there is just no way we can afford to pay for the schooling that I have desired for so long. Trend Setters school of cosmetology is the top of line up here with the best chances of success afterward. I am very creative and experienced with make up and hair but have no formal degree to make a career out of it. Cosmetology is my passion. I need this grant. For myself and my family. Please help. Sabrina

  76. Jessica wrote:

    Hi my name is Jessica I’m looking at going back to school for cosmetology but the school I’m looking at is $5000 and my husband is the only one that works so really can’t come up with that kinda money. We have to kids and cosmetology would be good for me bc I could make up my own hrs and still be home with my kids and still be able to bring in money at the sometime.

    Thank you Jessica

  77. chelsea b wrote:

    Im a mom of two at the age of 22. Im from CT and with these fincial hardships theres no way i can afford the school i want to go to. I cant even find a job to help pay for it. its been so difficult. I wanna make a good future for myself and my babies but without the help theres no way i can do this. Iv always dreamed of doing cosmetology. My aunts a hairdresser and offered to do a girls hair for her formal and at the age of 16 i created the hairstyle she wanted and picked mine over my aunts. Ever since then and even before i had my mind set to this.

  78. Ronniece Ray wrote:

    I own a small School of Cosmetology that is in need of grant assistance. We would love to hear from anyone who can help either our school to grow or help our students in finance assistance. We specialize in one on one training and small class sizes but we are always in need of more students. Please help in any way you can, even if its information on where to go or what to look for.

  79. Uzma Asif wrote:

    Hi i m from Pakistan n wish to do cosmotology study n wants to get financial grant from any of ur schoolplease guide i wiil be v thanksfull to u

  80. Michelle Blender wrote:

    Hi! I have an outdated bachelors degree in computer science but I can’t find any enjoyable work in the field. I do however, really enjoy making women feel beautiful. It is this fact that makes me come to the conclusion that I want to go to a cosmetology school. I have one picked out near where I live in Florida but I cannot afford the tuition. Unfortunately the school does not have any grants or scholarships available. I am currently unemployed and I feel that this career change would help my financial situation greatly. I would love to one day own my own ‘low cost’ nail salon for financially challenged women. This way I would also be helping the lower class women of my area. Half the battle of being a good person is feeling beautiful. I can help with that if I get this education. Is there any help for me?

  81. jhonjie wrote:

    hi my name is jhonjie i am from i wish to do cosmetology study and i want to get financial grant from any of your school..pls this is my opportunity to be a profesional
    make up artist..plsssssssssss..

  82. Lien Nguyen wrote:


  83. Tyst wrote:

    I am a mommy of one looking for a grant or scholarship for most of my schooling. I want to be a nail tech.

  84. Meggy Whynot wrote:

    I am desperate for any financial help I can get for cosmetology/barbering. I have looked everywhere literally. I am Starting school September 23 this year and I put a $100 deposit down to reserve my spot, but I don’t know how I am going to come up with the $2,000 due on the first day. No to mention even the $100 set me back, and I I am going to a trade school night program in Mass. and I am not finding any place online that can give me a hand…If anyone has any idea where I can find any help near central Massachusetts please let me know! Here is my full story as to why I need it so badly…

  85. Antoinette McGee wrote:

    Hello, I am 24 and plan on attending Paul Mitchell hair institute in Murfreesboro TN November 2013… Im living on my own without any family or help.I’m currently saving for a new vehicle and not by choice. I’ve grown up in a hair salon and always admired the freedom beauticians have. When I was younger I never realized how hard it would be to better yourself ( by getting an education) when working for a
    job that doesnt care about your well being, pays you very little and demands all of your tim. I truly am trying to become more success in life and would love doing so even more if I became more successful while doing something that I love. Expressing my creativity,and making others feel great about themselves. Knowing that I put a smile on someone’s face. But with tuition costing me 17,900 dollars a part of my goal is becoming more difficult than I thought. I also plan on going back to college once I complete getting my license in cosmetology. Another great aspect of that field… I will have flexible hours to achieve more! Please help me it truly will be very appreciated. Any help for that matter.

  86. Angelica Alaniz wrote:

    Class starts September 9, and its gonna cost over $12,000 any help I could get would be great. I’m single, and I’m helping my mother raise my 2 year old nephew. Like I said before anything I could get help with would help.

  87. Riiva Williams wrote:

    Hi name is Riiva and I fell in love with HEX makeup school and would really like to do it. It cost about $2500 if anybody would like to help or where I can get assistance as they do no take fasfa please contact me thanks

  88. Lisa G wrote:

    I recently graduated from beauty school and am in need of financial assistance to purchase tools, products and take a couple more advanced
    classes to set me apart from the competition. Are there grants or is there assistance other than bank loans that will help get my career started? Thank you.

  89. SANDRA MIRIKWE wrote:

    HI am sandra from nigeria i love cosmotology its my passion but i come from an epic society and my family doesn’t support my course so am left a alone i wish for some kind of support so i can help other ple from my society at the end


  90. Brionna Hollie wrote:

    My name is Brionna Hollie. I am interested in following a career in cosmetology but I am restrained by financial circumstances. My dream is to become a professional hair stylist owning my own Beauty Salon by the year of 2015. The school I am in the process of enrolling into is Regency Beauty Institute. The cost to attend this school is $18,600. These grants may not cover all of the tuition and fees but any amount will help. Thank you for your consideration hopefully I will be able to hinder my goals and dreams.

  91. Dhel Singleton wrote:

    My name is Dhel Singleton I ‘am interested into attending Regency Beauty Institute to perfect my talent in doing hair. I been doing hair since I was 15 years old, I really have a passion for doing and complimenting hair. One day I would love to open up my own Hair Salon and become a professional hair stylist. Unfortunately Regency Beauty Institute tuition for the school is 18,600. I applied for finical aid and it didn’t cover the whole amount of the tuition any little amount you’ll could give me would really satisfy me and help me to become a professional hair stylist. Thank you for you time. Contact info:

  92. Brionna Hollie wrote:

    My name is Brionna Hollie. I am interested in following a career in cosmetology but I am restrained by financial circumstances. My dream is to become a professional hair stylist owning my own Beauty Salon by the year of 2015. The school I am in the process of enrolling into is Regency Beauty Institute. The cost to attend this school is $18,600. These grants may not cover all of the tuition and fees but any amount will help. Thank you for your consideration hopefully I will be able to hinder my goals and dreams..

  93. Rhone't Jacobs wrote:


  94. stacey shewan wrote:

    Hello, my name is Stacey and I am currently attending Manhattan Hairstyling academy and my tuition is more than my loan and grant put together that I have been awarded, but they take all of it and you do not see a dime of it and I really need some help with the cost of living expenses and supplies for school and shears and a case for my kit and do not have a job or anyone that can cover the costs for me or anything, and my mother is disabled and my grandmother is taking on my grandfather and his Alzheimer’s disease and do not speak to my father so if there is anyone or any grant that I am eligible for please let me know thank you so much.

  95. Tina Turner wrote:

    Hi my name is Tina I am a 42 year old mom of 2 I have a daughter in college and a daughter in high school I recently have lost my job after 15 years of never being on any type of discipline or anything just gone. I have always had the passion of doing hair and making people look there best . I recently inquired about a Paul Mitchell school and want proceed with attending but after looking the tuition took me for a loop. But I definitely think and hoping I can received any information on how I can get funding and grants.The class starts October 28 and hoping someone can send information on how I can grants to further my passion.Please help……..Passion for beauty.

  96. Holli Wathen wrote:

    My name is holli watchen and im seeking help trying to find grants to start cosmetology school. Ive always have dreamed of going to cosmetology. I have appied for blades. I filled out a fasfa, but i need more grants. Im looking for granted. Only because i cant afford to pay back a loan, im struggling so bad right now, i have no car, i have two wonderful children that i am raising on my owm, i live at my own spot i dot have a job im living off tca, and feed me and my children by foodstampsI want to further my education and persue in hair and nails and make up. I want to one day open my own shop. I want to beable to provide what is best for me and my children, as well as not live off the State. Ifbu can help me please contact me i would gladly appreciate it.

    Thank you,
    Holli Wathen

  97. Jabrielle Swain wrote:

    Hello, my name is Jabrielle but everyone calls me Ella. I am a African American female who was raised by a single parent of four. I am 18 years old and a senior at Meadowdale high school. Beauty is my passion so I would love to be a hair stylist, nail technician, and makeup artist. I plan on attending Creative Images Institute of Cosmetology, but it will cost around $3,500. Any thing will help, thank you. Contact me at

  98. Carrie Rogers wrote:

    I am a middle aged woman and I am a survivor of domestic violence. To become a licensed cosmetologist has been a life time dream. I have done hair for years but I want to be licensed. I do not work at this time and no income. I dont know what scholarship or who to go to for help to go to coamwtology school. I need help.

  99. Teresa Clark wrote:

    Hello My Name is Teresa Clark

    I am very interested in going back to school to abtain my Master Esthetician license at The Esthetic Institute in Vienna Va. I am a Widow, Single Mom who raised two wonderful young men, my oldest is attending the Air Force Academy and my youngest a senior in high school. My husband died of a brain tumor in 1998 I worked and took care of my family, I believe its time for myself to advance my skills and allow my dreams to come true. The course will cost me 7,500 books will cost 1,700. At the present time I am a counter manager at the YsL counter in Nordstroms. Providing exceptional services to all women from all walks of life, I enjoy what I do however I desire to open my own healthy Spa that will provide many other services to my clients. i would appreciate any scholarship that will assist me in making my dreams come true and beable to touch many more lives. Thank you my email address is

  100. Courtney Johnson wrote:

    Hi, My name is Courtney I am currently homeless at the moment and living in a shelter. I have been struggling for the whole year of 2013 after loosing my own place to live. I now work part time after cutting my hours at work, because I was looking forward to starting school part time and then my boss didn’t support my goal to pursue a career in Cosmetology. I love my job working at the Nursing home but I this passion to change up my own hair styles quite a lot. I’ve been braiding my own hair for over two years now but I also do everything else on my own with the limited supplies I have. I feel this what I am meant to do with my life to help others feel good about themselves as it does for me. Please let me know how I can get help with grants to pursue my goal and make a dream come true: Thank you for your time!

  101. Vanessa Cota wrote:

    Hi, my name is Vanessa and I would like go please know what I need to do to get help paying for makeup artist school.

  102. Robin Davis wrote:

    Hello! Im very interested in doing cosmetology, but alot of schools do not take the FASFA grant and I got approved for that but alot of the schools that take it are a long drive away! How can I go about getting a grant that the school will take that is closer to home? Would much appreciate some advice or help!

  103. Toni Hunt wrote:

    Hi my name is toni and i am currently attending a technical high school and am almost a lisenced cosmetologist,but i would like to further my education and become a profesional make up artist by going to a really good colledge but i dont have the money can you please help me.

  104. Elizabeth Serrano wrote:

    Hello im elizabeth and I am a really good cosmetology student and a hard working parents only give me 50$ a month to pay the school and other than that I have no car or no job because without no car I cant get a job and without a job I cant get a car and I need makeup supplies and hairstyling supplies also to get my skills out there but no money to buy all that I need ;(

  105. Dorcas Shamba wrote:

    My name is Dorcas aged 19.lm looking for grant in cosmetology to pursue my career dream but due to our family financial status ,it seems impossible. My father is late & my mother is a chronic patient.Your assistance l will greatly appreciate it in advance. l will be looking foward to hear from you ,thanks in advance. yours sincerely

  106. Dorcas Shangula wrote:

    I would like to study cosmetology but due to the financial state I am in now, I cant afford to pay any university/college,i would like to seek assistance from you.

  107. Karlee Clawson wrote:

    Cosmetology is one of the things im most passionate about I plan to start school November of this year. Due to my financial problems just graduating from high school I could use as much help as possible being on my own. Anything helps let me know of anything please.

    Thank you for your time.

  108. Eboney gundrum wrote:

    My names eboney and I’m in great need of any money for school. I don’t get to revive anymoney beacuse my parents income is to much. When in fact I have 2 brothers and another family we are suporting, but beacuse when can’t include any of this I’m just left in the dust. My parents work hard and unforantly beacuse of so I can not get any fasa, ect. I’m looking for a job and hoping that I don’t have to take loans out but for my schooling I must be paying out of pocket for all. I would like to go to Aveta and start a business and make people feel amazing with my job I hope to gane in the future. Any little bit helps thank you.

  109. Promise wrote:

    I’m a secondary school graduate,finished 2012 please help me enroll in this cosmetogy school cause I am a born makeup artist,when I was in school I make my friends &seniors up whenever they needs it,I love it to a fault,please grant me this great privilege,that I can never forget,,,THANKS…

  110. Deszeree jackson wrote:

    My passion is to get cosmotology school,to learn more about hair

  111. Kelsey Sleasman wrote:

    Hello, My names Kelsey and I’m 18 and a 2014 graduate. I am trying to begin a career in cosmetology. Ever since i was a young girl i loved it.I am in need of desperate financial help due to a house fire during my senior year, in which my family and I lost everything. My start date is set to be June 1 2015. I have applied to many and i would e grateful for any help and suggestion you would have.

  112. Chelsie Fletcher wrote:


    My name is Chelsie Fletcher & I just enrolled to pursue a higher eduction in the Empire Beauty School’s Cosmetology Program! I am currently seeking any financial assistance &/or any leads to help make this dream a reality.


    As for a little bit about myself, I graduated from Lahainaluna High School back in 08 with the National Honors Society. So I’m goal driven & will always shoot for the best that I can give. However after I graduated I chose to go down a different path. I thought I was in love & ran off with my high school sweetheart. It turned out to be a big mistake, he ended up taking me away from my friends, family & all that I had.

    In the long run I’ve experienced a lot of ups & downs in my short life span. I now consider all that I’ve been though as just another learning experience. Which growing up tends to have a lot of those & through our mistakes we find the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Along the way, I’ve discovered I enjoy blogging & would love to own my own website one day to continue that passion. Plus with an education in cosmetology it will help me with my niche. I can work my way up to how to tutorials & make an income through selling products, advertisements & sponsorships. Or even save up to bring out the entrepreneur in me by opening my own beauty spa!

    I have a long list of goals ahead of me & by starting now I will only get closer to making my dreams come true!

    Thank you,
    Chelsie Fletcher

  113. Kattie Coleman wrote:

    Hello, first off, my number one problem in life is asking for help, I just don’t do it, but in this case I need direction. I really want to go to a good Cosmo school. I want to learn everything I can and more, than open my own salon. Yes, I dream big. But my financials right now aren’t the best due to some past mistakes. I would love to have some direction on how I can afford to go to a Cosmo program. Please help me with some information. Thank you I greatly appreciate it.

  114. Kristal Johnson wrote:

    I need financial assistance in order to a career in cosmetology. The cost is about $23,000 which I currently do not possess. I am a single parent of two teenagers and I need to create a comfortable cash flow of revenue to be able to afford college tuition for the both. I have been working in the casino field for several years which helped me keep my head above sea level. However, working in the casino has brought on some health issues due to it being a smoking environment. Therefore, I’d appreciate any help re:resources I can get. If there’s any suggestions or recommendations feel free to forward the info to me. Thank you in advance and God bless!

    True Regards,
    K Johnson

  115. Sira Ngbor wrote:

    Hello,thanks for this platform,it was very informative. I would want to know if these grants are available to students from Africa. Thanks

  116. Yemisi wrote:

    I am international student from Nigeria, I wish to further my study with you but I don’t know if you can grant me a scholarship? Thanks

  117. martha ochoa wrote:

    Hello my name is Martha and I would love to start school as soon as possible! I hate working at my 9am-6pm job I’m getting tired of it… I always had a passion for cosmetology but also had a passion for animals but that didn’t work out… A few months ago I have been thru tough situation my boyfriend of 6 years was shot &killed around aug:'( &than got hit by a drunk driver that almost lost my life.. I am barly gettin back on my feet but I wanna have a future and be happy… I currently stuck w my financial aid.. &right now money is tight please help me out I really need assistance I cant do all this by myself please & thank you

  118. biniyam shifraw wrote:

    I am a hair dresser. I need a scholarship for makeup and hair study programs at my local cosmetology school.

  119. Karoghwaa wrote:

    Hello! Thank for this platform I was happy to find it helpful, I would like to know if this scholarship are available to African girls am in East Africa -Tanzania.

  120. Hilary Collins wrote:

    My name is Hilary Collins I am 62 years old. I am married and I have 2 children. I need an assistant or an administrative assistant for taking care of my business and my personal activities.

  121. Jordan Stewart wrote:

    Good afternoon,

    Our company has recently started a scholarship program and would like to have it listed on your website to help students to find and apply. The link and information for the scholarship can be found at

    Thank you

  122. Keitshephile Nthule wrote:

    I am interested in doing the degree in cosmetology but i dont have enough funds to sponsor myself please help me

  123. meron taye wrote:

    I want to study in your school contact me by my email sincerely meron

  124. ndagire racheal wrote:

    Am a ugandan, i have a firstgrade diploma in cosmetology.If there is any grant or scholarship for further education for me am available. Please contact me.

  125. okoli sarah wrote:

    this platform was helpful thanks , please let me know if the grants are availiable for students in africa

  126. ShaQuia glover wrote:

    I’m enrolled in cosmetology school at a new school located in Sanford NC and i am looking for a grant due to me being a server and not making enough money to pay my way through school

  127. Ashraf fahmy wrote:

    Hello, i am A dermatologist from egypt , i have some experience in laser, botox, filler, prp, others , i am staying in chicago for few months ,can i find a chance for scholership ? , thanks , My phone 3126847199

  128. Abigail Vadies wrote:

    I am currently a cosmotology student at model college of hair design in MN and I absolutely love everything about it. I’ve always loved doing hair and makeup and have learned so much already. My only worry are the finances afterwards. I can’t wait to graduate and have a real job in a salon. I’ve been looking forward to this my whole life and everything’s finally coming together. For anyone reading this who is thinking about going to school to become a Cosmo or anything in this field DO IT!! It’s a blast. -Abigail Vadies

  129. Felicita Flores wrote:

    Hi, I’ve got a question. I was going to enroll into the local beauty school 4 years ago but was deterred by the Phoenix and so I went with them thinking I was making the right decision. I am so upset by my decision to get my bachelor’s as I’ve not been able to find work in my field due to prior felonies. I was told this wouldn’t be an issue but it has been. I went back to the local cosmo school and although she was glad to have me back, she said there’s nothing I can do now (financially)being that I got my bachelors degree And used 4 yrs of it. So, my question is this; is there anyway I can get financial help with this at all, or am I screwed by lightening to the Phoenix and leaving a potentially promising field for one that, well, looks like I’m never going to have any success in finding employment? Thank you to all that maybe able to guide me.

  130. Josef gazdick wrote:

    Hi please check out my go fund. Do you know how it feels to have your dreams at your fingertips then. Be told 850 dollers is the wall that stops me after getting all loans.. help

  131. Clarissa Sibul, Ramballie wrote:

    Im hoping if you can help me to got a scholarship but i live in the Philippines but my dream is to be a profetional hair stylish and makeup artist

  132. Terre Hale wrote:

    I am looking for a grant or scholarship for doing nails. I don’t want to go through all the other stuff. I see that according to the article it is for hair and makeup. Can you help? Thank you

  133. Sabrina wrote:

    By going through all the comments i can understand how much your work help these people.Well done.

  134. Errin wrote:


    I’m a 38 year old woman residing in Minneapolis, MN looking to go back to school for cosmetology. I would like to like to know if there are any grants to assist me with this matter.

    Thank You!

  135. destiny wrote:

    i would really love to go to school for cosmetology but i need to make monthly payments that i can not afford i am hoping that i can get some help here if you can help i would love that

  136. serkalem wrote:

    Are those scholarships also for ethiopian students?

  137. Crystal Williams wrote:

    Hi my name is crystal and I would love to attend the cosmetology school but I dont have the finances to attend I want to do better for my daughters my email is my number is 9143541757 thank you

  138. Aubrey hill wrote:

    Hi my name is Aubrey Hill and I am from Michigan. For the last 2 years since 2017 I have been in a beauty school at Jackson area career center where we have to reach to 1500 hrs by the end of our senior year. I am now in my senior year collecting very many color clients as everyone knows I’m my absolute favorite and very good at. But I also love creating beautiful cuts. But will do anything thrown at me. Since last year I have been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease which makes me very sick and some days not be able to get out of bed.. which made my junior year at cos very much on the edge. Then my senior year came where I have to start staying at cosmetology until 6 and I became sicker and my doctors couldn’t really give answers so the sent me in for a upper gi scoop where the found a large hiatal hernia. They said the don’t find them much in 18 year old but I was that one 18 year old that did and have very painful complications. I recently have been old since all my absences from being sick have put me at a position where I cannot graduate with enough hrs and will have to transfer to a private school which I would really really need any kind of help I can get and I never ask for help and do not like it at all unless I feel like I absolutely need it. I want to be able to catch up on my last few hrs before my time at this cosmetology school(Jackson area career center) is over. I really do not want to have to throw all them hrs away because I couldn’t come to school for either sick days or snow days. Cosmetology is my absolute passion and I love nothing more then it and it would crush my heart if I could fulfill my dreams . I wish I could figure out something there but after June 6, 2019 there is no way.. thank you for taking time to read my story. -Aubrey Noelle Hill

  139. Baatar tsend wrote:

    Hi! Everybody I’m greetings from Mongolia.How to apply international students?

  140. Mecca M Gibson wrote:

    Hello Mr,Mrs i hope all is well i am looking for a scholarship for cosmetology i currently attend Arts HIgh School In Newark NJ Thanks for taking time out of your day to review my letter
    Sincerly Mecca M Gibson

  141. Anedrea Dickson wrote:

    Hey I am currently getting ready to start school 10/29/2019. Finally have decied to start back school. To do something that I been wanting to do my whole life. I am a mother of 3. That I have to that I am taking care of by myself. Which means that I need help with going to school to pursue something that I can change my future as well as my children homes. I know its not going to be easy but Im going to make it look easy. Thank you For your time.

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