Teaching Scholarships and Grants

If you want to be a teacher, you’re choosing a solid career. The country is in dire need of teachers of all types. Thus, you can be sure to have a career that is somewhat secure. And of course, who doesn’t want to help guide the youth of America?

This is one of the most honorable professionals out there. Enrolling for and paying for school is easier said than done. Attending college can be quite pricey. Teaching degrees cost thousands and thousands of dollars.

This is why it is so important to really find solid scholarships and grants. There are funds out there. You just need to know where to look. The following are some great resources to use when looking for scholarships and grants.

The Federal Government

One of the best places to turn for teaching scholarships and grants is actually the federal government. Periodically, the federal government puts aside a certain amount of money for its citizens. The idea is that the country can only succeed if its people can succeed. Thus, these funds are then granted to people who show that they are financially in need of them.

One of the most famous and commonly used federal grants is the Pell Grant. Around since 1972, this grant is for people who can prove they are from low-income families and need additional support to return to school. The amount of the federal government’s scholarships and grants depends on the year. Still, such funding resources as the Pell Grant remain an important tool for people who want to fund and earn their teaching degree.

State Opportunities

Individual states often have great teaching scholarships and grants. Some of these scholarships and grants may be specifically related to education and to teaching whereas others may be linked to being from low-income families or minorities. Think about how you do or do not relate to the funding requirements and start applying as early on as possible.

You never know what your home state has to offer you. Of course, remember that you need to prove that you are a legal resident of this state. Thus, be sure to get the proper documents in order.

Need-Based Scholarships and Grants

If you come from a low-income family, you may qualify for need-based scholarships and grants. This can make paying for school that much more possible. Such funding options come from a variety of places: everywhere from local churches to big name corporations may offer such funding. Thus, it is important to do your research to see if you or your parents’ income meet the requirements for such grants and scholarships. If you qualify, this could help you obtain your teaching degree and certification!

Ethnicity-Related Scholarships and Grants

Historically, the United States was a place for immigrants. People came here to rid themselves of persecution they faced in their home countries. Thus, the country is full of people of many types of ethnicities, races, and backgrounds.

Not every minority in the United States has been afford the same opportunities. Thus, there are many scholarships and grants focused on evening the gap. If you are a minority and want to pursue a teaching degree, these funding options can really make all the difference. Take the time to really investigate this so you can secure the funding you need to enroll and finish school.

Women-Focused Scholarships and Grants

Another group that may find some great teaching scholarships and grants is women. After all, in the not so distant history, women were earning far less than men for the same job.

These funds are meant to close that gap and ensure that women have the funds for school. You can find women-focused teaching scholarships and grants from women advocacy groups and from corporations and non-profit organizations around the world.

First Generation College Students

If you are the first person in your family to attend college, then you may qualify for some stellar scholarships and grants. People don’t realize how tough it can be to the first in a family to go through this process. You may have no idea what a FAFSA form, and your family may not have the means to financially contribute to your education.

Military-Related Scholarships and Grants

People who have or are currently serving in the United States military may be eligible for important college grants and scholarships. This is how various military branches show their thanks to their soldiers and officers. Additionally, there are many teaching scholarships and grants available for the children and spouses of active and inactive soldiers.

You can find out about such funding options by contacting the specific military branch and for searching for military-related teaching scholarships and grants from non-profits and groups around the world.

Ask Teachers

Another way to find some stellar teaching scholarships and grants is to ask people who have experience looking for such funding: teachers. Sit down with teachers and ask them about their experiences with different funding sources. Firsthand knowledge is the best type of resource when looking for teaching scholarships and grants.

Ask about everything from how the application process worked to how funds were distributed and whether they were renewable. Some funds will only cover a single year of school whereas others will cover the full degree or program. Your teachers may also have some valuable suggestions about teaching scholarships and grants that you haven’t yet heard about.

Service for Money Programs

There’s no question that today’s world needs hard working, positive, and empowering teachers. Thus, there are many service for scholarships and grants programs. Basically, you have to commit to teaching in a in-need communities or schools for a set amount of time in exchange for funding. This is beneficial to both you and to the in-need schools.

After all, you need the money to continue your education and earn your necessary degrees and credentials, and the schools need qualified, dedicated, and intelligent teachers. This is also a great bet for people who want to give back to impoverished areas, are dedicated to teaching and want experience, and for those who want to see the world.

Know Why You Want to Teach

The above funding options for would-be teachers are competitive. After all, there are many people who want to receive funds for school. Thus, you need to be clear with yourself about why you want to teach.

This will make it easier for you to fill out applications, respond to questions, and write essays. The more specific you are about the teaching profession and why it is for you, the more focused and responsible you will look.

Online and Paper Applications

If you want to find teaching scholarships and grants, you need to head online. Basic Internet searches will lead you to non-profit, corporation, and private organizations that offer such funds.

Some of these groups will have online applications for you to complete whereas others will request paper applications. Always receive confirmation that your application has been received. You can save emails, confirmation numbers, and include a self-enclosed-stamped envelope with your application materials.

Be Thorough

Leave no rock unturned when it comes to finding money for school. You never know which organization will grant you the funds you need to continue your education. Make sure that you fully apply to each scholarship or fund. Ask a loved one to double-check your work.

You want to answer any and all questions and include all necessary documentation to secure this application is read and considered. Having a loved one look over your work will ensure that you submit error free applications. A single error may make you look less professional. This is why it is important to have fresh eyes review your work.

Gather Together Important Documents

Most teaching scholarships and grants will ask for the same documents. Thus, it is important to gather together such items and make copies, if possible. For example, universally requested documents include proof of residency, birth certificates, tax forms, and proof of income and enrollment in school. Having these items organized before you begin applying for teaching scholarships and grants will make the process easier to manage.

If you are willing to do your research and really explore your options, you will no doubt be able to find some secure funding options for school. There are many teaching scholarships and grants out there.

You just need to look anywhere and everywhere to fund funding. You never know which funds you will be approved for. With some careful research and preparation, you can find the necessary scholarships and grants to make your teaching goals a reality.

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  1. ousmane wrote:

    My name is ousmane and I’m a teacher of English in my country , Senegal.I have been teaching for 11years now.For a change , I wish to win a schorlarship to learn something new in keeping with the teaching profession.Could you please give me tips about where and how i can i get one?I’m sorely in need of a change I intend to break a bit with the routine learn new things get re energized as far as teaching is concerned.I lay high emphasis on exchange and sharing .so if i win a schorlarship now matter how short the stay in the host country is (u.k for example), it will certainly help me have new outlook and ambitions with my school community

  2. Cheryl Davis wrote:

    I would like a grant to be able to go to school again. I have been teaching preschool for many years and going to school to become a grade school teacher. I am a mother to 5 year twin girls and going through a divorce. I still want to get an education but don’t know how to go about it. I want to finish school for myself and my girls.

  3. Gita Chakraborty wrote:

    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    With due respect that I want to get admission in Cosmetology Diploma Course in the session in January 2012. in Ontario Beauty College in Canada.
    I have been working since 8 years as Beauty Adviser in my country in India,
    I need full scholarship or Teaching Assistanship for my course , I have good knowledge and experience on this subject .Now a days this sector is very good business overall world.
    I would request you please given the opportunity for me .

  4. tameeka wilson wrote:

    My name is Tameeka Wilson my daughter Anastasia Wilsob is graduating from high school this year and wants to attend college to become a elementary school teacher. She has been through alot in her life. I know that she will be an amazing teacher. I know there are alot of people that you may think are more deserving because they are older and trying to get there life back together, but my daughter Miss. Anastasia Wilson is trying to live a life. Coming from a teen mother that later became addicted to drugs, lost custody of her and made her become a mother to her two little brothers. She hasnt followed in my foot steps at all so she is trying to live and not in my shadow but to out-shine me and any help with that would be wonderful

  5. Val-Angela wrote:

    Hellow my name is Val-Angela I’m a morther of two small childern. My long life dream is to become a speacail education teacher for middle or high school students. I would like to teach subjects such as science, history and math. I have a learning disablety. I want to show my students that yes you can do anything in life just because you have learing disabiltey dose not mean that you cann’t aclopish your dreams and goals. Your learing disablet is not who you are it is a part of you. In life no one can stop you, but yourself. You have to try something at less once. I would love to be a good roll modle for them. this is a little about me but i find it hard to go to school that is why i wish to be able to win a schalership to be able to go back to school. I would be verry thankfull if you could help me to achive my goals and life long dreams thank you verry much four your time

  6. Gina Vugrin wrote:

    Good afternoon!
    I am a Certified Teacher and was wondering how to find high need schools that would be willing to help me repay my student loans. I live in Oak Lawn Illinois 60453. If someone could let me know I would be grateful.
    Thank You!
    Gina Vugrin

  7. Suri wrote:

    I had one course before I paid, I can get the lic. in State of Ohio for teachers certification in alternative programa please I need someone to finish pay my course so I can be hired next school year as formal bilingual teacher at immersion schools in Cincinnati Oh, this is only one course they are holding for me my grade for another month more, and I can’t get the lic. because that, DOE is holding all my high scores of evaluation on state tests and course, please I need just a grant to pay that course to Xavier University in Cincinnati, thank you in advance…

  8. Maria Hanes wrote:

    Hello, my name is Maria Hanes and I live in Kilgore, TX. I am a 38 year old Hispanic (Mexican) mother of three children. I am a Bilingual Teachers’ Aide at Sabine Middle School in Gladewater, TX. I was a substitute teacher for Sabine ISD (Elementary, Middle School, & High School) for almost a year before the full-time bilingual teachers aide position was offered to me. Sabine ISD is aware that I am in the process of obtaining my teachers certification for a Generalists EC-6 through ITeachTexas.com. I just have to take & pass the test; then I have to either complete 6-weeks student teaching or have 1 year in a teaching position by June 2012. I’m praying that once I pass the test & complete the program; Sabine ISD will have a teaching position available for me. Unfortunately; the last couple of years have been very difficult for me (financially & with my marriage). I am currently going through a divorce. The only way I would be able to complete my program will be to enroll in a 6-week student teaching program in the next few months. And of course that means I have to pay for the 6-week student teaching and not get paid during that time. As I mentioned, I am going through a divorce & will be supporting 3 kids (19 yr old–in college, 18 yr old–high school senior, & 9 yr old). So the Big Problem is that there is no way I will be able to afford the 6-week student teaching program & lose my teachers’ aide salary (which is not much at all) for 6 weeks. I would really appreciate any help to be able to pay for my test and the 6-week student teaching program; so that I may accomplish my dream of becoming a Bilingual Teacher in the state of Texas.
    I know that this is my calling! I’m sure you may hear that all the time but I can assure you that I want this with all my heart. I love working with kids and knowing that I am helping them in their education. And believe me I gave up and lost a lot in order for me to accomplish my dream. I had a great paying job & position, but that did not matter to me. I felt like once I left the business field I was never good enough for my husband, which I’m sure my current personal situation tells you something. But my children & family believe in me and know I want this with all my heart. And as long as my kids support me and my faith in myself…I know I will be the Best Teacher I can Be to every student that crosses my path.
    I’m sure you didn’t expect a book in the comment section; but I don’t know how else to say it without my desire for my teaching career to show. So please any help to pay for my tests, my 6-week student teaching program, and my unpaid school loans will be Greatly Appreciated. I pray that I will be able to teach the fall of 2012. Thank you for your time and help.
    Sincerely, Maria Hanes (Kilgore, TX)

  9. Annielle Hammerer wrote:

    hello my name is Annielle and I’m from England and i moved to usa 4 years ago and my husband focus me to go to college to do something i really didn’t want to do so now i got a big student loan bill which i can’t afford to pay. but it’s my dream to became a kindergarten teacher and i hope i can find a way to make my dream come true.

  10. ABRAHAM wrote:

    Dear Sir/Madam/Sponsor
    I am seeking a sponsor person/s/ or college or club or company or institute willing to sponsor me .
    My thanks and grateful for your support in progressing reach my dreams of dream of my goal. My constant need is merely to achieve for higher education and aspire athlete runner .
    I think every day and night to start my new life in your college scholarships in the hope this it may support me .

    I am live in ETHIOPIA ,birth date on March 1991and the running of
    Half-Marathon for that a score time 1:04;02 hr/min/sec in the whole
    game athletics National StateTigray champion, I have won in 2011 in road
    race running I got first for 5 km 14:30 in Shire-Endaslassie and I
    am graduated in degree in economics by 3:66 points .One year ago my score time for Half -Marathon view on the above ,but now on this year 13-2-2012 I made competition and I have better than that my score time , and caught fifth place for half marathon .The competition was tough but I made it through fifth place /5th place / in the whole games of National State of Tigray champion .

    I have financial problem I COULDN’T stay strong because of that my future vision it’s difficult to continue to reach an ASPIRE -ATHLETE,and I live in place here as a parasite depending on people due to unemployment because of this no option rather than that .I have very little time to approach a professional athlete,but I am alone no one persons support me here for my run and for
    higher studies ,In a situation like this ,things that I wish good
    things and dreams to do has not been good to me. If I would have the chance I would be studying abroad country, If I get your support and encouragement I will succeed and reach my goal .and I give you my word that I will compensate you for your support. Beside and before my education I just want to plan to share my experiences with all the schools and students in that country to that you give me the opportunity to continue to reach my goal and dreams.

    Your country give a lot of grants and scholarships for poorest persons throughout the World I heard your sociability for years ago ,please ,please add up/allow/ me to start my new life .I am willing to run on behalf of your country .I am all say this with humbly and I do apologize for that I have taken your value time, because I don’t have any other chance than this , please support me .I want to thank you for showing me the new best situation your scholarship you allow me to continue my higher education that I have always been wishing .I wish you the best in life for you and your families and to the entire your college and I hope you will receive this proposal in good spirit.I will be awaiting for your contact,please feel free to contact me on this e-mail address a.welday@yahoo.com or abhamwel@yahoo.com

    I am very pleased to hearing your positive response.
    Thank you very much again for your generous and attention .
    With best regards ,
    ABRAHAM WELDAY /athlete/ , Ethiopia

  11. Courtney Baker wrote:

    Hi, my name is Courtney. I will be graduating from High School in May of this year. Since I was 4 years old I have always wanted to be a teacher. For the past 3 years, I have had the pleasure of teaching toddlers thur middle school children gymnastics, this has been a great experience for me, this experience has made me more excited to actually be in a classroom teaching.
    I am from a single parent home. My mom has always worked two jobs to support me. For the past two years she has worked one full time job, just to spend more time with me. It’s been tough at times, but we made it though. Now it’s almost time for College, and once again mom is searching for a second job, just for me.
    Receiving a grant would be greatly appreciated, and would diffinately take a lot of pressure off my mom.

    Thank you for your time,

    Courtney Baker

  12. Asenath Light wrote:

    Hello, my name is Asenath Light. I live in Anchorage, Alaska, but am going to school at Brigham Young University in Idaho. Im am studying to be a special education teacher. I am trying really hard to pay for all of college on my own without taking out a loan. I have been working hard, and will continue on. Recieving a grant will help me to fullfill my college payments and help me help those young children with disabilities. I would highly apreciate any help I could get.

    Thank you,

    Asenath Light

  13. Jason Ingram wrote:

    Hello, my name is Jason Ingram and I am seeking a grant to continue my educating to become a math teacher. I am currently not working and I am in need of financial assist to pursue my dream of becoming an educator and making a difference.


  14. crystal masse wrote:

    hi my name is crystal. i am a single mother of a 3 year old highly autistic boy. it has been an ongoing fight to get him the services he needs, and the struggle we go through daily has made me want an education in special needs. i am in need of a grant or some kind of financial assistance to go back to school to pursue this dream of mine to help children with special needs get what they need so they dont have to go without. any kind of help at all would be greatly appreciated. i want nothing more than to mkae something of myself and my life for my son and i.
    thank you for your time.

  15. Stephanie Proctor wrote:

    H, my name is Stephanie proctor. I’m 25 years old.im pursuing liberal studies emphasis in teaching elementary education. This grant will help me to continue my education. I’m also a child of military veteran and a firefighter parents. I cannot afford to pay neatly 4,000 per semester so your financial assistance would be greatly appreciated.


    Stephanie proctor

  16. italia harris wrote:

    Hi my name is Italia Harris i’m a student at Wiley College. i’m really in need of a grant. i’m studying to become a teacher. i’m the first person in my family to go to college. my mother is retired and we don’t have that much money.Before my father passed away i promise him that i would go to college but not its getting hard for me to do that because i have no money, so i would really love to get a grant. thanks for your time.

  17. Mackenzie Verley wrote:

    Hi my name is Mackenzie Verley and I am a student at St. Cloud Technical and Community College. I am going to school for Early Childhood Special Education. I am in real need of a grant. This grant will help me to continue my educational goals in helping children get the attention and devotion they need and deserve. I have been volunteering in a early childhood/special education school setting for the past two years now, and I don’t want to do anything else with my life, but work with these children everyday. I live on my own, and I work as much as possible, but with school it’s hard to always get the hours in that I need. My parents have never been able to afford to help me out with anything, which, from my point of view, they shouldn’t have to because I am an adult, but becoming an educator and working with children has been my dream for as long as I can remember, I would really appreciate any help I can get.

    Thank you for your time.

    Mackenzie Verley

  18. Matthew Adam Smith wrote:

    Hello, my name is Matthew Smith and my lifelong goal is to be a music teacher I am currently enrolled in college and would like some assistance paying for it. My philosophy is that music is not just something you hear it is something you can learn from as well as teach with. I am not the type of person to ask for peoples help with things but I need to be a teacher it is my passion.

    I am 23 years old I work full time at a nursing home and i am not married. The reason I believe I need help with school is because I will be giving back by becoming a teacher. Please so much I need your help.

  19. calvin maitha wrote:

    I am 35 years old and i have worked as a part time untrained teacher for over 8 years. I have a B.sc in Mathematical statistics but after looking for an analysis job with no success i decided to join teaching. Now am looking for some grants or scholarship to do a post graduate diploma and fully qualify as a teacher to serve children with passion. my main objective is to teach at the college and university level the soonest. Any assistance will be highly appreciated.

  20. Quintrea Hill wrote:

    Im a young man(military veteren) thats tring to better myself an help better others lives at the same time. Im gonig to school to be a teacher because kids neeed to see more positive male rolemodels, first I have to start with myself

  21. Mireya Ortega wrote:

    I really, really, really need financial help for my school and my family! I can’t get a job without a social and my husband only has time for a part time because he too is going to school. We have a baby girl of 16 months and live in an area where we are not familiar with or know anyone around. Please please I beg to be out on the list somehow. Im enrolled in Texas State in San Marcos, Tx and can’t pay the full tuition. Please give me some kind of help or let me know if there is anyone that may have the ability to help me out.
    -Mireya, an isolated mother asking for URGENT help-

  22. Elisabeth J Ratliff wrote:


    My name is Elisabeth and I’ve am almost done with my Master’s and would like to continue on to getting my Doctorate’s degree. The only problem is I will only have 2 years that I am able to complete leaving the other 2 uncomplete. I would really really want to pursue my goal in life and become a Doctor for as an Instructor/Teacher. I’m running out of time and I don’t want my education to go to waste in pursuing my education can you help me?

  23. Caitlin Huff wrote:

    My name is Caitlin Huff and i am from the United States. My dream is to become a elementary or Middle school History teacher. The reason i want to become a teacher is because i can remember when i was in school the teachers did not take time to individually teach each student and did not take time to help every student overcome their academic problems. I knew each student understood ways of being taught differently (conversations with friends) and i want to do that. I want to take time to help each and every student completely understand the subject and answer any questions they may have. Also, they need to feel comfortable in class and not be afraid to ask/answer questions. Children in school should be rewarded for earning high grades. They should be organized, and well-prepared when they come to class. If i was a teacher my students would know to be prepared for class i would test them on it. Make sure they understand you have to be prepared not only for school reasons but life. That is what school is about. To be prepared for life and its many hardships. If you are not prepared you will undergo very many hardships. I think that i would have great teaching skills and ways. It is a Passion of mine to be a teacher and especially history which is a subject i strive in. I always loved history and would like students to fall in love with history also. You have to make learning fun and exciting with challanges and proper documeting. You should have infromation carefully organized so if you need it you can go straight to it. A teacher should have papers graded on the date they say they will be or sooner. If the tests were on Monday they WILL be graded by friday. Another great tool to being a teacher i believe is being kind. Greet you students and welcome them. I think they all should get indivdual attention. ALso, keep the groups spread out across the room. So there is no talking during class. Only full attention to the teacher(s). Although i am only completeing my 10th grade courses and i am currently home-schooled i wish to go to college and earn a Bachelor’s Degree. I have strong verbal and written communication skills, i am also comfortable in front of groups, along with passion for being creative and helping students as much as possible. I easily and quickly understand matters when taught to me. I think i can undergo the four years it takes to get a Bachelor’s Degree along with the other requirements that must be meet to be a certified teacher. I think student would enjoy my ways of teaching and kindness and passion from not only teaching students and encouraging them to fulfill their dreams but to learn from the students as well. I have experience with computers. I should be graduated from high-school in under a year. Then, i will be seeking scholarships or grants to help me finacially fulfill my dreams of being a teacher. I currently live at home and the household of 3 does not recieve much income. very low income indeed. I have hope that i will find a scholarship or grant that will help me pay for college. Until then i will be working very hard to graduate. Thanks Caitlin Huff. U.S. (virginia)

  24. Angelica Brown wrote:

    my name is Angelica Brown and I am currently 22 years old. Right now I am in school for early childhood education. As a child I did not have the proper guidance with my parents, from those experiences I decided to be a teacher. If I can make a difference in children’s lives I know it will be rewarding not only to the students but to me as well. My only problem is that right now I struggle financially. Working minimum wage jobs to afford a car to get to school is hard enough. Along with gas prices and the cost for food and living etc is very stressful. Although I contemplated dropping out of school to work more I can’t give up. I need to be an example to other children/young people,that if you don’t give up you can attain success.
    Thanks Angelica Brown U.S. Massachusetts

  25. Rahimdad wrote:

    My name is Rahimdad gurgaiz and I’m a teacher of CHEMISTRY in my country PAKISTAN.I have been teaching for THREE years now.For a change , I wish to win a schorlarship to learn something new in keeping with the teaching profession.Could you please give me tips about where and how i can i get one?I’m sorely in need of a change I intend to break a bit with the routine learn new things get re energized as far as teaching is concerned.I lay high emphasis on exchange and sharing .so if i win a schorlarship now matter how short the stay in the host country is (u.k for example), it will certainly help me have new outlook and ambitions with my school community..my contact no.03423016408

  26. Alice Wise wrote:

    My name is Alice Wise, and I’m a sophmore at the University of South Alabama. I have chosen the career of being a high school math teacher, because of the possibilities I can have effecting the future. I understand that through inspiration, affection, and determination I can help build new generations of engineers, scientists, accountants, and many other math labored jobs. Even everyday people need math to balance a budget, so I understand that my actions are not just for the mathematically inclined, so I’m happy to help all sorts. Despite government education’s standard, I know that I can make a difference. As a 22 year old, I’m bound and determined to reach my goal as a high school math teacher, but financially, I’m set back. I would love to focus on school, but working and paying bills are a large priority of my life. I work two jobs, but still manage to make good grades. I believe in working for what you want to earn, so I’m happy to work my two jobs, but its summation of income does not add up to enough to pay for even three courses. A scholarship would be an amazing gift that I would be forever greatful for. I understand and appreciate the support that goes into it, and would put its value to great use. Ultimately, a scholarship for me is a donation to your future and your families future.

  27. Ora Jackson wrote:

    Greeting to All,

    My passion is Education! I enjoy the process of being a positive influence in the lives of scholars I have been attending colleges for the past several years. I earned a degree Master of Arts in Elementary Education. I am currently enrolled in a Doctorate Program with Cappella University.

    My employment experiences have been Teacher in preschool, Director of a Daycare, Head Start teacher, Head Start Administrator. I am currently employed with an Elementary school as a teacher.

    It has been a process of several years obtaining this level of education, because I have been working while going to school and being a mom. My children are grown and I am at the finale of my education. Yes, teachers inspire dreamers to dream, individuals in all fields of occupations have been touched by a teacher. Yet, I am at a stage of posturing because being a teacher, while it has it rewards of observing how I influence lives; it is a minimum base pay.

    I have incurred $60,000 in debt from attending college. Now, I need favor with individuals who will be gracious to assist me with going to four colloquial which are part of the process for writing my dissertation.

    Thank you for your consideration,
    “Dreams Do Come True”

  28. malkit singh wrote:

    respected sir/madam i am a primary teacher in india . i have been teaching since 2006. i want to improve my teaching teacniquice.please provide me traing about how to teach english as a secund language. please contact me 91 9914708107 thanks

  29. Kara wrote:

    My name is Kara and I am 23 years old. I have been wanting to go back to school for a long time now. Not only do I want a career for myself but for my 3 month old daughter too. She is my world and I want to be able to give her a great life and her have anything she needs. Teaching has been my passion ever since I was a little girl. I want to be someone a child would remember and can go to for help and make learning as enjoyable for children as much as possible. My goal is to earn my bachelors degree in early childhood education. A scholarship would really help make that happen.

  30. Charnissa Harris wrote:

    Hi my name is Charnissa Harris. I have been an assistant teacher for 15 years now. I am persuing my degree in education. However I cannot afford to pay out of pocket which is causing me to not become a teacher. I love working with our young children because they really need our support. Teaching is my passion and life. So please help me to achieve my dream by finishing school so that I can become an aspiring teacher. Your scholarship will really make it a blessing to have.

  31. Tianna Parkes wrote:

    Hello, I am the first bout of my family to get into an out of state college and I would like your help in achieving this goal. I’ve always wanted to work with young children ever since I was younger and with your this could all come true and I would get the proper education that is needed to achieve my dreams. Thank you

  32. Michelle Duhe wrote:

    Hello there and Good Evening,
    My name is Michelle Duhe and I am currently attending Southeastern Louisiana University. I am in Education Majoring in Grades 1-5 and I would be utterly grateful and appreciative if I were given this scholarship. Considering I am a full time student and working a part time job it is very hard to pay for my schooling and also do well in the classroom. I am barely making it paycheck to paycheck. With this scholarship, that will make me so much closer to my dream at inspiring children to learn and be more knowledgeable which will make the world a better place! I have always wanted to by a teacher and be an idol for my students. I want to make the children of our society have a better, bigger, and brighter future for themselves. With that being said, once again, I would truly be forever grateful if I were to receive this wonderful scholarship. It would most certainly be a blessing!!
    Thank you for your time and consideration,
    Michelle Duhe

  33. Zacharry Carel wrote:

    Hello my name is Zacharry Carel and I have just finished high school and I am wanting to go to college because I would be the first in my family to go my dad and mom never went and I would like to start a new tradition. I want to go into teaching, but for elementary schools. I would like to work with kids, I love kids and the ambition they have and they need the right role model to teach them and it takes the right person to do it, and I think I am the right person if I got the education.It would be amazing if I could get help with college so I can go into the world and help

  34. Mohammad Shahzaman wrote:

    I am 33years. I am a teacher in local high school(Bangladesh). I try to better teach for student. I want a scholarship/training.

  35. Md. Atikur Rahman wrote:

    Dear Sir,
    I am a Lecturer in Mathematics. I want to teach my student properly. So I need training on teaching.

  36. Belinda Johnson wrote:


    I am in need of your assistance to finish my Bachelor’s Degree in Education. I recently became a widow & I am trying to keep the promise of finishing school to myself as well as my husband. I do not have the money ($5000) for the books & classes that I need to take in order for me to complete my education. I am in desperate need for funds since it has to be paid to hold a seat for me this coming spring. I do not make much money being a Teacher Assist in Texas. I have never asked anyone for anything. I am not too proud to ask for assistance.

    I need for you to know that I am not asking for a hand out, but a hand up to assist me in my plight. I would be very grateful for anything that you can do to assist me with my dilemma. Also, I will be the first in my family to hold a degree. Thank you for anything that you can offer me. I hold to you “Sincere Gratification” for your time & efforts.

  37. Rabeya Sultana Manna wrote:

    i m rabeya.i am 3rd of 5brother and sister.i m compliting my MBA degree in pubic Universityin Bangladesh.now i m working as a teacher in Scholarshome English medium school and college.but,i wan to increase myself as a good teacher and give something ecceptionality to my students.because of finacial problem i cannot lead my everydaylife,yet i m hopeful to get my desired dream…..till now.don know when it will come….

  38. Gashaw wrote:

    I’m Gashwe from Ethiopia and I have a great nature gift and I have bachlor degree in social science but,belonging to a poor family and doing masters has been my dream, which seems to be very difficult now as i have no funds or someone to sponsor or not even a bank loan in spite of getting admit in a university in US but ma’am if you could arrange me a scholarship, i would be much obliged and be grateful to you throughout my life.

  39. Robel wrote:

    Hi! My name is Robel from Ethiopia.I have thought English for the last six years.I really love teaching at primary level.And I am writing this piece of text to tell you that,I want to make the most of my teaching profession.I want to be a better teacher of English.And the best to way to do this is to join a university who has a good reputation.I would like to pursue my PhD in English.I have a good grade in my M.A studies(3.75 g.p.a)looking forward your favorable reply.

  40. tearssky81 wrote:

    My name is tearssky81, from Syria, a university graduate , Faculty of Education – classroom teacher Department, now working classroom teacher in primary school, I want to get a scholarship in the field of education and teaching, Master Scholarship in Education, please help me to get a scholarship free<pleas help me
    Thank you
    With greetings from Syria wounded

  41. Tokologo wrote:

    am grade 12 leaner and I would like to per sue my career in teaching.
    would you provide me with relevant information that can help me due to my study fees

  42. Ashlie wrote:

    Hi! My name is Ashlie, and I worked as a teachers assistant in the Chicago Public School system recently and I am trying to go back to school to complete my degree to teach. I love teaching kids who don’t have everything handed to them. I am looking to get some financial help in going back to school. I look forward to a positive response in helping me pursue my passion.

  43. Robel wrote:


    Hello! My name is Robel Asregedew.I am from Ethiopia ,Addis Ababa.I am An M.A graguate in foreign languages and litrature.I am
    Now teaching in German Church Primary school in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.Today I read some scholarship training chances for English
    teachers at your institute .I would like to be one of the candidates and develop my teaching profession.Can you please tell me
    how I should go on?how I should apply?
    looking forward your prompt responses
    Robel Asregedew

  44. Ana Maria Merkel wrote:

    My name is Ana Maria Merkel. I’m a single mother of three. Recently divorced, had not worked for fifteen years. I hold a BS in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University, as well as ten semesters of Electrical Engineering from Venezuela, where I grew up. I’m from Spain, and was married to an American veteran for 24 years, and have been an American citizen since 1999. I used to teach college and high school classes in Venezuela, and teaching is my passion. I finally got a job as a Middle School Spanish teacher at a charter school in South Florida. The most rewarding part of my job is helping minority children who have different kinds of personal problems and need someone they trust to give them a hand a guide them. In order to get my certification and not only continue my new career, but also be able to support my children, I need to take classes and exams, which are out of my reach financially. I was hoping there is some kind of help for individuals in my situation who are trying to switch their career path to become teachers.
    If you can help me in any way, my children and I would be eternally grateful.
    Ana María

  45. celiwe wrote:

    I want to improve my studies please I need that scholership

  46. Jamie Boyer wrote:

    My name is Jamie Boyer,I’m a full time student and I work a 40 hour banking job, I attend night classes so I am able to be at work during the day, some semesters I would have to take an afternoon class, I would have to take that during my lunch break at work. I currently attend Cisco College and I will be transferring to McMurry University in the Fall of 2017. It is a private college and the reason i’m going to McMurry is because Cisco and McMurry have an agreement between one another where I am able to get 80% of my classes done at Cisco and have only 20% left with McMurry. The cost for each hour between the school is great, one year at McMurry cost $26,000.00 and I would be attending there for one year. I would really appreciate this grant because it would help me not stress about my federal loans i’m going to have to pay back. I will be certified in elementary k-5, I really enjoy that type of age groups, because they are still in their growth stages and I hope one day as a teacher I will be able to change quite a few of my students lives and hope they remember me for years to come. I want to impact them in some sort of way that will change their lives forever and for the better. I have 4 nieces and 4 nephews and they make me want to pursue teaching kids, to help children become better and help them with any needs or wants they have to be successful in life, I want to help them reach their milestones in life. This would really help me continuing on getting my degree and not being worried my tuition will keep me from doing that.
    Thank you,
    Jamie Boyer

  47. Armando Mendoza wrote:

    I would like to train and work with Hispanics on the art of automotive repair and physical education.

    I’m a ASE Master, a former auto business owner and a college wrestler.

  48. Essel Isaac Nana Kwame wrote:

    I am Essel Isaac from Ghana, I hold a degree in Mathematics Education and it’s my dream to teach Mathematics in the University but has to pursue a Masters degree in Mathematics first so please I need a scholarship . Kindly help me please.My contact is 0209537180.

  49. Sierra Healy wrote:

    Hello, my name is Sierra Healy. I am a full-time working, part-time student, and a single mother. I am right now working at a charter school with the 5th grade. I am wanting to further my career and education in be coming an elementary educator. I am unable to afford college classes and need some scholarships or grants. Anything will help! I know I will become an amazing teacher and help my students have a brighter future.
    Thank you for your time.

  50. Tiana Gates wrote:

    I was born legally blind, i am vision impaired i am seeking scholarship and grants to pay for my teaching education. I am a left hand african american female who struggles daily with vision and self esteem issues. The least i want to worry about is paying for college. My desire is to teach math to all students but would like to focus on teaching math to disabled students. I need this scholarship/ grant to help pursue my dream and goals for myself and others

  51. V.Heard wrote:

    I am 14hrs shy of completing my BA in Business Administration, and though I have a 25 year career in Administrative Assistance,my heart is for children. Once I get my degree I am going to take my teachers certification and give back to our children. Short of the long, life happened and I know owe the school attended $5748,which they’ve sent to debt collectors and I was able to settle for $2600(waiting to pay) and another $5000 is needed to complete the remaining 14hrs. I’ve maxed out on financial aid. Is there a grant or scholarship that is able to assist in the completion of my education. HELP

  52. Beth Lane wrote:

    I am a single mom and I have been trying to finish my degree for 20 years. I have left school a few times do to my son having cancer and now I am 4 classes from graduating. I really want to finish and finally rise above the poverty line.

  53. Sarah wrote:

    My name is Sarah Jones and I am currently teaching 5th Grade Reading and Social Studies on an emergency licensure. I have always wanted to teach and felt so blessed to have been given the chance. Teaching the last few months has been nothing short of amazing and I know now that it would be a dream come true to get my Master’s degree in Education and a permanent licensure in Oklahoma! I am a mother of 3, and always telling them not to give up on their dreams no matter how old they are; this would really encourage them. I know that helping students with all learning abilities is my calling and I would be so thankful and appreciative to have extra help to achieve this goal!
    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Sincerely, Sarah Jones

  54. Kiran Heffner wrote:


    I’m currently a community college student and I transferring this fall to a four-year institute. I really need this grant because I would love to be able to help children in other countries learn English. So that they can come over here and change their life for the better. I feel that everyone deserves an equal opportunity for a better life and if I can be the one to help them get it. I would be so happy! This grant would help to achieve my goal of being to help children, who think that they have no other option or think that they’re stupid because they don’t understand something. I know that feeling and it’s awful,so if I could help a child to understand a subject that they are struggling with or give them a chance at an education to have a better life. Then all of the stress will be worth it.

  55. Paula Pleasant wrote:

    I need a grant to help me obtain a teacher certification. I have a 4 year degree and I am currently teaching and have been for years, I just need help with certification cost. I have found a program that will take 14 weeks online and it cost $4,000 can anyone help me?

  56. Andrew Sobole wrote:


    My name is Andrew Sobole. I have a bachelors degree in music and a minor in business. I have recently applied to the UW grad program in music ed I have also applied as a post bac. since I already have a degree. I currently teach private music lessons but the wages are not sustainable. I am serious about furthering my education in Washington state to eventually become a public school teacher. I would love any advice and all the help I can get with financial support.

    Thank you so much for your time,


    Andrew Sobole

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