Nursing Grants

If you want to go to school for a solid profession, nursing is a smart bet. It is a field that is always in demand regardless of the economy or job market. After all, people will always need healthcare. The field is a solid career choice if you enjoy caring for others and aren’t squeamish at the sight of blood, and want to enter a healthcare field.

At present, there aren’t enough nurses to meet the demands of healthcare. Hospitals, healthcare facilities, and nursing homes across the globe are understaffed.

Thus, governments, non-profits, and organizations are committed to encouraging more people to become nurses. Today, there are many nursing grants available to anyone who wants to take on this career path. If you choose this path, you can apply for an abundance of grants to help pay for your education.

Group of women nurses in different uniforms

Federal Grants

There are many federal grants that applies to nursing students. One good source of nursing grants is the Health Resources and Services Administration, which funds several nursing education programs and grants.

One of these is the Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students program. This grant provides funds to financially disadvantaged students in health science and nursing fields. To receive this grant, students need to contact their college’s financial aid office.

Nurse Corps Scholarship

Nurse Corps Scholarship Program distributes over 200 awards to aspiring nurses. The funds cover tuition and expenses. In addition, the program offer a stipend that covers the student’s living expenses.

Eligible students who join the program agree to work for two or more years after graduation at specific institutions around the country. These are often places with a critical shortage of healthcare workers.

Pell Grant

There are also federal grants that are focused on student income levels. If you come from a low-income background and want to take up nursing, the Pell Grant should be on the top of your list.

Since 1972, the Pell Grant has been instrumental in providing students from low-income backgrounds with financial assistance for college. If you use this grant with a few others, you may have enough funds to pay for nursing school.

State Options

Group of happy young nursing interns

There are also a range of state-funded grants for nursing students. In response to the staffing crisis, many state governments now have nursing scholarship and grant programs to strengthen colleges and help send qualified and motivated students to school.

In North Carolina, for instance, the Nurse Scholars Program gives between $3000 to $5000 in grants deserving nursing students. This merit-based grant is awarded to candidates who are enrolled in state accredited programs. Both undergraduate and graduate programs are covered by this grant.

Exactly what grants you can get vary from state to state. Do your research and find out what nursing student grants your state has to offer.

Minority Grants

In the past, minorities like Native Americans, African Americans, and women were shut out of healthcare and medical fields. Today, many organizations offer grants to minority nursing candidates to encourage their entry in the field.

Through these efforts, two issues are dealt with at the same time. The nursing profession gets an influx of qualified students to help alleviate staffing shortages. Meanwhile, minority groups receive extra help to reach college.

Many of these nursing grants are offered by individual colleges and universities and from non-profit organizations. To find these opportunities, take the time to flip through a grant book, visit a college’s admissions office, or search the Web. Our website also has resources for minority students.

Nursing Organizations

Several professional nursing organizations offer funding opportunities for students. Look around for nursing associations and check if you qualify for their programs. You’ll need to consider your focus in nursing to find organizations and grants that best suit your interests.

College Specific Grants

Another funding option are grants from specific colleges and nursing programs around the country. If you are willing to be flexible about your program of choice, you might secure additional funding.

Take the time to see what different schools, degrees, and programs to have to offer you. Besides saving on tuition, you also need to ensure that you are in a school and program you enjoy.

Income-Based Grants

There may be funds that you can use in connection to nursing grants. If you can show that you come from a low-income background, you may qualify for more grants.

You’ll need to be clear about why and how you plan to use any grants you receive. If you demonstrate need and act professional in your grant application, it may push your application further than if you didn’t include this information.

Be Clear and Specific About Your Goals

Happy nurses helping the elderly

If you want to be approved for nursing grants, you need to show that you are both qualified and deserving. Put some serious time into describing your interest in this profession. Why do you want to be a nurse? Which sub-specialty or workplace would you want to one day work in? Be specific. A clear vision for the future is an attractive selling point in your essay.

Organizations that provide grants want to support people who truly want to make a difference in the lives of others. Thus, the more specific you are about your future, the more responsible and prepared you look.

Stay Organized

The only way to receive the necessary funding is to really know when deadlines are and what is expected or needed for each and every application. Late applications are often tossed without another glance. You don’t want your hard work to go for nothing just because you waited too long to mail your application.

Make a checklist for every nursing grant you find and mark each of the requirements. To keep on track, set these to a grant-focused calendar and keep a strict time table. Keep your documents and forms well-organized. Put each grant’s requirements in a single folder to ensure that the requirements are accounted for.

Staying organized not only helps you stay on track. It also gives an impression of professionalism. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends and family to maintain the quality of your application.

Don’t just restrict yourself to nursing grants. Each grant you overlook is free tuition you didn’t get. You’ll never know where you will find the best grants for your career goals unless you look. Apply for any grant that applies to you and your situation.

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  1. summer stewart wrote:

    hello, my name is summer. I would love to attend nursing school in the spring. I have been a caregiver for about 3yrs and have enjoyed every moment of it, but now i think it is time for me to attend Nursing school to further my education. Being a nurse is something that I’ve dreamed of for along time and now i’m ready to do what it takes to get there.

  2. Linda Robinson wrote:

    I am interested in Nursing School. I am looking for direction, information, financial assistance. I can be reached at 678-748-1408. Thank you

  3. Sulay Kemokai wrote:

    I recently was laid off from my job. I have been looking to get back into school. I was told the demand for male nurses is at an all time high. I really need a recession proof career.

  4. rimi wrote:

    hello my name is rimi, iam currently starting college in fall 2011 iam a transfer student that is going for my bsn in nursing. i work at hospital as a caregiver and i love it! nursing is my passion, and i really need this grant for my bsn school. thank you

  5. Lisa Alfieri wrote:

    I just gratuadted high school this year (2011) and am very determined to get my bachlors in RN, since I am almost aproaching my 18th bday & have no kids I would like to focus on my career & to become a sucessful women.

  6. Melissa Sadler wrote:

    I am a 41 year old women who received my associates degree in nursing 4 years ago. I am now looking to forward my education and get my BSN. Only financially we are drained and I will need some assistance. Any help you can provide to me in reference to obtaining a grant would be appreciated.

  7. Brenda Hayun wrote:

    I am currently an LPN at a very busy general surgeons office. I want to further my education and further my options in life. My passion has always been nursing because it makes me feel so good when I can be there to help the elderly, the sick, and those that do not have family/friends around to help. I am a mother of three daughters and it is very hard to be able to work and maintain school therefore if I could qualify for a grant it would help me so much. I want to be able to give back some day and this is my dream! Thank you

  8. Terrika wrote:

    I am looking for a way to pay to go to nursing school. this is my dream and I want it to come true. This will be a blessing iif i get this opportunity. AI also can be reacherd at 469-524-9023

  9. Samantha wrote:

    Hi my name is Samantha. I want to start school next spring to be a RN. Im already a nurses aid at a nursing home and I would like to go all the way. Nursing is my passion. I love working with people in different ways. Grants would really help out.
    Thank You

  10. Kimberly Tuholski wrote:

    I was accepted into a part-time nursing program, but cant get enough Pell Grant money to cover my expenses because I’m only going part-time. I have 5 kids and taking care of them is hard enough, so thats why I did the part-time. This way the load wont be so heavy. I would really like some help to pay for school to better my lives and the ones of my future patients. I’ve been a caregiver for 3 years and just want to further my education. Thanks

  11. Farzana Staniczai wrote:

    I am enrolled in a University beginning this September will be my first year in nursing school for a bachelors degree. I need help with any loan, grant, or scholarship to pay for my tuition. I will be heart broken if I do not accomplish my dream. I am close to achieving my dream, and I am willing to go through high intrest loans to finish school.

  12. Araceli Navarro wrote:

    Hello, my name is Araceli Navarro and I am currently attending school to complete my BSN. I plan to further my education and pursue a degree as a NP. I strongly believe that I would be a great asset to the MSN/NP profession, however, financial assistance is needed. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

  13. Rebeca wrote:

    My name is Rebeca and I am studying in PuertoRico Interamerican University 2nd year of Nursing BSN. I an looking for help with my college enrollment for my trimester October-December. Thank you for your time.
    ATT Rebeca T.( 08/23/2011 8:46pm)

  14. Tresa Anderson wrote:

    Hello, I have currently been taking classes to become an RN I am currently a CNA (MA) but would love to continue to on to my RN. I am a single mother or 3 soon to be 4 (in feb). I have most of my prerequists done but still shy of a few. But I am finding hard to pay for the classes and books along with nessecities for my kids. So I would love to have more information on scholarships or grants that might help me finish with my classes. I am not a not a minority I am just a single white female in my thrities trying to provide for my kids and finish my education to better my living situation. Thanks for your time. Tresa 🙂

  15. Kendall Wilson wrote:

    Hey im enrolled and morehead but having trouble with the transportaion i NEED financial assistance

  16. Amanda Stumbo wrote:

    Hi! I was excepted into the RN nursing program. There is a lot of extra costs I didn’t realize, also books and tution is high, and I was looking for some information of grants that might be able to help. Thank

  17. Staci Linton wrote:

    I am currently finishing my general education at California Baptist University, and planning on applying in the spring of 2012 for the nursing program of fall 2012. With my parents money being cut because all of the economy, I am paying for some of my classes myself. I was looking for more information on grants to try and help pay for more of my school. Thanks for the help!


  18. swaleha wrote:

    I am looking for free training in podiatry because there is a problem of diabetes related amputations on my island.I am a specialised diabetes nurse and I want to empower myself in diabetes to prevent complications from diabetes.


  19. Jasmin Jones wrote:

    To whom it may concern:

    When thinking of furthering my career three factors come into play; my purpose in this world, finances, and family. Many things can come about in life that can stop the education process. With that being said it is very wise to have all of your resources in order.

    My number one purpose in this world is to raise a healthy happy son that is fully capable of going out into the world on his own and prosper to his fullest potential. God blessed me with a caring heart to helping others in their time of need. No matter if they need a friend, scrapped a knee, lost a loved one, lost the ability to do everyday adl’s. As of right now I am a CNA, I find this to be very rewarding, but I am limited to nursing home positions. Becoming a RN will widen my horizon in the nursing field.

    Finances have to be in order or else while trying to better life things will be lost. Family needs to have food, gas is needed for the drive to school, daycare will be needed, house payments made, utilities and staples for the household are needed too. Working during attending classes will help keep order in these areas, but attending classes will take work hours down, as well. A scholarship, or grant will help relieve this stress.

    Family is the most important thing to me. The Jones family consists of my son and I. College implies more time away from my son, which is hard for him to understand. Family time is always very important, and with today’s fast crazy world I believe it makes it even more important to have family time. Sacrifices have to be made as well to build a better future for us, scholarships, and grants will allow us to enjoy our family time.

    With all of this said furthering a career takes that old saying, “blood sweat and tears.” With scholarships and grants the ride will be smoother in the classroom as well as at home. Thank you for your time.

  20. Jessica Juarez wrote:

    I’m a single mother and a full-time student going for my nursing degree. I need help paying some of my finical situations so I can focus more on my schooling instead of my bills right now. I am a determined person and am welling to do whatever it takes to finish school with my degree in nursing.

  21. Brandi wrote:

    My husband makes to much money for me to qualify for a grant. I have applied and am taking a compass test next week to get into the nursing program. I am going for my LPN and will continue to an RN. We have children and can barely pay the bills without me working. I cannot find work and going back to school is the best choice for our family. Is there anything to help married women who dont qualify because of what their husbands make?

  22. Bornface S. Kaweche wrote:

    I am alredy in the system I am doing Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery Technician in my country at St Johns College of Nursing and Midwifery. I am graduating on 26 november 2011 so now i am looking for sponsership to extend my qualifications to degree. I dont have money that i can manage to pay fees, now i am supported by government but the government will not help me for degree programme as conditions attached to our contract.

  23. Carrie Harris wrote:

    I am writing to you because I am about to start my bacholers degree at Axia. My husband recently got hurt and we are paying catch up trying to pay bills off. Not to mention I have loans to pay off from my Associates degree. My laptop, means of going to school is out dated and my car is a piece of junk so I cannot drive over an hour ot school. I want to prove ot my family that unlike thier words of me being dumb that I can do this, and I have good grades already in my Associates Degree. I am not sure if I will be able to continue or pay my loans off without your help. I have two little girls and iam thier hero because of going to college and want contine. I feel I cannot do this without your help. Please please consider. After years of abuse and wanting to go into psychology next, I know I can help others reach their dreams by showing them all I have done even fater years of abuse. Thanks Carrie Harris

  24. Amadi choice wrote:

    Dear,l am an international student with RN,BNSC,PGDE,BLS.,have been offered admission on masters in Nursing,sept 2011. Please kindly assist me with funding my programme because of family financial difficulty.
    choice Amadi.

  25. gillian wrote:

    On the surface I think I am like most young and modern American women: I take school seriously, I have dreams and goals for the future that I am determined to make happen, and I don’t expect anyone to do the hard work for me. I come from what is an increasingly normal background: my parents are divorced and I live with my mom and step-dad, I feel very lucky to have a supportive family behind me. What makes me different from the rest of the crowd though is how I choose to fill my time away from school. I come from a middle income background so I knew I’d have to get a job in the summers and/or after school to help fund college, but instead of getting the easiest job I could find like many of my friends, I purposely sought work that would teach me new skills as well as give me a sense of fulfillment.

    My grades have always been high and I am especially proud of this because I don’t naturally excel in all subjects. Writing has always been a challenge for me because I find grammar to often be confusing, spelling too, but I have learned through my involvement with many varsity level sports that quitting never feels as good as conquering your own fears, which is why I have sought not only advanced placement writing classes to really help me focus on mastering the written word. I am now on the cusp of attending college and preparing for a career, and I am confident that the determination I have displayed thus far will only grow stronger as my course work becomes more demanding. At this point I think I want to focus on a career in the nursing. I want to help people, and make there days better. I know that I am young and the career path I find myself on after earning an undergraduate degree may be very different than what I envision now, but I plan to make my college education a well rounded and broadening one that hopefully will allow me to explore both my academic and artistic interests so that wherever the future takes me I will have a solid foundation upon which to build a career.

  26. crystal curry wrote:

    I would like to return to school for Lpn program at PCCTI but I caint afford the payments. I am a single mom that really want to futhur her education. Thanks.

  27. Josh wrote:

    I have been accepted to an LPN program and I am looking for Scholarships. I currently work full-time for a Hospice organization. I have been in the Nursing field for 9 years now as a CNA. Becoming a Nurse has always been my dream. When I finish with my LPN I am planning on entering the ADN program here in my town. If there is anyone out there that knows of grants or scholarships PLEASE help!


  28. alozie miriaku charity wrote:

    hi i’m a student nurse 4rm nigeria and i dont have money to pay for my tuition fee and also take care of my academics pls i need scholarship to achieve my aims in life thanks and God bless Charity

  29. Betty Billy wrote:

    I am trying to go to school for pre-nursing. I am finding a hard time trying to obtain grants and scholarships for the students that have not been accepted to any nursing programs. Anyone out there know of any? Please help.

  30. Martha wrote:

    I’m 47 years old and I worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant..I want to promote myself by going back to be a LPN or RN. I cannot afford to go to school.I hope there’s any scholarship program that can help me…I’ve been working as a Nurse Assistant for 11 years now…I like what I taken care of elderly or children I just wish I can do more for them to take good care of them…but I don’t have any money to go back to school. also my sister she want to go to nursing program…she’s also a Certified Nursing Assistant…and she’s been nursing assistant for 17 years…I wish there’s any scholarship program can help us.. I appreciate it thank you very much hopefully there’s any nursing scholarship program or any foundation that can help us to go to school. school…

  31. mello dee wrote:

    Pls. help me pursue my nursing. I’m on first yr. college but my parents can’t really afford my fees.
    pls. help. thank you.

  32. Cheryl Gragg wrote:

    Hi. I am currently an LPN at a local Nursing Home. I have been a nurse for a little over 13 years. I have taken several classes toward my RN over this time frame, however there has always been obstacles in the way to finish my RN. I have just been accepted into an RN program but financing is an issue. I don’t want this oppurtunity to pass me by this time. I love nursing, I love helping people. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  33. Gale Welch wrote:

    I am currently looking to pursue my MSN/NP. I have been a nurse for 17yrs and looking for the oppertunity to enroll in graduate school.I am trying to work fulltime and school part time which is difficult. if any assistance is available please let me know.
    Thanking you in advance

  34. Jessika Faires wrote:

    I’m trying to figure out how to get into the medical school in my town. But I live by myself and have no where else to reside while I attend school, and the Pima Medical Institute I want to attend is 8 to 5 Mon-Fri. Not exactly something you can work full time while attending. I would like to know how I can get financial help to attend that college and still manage to survive without taking out a gigantic loan.

  35. Maigyne Edge wrote:

    Hi I’m Maigyne Edge I am currently 17 years old. As a 16 year old in high school I also attended a technical school (funds provided by my high school) and received my PCT certification. But I would like to further my education. As of the moment I do not have any Funds for college. I plan on becoming a registered nurse and I would love to work in the neonatal medical field. My passion for helping others is very strong and I believe that the knowledge I already contain and the knowledge I will gain in the future will combine to create a very intelligent young lady that will most definatly have a positive affect on a work place. If any one has any helpful hints as to finding hidden money to pay for college I would greatly appreciate it!! Thank you for your time.

  36. Jennifer Greenawald wrote:

    My name is Jennifer and I am looking for grants. I am currently taking my prerequisites for nursing. I am also a firefighter and an EMT. Thank you

  37. Angelica wrote:

    I am a 19 year old trying to get into college. I want to prove to the people that care about me that if i am able to do it, so are they. I want to be the first one in my family to go to college. so that i am able to get things accomplished in my life. My mom depends on me and I promised my dad before he died that i would take care of my family. And the only thing i need is money to pay for college.I do not have a job at the moment so i need the help.

  38. stephanie thompson wrote:

    Hi my name is Stephanie I am wanting to go to school to be an R.N. and I am currently a CNA. I am only working at a resturant right now and I don’t have much money for school, so any grants would help. Thanks so much for your time.

  39. Christal wrote:

    hi im christal and I am very interested in becoming an rn. I have always enjoyed helping people. Recently divorced with two girls. I want to teach my girls to be independant. I would sure appreciate some advice on grants.

  40. Susan Weber wrote:

    I recently lost my ex-husband, who I still lived with, and who still helped me with everything. I now need to find a job to take care of myself. I have always wanted to get into the medical field, particularly nursing. Anything you can do to help me get the funding for school will be more that greatly appreciated. I am in desperate need of a vocation that will help me take care of myself, as well as others. Thank you so much for any information you can give me in helping me get a grant for my schooling. The grant is necessary as I won’t have income until I begin actually working in my chosen field. Thank you very much for your consideration and help.

  41. Nicholas wrote:

    I have been an LVN/LPN for about two years and am currently in the process of applying to RN school. My ultimate goal is to go for my BSN, then MSN, then become a NP! The only problem is money. I work full-time and have a new baby boy born in 2011. So as you know, money is tight but I WILL further my career not only for myself and my family, but for the elderly and sick as well. The more education I have, the better I can care for them. Which is my passion, taking care of the sick and elderly. Thank you

  42. Lyn-Ann wrote:

    Hi, my name is Lyn. I am 23 and a mother of two. I have always wanted to go to school to be a nurse but never had the time nor money. At 18 I had my first child and choose to join the army to give my daughter a life at 21 I had my second daughter. Their father soon left me struggling to keep up with life. I am moving home and getting out the army and would like to be able to give my girls a good life. I dont have the money to go to school now so any grants would work. Thank you for all your time.

  43. Ben Lopez wrote:

    IM ben I’m 18 and intrested in a CNA program at my local technical collage i unfortunatly cannot afford the program i want to use this program as a foot hold in the medical feild and get an emt then more but i cant with out the starting fees being paid. thank you

  44. Laura Fritchey wrote:

    Hi, my name is Laura and I am a disabled mother of 10 year old twins. After high school I went straight to college and went through Respiratory Therapy training. I worked in the field for a year and became pregnant. During the pregnancy my Rheumatoid Arthritis became worse so I was not able to keep working and then I became a stay at home mom. I love being at home for the kids but I realize that I miss being at work helping people and interacting with others. My RA is under control now and I am able to go back to school. I have started classes but I now realize I really do not have the finances to finish with my RN and that is my goal and dream is to be a RN and help as many people as I can. I would appreciate any and all help in this matter. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  45. Brittany Kissling wrote:

    Hi my name is Brittany, i am 17 and a senior high school student. I am currently invovled in a Medical assisting Vocational class and hope to continue my education in nursing when i go to college. Any grants or scholarships would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

  46. Zhi Dan Brax wrote:

    My name is Danielle, and I came from China. I work as a CNA right now, and I really like the career of nursing. I want to get my LPN as soon as possible. I really need help as well. I would not find a way to fill out the form in this website. Could you direct me?

  47. Shalawn wrote:

    Hi, I have a degree in Elementary Education and I’ve worked as a CNA for the last 10years. When I attended college I never thought to attend the Nursing Program. For the last few months I’ve decided that nusing is where I have invested the most knowledge and I would like to become a nursing instructor.

  48. Michele Cassesse wrote:

    Hi my name is Michele and I am a married woman with 2 young sons who has never been to college and I am first generation to attend college. I have chosen the nursing profession after spending 10+ years in the Medical Billing department with the State of Mass and for the past three years watching my son go through chemotherapy for his diagnosis of Non-Hodgkin Lymopha. I have tremendous respect for the nurses whom I work with the those who have been taken care of my son. this grant money would help me ease the burden of the cost of college, books, and all related expenses. Any help you might provide me would be greatly appreciated. Respectfully submitted, Michele.

  49. bongiwe wrote:

    hi my name is bongiwe . i have always wanted to be a nurse but i cant afford. please help here in lebowakgomo our hospital service is not up to standard because there are no enough nurses and doctors so i want to make a different in our community. my contact number is 0739058215

  50. Marigrace Rike wrote:

    I would like to take LVN as soon as I can but I need financial assistance. I have worked as CNA and unit secretary for awhile. Please help. My no. 9723390158

  51. Amanda Hughes wrote:

    Hi, my name is Amanda i’m interested in the nursing program any financial assistance would be helpful. I’m currently unemployed want to go back to school for financial security and stability..thanks

  52. Fay wrote:

    I am currently a nursing student doing my 2nd level, money is really tight because I go to a private university. I need help on how to get a grant so I don’t have to be forced to go part time. Please help

  53. Ebony wrote:

    Hi my name is Ebony. I have always wanted to be a nurse due to my mothers health. I have recently enrolled into school but im sturggling with my financing. Please help me it would mean alot to me if you helped me out, this is all I ever wanted

  54. floretta roberts wrote:

    hi im floretta what made me want to be nurse was about 10years ago when i fount out that my mother had congestive hart failure my life was never the same i spent most of my life taking care of her i never really had a childhood but i dont regret that because my mom is still here with me.i have one thing that finially made me pursue nursing on june 1 2010 i moved in with my grandmom and took care of her with my mom and spent my hole senior year taking care of both of my loved ones performing nurse like dutys on may 30th 2011 two weeks after i graduated my granmother past away before she left this world i made her one promise that i would make a differnece in my life and when she looked down on me i would be somebody and look up and say granmother i kept my promise are you happy. thats why i wont to be a nurse any help you can give me i thank you

  55. chriszelda wrote:

    I’m a South African female and just completed my first year in nursing and was told that we not getting any bursaries to continue my second year in June.Financialy I’m struggling and really want to finish my nursing ,its In my blood,I’m a good nurse and very proud of it.I urgently need help,plz let me know.God Bless

  56. Judith wrote:

    I am 35 yrs old South African,I am in State for a long term visit,I would like to study nursing in any school here in America,however I do not have funds to study can you please advise me on how to apply for scholarship?


  57. Bartha wrote:

    I am a 26yr old female Ugandan.I am looking for scholarship.To do a nursing course here in my country or any where.Any good samaritan is welcome

  58. serita smith wrote:

    Hi my name is Serita. I’ve always wanted to be a nurse since my childhood. My mom is a successful rn. I would love to receive more information on where I can locate and apply for nursing grants..therefore I can oneday become successful just like my mom. Please email me with more information. Thanks!

  59. Alfredo wrote:

    Hello, my name is alfredo i am 17, a californian resident and would very much like to study to become a nurse to help people better their health. if i can be shown where to apply for this grant i would apprieciate it very much. thank you.

  60. Ivan Velazquez wrote:

    I am a 19 year old male looking for a career as a RN. I am currently working on getting my general education completed, I have only one semester left before I get my AA. It would be great if I could get some financial assistance to achieve my goal. I am a first generation college student, so I am looking for some guidance.


    I am a 21 year old female looking to receive a BA in nursing. I would love to receive information on where i need to apply for this grants. Thank you very much

  62. Veronica wrote:

    I am an LPN and I am perusing my career as RN. I’m unemployed now I constantly,apply for jobs it seems that every body wants RN’s.I have custody of my gran-daughter because her mother refuse to comply with her seizure medication regimen.There is so much I can contribute to in the future after completing RN program I definitely love to manage care for the elderly,also the veterans returning home who most of them needing help with everyday living and homes.Then we have so many young girls who think it’s cool to have a baby when they are still babies themselves.T always fall into the crack of the welfare system I would contribute to them by teaching them the nursing skills and knowledge I have.I’ve already encouraged several of my children s friends to better their lives and they are grateful for that and that makes me want to strive even harder at my success.I believe my duty for the Lord is to care for others any way I can,so with this being said I’m ready to learn teach and pass the Lords healing and blessing’s around.Thank You.

  63. Amaris Nogueira wrote:

    To whom it may concern, i am going to be a high school graduate from Hillsborough High school on July 4,2012. I am a first generation to finish high school and go to college. I want to go to college to start my degree in nursing. My goal in life is to become an RN and be able to gain experience that i can move my way up to top nurse of my floor in the hospital. i have a weighted GPA of 4.58 and an un-weighted GPA of a 3.8. I have worked hard for so many years pushing myself through school, and all i know is my passion is caring for others and if im able to become a nurse, that will be the best thing in my life. I would really appreciate information on this nursing grant so i can get the help i need for school. I appreciate you taking time to read this, thank you.

  64. samara pirie wrote:

    I am a patient tech serving alzheimer and ill patients. Love caregiving, I am in 40s seeking a stable career, raised 2 children now returning to college. working on 3 prerequisites beore applying to nursing. I need help to get through this program. It would be the best decision of life to persue nursing. god bless.

  65. Chandlar Schubel wrote:

    Hi my name is Chandlar. I am a part time college/part time high school student. I am graduating in May of 2013. I will be living on my own by then and I won’t have the money to complete my nursing. I am currently working on the prerequisites for the training because my school is paying for my college while I’m in high school. I wont be able to have all of my school paid for because I don’t have the money for it especially living on my own. It would be nice to know that I dont have to worry about money. I would appreciate it. I really want to be a nurse and be involved with helping others.
    Thank you so much!
    Chandlar Schubel

  66. Jennifer wrote:

    I am trying to go to school for CNA in Maricopa, Arizona. I am finding a hard time trying to obtain pellgrants and scholarships for my needs on accepting me into a program to get me started. If there is anyone out there that can help me get in the right direction I’d appreciate it.

  67. Deborah wrote:

    Hi, I’ m currently attending school for my LPN in Okmulgee ok. I live in Tulsa, ok and it’s costing me a fortune. I was gone live with my uncle in Okmulgee while I was going to school, but he passed a month before I started school. I have been trying to get in nursing school forever and I finally got in, so what ever you can help with is fine.

  68. Lisa Tett wrote:

    My name is Lisa.I will be enrolled in Everest College to get my associates in nursing for the summer of 2012.I am really hoping to get a grant before I do enroll.I would be so grateful.I’ve always had a passion for nursing since the day my first daughter was born in 2006.So Please if you know anything on how I would be able to get a grant.Contact by email

  69. Michelle Arroyo Brito wrote:

    Hi my name is Michelle Arroyo Brito and im very interested in becoming a nurse,im attending college at the moment at Mildred Elley.As a little girl i always loved to volunteer in as many jobs and help out as much as i could.Growing up i lost many members due to disease ,that motivated me to want to go to nursing school.I wanted to learn how to take care for a patient whom needed the professional help anyone could provide with.Growing up in a low-income household also motivated me to go to college and gradute with a degree,a career whcih i would love to do for the rest of my living life.

  70. Cassandra Dobek wrote:

    Hello, my name is Cassandra. I am really interested in getting some information about grants so I may attend Nursing school. I am a single mom and I need to change careers not just for my son but for myself. I enjoy helping and caring for people. Thank you so much!

  71. lewis nhlabatsi wrote:

    I am a swazi holding a diploma in general nursing and a post diploma in midwifery currently working at rfm hospital I seek a scholarship to pursue a degree in south africa of emergency and trauma nursing

  72. Christine Burrus wrote:

    My name is Christine Burrus and I am looking to get some information on any nursing grants or state grants available to me. I am a 36year old mother of 2 boys and I am returning to school to further my education. I am currently a surgical tech and have been accepted to the RN program at Richland Community College in Decatur, Illinois. My husband works for the state but with me having to drop my hours at work to complete the program we will be financially strapped for 2 years. Any extra help would be wonderful and a huge relief to our family. Could you please send me any information you have on grants that I would fall in he requirements for. Thank you.

  73. Herbert R. Colcord wrote:

    Hello, My name is Herbert Colcord. I have great zeal in obtaining,and looking for the opportunity to start the RN to BSN program. I have two children, one in college, and a child in elementary school. My wife has recenley had her job outsourced across seas, and i am determined to complete BSN program. Thanks, Herb

  74. Monica Nakato wrote:

    i am Monica from uganda
    i love caring for people and i am interested in this nursing program
    your response will be highly appreciated

  75. David Nguyen wrote:

    Hello, my name is David Nguyen. Currently I am a medic in the US military. After my deployment with a Foward Surgical Team I would love to stay into the medical field and go to college to be a RN.

    Any help would be great. #657-549-7039

  76. DaJanea Colen wrote:

    Hello, My name is DaJanea Colen. Currently I am High School Senior and I graduate on 5/22/12 and my dream was to be in the Nursing field and Im very interested in the Nursing program to be an RN or Nurse Practioner.

  77. Humberto Quinonez wrote:

    Hi, my name is Humberto .

    Im looking into the medical field because i take care of my little brothers an sisters because both of my parents were laid off an im looking to get a grant for nursing school an i dont quite make enough to support 10 people .

  78. Chaquanda English wrote:

    Hi im currently seeking financial help for the nursing program. Its really something to do and im very interested in feel free to respone back to me at any given time.

  79. Jacqueline wrote:

    I have been working as a CNA for four years and I am a mother of two. My husband is disabled and I would really like to go to nursing school and not put us into any more debt, then the doctors bills we have with my husband. But I would really like to further my education and do more for my children. Thank you

  80. Vanessa Spahn wrote:

    I am wanting to enroll in school to give myself opprotunity at a stable career. The nursing feilld is where I would like to explore these options. I have a passion for helping people, and I believe I would be able to apply my unique need for human interaction, and my ability of quick thinking, and beinng able to think and make sense of unusual situations.

  81. Catherine Moore wrote:

    My name is Catherine Moore and I have been taking classes leading up to Nursing school and I am seeking finacial help that can help me pay for Nursing School. It has been really tough around the house because my dad is disabled and I am paying for everything out of pocket. It’s very tough,even though my mom works too,its not enough to help out and I really love to help people. I worked at the VA last summer as a volunteer in the Dialysis Unit and it made me want to be in my profession even more.Helping people is what I love to do and I can be able to take care of my sisters,mom and dad if they were sick or need medical assistance. It would be a true blessing. O really would like some financial support so I can pursue my career and be the best nurse I can be.

  82. Kara Brooks wrote:

    Hi i am currently a 19 year old transfer student going into the Nursing program who is seeking some help. I am a single mother of one who is getting help by her grandparents. i want to receive help because i want to not only be able to provide for my son but also give back to my grandparent and provide to teen mothers that they can achieve their goals and still be a full time mother. Thanks

  83. Nick A. wrote:

    Don’t people actually apply for things instead of just writing a random comment on here? I’m a RN and worked my tail off applying for scholarships and financial aid to pay for my BSN degree and didn’t just ask for people to help me on a comment thread. I’m doing the same all over again for my grad school degree, you need to work hard for what you want to make it happen.

  84. Leonard Benavidez wrote:

    I’m Leonard Benavidez and am currently a sophomore at Baylor University, and even with the amount of financial aid I have received it is still not enough.
    I plan on getting my Bachelor of Science in Nursing, working as an RN for a couple of years and then going back to school to become a CRNA. Any help would be appreciated, grants or scholarships.

    Thank you

  85. Cathy Cunningham wrote:

    Hi. I am currently going to be starting my senior year at university in Indianpaolis. I have used up all my financial aid money and have found myself approximately 13000 short to complete school. I am worried I won’t be able to finish. Please advise of with any information of grants, scholarships or info that might help me complete my education. Thank you.

  86. Veronica Madrid wrote:

    My name is Veronica. I was working as an MA at my clinic but had to resign when I started school because the clinic I worked for told me they could not work with my class schedule. I was so dissapointed because this has been my dream to work toward becoming a nurse. I got two years experience as an MA and I am working toward receiving my CNA cert. I am currently a Junior in college and I have three wonderful children. It is so rough right now because I have no job and my boyfriend lost his job as well. I need two more classes to finish before I can get into the nursing program so I am praying I get in because times are so hard with bills adding up. I would just love a grant or scholarship to help with cost of school. Anything right now will be greatly appreciated!

  87. Sierra Clark wrote:

    Hi my name is Sierra. I am getting ready to start my colleges nursing program on July first but unfortuneately have very low income. I had to borrow money just to get into the class and am looking to further my school career to get a bachelors degree in nursing. Thank you very much!

  88. Mary Reece wrote:

    I have just gone back to school starting my prerequsites for the RN program. Iam an LPN for eleven years now and I really feel that I could make a difference in peoples lives but I need some financial help. I work and I do own my own house, but there is no help for me.

  89. angela hensley wrote:

    I just started college this summer. I was only going to go part time but decided to go full time. I had to quit my job in order to do this, so I took out student loans to help pay the bills, but it’s just not enough. I have a house payment I am behind on and 2 daughters to support, so I really could use the help. I am so excited about becoming a nurse. I want to be a good role model for my daughters and I hope they follow in my footsteps and also decide to be nurses. I would be so happy if you can help, I really need it.

  90. Jennifer Velasquez wrote:

    I am a a nursing student in the LVN program near where I live. I am in need of some grants to keep my family from drowning and myself to get a job. I would love to just worry about school and not have to work everynight along with school everyday. I can not find any grants out there to help can somsone help me find a website you don’t have to pay for.

    Thank you

  91. Demetria Roberson wrote:

    I am a sigle working mother of 3, who is trying to get help in paying for the LPN program I will be going to in August. I am having a very hard time to find help. I have been looking on the internet to find grants and scholarships but its seems like Im getting nowhere. I could really use the help. The program that I applied for is only for 12 months which would be great if I could find help. Please could you help me I really really need some help.
    Thank You
    Demetria Roberson

  92. makda kifle wrote:

    i am makda.19 years old from ethiopia.currently i am first year nursing student.after i finish high school the ministry of education in ethiopia have a system to put students who pass the national high school leaving exam and they put me to learn enginering beacuse i have good result.but the thing is i want to be in medical field naw my families are paying for collage which they put some money on bank for my happiness please help me to get grant and pay back my family favor thank you!

  93. Paige Gentry wrote:

    I am Paige, 19 years old from Perryville AR, I graduated from high school in 2011. I’VE always wanted to go to school to be a registered nurse, I am having problems finding grants, and more. I would like some help finding them to get in school ASAP.

  94. Tanisha Harvey wrote:

    I am trying to go back to school for RN, and denied Financial Aid, and really needing some financial help getting back enrolled. Ive been a caregiver for 4 years now, and Nursing is my passion, I love to help others.

  95. Latrice Barnes wrote:

    Hello, I am stressed out! I have been accepted into the nursing program, but I have exhausted all my financial aid, I was told I used the lifetime pell grant with my first degree. They wont let me appeal it, and i am devestated. I am a single mother with two kids working part time jobs trying to make ends meet. I always had a passion for people, and working with sick people helping them get better. Nursing is my dream and it seems its all about to be shattered because I cant afford to pay for tuition, books, uniforms, medical supplies, and take care of my house, and other living expenses. Looks like I would have to forfeit my seat, and i woluld be crushed, I worked so hard to get to this point in my life and my dreams about to be shattered. There has to be some help out there, please help school starts in less than a month and my classes will be dropped if I dont pay by the deadline.

  96. Tiffany bolin wrote:

    I need help paying for college i’m a new mommy and money is tight I start in December and i’m worried about paying for it.if you could help it would be greatly appreciated….

  97. Pamela Kaminski wrote:

    I am 50 years old I have a CNA I have been accepted into college for ASN RN Nursing. I do not have the money to pay for tuition. I have wanted this my whole life because of people that controled my life I was unable to do this at a younger age. I have control of my life now and want to make my dreams come true.

  98. Penny Griffin wrote:

    I am very interested in getting my RN degree. I have wanted this since high school. My children are older now and I feel it is time for me. I love working in the emergancy care. My goal would be to work in a trauma unit. I am in need of grants and would be happy to receive any help. Thank you.

  99. Elizabeth Taets wrote:

    I am a single mom going to school to be a nurse. I have received Pellgrants, but I need help with the cost of living. Is there any help out there besides taking out loans?

  100. Joseph Richter jr wrote:

    I’m very interested. My employer decreed that to keep our job, all RNs will have to be (at least) BSNs, I’ve only got my Associates in Science RN. 46yr old male, married, footing the usual bills including mortgage, and it leaves precious little for school-related expenses -and as I’m finding out (as a returning student) Universities are downright EXPEN$IVE! The kicker is that there is no practical benefit or incentive to get the higher degree (that is, no raise) except keeping your job (which, I have to admit, -having taken a gander at the job market again, is reason enough.

  101. Kimberly McGill wrote:

    Hello. I am a minority female, just starting into nursing field, but most importantly I’m excited to finally have the opportunity to better the world! I have spent 13 years in a profession where I felt I didn’t really make much of a difference to others. Never again! 🙂 Achieving my goal: RN to CRNA would allow me opportunities to work in critically challenged hospitals and abroad to help people that desperately need it. I’m a new mom. My husband, son, and I have just enough to survive. I need help, and I will positively affect the world with whatever benevolence I receive. Thank you.

  102. Harold Patrick Jr wrote:

    Hello my name is Harold Patrick Jr but my friends call me J.R.Patrick.I am 36 years old and I decided it is time for me to change careers. I am currently a student at ECPI University.I am in my second term and I am a male enrolled in a female program.I am in the Medical Assisting Associates degree program.It is a prodominate female field, however I know I can be great in this field.I dont have a job, or means to take care of myself financially. I am a father with a daughter to take care of, so I get money wherever I can doing odd jobs. I am very stressed about my bills and school.Through out everything I have maintained a 3.2 and have not missed a day. I am posting this in hopes of getting help with the financial burdens of school like books,gas, housing,student loans. Any help I can get will be welcomed.

  103. Shayla wrote:

    My name is shayla mckitrick and I am wanting to continue my education in a nursing program. I am 21 years old. This is something I promised my mother, and now since she is gone. I am still keeping this promise to her and I am trying to get the nursing grant program. Just don’t know how to do it. Would be very thankful if I could get some help.

  104. Sara Black wrote:

    Hi my name is Sara. I have been an RN at a hospital in my town for 1 year. I am looking to go back to school to become a nurse practitioner. I absolutely love nursing and am so excited for my future and all that I will learn. I am trying to work full time while going to school part-time however getting a grant or scholarship would help with the stress of money while getting my NP. I want this so bad but being independent I need to also worry about other finances. I would be happy with any financial help! Thank you!!!!

  105. Betty Gilbert wrote:

    Hello My name is Betty Gilbert, and i a ready to become a registered nurse. I have taken all of my chore classes towards nursing only to find out because of the new changes made by the government, i am maxed out of pell grants and cannot finish my degree. I know that i will a good nurse and i am ready to take the steps necessary to complete my career!

    I am praying for a miracle to complete my nursing to provide quality care to all that i meet.

  106. Grecia Rojas wrote:

    My name is Grecia Rojas I recently decided to attend nursing school. I will be attending West Coast University starting fall 2013. I decided to attend nursing school when my son had surgery at two weeks old. After surgery he was admitted to the NICU. The whole week he was there I was how loving and caring the nurses were, and I would love to do that; to just go to work and know that I did something great that day.

    Thank you.

  107. Treneecia Gilmore wrote:

    Hi, I want to give a background of myself. I went to community college and I got accepted into a technology program, but I couldn’t finish because of family problems and financial issues. I decided that I wanted to go back to school and start by January 7th to get my rn degree. My problem is that I owe my old school 1800 dollars. I don’t have any help. Please let me know what I could do to get this paid within the next couple of months, thanks. 352-256-5751

  108. Lisa Fishman wrote:

    Hi. I have been a RN for 30 years. I am currently unemployed and having difficulty finding a job. I am the main bread winner in my family. I think my many years of experience would make me a great canidate for a BSN and even further a clinical nurse specialist. I am highly motivated to get my BSN, except I literally have no expendable income. Would I be eligible for a grant? If anyone has any advise, I would be grateful. Thank you.

  109. ANGELA JOHNSON wrote:

    Hello, My name is Angela Johnson and I’m very intrested in returning to school to become an RN, but don’t have the money. I’m currently working as an medical asst. but my dream is to become an RN.

  110. Connie Finney wrote:

    My granddaughter is attending Bryant & Stratton to beome a nurse. They match any grants she gets. She had been going part-time but now must go full-time and the cost is going to be more than she or us can afford.She was in the top 10 of her high school class and took college courses while in high school. She attended Malone University for 1 1/2 years before having to leave due to lack of money. Her boyfriend has returned to college and just started out in the insurance field a year ago. My grandaughter has a part-time job taking care of mentally challenged young adults in their homes. She was in the top 10 of her high school class and took college courses while in high school. She attended Malone University for 1 1/2 years before having to leave due to lack of money. Any suggestions?

  111. Connie Finney wrote:

    Somehow I deleted the part about my grandaughter having a 16 month old son, also. The most important part of her life.

  112. John wrote:


    If you have a bachelors degree in another field and you are presently unemployed, can you get a grant for Nursing school? I am tired of being told that I have to get a student loan. Its too much money and it often does not cover your education entirely. You may end up paying a fee and more for books and lab fees, which can be quite expensive. The thing is that I have always wanted to be a Nurse. I tried teaching for a while and find it to be one of the most unappreaciated and least rewarding professions today. In the past it was great, now there is no professional respect, either from the administration and from parents. I want a rewarding career that allows me to help others and know that I can move forward professionally.

  113. Sheritte Corbin wrote:

    Hi my name is Sheritte Corbin I’m 31yrs and a mother of three and just recently been laid off from my job, my dream for so many years is to complete a degree in Nursing(RN)and to own an Assisting Living Home,I’m a certified CNAII and been working in the healthcare field for about 5yrs, I’m interest in attending a school such as ECPI because its more of hands on learning as well as the time frame of completing my degree (18mos)although its more expressive then a community college it will suit my situation better and being laid off from work right now will give me the opportunity to be focus just on school and back grainfully employed in a timly manner to support my family. Besides the Healthcare field being in high demand and the salary been of a substantial amount of income, thats where my heart is. I really enjoy helping people, making them feel better, feel loved and letting them see that somebody truly care for them and there needs, knowing that I can and will make a difference in people lives makes me feel great. I really need this grant to carry out my dream without getting in to doubt by taking out loans or having to pay out of my pocket which is really not in my budget. I really appreciate the opportunity to be consider for your assistant to accomplish my goal and becoming a part of the Healthcare world.

    Thank you,

  114. deb henderson wrote:

    I have a senior high schooler that is wanting to be a nurse
    like his mom. He has a rare bone disorder called nypophosphatasia he is determined to work in this field even though he is medically handicapped and a boy. is their any scholarships out their that he would qualify for?

  115. Genea Moncel wrote:

    I am Genea Marie Moncel, and I am the first person of my family to attend college. It has been very difficult my first two years. Nobody in my family could or can help because they do not know what I go through in college. So much happened from my mom adopting my younger cousins because they got taken away from CPS because their mother left them. She is a drug addict and could not take care of them. My mom and dad are divorced and cannot afford to send me to college anymore and my goal is to become an RN, but I cannot do that without the money for college. I need help, money help. This is such a heavy burden on my shoulders and I am very stressed out. Being an RN would be perfect, I love helping people and taking care of people. I am a people person. My favorite kid game was playing Doctor. I always loved going to the doctor and learning new things from the nurses. Those nurses were who I looked up to. They care about people and I want to be one of those nurses a young child wants to be when they grow up. Helping people puts a smile on my face because it makes me feel better about myself. If I get the money for school to become an RN I could graduate in time to help put my younger cousins through college.

  116. KAITLYN wrote:

    I’m currently a LPN and going to school for my RN. Financial aid tells me I make to much money to be approved for a grant. School is still expensive and I’m already paying on a student loan from nursing school. Nursing is amazing and such a rewarding field of work and I would love to continue my education on becoming a registered nurse and continue to move forward in my career.

  117. Kelly wrote:

    I graduated with honors despite having a baby at 17. I put myself through school full time while working full time. I currently work as an EFDA in PA. I intensely researched my options in going back to school.Nursing stood out by far to me as the most rewarding and attainable. I am seriously pursuing this and have full intentions of continuously building on my career.

  118. T'keyah Wells wrote:

    Hello, i am currently a high school student in the 12th grade and im looking for a nursing grant. I love taking care of people and Nursing is such a rewarding field to work in. I would like to become a nurse practitioner an i would like to attend case western reserve.

  119. dominque jackson wrote:

    Hi my name is Dominque I have been going to a community college that does not really have my class major classes that I need I just go because it is the only closes community college near me. Well two and a summer semester later I finally got accepted into my dream university and I was so happy until two days before move in day they told me I was not gone to have any money for books,food, etc. And that forced me to stay home an extra semester with my mom who is a single mother with two younger children and also has a cripple disease. I would love for any one who can help me continue my nursing degree.

  120. Marvail Christian wrote:

    Hello my name is Marvail Christian, I am enrolled in the nursing program at Bloomfield College of NJ. I am a year away from graduation and I’m no longer able to afford to continue my education due to my financial hardship. I can no longer received financial aid or federal loans because I have maxed out. I do not qualify for private loans. I need scholarships and/or grants in order to continue my education. I need some assistance and I do not know where to go. I really want to complete my nursing degree without any interruptions. Please someone help and point me in the right direction. Thanks

  121. Hunter Griffin wrote:

    I am Hunter Griffin and I live in a very small town in Virginia. I was diagnosed with Clear Cell Sarcoma, Kidney Cancer on October 31, 2010. The good news is I was put into remission on May 15, 2011 and it has been a year and seven months so far with being healthy. Since then, my dream has been to work with Hematology-Oncology at the hospital I was once treated it, which is CHKD in Norfolk, Virginia. I love the nurses, doctors, child-life specialists, and even families. It’s hard to say that my parents haven’t been the same since I was diagnosed and I just wish I could do everything I can to give back to the both of them. I’m currently majoring in nursing at TNCC in Newport News, Virginia and I soon want to achieve my BSN at Old Dominion University, in Norfolk, right beside my hospital. In the meantime, I promised my best friend, Holly Shapiro, that I’d never give up on my goals. And even though she passed from Leukemia-Lyphoma in 2011, I still plan on making her proud. I hope you’re willing to get me one step closer to my dream, and merry christmas.

    Thank you.

  122. latisha wrote:

    i want to go back to school. i don’t know where to begin. i need help, i already have my cna but i want to further my career as well as my goals. please help me if you can

  123. savannah lewis wrote:

    I am savannah lewis i live in a small town in kentucky. I would like to go to ST Catharine College in Kentucky. I would like to study in nursing field but i need help finding grants and scholarships, cause i can’t afford it on my own. Please can someone help me. I would really like to continue my education in nursing Thanks

  124. Abigail Flannigan wrote:

    To whom it may concern:

    I am a 30yr old single mom of four kids, all whom are under the age of 10. I am considered to be a veteran, however, I’m one of the few that slipped thru the cracks and was never able to fulfill the duty of being called up for deployment. When I found out with my third pregnancy I was having twins, I decided it was time for me to get hang up my uniform. I couldn’t take the risk of getting called up any longer, since, my at the time husband was also military and was getting deployed frequent-multiple times. When I was discharged, I lost all military benefits because I had to be an active member to receive them.

    Although, it has been very hard to juggle, being a single mom, working full time, and going to school. I finally finished my general associates of arts and sciences degree this past December. Included in this degree, I have completed all prerequisites to the BSN nursing program, which will allow me to focus on my core nursing classes.

    I am very excited to hang up one uniform and put on another by pushing my sleeves up and, being blessed with the opportunity to become a sponge and soak up as much information theoretically as possible. I want to know when I start doing clinical s, that I know my stuff and the client feels comfortable in my care. I want to be that nurse that places an everlasting memory on all my clients as “one of the good ones”.

    Unfortunately, I have found myself in an unwanted situation. In order for me to fulfill my dream, and be able to provide for my kids without scraping by, I would need some help.

    With that said, any tips, information, scholarships, grants, or any other ideas from anyone would be greatly greatly appreciated!

    my email is

    Thanks for your time,

  125. vann jones wrote:

    Hello, my name is Vann Jones. I am in LPN to RN program at ASU in Jonesboro. I finished my 1st semester this past fall, it is now time for spring semester to began and I’m short of my tuition. Please contact me to let me know where to apply or who to speak with. 901-240-4813. Thnks

  126. Barb Wickham wrote:

    I am a mid life newly single woman. My kids are college age. It is time to concentrate on me. I have always wanted to be a nurse. There is no time better than the present. I have been in a few auto accidents, so I think the field that I would like is Emergency Room Nursing. Since I am newly single with all the bills I need all the help I can get. I will be strarting from the beginning. I would be willing to sign a contract with a hospital if they would be willing to help me out. We have several wonderful hospitals in our area. Thanks

  127. Laura Cauthen wrote:

    would like information on grants and scholarships that might be available to my daughter who is currently a freshmen at Appalachian State University in Boone, her first semester at ASU, she made the Dean’s and Chancellor’s list. She received a couple of scholarships as an incoming freshmen from high school but they will be expiring after her first year, she is enrolled in the nursing program at ASU or will be after she meets her required classes her sophmore year. Thank you

  128. tinnette wrote:

    hello i have been enrolled inthe bsn program, and was recently dropped from it, because they said i was at my limit of pell grants. I m looking to find grant and scholarships so that I can finish my goal of becoming an nurse pract. PLEASE HELP ME i am an single mother.

  129. PORSHAY ELAM wrote:

    Hi, my name is Porshay Elam. I am a LVN and I do In Home Nursing (part time) in Orange County. My Ultimate Goals to become a FNP. I come from a low-income based family and school is very expensive. School is one of the most important things in my life and I would be honored to receive financial assistance. Nursing is my passion and I look forward to making lives easier every day. Please consider me for this opportunity

  130. Jessica Marie wrote:

    I am a single mother with no way to pay for school. I want to get an LPN and hopefully one day cross over for a PHD. I am not sure what to do to get my schooling paid for. Thank you for your time.

  131. Dee Taylor wrote:

    I am looking for nursing grants. My husband makes to much for me to receive pell grants but we don’t make enough for school. I am 55 and work as a CNA. I have always had a desire in my heart to become a nurse, to make a difference in someone’s life. I finally had a chance many years ago and had almost finished my practical nursing program when I found out that my sister tried to commit suicide so I move back with her so I could take care of her and be there for her. I never went back to finish and have regretted not completing school. I am glad that I came back to care for my sister because I love her so and am glad she is well and still with me but now I would love to find a way to fill my calling.
    Thanks for your time and ear!

  132. YASMEEN YAQOOB wrote:

    Hi,nursing education Grants…me yasmeen yaqoob MIDWIFE REGISTERD NURSE FROM PNC want to continue my study for post RN but due to some financial problem i didnt… So,kindly tell me about the scholar ship for BSN, i will be very thankful to NURSING EDU GRANTS FOR WHOLE LIFE…. MY EMAIL ADD , will be waiting every time to gve me a good news for study…..

  133. taylor wrote:

    Hello. My name is taylor. im 17 and i have been a cna for 1yr. even though i been i the field only a year i hav been around it my whole life and know this is wha i want/need to do. my mom is a lpn and has been a huge role model. in 2003 my mom was diagnosed with cancer, even though she has pulled through it set us back and payong for college it coming all out of my pocket. Paying for college will be a day by day struggle and would really appreciate anything i can get to better future and provve to my family i have what it takes.

    thank you for your time.

  134. Chelsea Sanders wrote:

    My name is Chelsea I’m 17 years old a CNA and currently employed at a nursing Home. I graduate in May or 2013 and wanted to further my nursing education. But sadly i cant pay for much of my college i have taken and im currently taking college classes. I really would like to make something of myself.

  135. Shante'Via Thomas wrote:

    My name is Shante’Via Thomas, I’ve currently been accepted to TWU for nursing. I work in a retirement home as a CNA, and im currently working on my Pharmacy Technician license that I will be recieving June 8th. I’ve rotated at Preysbyterian Of Dallas in clinicals for one year observing differnt fields. I can be reached at 2145189477 or at

  136. Kristin Dempcy wrote:

    I am currently a working mother of 3. I work at a nursing home/hospital in the human resources department. I want nothing more than to further my education to become an RN. However, I am not sure how my husband and I can afford to lose my income while supporting three little ones. It is my life long dream to earn my RN but I can’t do it on my own. Please help to point me in the right direction to make my dream a reality!

  137. Kaitlynn Cremeans wrote:

    My name is Kaitlynn Cremeans, I am 17 and currently in High School. I’ve been accepted into a nursing program, but do not have enough to pay for it. I would love to make something of my self. Any help would be great.

  138. Carrie Cannon wrote:

    My name is Carrie and I’m currently attending school finishing up pre reqs. I have the fall semester to complete my last 2 classes and will be eligible to apply for the nursing program. I’m 34 years old and a single mother of 2 incredible boys. I work full-time and go to school at night part-time. Since my journey began back to college I have maintained a 4.0 GPA, which I’m very proud of my accomplishments thus far. It’s a daily struggle but I seem to keep a somewhat balance in life the best I can. My boys are 10 and 14 and very supportive. Financial worries ponder in my head everyday. I do wish I would have pursued my career goals earlier in life but that was not how my cards laid out. I am currently a medical assistant and have been for 7 years. I love my job and I love our patients. The care for others has always been in me and to be the one to help put a smile on someone’s face even when they struggle with medical issues brightens my day. I’ve always put others in front of myself. It may have set me back some but I don’t regret it for a second. I’ve truly been blessed to have made it this far. There are times that I think it will be easier for me to wait longer to enroll in the nursing program so that I know my children are taken care of. I will not be able to work and the stress of my children suffering because of my delayed decisions breaks my heart. I know it’s something I need to do and sacrifice is part of it. I just don’t want to consider the sacrifice on their dime. They tell me it will be ok and they “won’t be mad” but a child loves their mother no matter what I may put them through financially. I need to make more of myself, not only for me but my boys. My future patients are counting on me. My present patients are counting on me and push me more than anyone. Kindness is returned. Financial help would be such a blessing for my family. I work hard and strive for the best. I don’t want to quit now until I’ve reached my full potential. It’s in my heart to pursue my career in furthering my education in patient care. Providers are pushing me to not stop at BSN, but to further myself as a PA because I have that “knick” for people and caring for them the best way I know how, putting a smile on their face when they have nothing to smile about. Nursing is all heart. I have that and will continue to use every inch of what I have to care for patients with 100% of me. Please consider me for help in paying for college and surviving. Grants have seemed hard to come by. As a single mother I’m in need and definitely desire. Thank you.

  139. latoya eaton wrote:

    Hello my name is latoya eaton and i have been just certified as a cna/gna . Nursing has always been my passion and my dream my life is just built on helping others in the healthcare field i am currently about to enroll into ccbc catonsville md i am a single mother i really would appreciate the help with w grant to just pay for my education i am an honest person in loving in just more caring to others i need please give me a chance to become a registered nurse in to achieve all of my goals i just thank you for your time may god bless you in i just thank you for your time. you may just reach me at 4437223545 thank you

  140. mimi jacobsz wrote:

    Hi my name is mimi I’m a single mom of two teenage daughters I really need help my 18year daughter is currently doing matrix and my 16year old refuse to go to school she ran away with a friend I didn’t even get assistance from the police whe wwe avancely find her I had to borrow money for patrol to get her back home! I’m so happy but now she don’t want to go back to school! I was wondering isn’t there away that she can become a caretaker or student nurse she got only grade 9 I will be so happy if there’s any program that can help her! We also need financial assistance thank for reading my contact no is 0766035562

  141. rugumayo richard wrote:

    Hello my name is Rugumayo Richard i have a certificate in nursing and i have applied for diploma at mountains of the moon university in FORT PORTAL UGANDA, but i have failed to rise the tuition fee i would love to get a grant so that i can persue my career. in nursing .Thanks.

  142. kate kekiconco wrote:

    Hullo my name is kate kekiconco, I leave in Uganda. I am a Registered nurse/midwife currently working with an N G O in Uganda. I am an acting principal nursing dream has a ways been helping patients in my field work.I am honest ,loving and I am a counselor. Please give me a chance to sturdy at degree level thanks.

  143. Selena wrote:

    I am a RN with 4 children and a husband that is unemployed. I need help paying for college to further my education. I feel the least among the others that want help to pay for school. I need help with finances.

  144. Rhonda wrote:

    I am wanting to go back to school but I need help financially.. I didn’t have enough pell grant money to finish the RN program therefore I’m unable to attend school. I want this dream so bad but I’m a single parent with two kids and no income because I have been unable yo find a job. I love helping people and also have a passion for healthcare . Please help it would be greatly appreciated!!! 336-520-0024 thanks

  145. Jorge wrote:

    Hello, my name is Jorge, I have been a registered nurse for over 12 yrs, for few years I have had the desire in my heart to become a nurse anesthetist, I finally decided to apply to the program, I had my interview about three weeks ago, with good chances to be accepted, but I am not sure to be able to attend, due to my financial situation. I am a father of four and the only provider. I wiould really appreciate if someone can help me financially with the 2 years of school, is a full time program and I’ll have no income for that time, I need the support to make my dream come true, and be able to help others that are in need, that is my main motivation. I am a minority without many sources of help here.Please if there is any help available contact me at 305-904-4161. Thank you so much for your time. Jorge.

  146. julius wrote:

    Hello my name is julius staying at free state and i am interested in nursing and i do not have money i would be pleased if i might get busury.Her is my number 0782876243

  147. Sonya wrote:

    I am currently a FT Nursing student in the LPN Program. I am looking to find grants, scholarships for Mother’s who are learning new careers, specifically in Nursing not only to assist me in the financial burden but to also have hope to further my education and career. Please contact me via Thank you.

  148. Working On Dreams wrote:

    CNA for Over ten years working with geriatric patients and now working at a psychiatric hospital and i would love to go back to school for nursing to continue working with psychiatric patients.Am looking for grants to continue my education

  149. Priscilla wrote:

    I just enrolled in a FT BSN program after switching my major from business. I am in desperate need of grants because I am funding my education on my own (my parents aren’t too happy that I switched my major). I plan on doing a 3 year DNP to become a Pediatric CRNP in the future and I may specialize in oncology so the bills are going to quickly add up. After taking a&p 1 I have realized that nursing is my calling. I love learning about how the body works and all the different types of diseases and illnesses out there. Also, I am a minority student as well. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

  150. Rhonda Rogers wrote:

    I am currently enrolled at Hesston College in Hesston,Kansas with a nursing career in mind. It is a very expensive school, but it is one of the best nursing schools in Kansas, and I really want to continue on a nursing path. I am already a CNA at a local nursing home and would like to some day serve a facility as an RN. If you could help me in any way it would be very much appreciated. Thank you for your time.

    Rhonda Rogers

  151. olusola victor wrote:

    hi my name is olusola victor am from nigeria i want to study nursing in future and its one of my major course i would like to study in abroad and also achieve the best in is my number you can contact me at +2348185968557

  152. Teklu wrote: name is teklu from Ethiopia nurse diploma working in civil service,i’m loooking to pursue my undergraduate degree scholarship program but financial problem,please help.i thank u.

  153. Quenlyn wrote:

    I am currently attending Bethune Cookman University for my second year. I struggled with finances because I didnt have scholarships or grants and I was undecided. Now I am decided to major in nursing. I am in dying need to some scholarships and grants for school because being a minority is difficult and I feen for education . please contact me via email Thank you.

  154. Toni C wrote:

    Hello I will be attending school to obtain a two year degree in nursing. I am looking for scholarships that will help with my tuition. Please contact me with any information you may have. Thank you.

  155. Kimberly Lomick wrote:

    I’ve been accepted to the nursing program at Gardner Webb university and I am looking for aide with books and gas because I am a cummuting students with four childern and could use as much help as possible to make this change in my career

  156. Anele gasa wrote:

    Dear sir/mada

    I young dertemine gentleman in South Africa,Durban.I complete matric last dream is to became Professional nurse but sadly my family don’t even earny a quartly of college fees around DBN .I applied at many college and they accept me but I had to leave because I don’t help financial help and now you are my last hope I have apply to next college and they inform me that my interview will be on the 15 November 2013 and I know I will go with it but the problem will be regestration and college fees I can do anything to get in this career since I have passion for it at the early age and I’m from the poor family and I will be the first to get Higher education please help me with centre where I can cry on or where I can loan money to persue my career

    I will be glad if my request successed

    T.A Gansa

  157. Connie Mazur wrote:

    My Daughter will be graduating high school in 2014 and she is very determined to get her bachelors in RN, since she is approaching her 18th birthday and she has no kids she would like to focus on her career and becoming a successful women.
    We also need information on financial assistance,thank you for reading my comment and my contact no is 570-954-8577

  158. Raquel berry wrote:

    I’m in nursing program now at Milwaukee Area Technical College and I need help to continue to pay for my education and my books

  159. Mackenzie wrote:

    I have recently been accepted to the University of Kentucky for Pre-Nursing. My dad is disabled and so we live off of one income. The government didn’t even give me aid for half of my tuition. I still need $20,000. If you could help me at all email me. Thank you.

  160. sadia wrote:

    respected sir/madam,
    ihave done bsc nusring from lahore pakistan.i wish to do msc nursing on full scholarship.pleaseguie me howw i can apply.

  161. Deandra Washington wrote:

    Greetings I am interested in going back to school for nursing and classes start in September. I have done my part of the process but however I need assistance in finishing paying for school and I really need help. I have been looking forever for a company that will help me receive a grant on returning to school and have not been able to find one. Please use my email to communicate with me I will be so honored to hear from you. Thanks

  162. Hannah Bryant wrote:

    Hey. I come from a low-income family. The only income we have is my grandma and she is disabled. We do not recieve any special benefits but we live pay check to pay check. Please contact me by my email if you can help me in any way possible. Thanks Hannah.

  163. Tiffany Helfert wrote:

    I would really love to have a grant to help me go back to school and to prove to my daughter and any parent out there that no matter what obstacles come in your life you can always go back to school and persue the dreams you have always had

  164. s/r tenadame wrote:

    Dear /sir
    my name is s/r Tenadame shimelles from Ethiopia. I have diploma in clinical nursing and three years international ngo work experience.
    I have a bug interst upgrading my profession.
    I would ask is their any financail support for me.

  165. Krista Clingenpeel wrote:

    I have just graduated from Addison High school and I now plan on going to college in order to study nursing. Why? Well, because I LOVE HELPING PEOPLE. As a kid I have had to raise my youngest brothers and my mother whom was an alcoholic at the time. We never really got to see my father because he was at work trying everything to put food on the table and we got as low as 20,000 annually. My mother was using alcohol to get rid of her depression and anxiety. The only mother/daughter relationship I had as a kid with her was when she told me to get her a beer. Literally. She was always abusing us emotionally and physically. During this, I was getting sexually abused by a family friend from ages 5-10 and severely picked on at school because not only was I a little overweight but I didn’t have what the popular/rich kids had also. While my dad was slowly loosing income, my mother finally looses it completely and lights the house on fire…then blames my little brother who was only three years old at the time. We had to stay in a friends tailor for a few days then kick are neighbors out of their own house so we had a place to live in. My dad got the house that burned down half way done and so we moved back in after two years, even though there was a big hole in it still. At this point we were worse than even before. We couldn’t by new cloths or supplies for school and because I was Wearing the same clothes everyday, I was getting picked on. The other students just didn’t understand. I was totally alone. I was still taking care of my younger brothers as if they were my own children and my mother was still abusing us.

    I quit doing my work at school because I was depressed, careless, and had no motivation. So, i was failing. I began to have anxiety attacks at night so I never had any sleep, and attacks at school because every time I was called on the kids would pick on me, and so would the teachers. This is when I began to self harm myself to try and get rid of the pain. I skipped school to hide away, I was running away from home because I thought that It would make all the responsibility and stress go away. So the put me on counseling. I just needed a break. Then, I met someone online, he promised to help me run away. We met and he ended up raping me. Not only did he lie about his age, but he had a fiancee the whole time. I was stupid and ended up forgiving him. I fell in love with him because he was my first and I had just turned 15. I ended up sneaking out with him more and more. I had a pregnancy scare so I told my dad that I have been having intercourse with someone and may be pregnant. He said that I was disgusting, and that I was a disappointment to him and my whole family. Luckily, I was not pregnant ,however, I continued to sneak out with him.

    I ran away from home before 9th grade started and was gone for a week in the wild. With no food or water. The police found me and I w covered in cuts, scrapes, bruises. I was dehydrated and starved. They put me in the mental hospital in grand rapids and then put me on not only anti-depressant pills, but anti-anxiety pills as well. Even though they treated me like a lab rat with the med’s, there was a professional counselor who actually cared about me. She was young, beautiful, fun, and had a big heart. I had her for a whole year. FINALLY. A positive influence in my life. She was amazing and helped me out so much. I began to care about myself, I began to loose weight because I was happy and didn’t care what I looked like, I began to love myself!

    I imagined myself as a nurse. Well, at first a counselor but than a nurse, because I wanted to help people. I know what it is like to be alone. I hate to see people go through pain and suffering. At the end of 9th grade I became an honor student. In tenth grade I was also on the honor roll. In 11th, I Was an honor student and was able to graduate early. I was best in my English class. I Became a Red Cross member, I have my CPR and First Aid License. I Volunteered at Good Will. I received acceptance letters from collages. I was awarded as Student of the month. I was a H.O.S.A member and made Top Ten in one of the competitions. I made honor night and earned a 500 dollar scholarship. I have worked SO hard, and look where I’m at! 🙂 I’m happy. For once in my life. I mean yes, life isn’t perfect sometimes but in general, I AM happy.

    I wish to become a nurse, and a grant would help so much!

  166. Shalease Weaver wrote:

    I am currently enrolled into Chattahoochee Tech for nursing and am trying to find different grants on the interenet to help me get through school. If i could recieve any help I would be eternally greatful. Thanks you.

  167. ShBranson wrote:

    Hello, I am a single parent and nontraditional student attending nursing school. I can’t find a bank or company that will help pay for school. My aid is out and I have four classes to complete. I have applied for several scholarships including St. Elizabeth School of Nursing where I attend. Please help I am almost at the finish line.

  168. Willie mae wrote:

    Hello my name is willie I been in and out of school for Nursing for years some for personal reasons now I have completed my first of pratical nursing and my pell grant ran out.I realy need a grant to finish my school. Please if you can help this is something I have been trying to do for over 30 years. I will be very happy if you can help. Thank you for everything.

  169. Dionne wrote:

    I starting Nursing school and do not have the money to pay for it I need help is have a household to maintance.

  170. Kaitlyn Thomas wrote:

    I am currently enrolled at University Of Louisiana at Lafayette as an undergraduate and I need help with my financial aid. I am majoring in Nursing because I want to become a labor and delivery nurse. My tuition is too high and I am forced to live on campus due to the fact that I cannot drive and my mom is in jail. I need some Nursing scholarships to help me with school. I am begging you to please help me.

  171. mahlet wrote:

    heloo my name is Mahlet am from Ethiopia am intersecting to learn nursing before i graduate in information technology now need to help my country to learning in nursing am interesting
    please Tech for nursing and am trying to find different grants on the interenet to help me get through school. If i could recieve any help I would be eternally greatful. Thanks you.
    mahlet any ways contact by +251911156523 or my email mlove1565@gmail.ocm

  172. Nwokeji raphael wrote:

    My dream of becoming a nurse has always kept me awake many nights . Nursing has always been the profession I cherished and would love to do.i pray that i’ll be granted an opportunity to partake in this study through Grant, to fulfil this dream and unquenchable fire of taking care of people anywhere within the health care homes. Thanks

  173. gabrielle wrote:

    hello, my name is Gabrielle. im trying to find a grant, loan, etc. to help get into a nursing school. I’ve wanted to become a nurse since I was about 14yrs old. I’ve always wanted to become RN and work in the ER. I need finical assistance and direction in helping me accomplish my goal. thank you..

  174. Ogechi Miracle wrote:

    I’m Miracle, presently studying Nursing, i’m in 100L. Wish to be given grant or scholarship… Thanks

  175. Siviwe Nguqu wrote:

    Hi I’m Siviwe Nguqu!I have a home based certificate I need to go further with my nursing studying but I don’t have money and no one can help me my parent had passed on!so I need to make a better futere for me and my children please help me out! My contact 060 423 7613

  176. habby wrote:

    Hello, My name is Habiba from Uganda i would like to change by career to Nursing i did a bachelors in economics and graduated in 2010 with a second class degree.

  177. Bongiwe wrote:

    Hi,my name is Bongiwe from Swaziland living in South Africa.I have only a matric certificate,nursing has been my best career i am always dreaming about.How i wish and pray to be granted an opportunity to pursue my career through grant.i can imagine myself taking are of people in are my last hope.Thankyou.

  178. Brittney James wrote:

    Hi. My name is Brittney and I’m just reaching out for help to see the light at the end of this really long tunnel for me to Finish school. I’m a single mom and work part time. I’ve completed all my prerequisites and now am applying for nursing school. Even with a Pell grant and student loans it’s still not enough to cover nursing school. I’ve always wanted to be a nurse. Even in third grade we had an assignment to write a paper on where we seeour selves in the future. I wrote that I want to be a neo natal nurse. It’s been my dream to help people. I was born with a 50/50 chance of making it and the nurses at St Johns mercy hospital saved my life. It’s been my dream to contribute back to the world and help others. I work so hard in school and have good grades and it’s so sad to think that I may not even be able to complete the schooling. If any help can be given to me please email me at

  179. Confidence wrote:

    Hi,im confidence,im trying to find a grant,to help me further my studies.i am a nursing assistant,i really need a grant to finish my school,i wish to become a RN,and a grant would help me so much.

  180. Magolego Dorcus wrote:

    Hallow I’m now 38yrs I was working under NGO from 2006-2013 as community Home Base Care. I am married woman with 4 children. At that moment I was receiving stipend until last year I decided to come in town to register Auxiliary nurse. I am now in Thuto Bophelo Nursing academy. Then my problem is my husband promised to pay me for one year course due to financial problem. How if you may pay me the other one so that I can be staff nurse. Please help me. I will be glad if yu can help me.

  181. Yonatan Mehari wrote:

    I’m from Eritrea. I’m a BSN graduate in my country & currently I’m working in the Orthopedic department of one of the biggest hospitals here in my country.I’ve also also been working in the energency department for the past 2 years. I’ve always been looking for any chance which would help me to further my education. However I’ve not got one yet. My two problems are; one is the chance of getting a scholarship or whatever is that could help me to persue my education & the other one financial problem. I’m from a low income family. So would u please help me to solve these two problems..& I can whatever it takes to achieve my dream. Thank u..!!

  182. OBARA HENRY wrote:

    am ugandan living in kampala i happened to complete my high school and passed very well but after i ran short of financial support for my course but i really been looking for any chance or organisation that would help me to finance my education. please just help me to achieve my dream. thank you

  183. RAHEL wrote:

    dear concerned,

    I am a nurse from Ethiopia having BSC in Nursing and have worked as an ICU nurse for 10 years,i want to get an advanced education grant to make my career better.please assist me in what ever way you can.


  184. Maureen Dangarembizi wrote:

    I am a 28 year old woman from Zimbabwe. I am very interested in pursuing nursing as a career. I have tried to save money for college but have failed. I would appreciate any help you can offer me. I am willing to study with a commitment to work after i have completed the studies. My email is

  185. ALEX S. CHIMSEU wrote:

    I am man aged 18. Alex S. Chimseu is my name from Malawi and i hv been offered a place to pursue bachelors in nursing at accredited university. I want scholarship and after completion am ready to work outside Malawi. Contact;

  186. bongi wrote:

    hi my name is bongi,i am interested in nursing but i am stucked because of money.i lost my parents @ the age of 11yrs don’t have any1 to pay me my fees.please help

  187. Yosha wrote:

    My name is Yosha Harris I have my 2 yrs AA degree from florida state college of jacksonville. I have two classes left to take before the Nursing Program and I don’t have money to pay for the two classes that are left. The nursing program is 16 months and I don’t have a job because I’ve been trying to finish school. I need help can someone please help me. I have three children they all graduated from high school. Thank you Jesus. I Want to be a nurse so bad I can taste it. This is my passion to become a RN.

  188. Katie Mitchell wrote:

    Hello, my name is Katie Mitchell. I have been accepted into LPN-RN at Charity School of Nursing in New Orleans Louisiana for spring 2015. One of my biggest goals have always been to become an RN. It has been a long journey with everything in my life, but I thank GOD I an here finally. I have 3-4 semesters to complete the program. I cannot work full time and attend the RN program full time. I need housing for that time frame, until I graduate. I found a nice cheap apartment for $600 a month. I would greatly appreciate the extra help for housing until graduation. Thank you. Sincerely, Katie Mitchell, future RN grad of 2016.

  189. Nomasixole Vellem wrote:

    Im a 36 year old lady, im a home based carer wishing and willing to do an auxillary nursing. Iv started in this field in 2001 doing a voluntary worker as a treatment supporter. Im praying day and night to see myself climbing on the next step. The job that im doing comes deep down my heart. I have passion on looking after sick people. Due to financial problems im standing at one place . Can you please help me ……

  190. Katlyn Carr wrote:

    Hello, I am Katlyn and 16 years old. I am in hope to get my CNA before High School graduation. Although this will be a little help in my future career, I need grants to get where I want to be, with more education, I would like to be a midwife. Nothing extreme, just something that I have been interested in for the past couple of years. I am not experienced at deliver babies, but I take interest in the study of birth , and I watched alot of YouTube videos of midwives deliver babies. yes, I know this may be a huge wish of money, but hey, the United States needs more midwives. This are in the medical field is highly needed. So, I would like feedback whether i get something or not, and maybe some informational help too? Thank you, Katlyn Carr.

  191. sheila standfield wrote:

    Can I get my student loans covered ? I have graduated already.

  192. Tressia Avery wrote:

    Hello I am looking for return to school for nursing. I work full time and looking to take classes in the evening and weekend. Looking for assistance any will be greatly appreciated. thanks

  193. Zynthia Avery wrote:

    Hello I am currently a nursing student who is in need of a grant,loan, financial help for my tuition. I am a single mother of two and need some financial assistance to cover my tuition. So I can continue my degree. I need this money asap. If anyone know any help that is available please email me at

  194. Barbara wrote:

    I have ran out of Pell Grant and loan money

    Please help I have completed 96 credits out of 120 credit for my Bachelors degree in Human Resource Management I wanted to be able to go on to my Masters Degree. Is there any more help available. I can’t get a grant anymore. My $5730 has ran out. If there are any other alternatives please email me at Thank you

  195. Rita Banks wrote:

    Hi I am an RN AS, EMTP and I am planning to return to school for my BSN Are there any grants out there for me?

  196. sandra wrote:

    Hi my daughter is in matrc at the moment and I don’t want her to complete school and have nothing to look forward to she has her hopes set on becoming a nurse but I have no finanance to back her at all as I am unemployed pls help me asap your help is highly apprecaited

  197. Daniel Mvunta wrote:

    Hi! I’ve just completed my diploma in Nursing and I would like to get a degree in this nursing career.Please if there are any grants out there!+255714738298

  198. Brittney wrote:

    Hi, my name is Brittney I am a divorced single mother of two wonderful little girls. I left an abusive ex husband in order to raise my girls without fear and am studying to become a NICU RN and am currently waiting for my acceptance letter for BSN college. I am currently trying to support both my children and my parents while going through college, I work at a hospital part time and a convalescent hospital part time as well. Any funding would be a great blessing.

  199. Melissa Donaldson wrote:

    Hello, I am a single mother of three children, one of whom has a congenital heart defect. He is the main reason I’m finally taking the plunge into nursing school. I already have a BS in Business Management and I was hoping to attend nursing school this summer. I just need grants or loans to get back on my feet. Please, any help would be appreciated so I could fulfill my dream of providing a better life for my children in a rewarding career.

  200. Desola wrote:

    Good day,
    My name is Desola. I am a Nigerian.I applied for admission in the States, then I went to check their tuition and fees, its really high and I can’t afford it. My mom is widowed and I have three siblings who also have their needs.While I’m still continuing my application, I need to know if I can get a scholarship or a job when I get to the States so I’ll be able to pay for my tuition. I am already a registered midwife, I’m seeking admission for a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Please I need assistance. Please. Thank you!

  201. Sharlotte wrote:

    Hello,my name is Baloyi Sharlotte lam a 19 years old single girl.I completed my matric last year 2014 iam currently studying nursing in Future traning college now iam doing community healthcare worker(CHW),I has chosen that career because l love working with people in order to preserve life l also love learning everyday ,next year a 3-years course will be introduce l will not have money to further my studies because even now my father is working but he is struggling to pay my fees

  202. Kobuyonjo Grace wrote:

    I Greet you in the name of our lord. My name is Kobuyonjo Grace requesting for agrant or sponsorship. Am from Uganda i’ve just joined Diploma In Midwifery after realising that there is increased maternal and infant morbidity and moterity rate in the country. So ifelt ishould know much on providing all the nursing care to all pregnant mothers during antenatal, labour, and puerperium inoder to reduce on their causes. Am not financially stable so any assistance rendered is highly welcome.

  203. Janet. massaquoi-Williams wrote:

    Hi, my name is Janet. I am a CNA and I want to go back to school for my nursing diploma. I need financial help please.

  204. Shakia Stewart wrote:

    I have ran out of Pell Grant and loan money. Are there any grants out there for me? I plan to attend ASN program for nursing this fall. Please help me!!!

  205. Siphelele Dladla wrote:


    My name is Siphelele dladla I am from kzn in pietermartzburg I’ve done with my matric on the 2013 and afterwards I went to study a home base carer course for Six months then after that I volunteered at NGOs in my community for almost 2 years now I am want to become a Nurse in the future but I can’t because I don’t have financially to further my studies if there’s any doors which are open please let me know..

    Contact: 0613821518

    Thank you.

  206. Titanna M Moss wrote:

    Hello, I currently attend, Chamberlain Nursing College/Indianapolis. My financial aid, runs out early next year. Afterwards, I will not have any more funding to cover my program. I have three more years left, and have $10,000 left of my aid. Please help. Thank You! My phone# is 317-735-1199

  207. onesha wrote:

    hey im from a low income family and my father is my only hope of getting a good education but hes unable to help me procure a bright future in nursing. please help me with my ahead tuition fees.

  208. Brandi wrote:

    Hi, I just got accepted into RN school! Yay! I am very excited but tuition is very high and books are very expensive. I would like some information on how to get help paying for school. Thank you very much!

  209. Maake Motjatji Kate wrote:

    Hi my name is Kate and I am 30, I want to become a nurse but i am not working and i dont have parents and i am a mother of two, i was volunteering in the old age for three years and i even studied in CHW so now i want to study nursing as i love working with people and caring for sick ones, so i need a financial assistant. Anyway I can get help I’ll appreciate
    Thank you in advanced

  210. Alexander Sarfo wrote:

    Hi, I’m Sarfo Nimo Alexander. I’m 19 years of age and have completed high school and I passed but unfortunately I have no support to the nursing training or any other tertiary institution. So am pleading with you to come to my Aid and assist me. This is real. I can send anything of me to you. This is my number +233554300939. Please help me

  211. Diana tulienge nasimiyu wrote:

    Hi am diana nasimiyu 21yrs old kindly asking for help with completion of my university fees at jomo kenyatta university kenya.Am pursuing nursing currently am a third year student,my parents have no source of income the past years they have been selling their piece of land to cater for me and our 5 siblings ,the land is over right know they have no other way of getting money to cater for us all,kindly help me finish my bachelor degree in nursing inorder to secure a job to help my other sibling continue with their studies urs faithful diana

  212. margaret wrote:

    nice information and encouraging hope to join you if all goes well because my dream has been becoming a nurse but i miss support in terms of finance.

  213. margaret wrote:

    When is the next intake because am so much willing to take up the grant?

  214. Danielle Haynes wrote:

    To Whom it May Concern

    Hello my name is Danielle Haynes. I was currently enrolled in nursing school at Trident Technical College for fall 1, I was in the process of going to fall 2, when the school stated I didn’t have any more funds to attend. I was devastated. I can’t afford to pay out of pocket as I have other bill, and with books and tuition added on to my already stress won’t help any. I’ve always wanted to be a nurse because I enjoy helping others. It’s just seem when I get two steps forward I go two steps back. The good thing is I’m not going to give out if it takes my last breath. I want to be back enroll at TTC by spring semester. I would greatly appreciated if I can receive some tuition and book assistance to go back to school. Please, please help me as I don’t know what to do. I can be reach at Thanking you in advance.

    Danielle L.Haynes

  215. Crystal Adzija wrote:

    Hello, my name is Crystal Adzija and I am 27 years old. I am currently enrolled in the UNM/CNM Dual Degree Program. I am almost finished with my 3rd semester and have 2 more semesters to go. I just found out that I have hit my loan limits as an undergraduate student, which means I now have no funding or assistance to allow me to continue with my Nursing program. I am absolutely terrified because I do not have any other option to pay for my last 2 semesters. I am on the UNM Deans List, I am the Secretary of the Student Nurses Association, and I am an active volunteer at both UNMH and Presbyterian Main Child Life programs. I am so worried that I won’t be able to finish nursing school because I can’t pay for my last 2 semesters. I am supposed to start my 4th semester in January, but they will drop me from the nursing program if I do not pay my tuition. I don’t know what to do at this point. I am kindly asking for help with the tuition fees for my last 2 semesters so I can obtain my Bachelor’s Degree. I would be so grateful if I was given the assistance to grasp my life long goal of being a Nurse. I can be contacted at or via email or 505-331-6961 via phone call. I thank you for taking the time to read this comment and I ask you please consider my request.
    Crystal Adzija

  216. Bususiwe wrote:

    Nursing is what I want to do. I am patient with people and I can be able to do the job.

  217. Bususiwe wrote:

    I am from Busisiwe prudence, Shabalala 20yrz old kindly asking help with my college fees. I am pursuing nursing its going to be my first year studying nursing. I’ll be glad if you could help so I can provide for my family. Yours faithful, busisiwe

  218. brittany leblanc wrote:

    hello! My name is Brittany Leblanc and looking to start getting serious about my nursing school. I have been a cna/crma for about 7 years now and love what I do. I was looking to sign up for help with my school funds if you could show me how to do that it would be lovely! thank you b.leblanc

  219. Barbara Joy Andoh wrote:

    Am a health care Assistant want to school at Canada to help me further my career nursing, and leave and work at Canada hope you will help thanks

  220. Shanda Harris wrote:

    I am currently in school and looking for financial assistance. My school has given me a scholarship but it’s still not enough to help me pay my tuition. I am a mother and student looking to finish my education. Thank you.

  221. Tiara Muchowski wrote:

    I would love to get a scholarship for nursing since I am 19 and have my CNA lisence. I went to job corps so that I could have some schooling but get to the point where I can work some hours while going to school.

  222. Andiswa wrote:

    I need a school but I’m unemployed & I’m a single parent. Plz help me a nursing is my dream future!

  223. Andiswa wrote:

    no comment plz coñtact me as soon as possible

  224. Maggie wrote:

    hi Maggie is my name, residing in Cape Town South Africa. I am a community healthcare NQF Level4 student. I would love to become a professional nurse, as saving lives is my passion. I really need financial assistants to further my studies.

  225. macia wrote:

    I really want to study nursing, but I don’t have money. I don’t have parents I am 34 years. I’m only depending on child support grant.

  226. Conny Phasha wrote:

    I am 38yrs old and i finished my matric in 1998 my passion is tobe a nurse since i was in primary level but because of how i grown up in a poor family i didnt know where to start about this i remember applying for nursing at one of the private institute and they replied me to come with money where by was too much money that i cant afford and by that time my mom was still alive working as a domestic worker and the money was lot where by she cant afford so i ended up doing nothing and my heart was sore even now when i remember i feel so bad.I am kindly please asking for help about money and the full information for schools that i can register to.I feel so bad everyday when i see my kids everyday with no future from me because there is nothing i saved for them so that they can when they finished their grade 12 to pay their further studies i can see they are going tobe like me.i dont know what todo for them since i’m starting to work i have never get paid R4000.00 i am always under and i have 4kids.Please help me to reach my dreams of being a nurse

  227. Nelisiwe sithole wrote:

    Hi i’m Nelisiwe Sithole i passed grade 12 in 2009 & i always wanted to become a Nurse but unfortunately i did’nt have a money to fullfill my dream so i ask for financial aid.

    Thank you
    CELL: 076 503 9563

  228. Ellenhanson wrote:

    Dearsir, I wanted to do something that will make the real difference in peoples live but I can’t prove my talent. I wanted to be a nurse but there no hope my father is in very critical condition. Please help me. I am twenty one of age,i cry and try but there is known hope for life. Even we find very difficult for our economical factors. Please help me. I have completed second cycle institution in the year 2016 before my father got sick. I have really lost hope. Please I have put my trust and faith in you,to help me continue my education. I am Ghanaian. I stay at the western region. Tarkwa please help me with your opportunity pleased.

  229. diamond daniel wrote:

    Hi l am diamond daniel from united arab emirate city abu dhabi i live in U.S i will like to tell you about the army soldiers i am 1 of the army soldiers will help people to be com 1 of the great army soldiers in the world will have help so much people from differed country and day are happy about it are you in interested to be com 1 of the great army soldiers like us in the world you can contact on face-book by diamond daniel or send a message to this email ,,,.

  230. EVA MBUMI wrote:

    My name is Eva and iam 39 yrs old kindly asking for help i want to became a NURSINH / MIDWIFE but in my financial aid am not be able to pay my tution fees so im pleading with you to grant me so i can fullfill my dream im read to work with you any where when ia finish my study please help me.

  231. (Nikki) Taylor Gatlin wrote:

    Hello, my name is Nikki! I am 22 years old. I currently am not pell qualified, supposedly because my parents make too much money. I do not live with them, they do not support me in anyway. I pay for everything myself. I am also disabled. I have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome and PTSD. I am an LPN, but I can only work so much being in RN school. I only qualify for one loan, and my college campus is an hour away, and my clinical site is 2 hours away. I just had to buy a car because mine broke down on me. Now I am definitely needing some help. I tried going around in the community to see what all they had, and they will not help me because I am under the age of 24, do not have any kids, and am not married, so they too go off of parental income (even though I do not live with them, and they do not pay for anything of mine) I think it’s silly that I am being punished for waiting to have children, and get married. I am doing it the responsible way. I have a ton of medical bills I have to pay every month as well because of my conditions. There are people in my class that receive help because they fake having anxiety. Or they don’t have to work and get everything paid for.

    My e-mail is if you would like to get ahold of me to talk more. Anything would help at this point.

  232. Jionni wrote:

    i found out today I cant go to nursing school at Keiser University because old loans went into default. I been sober for a year now in florida and trying to get my life together. im 24 years old. I literally cried when i found out I cant start on the 28th bc of old loans from when i was in addiction. i dont know what to do. I got to make payments for six months and cant afford it at all. 561-234-8004

  233. LARONA MOTSWAGAE wrote:

    hi am Larona i am 28 years of age mother of 1 kid.I am undergraduate at limkokwing university school and wish to do nursing having being inspired by ma grandmother having short eye problem….and ma late mum who was speech theyraphy

  234. Lucrona Dixon wrote:

    I am currently a CNA who also is the parent of a 10yr disabled child.I have been a caregiver on and off for over 20 years but decided to get my CNA license five years ago. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to further my education within the Health Field. This will increase my knowledge and help to provide a better life for my family. Thanks in advance for your decision

  235. Serena Kilian wrote:

    Hello, I am a single mother of two kids, living in small town Oklahoma. I have been a CNA for five years and work for a staffing agency traveling all over NW Oklahoma and even to Tulsa and OKC area. I am currently enrolled in my first semester of the BNS program at NWOSU. I am looking for any financial assistance to ensure my focus stays on school and not on my financial struggles as a full time nursing student, full time mother, with a full time job. After this bachelors degree I plan to go on to the DNP program and become a nurse practitioner. I am aware the time and dedication all of this schooling will require, that is why I am reaching out to find some aid with my financial means.
    Thank you,
    Serena Kilian

  236. Rajene Noel wrote:

    My name is Rajene Noel and i will be attending College soon and I really meed this money to pay off this loan that i have. This is the first loan that i have and I really dont want to be in debt because of the loan. Please help me out!

  237. Hannah Johnson wrote:

    Hi, im trying to get into nursing school for free. I am a single mother and its already hard trying to find a job and i dont have no money for college. pls help and thank you. i want to further my education, contact by email or call 7653854158.

  238. morgan mcneely wrote:

    I am a 20 yr old nursing student and I have alot of debt so far and my parents can not co sign for me any longer as I have a sister getting ready to start college as well. Being an R.N. is my dream come true. I am in a very hard nursing course at a local college but it is not cheap but I really want to finish my last year at the same college. Please if there are any grants or scholarships I can apply for let me know. I can not work at this time as the nursing program I am in is very demanding. Please let me know something soon.

  239. Ciara A Delgado wrote:

    My boyfriend/ children father was murdered in June and we have three children. I am attending nursing school full time in January of 2018 and I need to know where I could apply for any and all grants that could assist me. As I do have to work part time to pay my bills as well. I am Hispanic with three daughters and my family has become victim to violent crime and we need help. Please help.
    Thank you,

  240. million tekle wrote:

    hello i am 24 years old diplom nurse midwife, i live in asmara Eritrea and i want to continue my education to degree program, so what might be the possible things that i need to continue….

  241. Crystal Proctor wrote:

    Hello good morning my name is Crystal Proctor. I’ve been a CNA for 6 years and would like to further my career in the medical field. I have two kids, ages 13 and 5. I am a single mother who can’t afford to continue my education due to my income. I’ve reached out to several resources and programs, who say that I have to receive cash assistance from the State of Maryland to qualify. I want to succeed and provide for my family. Please help me!

  242. Andrea wrote:

    Hi, I’m interesting in receive grant or scholarship help for my books and tuition. I come from a family of 11 my mom was a drug addict and I was legally adopted by my aunt when I was 12 after my grandmother passed away.( I have legal documents) I’ve always wanted to pursue Nursing but never believed in myself. I’am now 29 years old and after all the years of mind battling and working hard to get in I got accepted into a Nursing school this January of 2018. I’m currently working part-time and married. I look forward to hearing from you and sharing my story.


  243. Shavonne Doyle wrote:

    My name is Shavonne Doyle and I have my RN, BSN. I have applied to the Master’s program through Walden University and spoke with my advisor about the program and its requirements. At this time I am searching for grants and or scholarships that will assist me in completing my dream of becoming a Nurse Practitioner. I have been a nurse for several years now and I feel as if I could make a difference as a provider. I have had so many patients, in the hospital and nursing home, that I have heard others say this person is non compliant that’s why they’re here, but
    I have never heard one ask why? Have we checked into whats going on with this patient to figure out why they are non compliant?
    Do we help find resource to assist them in their compliance? I believe this is where I come in an make the difference.Academically I make the grade and have had no trouble with my previous nursing programs. I work full time and have 3 children. My eldest is headed to her senior year of school which is an expense in itself. This is my dream and I hope you are able to help.

  244. Agnes Kantha wrote:

    I have been a CNA since 2009.I have dream to become a RN. Please give me a grant to go to school.

    please call me with any info about a grant 8315781106

  245. Kayleigh Wilhelm wrote:

    can you please send me information about all of your grants and financial assistance programs.
    thank you
    Brandi Wilhelm

  246. brittney wrote:

    I am Brittney Jacobs and my plan is to go to nursing school as soon I graduate. my only problem is financial aid

  247. EKIKERE IKATOR wrote:

    Good day,

    My name is Ekikere. I am a Nigerian and registered Midwife. I applied for admission abroad to study Medicine, I have had passion for this, since as a child.

    Checking through tuition and fees, I discovered its really high and I can’t afford it. I have lost both parents and I have four siblings whom I am supporting their needs and studies. While I’m still continuing my application, I need to know if I can get a scholarship or a study grant to help the actualization of my passion. I am already a registered midwife, I’m seeking admission for a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine & Surgery, please really need this assistance.

    Thank you!


  248. IDIRIS wrote:

    Hello,my name is idris lam a 21years old.I completed my matric last year 2015 iam currently studying nursing in North Coast medical traning college now iam doing community healthcare worker(CHW),I has chosen that career because l love working with people in order to preserve life l also love learning everyday ,next year a 3-years course will be introduce l will not have money to further my studies because even now my father is working but he is struggling to pay my fees ineed ur help

  249. Brenda wrote:

    I am currently a License Practical Nurse. This field of nursing seem to be fading away! I am interesting in returning to RN school, but I am in need of financial assistance any suggestions?

  250. Theresa Miller-Scarborough wrote:

    Hi, I am a 40 year old mother of four. Last year I took the teas test and passed, but I have been unable to get started due to funding. I am curse Unemployed, so me paying is not an option at this time. If there is any help you can offer it would help my family and myself out immensely.

    Theresa Miller-Scarborough

  251. Rebecca Opoku Agyemang wrote:

    Please will complete my senior high school next year God willing please and wants to study nursing in abroad and have no help for this dream to come true please help me so my dream of becoming a nurse come to pass.thank you


    My name is Michelle, I work as a CNA and attend school.

    This Fall I will complete my associate’s degree at a local community college.

    I have applied nursing school to pursue my BSN and need financial assistance to pay for tuition and books,please.
    Grants and scholarships.

    Thank you, for your time,

  253. Abygale Holderfield wrote:

    Hello I am in my Freshman year at Arkansas State University. My dream job and calling is to be a RN specializing in diabetes education for children. I have experience with Type I diabetes and the roll it plays on every member of a family because of my Type I- nine year old brother. My dream of becoming a nurse quickly had specific direction with his diagnosis. The importance of early diagnose s, prompt care and intense training for the entire family affect by Type I are my goals. I see the financial burden this diagnosis places on a family and for this reason would love help paying for college tuition and nursing cost so that one day I can give back to my community .

  254. jailyh harrison wrote:

    I am 20years old. I am currently enrolled in a nursing school and work full time. My program is more than I qualify for so I am apply to all scholarships and grants that I can to help make my dream a reality. I currently am paying more bills than I can handle and will have to begin paying school out of pocket soon. I am not in the position to be able to juggle this much of financial obligations. Please help if you can. I can be reached by email at

  255. Melissa wrote:

    Hello, my name is Melissa and I’m currently enrolled in a medical assistant program, which I have 2 weeks left in, and wiould like to continue my education by enrolling in a nursing program where I am able to obtain my BSN. Due to a financial set back I can’t afford to continue my education until I pay off the debt I have now. My goal is to go back in January and continue my education in the medical field.

  256. Kayla Ware-Crawford wrote:

    Hi my name is Kayla Ware-Crawford. I’m 17 years old soon to be 18 years old after I graduate from High School. I am requesting a grant because my test scores aren’t high enough to follow through with classes i won’t receive credit for such as remediate math in college

  257. Alexa A. Lardin Llamas wrote:

    My name is Alexa Lardin and I am from Yuma, AZ. I am a 17 year old and I am already CNA! I was one of the 20 students (out of many) selected who applied in our Nursing program at Cibola High School. I graduate 2019 as a senior. All I want is to go to ASU and be in the Air Force ROTC, while in nursing school.Then, serve in the AF once I get my nursing degree. I am planning to come back to Yuma and work here. Everyone leaves our little town, so how will it ever get better? I want to give back to my community and work in the one Hospital we have. I am so young and see a bright future for myself. Only thing holding me back is money. I am in the National Honors Society, President of our Nursing HOSA, in the Interact Club. Also, I have plenty of volunteer hours and a GPA of 3.879. Help please! I feel so stuck.

  258. Josie Lux wrote:

    I am 23 year old recent graduate of Anoka Ramsey Community College with my associates in Nursing! I recently accepted a job at Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital on their Medical Surgical/Orthopedic Surgery unit. I am planning on continuing my education at a MN College this coming Fall 2019. With a grant or scholarship this would make that dream come true. I am getting married next Summer so money is a little tight. Currently I work 2 jobs at Allina Urgent Care and at Homeward Bound (group home) as an LPN. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your time.

    Josie Lux

  259. Kierra Wilden wrote:

    Hello my name is Kierra Wilden iam 25 years old, I just passed my tease Test for Licensed practitioner nurse at Falcon institute. There Tuition is expensive and they don’t supply financial aid unfortunately there a newly Technical school that just opened up a couple years ago. I would greatly appreciate any help at all with my Tuition if possible. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  260. Thulile Octavia mlungwana wrote:

    Hi I am a girl of 28 years old kindly asking for for your help to study nursing I don’t have money please help me.

  261. Alishba Arshad wrote:

    Hey, I am trying to go to school for RN program and will love to learn how to apply for scholarships to go to school. I might qualify for Pell Grant, but that would not cover my tuition and my expensive. I work part time and i am still struggling to pay my bills. I would really appreciate if i could get more information about the scholarships and grants

  262. Britt S. wrote:

    Hi,I will be entering a Phlebotomy/EKG program after I receive my GED. Am I eligible for any Grants? If so, What category would it me under? I know its not technically A med school so i’m not sure where to look. thx in advance

  263. ALUPO DOROTHY wrote:

    i need a sponsership for degree in nursing please help

  264. Latoya wrote:

    Hello I am a 41 year old nursing student and looking for scholarships or grants to help me finish my nursing degree. I will be entering the nursing program in August 2019 but I want be able to attend without financial help. I am a single mother of two children and I want to give them the best future possible. If there is any grants or scholarships I can apply for please let me know.

  265. Madisyn Meers wrote:

    I am currently 17 years old and a junior in High School. I got to the Career Center and am currently in the program DMT (Diversified Medical Technologies). Within 2 months I will have my STNA. I am going to apply for colleges very soon and need some information on how I can get grants to help pay for my tuition.
    If you can text me at (330)410-9662 and guide me in what I should do that would be greatly appreciated! Thank You! Hope to hear from you soon.

  266. Billie Renee Smith wrote:

    Kendell Wilson. I’m not sure when you posted that comment. But you’re in forehead ky there are buses to help get you around and the people in financial aid are great.

  267. Ashlee Ward wrote:

    I would like to reach out on some additional help. I am a single mom working full-time and attending nursing school full-time.

  268. Vanessa Wolff wrote:

    Hello my name is Vanessa I am a 22 year old. I am currently enrolled in my county college for their nursing program. I am currently working now for 2 years as a medical assistant and i am very excited to further my career and goals in life to help out more patients than i do already. i knew i wanted to help someone feel better when my mom got diagnosed with stage four brain and lung cancer,and we couldnt afford care and the insurance would cover not much. so my senior year of high school i missed 33 days to take care of her and be her care giver while my father worked. just know i could make her as comfortable as could be made me so happy. but ever since that i went to medical assistant school to see if i like the field and i ended up loving what i do and wanting to help people out more would be the best day of my life. thank you for your time, i really appreciate everything that would come my way. if you need to contact me please call 732-608-3999 thanks again.

  269. Christiana Lawrence Ekwuruke wrote:

    please is there an opportunity for an international student with Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a practicing nurse/Midwife, who was born and still living in Nigeria, to get a grant or scholarship to study masters degree in nursing abroad?

  270. Suzanne Flanders wrote:

    I am a 52 year old who has spent many years raising my children and doing many “un-paid” jobs to help my children and my husband’s work. I am now wanting to go back into my original field of nursing and take my RN to the BSN level. However, financially I am not able to fund that. I have a pell grant but need help being able to complete the second semester and possible couple of classes they did not transfer. I will be full time and still have 3 high schoolers so cannot work on top of that. Appreciate so much any help possible!!

  271. Nekiren Caleb wrote:

    I was recently accepted into Nursing school but was notified that I am not eligible for financial aid. The reason is due to me being maxed out. I would like to know what else can I do?

  272. Kenya Riley wrote:

    Hi, my name is Kenya Riley. I am asking for help to pay for the remaining balance of my tuition. I am currently enrolled in VN school although I am unemployed at this time. It is going to be struggle trying to come up with 1300 per month for school payments. I have applied for a sallie mae loan but without having my family around, I do not have a co-signer. I am currently passing with an A and I am really looking forward to completing school for the betterment of myself and my life goals. Please let me know if there are any scholarships or grants that I can apply for. Thank you

  273. Auhneja Brandon wrote:

    I will be graduating my senior class May of 2020. I have always been very interested in dermatology and I would do anything to become a dermatology nurse and aid people in the problems that I have experienced concerning skin issues.

    With the help of scholarships and grants I can focus on education to receive my RN Degree and specialize in dermatology.

  274. BONNIE wrote:

    Hi like to go to school to become a nurse but cant afford it, have no income have children 16 and 19,how can I get help?

  275. Martha Ochako wrote:

    I just typed, Oh Lord, I desparately need a scholarship to pay for my Psych and Mental health NP program. Your website opened.I have maxed on my student loan. I am starting classes on 1/6/2020, I have only 3,500 and need to raise about 5000. I need help

  276. Wasswa frank wrote:

    I am Wasswa frank from east Africa uganda and a nurse who works it a rural area but i see a lot of disabled child that a malnurished and its has really been my person and like working with them. But i feel i have a gap in there care would like to get more knowledge concerning them. If you would help me or teach me how to handle them please to. I want to get a degree with the disability children it hurts me when i cant do much to help them because of knowledge difficult

  277. pauline omari wrote:

    Im 46 years looking for financial help for RN courses,I have worked for 9 years as an LPN.your assistance will be of great help and an impact to our health field and my self.Thank you sincere pauline.

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