Social Work

Students of Social Work become involved in communities to help solve social problems. There are many levels of professional service in which to meet the needs of people in distress.

  • Issues of survival and emergency assistance are usually dealt with in child welfare agencies.
  • Clinical mental health services include individual, couples, family and group therapy.
  • Administrators keep social service agencies functioning as smoothly and efficiently as possible, while meeting the goals of the agencies.
  • Researchers continue to look for ways to deal with social issues more effectively and find ways to assuage or resolve new problems.

Social Work grants and scholarships come from several sources. These categories will be discussed more thoroughly throughout the article:

  1. Federal and state government programs serve those with the most financial need.
  2. Professional organizations related to Social Work award grants and scholarships annually.
  3. Many private organizations also fund specific types of social work majors.
  4. Colleges and universities provide grants, scholarships, fellowships, graduate assistantships, teaching assistantships and work-study programs.
  5. Nontraditional students have grant and scholarship options for their special circumstances.
  6. Grants and scholarships are available to military personnel and their families from all branches of the military.
  7. Church-affiliated scholarships for Social Work are available in some churches.
  8. Community service organizations like the Elks, Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions, Policemen and Firemen service clubs often award scholarships to students in their own communities.

Social Work, as a major course of study in higher education, must follow through on its own principles. Many awards are set aside for minority students, and every facility of higher learning, that has a school of Social Work, has funding for students in financial need. Many of these funds are earmarked for underserved populations.

Federal Grants

Federal government help is in the form of PELL grants, through the United States Department of Education. These grants are given to students with the greatest financial need; their parents must make less than $20,000 per year. Apply for PELL grants on the FAFSA application, which every college-bound student should fill out, online, for free, at

  • There are also layers of PELL grants. Some awards are for students that already receive PELL grants and participate in the Academic Competitiveness Grant to win $1300. The SMART Grant is a continuation of this support, for juniors and seniors in an undergraduate program.
  • The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant Program is for students with exceptional financial need who already receive the PELL grant.
  • NIH, or National Institutes of Health, is also a federal grant provider. Their Social Work grants are for undergraduates in a four-year accredited institution. A student’s GPA must be 3.5 or higher, or he or she must be in the top 5% of the class. It is a specific grant for students who want to focus on research in Social Work Practice and Concepts in Health. Apply at
  • Federal Healthcare Scholarships for students with disadvantaged backgrounds will award funds for Clinical Social Work. It is recommended that the student apply at the student financial aid office of the school in which the student is enrolled or will be enrolled.

State Incentive Programs

Here is a selection of some example state financial aid programs available to social workers.

New York

  • A tuition assistance program allows for an award of up to $5,000. It is not an actual grant, but functions like one. It is the New York Licensed Social Worker Loan Forgiveness Program. Social Work graduates must contract to work in the state’s most disadvantaged areas for a set period of time that is established by the state. Student loans are “forgiven,” or erased, after students have fulfilled their contracts.
  • The James F. Reville Scholarship goes to full-time students in any field, including Social Work, that includes direct contact with the developmentally disabled population. Applicants cannot be currently employed by NYSARC, Inc.
  • The New York State Higher Education Services Corporation has grants and scholarships for very specific types of students that are New York state residents, but does not rule out any specific major course of study. Relatives of plane-crash victims and 911 victims in police, fire, emergency and other related fields involved in this tragedy are included in some of the eligibility criteria. See the website for more

New Jersey

The Division of Youth and Family Services have state and federal grants to pay tuition for Social Work students who will work in a DYFS facility for one year after they graduate. The state needs Social Workers for these positions, as soon as possible, to fill the shortage.


The Maryland Department of Human Resources, a state-level department, has partnered with the University of Maryland School of Social Work to offer stipends to BSW (bachelors) and MSW (masters) level students who agree to work for the state after graduation. They must work one year for each academic year that they received stipends. The stipends cover tuition and fees. This is under Title IV-E, Education for Public Child Welfare. There is a shortage in the state workforce of qualified Social Workers, and this stipend aims to repair the situation.

North Carolina

The North Carolina Child Welfare Education Collaborative is another state program to recruit Social Work students willing to work in child welfare agencies after graduation. It is directed at students at the University of North Carolina campuses. These schools will have relevant information.

Professional Social Work Organizations


The National Association of Social Workers awards grants to graduate students who do research to find programs needed to aid underserved areas of the community.

  • The Consuelo W. Gosnell Memorial Scholarship is awarded to students who are committed to working with “American Indian/Alaskan Native and Hispanic/Latino populations.”
  • The Verne LaMarr Lyons Memorial Scholarship goes to an MSW candidate who is committed to working in the African-American community and demonstrates an interest in a health/mental health field.
    • Both scholarships are awards up to $2,000 annually.
  • The Eileen Blackey Doctoral Fellowship is for students enrolled in an accredited Social Work doctoral program and writing dissertations on welfare policy and practice. The award is up to $2,000.
  • The Jane B. Aron Doctoral Fellowship is for students in dissertation research of health care policy and practice, with a diversity component. It is also an award of up to $2,000.
  • Find information at:


The National Association of Black Social Workers awards scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students. Awards cover tuition and books. Graduate students must have an interest in researching issues in the African-American community. Apply at


The Council on Social Work Education has $500 scholarships, from the Carl A. Scott Memorial Fund, for minority undergraduate seniors or graduates in the last year of their Social Work Master’s program. A student must have a 3.0 GPA and work for equity and social justice in the community. There is also a pre-doctoral fellowship for an ethnic minority student working in the field of substance abuse and mental health. Apply at or call 703-683-8080.


The American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work offers the Judith Holm Memorial Student Awards Program grant for master’s level students. Students must present papers “demonstrating mastery of the essentials of clinical Social Work and readiness to enter professional practice.” The award is $2,000 in cash. Apply here:

The California Society for Clinical Social Work

This organization is for Clinical Social Workers in the state of California, but it is a professional organization, and it is not part of a state incentive program. There are two scholarships for MSW students interested in clinical practice at UCLA or USC. There are other scholarships for students at any California university. Details can be found at:

Private Organizations

The American Cancer Society

  • This organization has a very generous two-year grant for second-year Social Work master’s degree students who will work in the field of oncology. It is an annual gift of $12,000. Apply by October 15th. The student will train to provide psychosocial services to individuals with cancer and services to their families. See details at:
  • Doctoral Training Grants in Oncology Social Work: Doctoral students researching ways to help cancer patients and their families may apply for a two-year grant of $20,000 that may be renewable for another two years.

The John A. Hartford Foundation

This is only for pre-doctoral students in Social Work. It is a generous amount of money in various forms of support: Stipends, research training, travel money for scientific conferences and connecting with researchers across the country, and grant writing. The fund has been established to help students complete their dissertations.

American Indian Education Program

  • A student must belong to a “federally recognized tribe” and have a 2.0 GPA. It is for juniors and seniors in college planning to get a master’s degree in Social Work. Apply at:
  • This same website has other, more general scholarships, not specific to Social Work, set aside for students from federally recognized tribes that Social Work students could qualify for. The states of Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Minnesota and Nebraska have scholarship money for students of tribes in those states.
  • Indian Health Services Health Professionals Program in Minnesota has scholarships for a junior or senior in college planning to get a master’s degree in Social Work or Physical Therapy. The student must be from a federally recognized tribe, have a 2.0 GPA and agree to a service obligation upon completion of school. Students can apply here:

The Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans

This award is for students in any graduate field of study. Students must have a green card or be first generation, naturalized citizens of the United States. A student must be a college senior or not be beyond the second year of a graduate program. The student must be under 31 years of age. Awards can be up to $25,000 in maintenance and $20,000 in tuition payments.

AARP Andrus Foundation Graduate Scholarships

  • Undergraduates obtaining bachelor’s degrees in Social Work with a focus on Gerontology are eligible to apply for a one-year $5,000 scholarship.
  • Master’s degree students in gerontological Social Work can apply for a $7,000 scholarship.
  • Doctoral Social Work students in Gerontology may be awarded up $15,000.
  • Try the AARP website for information. It is not clear how to retrieve this information.

The Morris K. Udall Foundation (Arizona and Alaska)

This grant primarily goes to Native Americans and natives of the state of Alaska pursuing a Social Work degree from an Arizona University. It is based upon merit and need, and the student must have a focus on “native health care.” The student must be recommended by the faculty representative at their college.

The Hogg Foundation for Mental Health (Texas Social Work graduate students)

This is specific to Texas students who are going to attend one of twelve graduate schools in the state of Texas, with a concentration in the mental health field. Students must be nominated by the dean or director of their graduate program. The school must be accredited or have accreditation pending with CSWE. The award is up to $5,000 for tuition, room and board, and other educational costs. See this website for guidelines:

The Margaret Freeman Bowers Fellowship (graduates of Wellesley College)

This fellowship goes to a Wellesley College graduate entering graduate studies in Law, Public Policy/Public Administration, Social Work or an MBA career in Social Services. Apply here:

The Horatio Alger Association Award

This nonprofit educational organization provides college funding for “deserving young people who have demonstrated integrity and determination in overcoming adversity.” The student must have a “personal aspiration to make a unique contribution to society.” The student must be a full-time high school senior, who will definitely graduate on time, with plans to attend college in the fall quarter. The student must have a 2.0 GPA and must be a citizen of the United States. His or her parents must have an income limit of $50,000 per year, or less. The student should have involvement in co-curricular and community activities. The student must intend to obtain a bachelor’s degree at an accredited four-year college or university, or start at a two-year school and transfer to a four-year school. There are more details at:

The Ron Brown Scholarship Program

This is for African-American students that are high school seniors and are citizens of the United States, or have a permanent resident visa card, and have financial need. The student must go to an accredited four-year college or university in the United States. He or she must excel academically, show exceptional leadership potential and be active in community service. Any major field of study is acceptable. Submit your application at

Derivative Duo Scholarship

Residents of the state of Washington who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or straight ally, and who are in mental health or human services at the postsecondary level, may apply. The scholarship will be given based on the “strength of the overall application and financial need.” Electronic submissions should be sent to:

Colleges & Universities

Every school of Social Work has scholarship or grant funding set aside for students in financial need, particularly minority students. Every state has a school of Social Work, if not several. Large states like Ohio, California, Texas, New York and Florida have wide choices of school locations as well. Alabama has a large number of accredited schools of Social Work.

There are online degrees, too, but the “social” part of the degree is essential, and the student needs some sort of support in the Social Work field if he or she pursues a degree online. Understanding professional standards is crucial to being a successful Social Worker, and interacting with Social Work professionals is necessary in order to truly grasp this concept.

Figure out which schools are the most suitable and then research funding possibilities in each one. The state of residence will have financial aid for students that live in that state. In other words, Minnesota residents may have the best chance of getting help from schools in Minnesota.

Nontraditional Student Grants & Scholarships

Nontraditional students include these types of students:

  • Single mothers
  • Single fathers
  • Adult learners
  • Students who did not go straight on to college after high school graduation or after receiving their GED, and are beginning their college or university education later in life
  • Students who experienced an interruption in their college education for a few years, or more, and are returning to complete their degrees

Philanthropic and corporate foundations that provide scholarships for single parents:

  1. Arkansas Single Parent Fund
  2. Denny’s Single Parent Student Scholarship, Hispanic College Fund
  3. Philanthropic Educational Organization (P.E.O.) Program for Continuing Education
  4. Soroptimist Women’s Opportunity Awards
  5. Association on American Indian Affairs Displaced Homemaker Scholarships
  6. Association of Nontraditional Students in Higher Education Scholarships
  7. Hispanic College Fund Scholarships
  8. The R.O.S.E. Fund Scholarships for Women Survivors of Abuse
  9. Women’s Independence Scholarship Program (WISP) for Women Survivors of Abuse
  10. Osher Reentry Scholarship Program: This money is for students aged 25-50, and for 86 specific institutions in 47 states; the institution that the student will attend must apply for tuition funds for perspective applicants.
  11. AAUW, or American Association of University Women, funds are for women in any field. See more here:
  12. Linda Lael Miller Scholarships for Women: These funds are for women 25 years of age or older, single or married. Women must be United States or Canadian citizens attending a college or university in the United States or Canada. More information at:
  13. The Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation: This award is for women 17 years of age or older. Women must be mothers with minor children, enrolled in school for skills training, ESL, GED, a technical or vocational career, an associate’s degree, a first bachelor’s degree, or a professional master’s or doctoral degree. They must be enrolled in an accredited program for the 2012-2013 school year and be in a low-income bracket. See more information
  14. Employers often pay tuition for women, and sometimes men, to attend school, especially if it will benefit the employer upon the student’s graduation. Clarify whether or not an employer will cover part of, or all, tuition for a Social Work degree. Corporations employ Social Workers for EAP, Employee Assistance Programs, and might be willing to support an employee’s efforts to become educated and return to work in this part of the business. The employee would be familiar with the system already and would not need orientation training as a new hire would, saving money for the employer.

State and school financial aid for single parents:

  1. Florida George Snow Scholarship Fund Scholarship for Single Parents (students in Palm Beach and northern Broward Counties)
  2. Illinois College of DuPage Foundation Single Parent Scholarship
  3. Iowa Kirkwood Community College Scholarships for Single Parents
  4. Kansas Emporia State University Single Parents With Children Scholarship
  5. Minnesota State University Coplan Donohoe Single Parent Scholarship
  6. Wisconsin-The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Single Parent Scholarships

Military Scholarships

Every branch of the military makes provision for military personnel and their families to attend college or university if the criteria are met. This includes, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, AMVETS, the American Legion and many more. It is easy to find information on educational funding, online, for the relevant branch.

Church Affiliated Scholarships

It is possible that there are more sources of educational funding for ide the church conference. Students belonging to a specific church, as members, should explore this avenue. Presbyterians and Lutherans may have scholarships available for Social Work students.

The UCC, or United Church of Christ, offers scholarships to members of a UCC congregation that are entering their sophomore, junior or senior year of college. They must be under 25 years of age and have excellent academic standing at an accredited four-year college or university. Contact them by email at

Community Service Organizations

The Elks, Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions and Policemen and Firemen service clubs give scholarships to students in their respective communities across the nation. High school seniors should contact local service clubs in their communities to find out what the application process entails. More often than not, applicants do not have to be related to members of these clubs to apply. These types of service clubs focus on ways to improve their own communities, and Social Work fits into that qualification. Don’t pass it up from unfamiliarity; find out what the possibilities are.

*Social Workers will always be needed, as decades of proof have shown. Funding is always the key to jobs in this field. Getting an education is the first step in joining a field that works to improve the condition of society by helping those who need it the most. Good luck in this noble quest.

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  1. Joe Brewer wrote:

    I am new at all this, I am a 33 white male, just recently released from prison. I am a recovering drug addict about to start school at Calumet ollege of St.Joseph in Whiting, Indiana.I am going to major in human services in the substace abuse field. I have been “rehabbed” for two years and would love to help others. Please let me know if there are specif scholarships or grants I can be applying for. Thank You and feel free to contact me if you have any questions

  2. Jeffrey Phillippe wrote:

    Good evening,

    My name is Jeffrey Phillippe and i Am a 24 year old african american male who works part-time. I also have a 3.44 gpa, am I e;gible for any scholarships.

  3. Barrette wrote:

    Joe: congratulations on taking this step. I think personal experience is the best way to learn and because of everything you went through, you may be really great in this field.

    Jeffrey: your gpa is awesome! I hope you are really proud of yourself because you should be.

    Both of you should check out This is where you’d apply for the Federal Pell Grant. Most scholarships, loans or other grants won’t be granted to you if you haven’t applied for the fafsa. Next, go to the school you plan on going to to see what kind of scholarships they offer. While you’re there, ask them where can you go to get information on other scholarships and/or grants.

    I hope I helped at least a little. Good luck to the both of you!!!

  4. Natalia wrote:

    I’m trying to attend a couple of conferences this fall and spring out of state to network and learn more about social work opportunities in the California and DC areas. Are there any funds that I can apply for as a graduate student to get some help with making this happen. I have one more year left to get my MSSW from UT Austin.


  5. Lisa wrote:

    I am a 33 year old white female. I am a BSW. I graduated in VT and have resided in VT my entire life. I am looking to enter an MSW program. The school I am applying to does not offer any grants or scholarships. I do not belong to a church. Wondering where else I might find grants and scholarships for graduate school?

  6. Pamela Kirkland wrote:

    Hi, I need assist from anyone who can help me pay for my last class. I am one class away from my degree in Social Work at Grand Canyon University. I was informed that I do not have any fund last to pay for this last class. The college gave me a 1000.00 scholarship to help pay for the balance of the class I just finish but it leave me with a balance of 2300.00. Because I used all the funds that was avilable to me leaves me in a bind. Please help if you can I want not money send to be it can go straight to the college, so that I can finish with my four year degree and either into the master program to complete my goal that I already set for myself, thanks Pamela. If you know of anyfunds that I might be able to recieve please send me an email, hoping to finish college soon.

  7. LinnieTea wrote:

    I AM 59 NO ONE IN MY FAMILY HAS BEEN TO COLLEGE.I BEGAN STUDIES IN SOCIAL WORK UNDER VA VOC REHAB.( my new counsellor decided to increase me from pt time to full time) I began carrying 15 cr hrs 2 labs 33 hrs. Work study weekly/ I needed to change1.class to unify mornings forschool/ work studyfor evenings+a warm body if the job. Needed counsellor refused(under voc rehab )we were allotted extra time yet I was not only refused I was terminated) my Gpa 3.818 with a soriority offered me entry /as. I was on deans
    1.goingback toschool2 vet with ADA protection3.was a single parentwithouthelp finanicallymy dream has been shelved.can you help direct me in being able. . I want to give a voice to the voiceless and hopeless-i found out without some type.of authority no one will listen.

  8. Ayo fulani wrote:

    i am Migerian,i have diploma in social work.i am intrested in studing social work in undergraduate level in other to be able to be of help to many in socal need in my country,i hereby write for you to help secure full scholarship and admison.

  9. Krissie wrote:

    I feel like there is NO where for me to get money for school! I am 29 and just started my masters in Social Work. After I graduate I will have a low paying job and student loans totaling over $100,000! I need to find additional help! I am white and single, but have no help from anyone and cannot work full time while in the masters program. This degree is starting to seem impossible. Or it will force me to be broke for the rest of my life.

  10. Chloe Birk wrote:

    My name is Chloe and I am currently attending Northampton Community College, as a Social Work Major. I am planning on attending Kutztown University in the Fall for my last two years of college, and receiving a bachelors degree in Social Work. I would love to receive some help from you with my money situation, because I do not have a lot of money as it is.
    Hopefully you can help, it would be very much appreciated! Thank you so much.

  11. David ABALA, wrote:

    Iam a Ugandan currently pursuing a PhD at Nkumba University here in Uganda specialising in Human Resource Management. Am now busy writing my thesis unfortunately iam failing to raise the tuision fees for completing the course. The fees amounts to about $ 5000. Could you be of help?

  12. lewis fields wrote:

    Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I have no funds to attempt to complete my education. I am a grad student at Capella University and have reach my ceiling in loans. I am an Afro-American 61yrs old major in Human Services . I hope someone will e-mail information to assist me toward completing my education. I reach my ceiling in loans and have no other resources to pay for my education. I have been an non- traditional social worker for 27 years assisting over 5,000 youths at risk to establish their dreams and career. However I forgot about my self for the future. I have a story about these events if someone wants to receive my story please contact me at 267-325-7552 or e-mail me at thank you

  13. josephus ross wrote:

    I am an older college student that ran in to a streek of hard times. I ended up with a hold on my college account because of life changing events. Now the hold has been lifted so I can register for class, however, I still cant afford the 730 dollars its gonna take to receive my financial aid. I love human services because it involves me with helping people. I have done this all my life. Now sadly to say I might have to dropout of college because it seems I cant get any real help.If someone wants to talk call 7275577913

  14. yoliswa wrote:

    iam 23 year old girl who passed NQF level four of office admin I want to know if I can get scholarship to study as a social work

  15. Lettitia Weziwe Tsutsu wrote:

    I am in deparate need for a grant as I am doing my 2nd year in Social Work Degree with Unisa I am 49 yrs old.

  16. Rebecca Bittala wrote:

    I am a 23 year old female and I am attending Case Western Reserve University for my master’s degree in social work. I am trying to raise and find money to fund my education. It will cost me $60,000 for a one year program. It will be tough and I owe $2600 for next semester. (SP,14). I hope that someone can get back to me so I can hopefully find a way to end this issue.

    Thank you.

  17. Edigetu wrote:

    hello,whom may concern about my question, my name is Edigetu Bezabhi i am a 20 years old boy from university of Gondar w/c is one of the famous university in Ethiopia. now i am studies social work here at in the university of Gondar []. i have maintained a good grad from my class of 61 student’s and i got an special honer from my department, regarding this all I belong to very poor families. now what I am looking for
    Undergraduate scholarship in SOCIAL WORK to study abroad.
    staying with great glads for your clear/specific/ answer.
    thanks for all!

  18. Gretel WIlliams wrote:

    I am interested in getting a scholarship to do Social Work
    whether a degree or master. I have started a Course in Guidance Counselling and was about to switch to Social Work but did not complete due to financial challenges. I am willing to work in your system after completing the programe
    Thanks for your kind assistance.
    Also, email me to

    God bless you.

  19. lungile promise wrote:

    Im a lady of 23 from South Africa. Im a student at UNISA studying social work and im struggling I just want to relocate and start a new life with new experiences nd culture. I’ll be very happy to be considered.

  20. Rachel wrote:

    I am 43 years doing my fourth year at Unisa,would like to further my studies e.g. MSW however I am struggling financially. I have three kids to support but I am ambitious to learn.One thing i know for sure if i develop myself,my community, my family will develop as well.I love what I am doing. I want to leave a mark in the field of social work.I cant wait to get experience,to plant a good seed.

  21. Tesfa Wakuma wrote:

    I am 25 years old and I graduated with BSW fro addis Ababa University in social work and working in court assisting children as to get fair justice and working in ensuring justice for children. I have financial problem to continue my MSW to develop my expertise. I wait your positive response
    my email:

  22. karen wrote:

    I am an african american older woman returning to school for BA Psychology/Social Work. I am scheduled to attend SNHU in Jan 2015 and need financial assistance. I have always enjoyed helping others and assiting them with problems or to find the right help they need. Any suggestions, references etc will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  23. Chedene Ewart wrote:

    I, my name is Chedene. I am 20 years of age and I have aspiring dreams of becoming A social worker one day, not just for myself fulfillment, but because I want to make a difference in my community. I dream of becoming someones hero one day. I am the first to attend college from my family. I want to make me and the people that contribute to my success proud of me. Thanks for your favorable response.

  24. vivianallen wrote:

    to all young and old i like working with people i to am recover addict since 1997 so i need go back school

  25. Yoshayla wrote:

    Hi all. I am an 18 year old college sophomore. Well, I turn 19 on August 15th which is 3 days before classes start. Anyhow, I am a social work major, currently pre-social work status, and I am looking for any scholarships that you all know of. I attend a PWI but can’t seem to find minority scholarships. My GPA isn’t that great, due to stress and a lack of being responsible due to depression my freshman year. I am looking for anything you guys may have. Contact info or anything. I really need help paying for school. (Out-of-state tuition is expensive!)Thank You!!

  26. Janet Williams wrote:

    I am a 50 year old black lady that has found herself divorced and really no career. I have student loans from my undergraduate degree and reached my limit and not interested in obtaining more loans that have to be paid back. I have been working in the social work field as a socia work assistant for the past 4 years. I really enjoy what I am doing, but really want to make more money and do more (therapy, treatment) than where I currently am. It is not really the money, but a MSW will open more doors and provides greater potential for assisting those that truly need assistance. Any assistance or help in the right direction towards obtaining monies to complete my degree will be most appreciated. Thank you kindly.

  27. aggrey isabirye wrote:

    scholarshipps are the best for those who can noy access education, idid my bachollrs in social work and am seeking for ascholarship to persue amasters in social work and social admnisttration,

  28. Julie wrote:

    I am a 34yr old white female looking to go back to school for my bachelors degree in social work. With 4 kids it is hard to pay for college…..It just seems impossible to find help paying for furthering my education.

  29. April Richardson wrote:

    I am currently an undergraduate and the oldest daughter of a single mother of five. College was never my intentions due to not having anyone in my family going. I’ve been having difficulties paying for books and handling financial responsibilities. Anything would be greatly appreciated.

  30. vincent wereh wrote:

    I am a Kenyan citizen aged 36 years old I have some loans I took to help me pay for my undergataduate course in sociology and now I want to repay them and look for ways of continuing with my studies to pursue my masters in sociology or social work welfare I do request for any grant or scholarship that you can give me so that I too can give back to the society through provision of the services I will offer. Thank you very much

  31. Collins Dimba wrote:

    I am a 50 year old Kenyan male based in Nairobi,Kenya. i have been doing social work for the last 17 years and i have seen tremendous transformation of people who just needed a chance to better through education to better their lives. I have done various certificates and would appreciate assistance for scholarship to achieve my life long dream of having a university degree,which will not only be milestone and moral booster to a community that looks up to me is so many ways but would also encourage highs school and college dropouts in my community who are mostly in their 30’s that it is still possible to go back to school and earn a diploma or degree.

  32. Ntsako caroline wrote:

    Iam in need for financial assistant to finish up my studies I don’t have anyone to support me I don’t have any source of income I’m unemployed please help

  33. Alemayehu Negash wrote:

    I social workers I study community service work before 3 years from bishoftu community dev.t college level lV i am interested to update my proffesion if i got chance thanks for invet me .

  34. Ntsako caroline wrote:

    Hi pls help I’m in need of financial assistant I don’t have money to finish up my degree I’ll be happy if my application for grant assistant will be considered I lost my mother I have no one to take care of me anyone willing to help pls assist I’m stark because of money I’m doing social work I’m from south Africa I’m willing to relocate to gain more experience

  35. ABDALLA I. MOHAMMED wrote:

    I have already study at university of Dodoma 2017/2018 for PhD of Development studies,
    so by now I need fund to continue with my study.
    Thank you

  36. Daniella Giles wrote:

    Hi. this article was so helpful brought me to tears how many scholarships are out there. My passion since i was a child is to be a social worker. I was in foster care as a child and have undergone many hard obstacles in my life. With that being said i want to help children and adult to fulfill there passions. I havent been to shcool currently and am not financially able to pay outta pocket.once i complete school /BSW i want to share with society that you dont have to be a product of your environment. Help people that need it. If anyone can help me pay for school email. Me some info. Thanks alot.- Daniella.

  37. Daniella Giles wrote:

    Also wanted to say good luck yo all that are pursuing this career as it takes special people to do it.

  38. ruben morfin wrote:

    First and foremost , I am the proud father of a 23 year old daughter , currently attending Los Angeles Harbor College . Soon she will be attending cal state Dominguez hills. Im in need of information and / or help applying for financial help to assist her continue her education. We are a Hispanic family from los angeles . I am one of nine , 4 females 5 males . my daughter crystal morfin is the first and ONLY one to go to college and is determined to break the cycle. Her story is truly unbelievable , I should know , I raised her as a single parent. In the worst of circumstances . for her to even attempt to make it out of a den of gang members , drug addicts , all of her uncles and me included ex felons from California state prison , California youth authority , juvenile probation camp. I truly believe if our lives story were told , it wouldn’t be believable . too crazy . dysfunctional family to the MAX. my name is Ruben Morfin I am 44 years of age and am willing to do whatever in my power to help push crystal and assist her in any way I humanly can . I thank you for your time .
    Please give me advice and or referral . indescribably Proud Dad ..

  39. William Franklin-Cromwell wrote:

    I am in my last year of a Master of Social Work program that is accredited by the Commission on Social Work Education (CSWE). But I am in jeopardy of not being able to complete the program due to financial insufficiency. Upon completion of my education, I plan to work with at risk youth with juvenile delinquency intervention and prevention. I have taken a high interest in that area because I believe, being that children are our leaders of tomorrow, their future well-being needs to be protected by supporting our youth and fostering and assisting them in building good character and leadership skills by strengthening their abilities and interests.
    As a full time, unemployed, college college student with a one and a half hour commute to school, and being in an internship that requires driving, my financial needs are strained. In an effort to maximize travel funding, it is of importance to gain funding to assist paying for tuition. Any grant funding I am awarded would strictly go to paying for college expenses. Currently I am in need of $2,000 to help fund my Spring and summer tuition. Any amount up to and including that would be a great relief on my financial burdens.

  40. ROBIN BUNTING wrote:

    I am a 43 year old African American single mother of three, currently attending USC-University of Southern California studying for my DSW-Doctorate of Social Work, focusing on the 11th Grand Challenge of reducing extreme economic inequality specifically within the middle class. I have a capstone prototype that I have been told is very innovative and the funding will assist in making this prototype a reality.

  41. AFORMANOR ISAAC wrote:

    The desire to be well train social worker

  42. Elisabeth Southgate wrote:

    I like how you said that every school of Social Work has scholarships or grant money for students in need. My niece is looking into a social work program. Knowing that there is possible money available for her makes me happy.

  43. Jazzmayne Hester wrote:

    Hello I am currently a senior majoring in social work at a 4 year university. I am 22 years old single mom of a two year old baby girl. I had her around my sophomore year of college. I have been doing all I can do to make sure I earn my degree in social work so that I can provide more for me and my daughter. I have been looking for scholarships that are legit and that will actually help me help. I want to pursue my career in social work helping children & families in need. My goal is to earn my masters, so I am working hard so that I can be able to attend grad school after earning my bachelors degree.

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