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An excellent career choice for many people is to become a lawyer. Lawyers are an integral part of our legal system as well ensuring our nation’s businesses are run legally, efficiently, and ethically.

Because of this, lawyers are well compensated and are always in demand. To become a lawyer, an individual will need to spend at least 3 years in law school, which is normally completed within a few years of completing a bachelor’s degree.

Unfortunately, going to law school can be quite expensive. Many law schools will cost between $150,000 and $200,000 for completion. This, when combined with a four year undergraduate program, could costs student over $300,000 to complete their education. For many people, this is not a financially feasible option.

Law college graduate with merit and a laptop

Most students are required to take out student loans, borrow money from family, or try and get an academic scholarship. One option which can be difficult to obtain, but requires no form of repayment is a law school grant.

A law school grant is a sum of money that is paid by some organization to a student to help pay for their law school related expenses. Grants are different that scholarships in a few different ways. The main difference between a grant and a scholarship is that grants do not require any performance from a student after they receive the money.

A scholarship often requires the student to maintain a certain grade point average or participate in a certain activity. As long as the grant money is used for the payment of education related expenses, the recipient does not have any further responsibilities.

Obtaining Grants

Since grants are an excellent source of paying for law school and require no repayment, they can be quite difficult to receive. There are only a limited amount of grants available and an abundance of students who are hoping to receive them. The best thing a potential student can do to get a law school grant is to research and apply for as many law school grants as possible.

There are many organizations who give out law school grants. The first organization that gives out grants is the law schools themselves. This may be the best spot to find grants because the schools can take the grant proceeds and directly pay down the student’s tuition related expenses. To find out more information regarding a school’s grant programs, a student should first contact the school’s financial aid office.

Each law school will have a form called a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is used to apply for grants. It would be best to apply for the law school’s available grants as early as possible because there is significant competition for these grants.

Private Organizations & Law Firms

Gavel, scale and law book

Another source for obtaining law school grants is through private organizations. The American Bar Association (ABA) offers both scholarships and grants to law school students who do not have the means to pay for school themselves. Law school grants supplied by the ABA can be researched and applied for through the ABA website, which is Through the ABA website, students can search for grants and scholarships which may help filter for only the grants that the student is eligible for.

Another option for obtaining law school grants is through law firms. Many larger law firms offer grants to prospective students. Law firms do this out of goodwill, but also to maintain a positive relationship with both law schools and the programs. Often times, recipients of law school grants from law firms are expected to work for the law firm during summers and possibly part time during the school year.

This can be an excellent option because it provides the student free money towards their education as well as potential employment and networking opportunities. While many grant programs base their decisions off of a students financial wellbeing, law firms tend to take a student’s academic performance into consideration more than other organizations.

Minority Students

Group of happy minority students

For minority law school students, there are other law school grants that are available. Many universities and associations, including the ABA, provide a specific amount of money to law school students who are minorities. There are also many other minority based private organizations which encourage the education of minority students. These organizations have funds set up which provide students with free grant money. To apply for these grants, students should contact the organizations directly. Many of these grants are advertised through the organization’s websites, so the application process should be clear.


After researching grants that are available to them, potential law school students should determine their qualifications. Many law school grants are designed for a specific group of people, which can be based off of race, sex, or religion, while others are available to the general public. Most students will realize that the vast majority of grant money is set aside for students who are in need of financial aid.

To prove their need of financial aid, many students will be required to show proof of both their financial status as well as their parent’s financial status.

Other law school grants are based off of other requirements. Many of these requirements are academically based and require both a high college grade point average as well as good standardized test scores.

For the most part, private organizations such as independent law firms and scholarship funds, base their decisions largely on academic performance. The actual law schools often base their decision only on financial need because the students who are applying for the grants are normally already admitted based on their past performance.

Grant Responsibilities

Law book, gavel, scale and handcuffs

Once grant money is received, the student needs to get a full understanding of any responsibilities they have remaining. Normally, grants received from a university are directly applied towards the student’s education expenses and pay down the balance owed. Grants received from private organizations are often provided directly to the student in the form of a personal check.

The grant giver may require the student to show proof that the funds were used to pay for tuition or other education related expenses. If the student does not show proof, some organizations may require the grant to be repaid.

The law school student should also be sure they know what they need to do to receive the grant money each year. Many grants are received each semester and need to be reapplied for each year. The recipient of the law school grant money needs to make sure they understand how they can reapply and what steps they need to take to ensure they are still qualified to receive the grant money the following year.

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54 Comments on “Law School Grants”

  1. Jose C Espinosa wrote:

    Interested in grants for law school and doctoral programs

  2. Judith Feldmann wrote:

    Am interested in applying for law school grants.

    Judith Feldmann

  3. andreesha perry wrote:

    im intrested in law school but could you go to collage with out finishing high school and do your collage and high school courses but im still in high school and just want to go ahead to collage im in the 10th and this girl alredy left she wnt to unc

  4. Brian R. Tinsley wrote:

    My name is Brian R. Tinsley. I was born December 24, 1955 in Richmond, Va., to Mr. Harrison James Tinsley Sr. II, and Mrs. Sarah Anne Tinsley. My father died on rainy Friday September 14, 1963, from an illness he incurred while he served two terms in WWII.
    After my father’s death, my family struggled to eat for weeks. I begged my mother to let me go and sell papers to make money for our family. She was very protective of me and my five siblings and did not want any of us out of the house on our own without her. Finally, after weeks of being without food because the bread winner has died, and after she had prayed and asked the Lord what she should do, she allowed me to start selling papers. I was seven years old at the time, and it was my first taste or experience of making my own money. I worked every year after that doing different jobs until finally I began a career as an over-the-road trucker, driving eighteen wheelers all over the United States. I drove as a company driver for 20 years and I was an owner operator for 8 years. I worked from the time I was seven (7) years old until I was forty-seven (47). I developed a heart condition after having been given samples of vioxx to take for pain in 1999. I was not a part of the big settlement. The doctor that gave me the samples could not be located and I had lost a home during the winter of 2003 and I had thrown away the rest of the samples I had. I am disabled now and the Social Security Administration does not pay me for any of the years that I was an owner operator, nor do the have all the proper earnings I’ve made for other years that I have worked. I sold the first Richmond, Va., Blue Streak edition newspapers that advertised the sad assassination of the late but great President John F. Kennedy.
    In August of 2006, I took the G.E.D. test and passed them with high grades. In September of 2006, I enrolled into Ashworth University to study Paralegalism as pre-law studies. For a while I was averaging about a 3.6 grade point. I found later that Ashworth University was not regionally accredited and it discouraged me from Ashworth University. I was paying $50.00 per month to Ashworth for my studies. I did not want to ask anyone for funding, so I discontinued my studies with Ashworth. It’s been over two years since I have studied. Now, at almost 56 years old, I am determined to go to an accredited University and finish pre-law, then I plan to find a two year Law School to go too. The only one I know of is Thomas Cooley College in Lansing, Michigan. I know it’s not the best School in the USA, but then I’m not a spring rooster. I have been reading law on my own for about 15 years. I will be a great lawyer.
    I am writing to you to ask you for grants or funding to help me to return to my pre-law studies, to finish them and then to go on to Law School.

  5. Abigail marufu wrote:

    Am interested in law and nutrition courses,have finished school and i wrote igcse and i passed very well with fly colours.

  6. Ebony Nyoni wrote:

    My name is Ebony Nyoni, African American woman born in Brooklyn. As a child I struggled with a life threatening form of cancer, but made it through. I put myself through school, eventually obtaining my Master’s degree at the University of Vermont. My desire is to become a lawyer to help the people of the world live happy, healthy, and successful lives.

    I started a school in Tanzania, East Africa and would someday like to continue my dream of empowering communities like the ones I came from to soar.

    Thank you for any resources you may know of that may help me in my endeavors.


  7. Case wrote:

    I am interested in becoming a Paralegal. I am seeking any grants that are available for someone with my conditions. I have had a traumatic brain injury from a car accident which left me blind in one eye (legally/completely) various neurological and psychological problems (depression, bipolar, general anxiety disorder, post traumatic stress disorder) epilepsy, and partial paralyzation on the right side of my face and head. Things have greatly improved over the course of the last 16 years since this initailly happened but this is what I am left with. I am on permant SSDI and would like to further my education and find meaningful work.

  8. Danielle edwards wrote:

    Hello, My name is Danielle. I am a 26 year old single mother taking care of two kids by the age 6 and 2. I am currently attending college for criminal justice this my second year my funds are out I don’t have any income coming in school is about to start for and my son, and I’m no where near ready for school. My car is giving me problem this is my only transportion. I don’t have no family member or friends I can rely on in a need like this. My son start school on monday and he don’t have no supplies or his uniform for school. I contacted and apply for walfare its been over a month now since i haven’t heard from them. I am not recieving any child support from my kids dad or help from their families. I have never been in a situation like this that i can’t do for myself. I’m behinded on all my bills I lost my job in july. I have been looking for and applying to any and everything but no luck, right now I’m in a very bad shape that i can’t get out of. I cry every night hoping I over come my problem it’s hard in being a single parent. I’m in need of this grant money to help me with my bills, schooling for me and my kids, and to fix my car or get a better one to get to and from school also to get around to look for a job. can u please contact me back thanks

  9. Rebecca Tabares wrote:

    Hello ,My name is Rebecca Tabares.I am 25 years old, mother to a 2yr old, and a victim of abuse from my husband, i was married to him in 2008 and finally decided to leave him in april of this year, i was living in honduras, central america at the time, least to say that convincing my abusive husband to sign the papers for my sons international travel to miami, was not an easy task.I endured more abuse in that short period of time then many women have endured in their entire life, like my story their are thousands, and for this specific reason i want to be a lawyer to help reinforce womens belief in themselves and what they are capable of doing.I am just took the LSAT and have a UGPA OF 3.0, I dont have money to go to law school, and i need help now in order to help other women in the future. Thank you so much for reading some of my story, if anyone has any questions please contact me.God bless enveryone, in God we trust.amen.

  10. Hellen Kachala wrote:

    Im a woman looking for a grant.Ive just been enrolled with University of Malawi to study Bachelor of Laws

  11. Mark Dave Dela salde wrote:

    Hi I am Mark Dave Dela Salde, a graduate of bachelor of Science in Secondary education at the University of Minadanao, Philippines. I belong to a less fortunate family, I graduated with my degree because I was able to avail the scholarship granted by the University to the Indigeneous Pople like me, i belong to a Mandaya tribe.

    I am writing this letter because I am interested to enroll in Law School, its always my dream to become a lawyer because I want to help my co-Tribe.
    Hoping for Your Favorable Response

  12. Mercedes wrote:

    Need help with more information to get money for law school.

  13. Althea McDonald wrote:

    My name is Althea McDonald. I raise 7 children and then decided to go back to school. I will be graduating with my Bachelors in Social and Criminal Justice in July of 2014. My passion was always to become a lawyer. I am the first in my family to go to college, however, I know I will not be able to pay for law school. I would appreciate from the bottom of my heart to learn how I can get an organization to help me through law school. I will be forever grateful. I was born in Jamaica, and I have been in America since 1970. I want to become a lawyer to be able to give back to this country what they have done for me.

  14. matatizo thomas wrote:

    i need financial assistant so that i can study law school im incapable of paying tuition fee and other costs because my parents can not afford

  15. Brigitte Cadriel wrote:

    My name is Brigitte Cadriel. I am half Black and part Mexican, Spanish and Indian. I just finished by Bachelor’s Degree with a 3.4 GPA, and am practicing for my LSAT now. I have taken 4 practice tests, and received 167 to 174 out of 180. I am striving for as close to perfect as I can for the real LSAT, which I take in June 2013. I am looking for Grants to help me through Law School, as I come from no money. Please contact me if you can help me. I strive for perfection, but need assistance to make it though Law School. Thanks for your help.

  16. Tiara M Williams wrote:

    My name Tiara Williams. I graduated from high school with a 3.3 GPA, and I just finished my first semester in college last week. Because I didn’t do so good on the compass test, I’v been taking general courses. I did very well in the general courses I’d took, and now I’m seeking for financial assistants for studying in law school. I need financial assistants because now I’m stuck with paying for my first semester bill, and I can not afford to go on with my studies.

  17. Deborah D. wrote:

    I am almost finished with realizing my dream of helping people who have been abused and needing help. As a battered woman, I am 10 classes short of completing my Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice. Without a Bachelors it is difficult with getting a job in this field of Advocacy. Funds ran out and I really would like to finish my degree. I have a GPA of 3.96 and I am also a volunteer for DC SAFE (Survivors and Advocate For Empowerment and is the Coalition against Domestic Violence). I am also interested in being an investigator for Elder Abuse. I have a love and passion for helping others who cannot help themselves or are afraid to take a stand. I guess it is from the fact I have been where they are, have been or may end up if they dont seek the appropriate help. I want to be an important part of that help. I only hope and pray that you will be able to assist me in completing my goal of receiving my Bachelors. Thank you.

  18. frank golden malebeto wrote:

    my name is frank golden malebeto tanzanian boy age 30, i was selected to join at ruaha university faculty of law but the problem is fees. I need help on this because i don’t have any source to afford it and i depending on single parent(mother). The class will start at october 28 2013. Please over please i need the help, the course duration is 4 years and the fees and accomodation it cost US dollar 2000. Thank you in advance

  19. Patrick Mbale wrote:

    I am in second year at the University of Malawi, Chancellor college law school. I am very interested in a grant. Lokking forward to your favourable response

  20. Larissa B wrote:

    I am a single mother of 3 children, 50% Hispanic, I have my undergrad, and interested in obtaining a law degree. I am obviously therefore interested in looking at grants/scholarships to help pay for the schooling. Could someone please let me know if there is something I could apply for?

    Thank you!

  21. Andy wrote:

    Grants for law school are extremely rare. Most are given by the school itself to students that are very overqualified for that school. It is a way less respected schools get top students. Even these grants often require the student to keep a top GPA, which is easier said than done. You should speak with many practicing lawyers before making the huge financial investment that law school requires.

  22. ian wrote:

    I am an African leaving in Africa i would like to apply for a free Law Grant for Law Studies in Africa. please advise me any University or organization that offers such grants.

  23. Chetina M Chavis wrote:

    I am a recent Business Administration graduate of the University of Incarnate Word and looking to go to Law School at St. Mary’s in San Antonio on grants. I am a previous collegiate athlete, 6 foot, multi-racial female (Black, Mexican, French and Native American).

  24. melody wrote:

    hie i am melody i am an A level student currently doing arts .i am a female. i was wondering if i could get a free law grant and i need advice on any universities

  25. Ruth wrote:

    I am a second year law student at the university of Malawi, chancellor college and I am interested in a grant. What should I do?

  26. Pr maki binge Steven wrote:

    my daughter is a law students at Kampala international university 3rd year bt have failed to pay her tuition and want a grant what can l do?

  27. mary ann palecpec wrote:

    How can i apply for the scholarship. i graduated accountancy through the help of Commission on higher education.

  28. masiyaleti kayata wrote:

    I am an African applying for a scholarship. I do not have the means to pay for my studies at undergraduate level.

  29. ABEBE WOLDE wrote:

    I am young lawyer in ETHIOPIA eager to update my academic qualification and serve my people.If I get free scholarship on the subject law in any possible university, i will exploit my hidden potential.

  30. Joey Bag O' Donuts wrote:

    I am a prelaw school undergraduate seeking loans. I was selling drugs but didn’t want to risk the consequences, so I started pimping my neighbor’s daughter for 2 years and made enough to pay for one semester, but I need help with the other semesters….any ideals?

  31. Heather McKee wrote:

    My daughter graduated cumlada in a double major of law and psychology and a minor in Spanish. She is currently working as a paralegal in a law firm. She has student loans for her first five years of college. We need help so she can continue on to become an awsome lawyer. All throughout school she was on the Deans list. She will be awesome in her field but I don’t know how to get her grants and scholarships.

  32. atefe wrote:

    hi im atefe from iran. i have a very bad and tough kind of life here. im looking for a grant to study my master in acountry, so hopeless cause i have too many problems and sometimes i feel I can’t keep on such terrible life, please help me

  33. Kenneth wrote:

    I’m a Senior HS student from the Philippines, and I’m planning to take Plitical Scince in college so I can pursue to law studies, and I’m more than interested to the free law grant. what should I do?
    Thank you 🙂

  34. Panashe wrote:

    Greetings, am a 1st year student from Zimbabwe.i am doing my studies at Cyprus international university..Kindly looking for a Law School Grants to study in any university between Australia,UK and Canada…So can you help me in any means possible

  35. mohammed wrote:

    im a sudanese male had bacheloria in low need to improve skills and feed more information so im asking if can i join you to master degree >contact me by e mail plz

  36. Kevin Kong Smith wrote:

    Please send me more information about High School Scholarship for prepared law school student, and for minority D.J student. Thank you!
    Kevin Kong Smith
    15101 NE 9th Street Vancouver, WA 98684

  37. David Hayles wrote:

    I would like to get the opportunity to study here, i am a police officer back in Jamaica west indies but migrated here couple weeks, and i would love to go back into law enforcement

  38. Jagtap Punam wrote:

    Plz I want scholarship

  39. Pranita Lata wrote:

    my name is Pranita. Iam from fiji. i have poor background. i have given many sacrifices in life. currently iam living in a Car and using public toilets for baths and all. i also have intention to study further. i work as a typist because i have low studies. please help me to become something good for my future. iam giving my email address


    My name is Williams Kwame Godzo.I obtained my post graduate LLB since 2016. Respectfully looking for scholarship to pursue my LLM? LLD, and also to be called to the AMERICAN BAR. thamk you and God BLESS YOU.

  41. Anna Loraine B. Lucot wrote:

    good day. I am a teacher and I Want to study law. I am searching for a scholarship that will help me .

  42. H'Adiya wrote:

    Hey my name is H’Adiya Jackson a African American girl who will be the first of her family to go to college after graduating. I am looking for grant to cover my tuition because my family is poor and recovering from being homeless. Please and thank you.

  43. Adreinne Gilbert wrote:

    I am Adreinne Gilbert and I am looking for scholarships for law school. Contact me at, if you can of any help.

  44. Robin B. wrote:

    I am 38 years old, African-American female. I have an MBA. I am a veteran and have used my military benefits through my MBA. I also gifted the remaining military benefits to my daughter who is 16 and son who is 10, so they can have a chance a decent future. My husband is a disabled veterans with limited benefits as well.

  45. Kevin wrote:

    I am considering law school — changing my degree plan from computer science. would like to speak to someone because I am academically lazy while scholastically brilliant. What are the basis of a law-school program (scholar or academical).

  46. Joseph Ines Bindzi Mbarga wrote:

    Hi my name is ines I just immigrated to the us through the green card method ,i am 23 years and ive been here for 5 months i struggle hard to earn a living at my aunts place I work hard at a restaurant in Bethesda md ,and my wish is to continue my studies. Before immigration I had a four years background in a law university, my wish is to further my studies in human resources management or international relations I realy wish that the US government can help me I know I have what it takes to help people out there ,thank you

  47. Kira Newson wrote:

    I am Kira Newson and I am a upcoming 3L student in law school in Mississippi. I am interested in applying for a grant and would like any information that is available.
    Thank you!

  48. Jason wrote:

    I’m 18 a senior in high school and looking for grants to get my into college’s. I plan on going to South Eastern University to attend college.

  49. Candace Parker wrote:

    I am a minority with a child. I have my AA and working on my bachelor degree. I would like to go to law school,but need financial help. Any suggestions

  50. Lisa wrote:

    I suggest that you never stop. I am a single parent. I work full time and go to school full time. 2 classes twice a week is full time. It is hard work. your busy every day and night. But your setting a bar, for your children that will inspire them! THE BEST INVESTMENT YOU CAN EVER MAKE IS TO INVEST IN YOURSELF. even if there are no more scholarships. take the loans. there are 1001 things you can do with a law degree

  51. Dorice wrote:

    I’m Diploma in Law holder, can i access education grant to undertake LLB studies Overseas

  52. Victor Bruzos wrote:

    I am seeking to obtain either a grant or scholarship to attend law school. As a latino, I will try my best – thank you – Victor Bruzos – Purdue University Engineer

  53. Andrew Tiernan wrote:

    Please Oh God, I hope someone here reached out to Danielle Edwards. Oh God, I am so scared for her.

  54. Geneive Moreno wrote:

    Hi i am currently attending Purdue global and i am wanting to become an attorney i would like to obtain a scholarship r grant to be able to complete my education. please sent me information i am a latina single mother receiving my 1st Bachelor’s degree in legal support and services. I received my Associates degree in paralegal studies in 2015.

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