Grants for Black Women

There are many grants available for African American women who wish to pursue higher education. These are made possible by a variety of organizations and agencies and are designed to assist black women to obtain degrees in programs where they are often underrepresented. Many programs are also geared to encourage their entry in fields that are non-traditional for women.

This article highlights many of the college grants and scholarships available for black women.

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Foundation and Organization Grants

These foundations provide grants and that cater to black women. These have requirements that range from general college attendance to specific courses of study.

The United Negro College Fund (UNCF) is one of the oldest and well-known organizations that provide grants and scholarships available to black women. It offers general scholarships that can be applied for online.

In addition, there are other grants and scholarships available through UNCF that are geared toward African-American students. Some of the UNCF’s partner entities and businesses include Liberty Mutual, Gap, Marriott, Google, Toyota, Intel, and Citibank

The National Black Nurses Associations (NBNA) awards grants, scholarships, and fellowships to black women interested in the field of nursing. The association’s annual scholarships are available for black women currently enrolled in a four-year nursing program.

The National Physical Science Consortium provides scholarships to black women who wish to purse a doctoral degree in the physical sciences. The physical sciences have traditionally been a field that is underrepresented by black women and these scholarships are designed to help encourage women and minorities to pursue doctoral degrees.

The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) provides scholarships to students interested in a career in journalism. Black women can apply for the scholarships that range up to $25,000.

The Julianne Malveaux Scholarship is geared specifically towards black women who are college sophomores or juniors majoring in journalism, economics, public policy, or other related fields at an accredited college or university.

The Ethel Lee Hoover Ellis Scholarship is targeted towards black women from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, or West Virginia. The applicant must also pursue a business program of study at an accredited college or university.

The National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Clubs (NANBPWC) offers their National Scholarship to African Americans graduating high school senior with a 3.0 GPA (out of 4.0). The applicants must complete an essay to qualify.

Black Women in Sisterhood for Action (BISA) is a group organized to provide educational assistance and support to young black women. Its scholarships for black women esidents in the inner city are disbursed based on economic disadvantages and disenfranchisement.

The National Press Club offers opportunities to black women through the Ellen Masin Persina Scholarship for Minorities in Journalism. The scholarship aims to educate journalists from minority backgrounds who would add diversity to the newsrooms of the future.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) offers scholarships for black women through its Women in Engineering and Computer and Information Science Awards program. These scholarships are designed to encourage women to pursue degrees in engineering, computer science, and information science.

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) provides scholarship opportunities for black women through its Scholarship for Minority Accounting Students program. Awardees can receive annual scholarships ranging from $1500 to $3000.

The National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) supports black women aspiring to become accountants through its National Scholarship Program.

The Thurgood Marshall College Fund provides merit-based scholarships to students attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People(NAACP) is one of the foremost organizations promoting justice and civil rights for blacks. They also offer a number of grants and scholarships available to black women. Among their grants and scholarships are the Department of Energy Scholarship, Earl Graves Scholarship, Roy Wilkins Scholarship, and others. These scholarships address applicants based on need, merit, and program of study.

Sponsored by the American Bar Association (ABA), the ABA Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund aims to help black women attend law school.

The Jackie Robinson Foundation (JRF) is a national organization founded in the memory of the Jackie Robinson. It provides scholarships and support services that are available to black women. Applicants are personally interviewed and funds are awarded based on academics, leadership potential, and financial need.

Raise the Nation is devoted to providing educational support to single mothers. Black women who meet the criteria can receive grants directly from the college or university that they choose to attend.

The Women’s Independence Scholarship Program (WISP) provides education scholarships for women who have left abusive situations. These scholarships aim to help women achieve economic independence for themselves and their children through education.

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) provides grants, scholarships, and fellowships for women pursuing higher education. It also offers grants that aim to support black women in fields where they are underrepresented, including law, medicine, and business administration.

The National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering (NACME) provides grants, scholarships, and fellowships to minority students pursuing degrees in engineering. Some of these scholarships are based on merit, need, community involvement, and leadership skills.

The National Society of Black Engineers seeks to increase the number of African Americans in the engineering profession.

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) provides scholarships that cater to women pursuing engineering degrees at accredited colleges and universities.

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The American Architectural Foundation has scholarships available to black women through their Minority/Disadvantaged Scholarships program. The scholarships are for high school seniors and college freshmen pursuing an architecture degree in an accredited architecture program.

The Congressional Black Caucus Spouses have several scholarship funds offered to talented students pursuing full-time undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral degrees. Many of these scholarships are geared to specific fields of study, such as performing arts, visual arts, engineering, and medicine. Black women interested in applying should contact the local office of their Congressional Black Caucus member.

The National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts offers awards and scholarships to students pursuing the creative arts through their Young Arts Program.

The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), an agency of the Department of Energy, offers the HBCU STEM Fellowship Program to black female students. It provides fellowships and stipends to graduates of historically black colleges and universities who wish to pursue Master’s level programs in science, technology, mathematics, and engineering. Information on how to apply for the program can be obtained from this page.

The Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund offers scholarships for women, 35 years and older, who are pursuing a vocational, technical, associate, or bachelor’s degree. These scholarships, for which black women can apply, require the applicant to come from a low-income situation and enroll in an ACICS accredited school.

Administered by the Hewlett Packard Company, the HP Scholars program provides scholarships for minority students interested in computer science, computer engineering, or electrical engineering. These scholarships are for those interesting in attending the HP Scholar partnership university which includes UCLA, San Jose State, Morgan State, University of Washington, or North Carolina.

The American Chemical Society’s ACS Scholars Program is geared toward providing scholarships to underrepresented minority students who want to pursue the fields of chemistry or chemistry-related fields. Scholarships are granted based on academic standing, financial need, community and school involvement, and leadership potential.

Gates Millennium Scholars provides scholarships for minority students based on academic merits, leadership, and community involvement.

College Grants

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These are grants provided by specific colleges that offer grants and scholarships for black women to attend that particular college. These are the women’s colleges that have scholarships targeted to black women. Many other coeducational colleges and universities may also have specific scholarships designated for black women. The applicant should contact the college of interest to determine what scholarships for which they may meet the eligibility requirements.

Spelman College

Locasted in Atlanta, GA, Spelman College offers scholarships and grants that are based on merit, need, or program of study. This women’s college is a historically black college that has served the needs of African-American women over the decades. Its website provides more information on grants and scholarships available.

Wellesley College

Wellesley College in Wellesley, MA, is a women’s college that offers grants and scholarships that are available to black women. Most of its grants are offered based on need. Its programs aim to provide women with opportunities to pursue degrees in non-traditional fields. The Davis Degree Program is offered to non-traditional female students that comes from diverse backgrounds and adult students beyond the traditional college age.

Bennett College

A women’s college located in Greensboro, NC, Bennett College has a long tradition of educating black women. This historically black college offers scholarships to black women who wish to pursue tertiary education.

Government Grants

These are grants and scholarships that are available through the federal, state, and local government entities that black women can apply for to use for a college education. Below are several federal grants that are available. Applicants should contact the specific state or local government’s website that they live in or wish to attend school in to determine what grants or scholarships may be available from those entities.

Federal Pell Grants

Federal Pell Grants are available from the federal government for black women who come from low-income households. Grants can be applied for by submitting a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form and applicants will automatically considered for the grant based on financial need.

Supplemental Educational Opportunity

Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants are additional funds also available to those who qualify for Pell Grants.

ACG Grant

The Academic Competitiveness Grant (ACG) is geared toward recipients who qualify for Pell Grants and have completed a rigorous secondary school program of study such as the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program.

Teacher Education Assistance

Another federal grant is the Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant Program. The TEACH Grant Program is focused on those who intend to teach in schools that serve students from low-income families. These grants can range up to $4,000 per year. Information to apply for the grants can be found from this page.


The different branches of the armed forces offers ROTC scholarships that black women may want to consider. These scholarships vary in the amount of tuition and other items they may cover and the commitment to serve in the military. Interested applicants should consult their local ROTC agency representative or visit the following websites depending on the branch of interest:

They can also visit this page for detailed information and how to apply.

Sorority Grants and Scholarships

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Many of the African American sororities offer scholarships and grants to black women who are enrolling and attending college. The amount of the grants and scholarships and the criteria for obtaining them will vary by sorority and often by the local chapter. Interested black women can contact the local chapter in their area to determine how to obtain these scholarships. A list of the national organizations is shown below to provide contact information for the local chapters.

The The Alpha Kappa Alpha Educational Advancement Foundation (EAF) provides scholarships, fellowships, and community assistance awards designed to help supplement educational funding.

The Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority National Education Fund provides scholarships to assist needy students who are pursuing a college education.

The Zeta Phi Beta Sorority National Educational Foundation, Inc. offers scholarships and fellowship grants to black women pursuing degrees in higher education. These scholarships and grants are based on need and merit.

The following is a list of the websites for the sorority’s national organizations and the listing for the local chapters can be found within the websites.

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    Thanks in advance
    Tulani Harmon

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    2. I am a single African American mom returning to school to complete my PhD. Any suggestions for the best scholarships to apply for?

    Thank you.

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  23. Brenda Stewart wrote:


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    Brenda Stewart

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    Thank you in advance for any and all information

  25. Sharon wrote:

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  31. Shatia D. wrote:


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    Thank You,

    Shatia D.

  32. Natasha wrote:


    I am a 22 year old African American female junior majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders. This is the undergraduate program for Speech-Language Pathology. Sadly there are no undergraduate scholarships for this major. I would be very grateful for any opportunities.

  33. Tyheia Phillips wrote:


    I am a 34 year old African American single parent of 5.I am currently attending Horry-Georgetown Technical College where I was A dual major in Associates in Arts and Culinary Arts until i was advised i could no longer do that. I have earned certificates in basic business and general studies and taking my last 4 classes for my AA degree. I have 2 semesters left to complete my culinary arts degree and I want to transfer to Coastal Carolina University to earn my B.A. in education.I am in need of some assistance for tution and books. Any grant or scholarships that I would qualify for, I would greatly appreciate them.

  34. Kara Brooks wrote:


  35. consuelo parket wrote:

    I am a graduate student at GrandCanyon University, I currently have a 4.0gpa and am seeking financial assistance. I am a single African American mother of 2 and need all of the help I can get. My area of study is Mental Health counseling, I also facilitate a grief recovery group at my church. Please send me any information on all grants and scholarships I fit the criteria for. Thank you in advance.

  36. Diana Ochuka wrote:

    I am a kenyan girl of 27years and looking for funds to assist me persue my Degree education in Early Childhood. Already i have completed my Diploma in early Childhood. i would therefore request for any assistance you might award to me. thank you and hope to hear from you.

  37. C. Webb wrote:

    Hi I am a 29 year old black female also a single parent. I am currently enrolled in school and I took out student loans. I am looking for grants to help offset the cost. I have reviewed the links on this webpage and they didn’t have any pertaining to me. Please guide me in the right direction to get the assistance I keep hearing is out there. I am starting to think it’s all a myth. Thank you



  39. Ciarra Williams wrote:

    Young Black single mother of 2 toddlers trying to put my self through Everest Med. then start on my training in the medical school I have loans to pay off and I need futher assistance as far as Grants and Scholarships please help me.

  40. Asia Hill-Matthews wrote:

    Hi, I am a african americian young lady. that will be a incoming freshman to Cheyney University in the fall of 2012. I never knew how exspensive school could be until It was my turn to start it. I am majoring in criminal justice and a minor in philopshy. I am in need of 6,000 for the rest of my tuition to start school. I would be really apperciative is someone could help me with this, or sponser me. I can be contacted at Thank you

  41. Kaleena Owens wrote:

    Im a 28yr old single mother that trying to get back in school and wanted to know what type of grant i could get to go back to school ive had one job this year and times have been tough for me trying to raise my 4yr old and look for work so ive decided that continuing my education would be the best outcome for me and my daughter. I plan on going to med school for patient care tech training. I can assure you that the money will be well used to further my education and help give my child the life she deserves when i complete my training and enter the work force anew.

  42. Kelli Richie wrote:

    I am in a graduate occupational therapy program and I need extra money to cover my fall and spring semester. I willbe short about $10,000.00 combined. i’m african american and looking for help with tuition. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.

  43. veronicah wanjiku wrote:

    Hi,am 22yrs old black African american lady,willing to pursue a diploma in water engineering but lack of fund to join the college,am looking for a sponsor to help me,am looking forward for any assistance,thank

  44. tigist benti endalaw wrote:

    hello if i get your school i can improve my educational status but in this time i worked in private eye if u get me a chance i can help other people. but if i get a sponcer i am proud of u .

  45. Ms. Martin Says wrote:

    Hello, I am seeking help for my youngest daughter Zarina whom has just Graduated from Warren Easton High Charter School with Honors in New Orleans La. we are seeking Fiancial Funding for her to attend Howard University 2011-2012. I am a single parent that is currently Disable and doing the best that I can with God’s Help. My middle daughter just Graduated from Howard University this year with Honors/Cum Laude in Communications…Now I am only try to give her younger sister the same chance. Zarina still need funding for Living expenses,Housing fees & Meal Ticket, any help from everyone would be Greatly Appreciated. I can be contacted @ think you for your time, & may God Bless..

  46. Darianne Grimball wrote:

    Hi. I’m 18 years old. I am three weeks away from starting my freshman year in college. I’ll be the first to attend college – a university- in my family. Without any aid, I’ll be forced to skip put on the one thing I wanted most in life: college. I need help. Thank you.

  47. S Coates wrote:

    I am a single mom of 2 and one of my children suffers from Autism. I would like to enroll in a medical billing & coding course but I don’t have the money. Please refer me to services and companies willing to help. Thank you.

  48. A'Lena Johnson wrote:

    Hi I’m a single mother of 3 and it is very hard doing things all by myself. I have a child with AUTISM and a child with ADHD. My oldest will begin her second year at PENN STATE. I can’t apply for any loans because things happen and my credit is shot! I need help in finding GRANTS for my daughter to finish school. I live from paycheck to paycheck. Can anyone help me in the right direction? please!? My email address is Thank You and God Bless

  49. yajna wrote:

    I am 28 yr old single parent of a 3yr old who requires a lot of attention, and childcare, currently unemployed, looking for help to go back to school for pharmacutical technician even with pell grants nd personal loans of over 5000 I’m n need of extra money to start this course, I wld much rather not have personal loans so steep being as I am I single parent, and living from transitional housing program, from woman against abuse I reallly need much better resources and a lot of help right now….thnx

  50. JT wrote:

    Hi, I am a 24 year old woman looking for any available funds to further my education. I have been accepted into a Physician Assistant graduate program and will not be able to attend if I am unable to raise the funds. I feel that my mission in life is to change the world and by having a positive impact on as many lives as possible. I have created a blog about my dream: I am looking for any opportunities for funds including scholarships, loans, sponsorships (in which you receive a portion of my salary when I graduate). Thank you for your time and God bless.

  51. Victoria Huddleston wrote:

    Hello. I am a single African American mom who has always dreamed of going to college. I had a rough time raising a male child alone and promised myself that when I get him out of high school, I would go to college to finish my education. I am currently an IT student at (SPSU)Southern Polytechnical State College in Georgia and I am in need of financial assistance to complete this semester, as I risk getting my classes dropped for non-payment and/or not being able to register for spring semester. I am presently a senior and plan to graduate next summer. My bill is $2,200 for the fall semester and will appreciate any help I can get at this time. I am in the process of applying for scholarship money for next semester but need immediate help to stay in school. My email address is or you may send any assistance directly to the school in my behalf if you prefer. Thanking you in advance for your much appreciated assistance.

  52. Dawn wrote:

    Replying to Sharon and anyone else that can use this information: I am a 41 year old woman who was laid off last year due to downsizing from the trucking industry, and decided to subsequently enroll in Stark State College as a PTA major. I was a veteran during Desert Storm, but allowed my VA education benefits to expire due to the fact that I felt that I needed to work full time to raise my children. Since I am laid off I was eligible for the Pell Grant, and took out Student Loans as well. However, a few months ago I found out from another veteran that Congress made more education benefits available for veterans even if they allowed their GI bill benefits to expire. Additionally, there is another program called VRAP that will send 50,000 veterans to school and pay 18,000 – or about 1,473/month. If you are a veteran, please check into this.

  53. Ariayanna renee wrote:

    I am a teen mother if a two year old and I am currently pregnant as we speak.
    I am going to Everest college for medical assisting. I need a scholarship to pay for me to go. Can anybody help me get one.

  54. Stacie wrote:

    I am a 31 year old African American wife and mother of 4 boys. i completed my undergraduate degree in 2006 (B.S. criminal Justice). I am wanting to go back and complete Law School. I need help finding scholarship or grand money to fund it. Where do I start? I live in Indiana but plan to move one day soon anyway so I am willign to go to a school in another state if that is what the aide calls for. Please help!

  55. LaVetta wrote:

    Hello, I am a 40 year old woman trying to pursue a master’s degree in Public Administration, However, I have no funds and I haven’t been able to start to pay off my loans for my undergrad work. Can someone tell me how I can go about obtaining grants or fellowships for returning to school? I think I may qualify for some programs having to do with Americans with disabilities or children of disabled veterans or war veterans, Thank you

  56. Relissha Franklin wrote:

    Hello I have three classes left at Strayer University. I have a high balance due to some family issues I had to take care of. I need 3,000 to go back and get my Masters Degree in Business Administration/Public Administration. I need some help please. Thank You!

  57. Shalita wrote:

    Hello! My name is Shalita Dodson and I’m a single mother, a disabled US Navy Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran, and an inspiring Naturopathic Medical Student. It is my desire to help assist others in obtaining wholeness with a more natural approach. I’m currently taking classes to apply for medical school and really need the extra help with funding so that I can survive and take care of my daughter while trying to motivate her to pursue her dreams. I pray you can help!

  58. Grace wrote:

    I am a 20 year old art student. I am trying to go to art school, but it so darn expensive, and I could hardly afford it. Art school, plus living costs, and art supplies. Unfortunately, the best art schools in America are private, which makes it even ore expensive. I am trying to find a way to pave my way into the art industry, and make my mark as a powerful, artistic Black woman. I just need the funds !

  59. Kema wrote:

    I am a 30 year old unemployed single mother trying to get back on my feet who want to go to school at Remington College to become a Dental Assistant. Im looking for a grant that can hopefully pay my whole tuition or at least most of it. Can someone please help me find that grant?

  60. Carice wrote:

    I guess my situation may be a little different then some. I’m single, but I’m not a single mother. In fact, I’m not a mother at all. I’m not disabled. I don’t live in low income housing. I am 42 and I was laid off in June. I have never been to college and want to become an RN. When applying with FAFSA, my salary for 2011 is used. So needless to say, they didn’t feel I needed any assistance. What are my options?

  61. Aoulanda wrote:

    I am a single mom with a bachelor’s of science in business administration which has not helped me to land a good job. I have a descent job but i would like to go back to school for nursing and would love any information about assistance. Thanks!

  62. Myrtis wrote:

    I am a 56 year old wife, mother and grandmother. I also am a navy veteran spouse. I served at home, while my husband served our country. I was in a technical school when we got married. Needless to say my education was put on the back burn to care and work for my family. I have a small daycare service in my home. I am looking for direction to find grants and scholarships to attend the community college in my state. It is a dream and desire to be able to get an associate degree in business administration.I also have natural talents in interior design and the world of crafting.I know God will send some one to help.

  63. Juanita wrote:

    I need some help finding scholarships for my major of Dietetics and Nutrition that I am majoring in. I also wanted to mention I am an African American student attending a community college as a Freshman. I also have a 3.5 GPA . If that information helps any!.

    Thanks again for helping

  64. Shay wrote:

    Currently, I am am a student at a technical college who just got accepted into the nursing program. To my dismay, I will have to take out a loan because I hold a B.S. in Healthcare Adminstration.Like others, I have not been able to land a job in that field and decided to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse. This has been a life long dream and has taken me years to get to this point. However, due to the scheduling I will have to leave my current postion and I will not have much income.The program will last a year and I’m searching for funding to aid me with continuing my education. I have visited several sites and haven’t really found anything significant. I am aware from recent entries that many are going through the same thing. I hope we land something….Good LUCK!

  65. Qiana Byers wrote:

    I am a 32 year old single mother of three,looking to attend Kettering College of Medical Arts. I have already applied for grants and loans. But with those funds together still isn’t enough for me to attend. I’m looking to get a master degree in Physicians Assistant. Is there any way that you all can be of assistance please.

    Qiana B.

  66. Wanda wrote:

    I am in my last year of online classes but because of a new law passed back in June/July, I am tapped out on receiving anymore pell grant assistance. I have taken a three month loa to try to find some assistance to help pay for the remainder of my schooling but so not luck. Are there any suggestions?

  67. Nicole wrote:

    I am a 38 year old single parent of to beautiful children. Currently, I am working on a PhD in Education specialization in Training and Performance Improvement at Capella University. By June of 2013, I will use all financial aid. Thankfully, I am at the dissertation phase of my degree; however, I have exhausted all possibilities for funding. It would be a blessing if you assisting me with whom to contact for help with funding the completion of my degree.
    Thank you

  68. Kayla wrote:

    I’m obviously not going to divulge my age, however, I do like to see a lot of organizations that take as much interest in minority groups as I do. After attending college, I hope to create a scholarship for African American groups. So far, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be ranked in the top 5 of my class; if I get one of these scholarships, I don’t plan on wasting any of them. I can’t tell you how passionate I am about African Americans, and if I ever could, I’d probably want to definately create a scholarship for other people like myself. I’m keeping my fingers crossed! 🙂

  69. Marie wrote:

    Hi-I am a single parent of a college freshman. Uncle Sam seems to think because I work a full time job, that I can take out of my daily living expenses to fund college for my daughter. We’ve made it through this first year with God’s grace and loans. I’m trying to pay the interest on the loans for her, but, after doing the FAFSA for this next year–all the gov’t is still offering her is more loans. It’s like unless the government offers you a grant, no one else seems to want to give you a grant. I really don’t want her to have 4 years of loans. 🙁

  70. Janice Brown wrote:

    Hi I am a 55 year old black female and I am currently in college. Leaving an abusive relationship I find myself living from one place to another but I am managing to stay in school.
    I am looking for a financial support to help my living arrangements that is the only stress that I have wrong about where I am going to live on a permanent basis. Is there anyone out there who can help me.

  71. Chanel Watson wrote:

    Hello, I am 32 years old, I am a nursing student with no children, I work part time, and I have bad credit. I owe $6,000 to my school,and I am not able to take my finals graduate. If anyone could point my in the right direction I would really appreciate it. I don’t care what I have to do, I am determined to finish. I will pay ALL of my loans off once I finish school.
    Thank You in advance.

  72. Linnetta Sharpe-Franklin wrote:

    I am a 61 year old mother and grandmother. After raising my children & two of my grandchildren, I am now ready to do something for me. With retirement approching I want to be found doing something, I’ve watched many of my peers retire and it appears as if life left them. This will not be my portion. I answered the call to Ministry last year I would like to pursue a degree in Theology and Biblical Study. This alone with my real life experiences, will allow me to do Christian Councling. I am asking for help to fund my hearts desire, it’s been a long time I must show my children and grandchildren that no matter the road we travel, we can always bounce back and be a finisher.

  73. Annette Hubbard wrote:

    Hello, I am a 45 year old black woman in my second semester at a community college. My major is Cancer Information Management a very important field that doesn’t seem to get the attention needed for the seriousness of cancer in black communities. I am seeking anytime of scholarship to aid min in obtaining my AA and possible move forward to BA then my Masters. I am struggling to purchase books and as well as pay tuition. If there is a grant that can assist me please consider me.
    thank you and God Bless

  74. Jameela Rancher wrote:

    I am a 23 year old black female and I am currently in school for criminal justice.I have had a lot of things that have almost stopped me from attending school but I have overcome them and continued to stay in school. I start classes June 10th, 2013 and I do not have enough money to start the summer semester.

  75. CAROLYN EKUKA wrote:

    I am a 56 year old student and I am 21 credits away from a Batchelors in health Care Management and I have exhausted all funds at Herzing university. Please tell me where I can get help.

  76. nambi hasifa wrote:

    plse update me on african scholarships in USA in business administration m a secretary by profession

  77. Sharron Denice Hall wrote:

    I am a 43 year old Black woman. I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a straight 4.0 during my 2 1/2 years pursuing my Bachelor of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education. I am currently trying to find scholarships that will pay my FULL tuition, so that I can pursue my Master’s and/or doctorate degree in Education Administration. Can someone please give me some guidance as to WHO I should talk to????

  78. Ruby Mitchell wrote:

    I am 42 year old student at Chicago State University. I went back to school to pursue a degree in Nursing, after taking care of my ailing mother and brother. They died seven months apart, I had been taking care of them for over 4 years. Unfortunately, during the time I took care of them I did not work, so I do not have any expenses to pay for school. I love helping people. All my life I have went out my way to provide help to those in need. If there is anyone who can help me to continue this calling that God has bestow upon me, may my God Bless you double time for your help.

  79. T. Elle wrote:

    I am a 39year old African woman living in Nigeria and I want to attend a 4 year art Atelier program in Florence, Italy can you help me please?

  80. Crystie jeter wrote:

    My major is Business Administration. I’m looking for grants for my living expenses at East Georgia State College. I don’t have enough money to pay for housing for school. I’m 20 years old and currently homeless. Being able to pay for my living expenses will be a blessing. Please email me if you interested in helping me.

  81. Shirley A. Lawrence wrote:

    My name is Shirley A. Lawrence. I live in Rochester, NY. I have a Masters in Adult Education/Adult Literacy. I have almost completed my Doctorate in Post Secondary and Adult Education. I became a widow on August 8, 2012. I was married to Donald D. Lawrence Sr. for 42 years.

    I have a average of 3.8 in Masters and 3.9 in Doctorate. I desire to complete my Doctorate but do not desire to take out still another loan. I am now on Social Security and desperately need a scholarship to complete my education. I just turned 63 on June 2.

    I am bright and able. With God’s will, I will complete my Doctorate degree.

  82. Christelle wrote:

    I am 26 years old African Congolese from DRC, i can see that there not many congolese who are interest to pursue studies…
    Anyway i’will try,I am currently an civil servant agent here in my contry perusing my career as IT Engineering but I need help with tuition,books,personal finances to pursue a good education and I’m willing to fight for it, HARD! What is my best course of action for letting go of my past mistakes, and becoming an example for congolese women.
    I need your help please

  83. Jennifer Wilson wrote:


    My name is Jennifer Wilson I am a 28 year old African American single parent of 2. I currently attend Kaplan University, its online for Associates of Applied Science degree which I hope to have in January 2014. Today I found out I exceeded my loan limit they never emailed or called me about this, I talked to the school at the beginning of last week and they assured me everything was fine, it was not in the least. I come from a horrible neighborhood as most of us are born into but I have tried everything to get me and my kids into a better place with better opportunities for a better life. It seems like soon as I get up I get knocked back down I’m looking for grants, scholarships, even loans which I have been rejected multiple times due to a poor credit score which student loans are to thank for it. I just need some help with resources and information to do what I can to ensure my kids not follow the same cycle that I was born into. Anything to help would be greatly appreciated.

    Blessed Day,
    Jennifer Wilson

  84. Gwendolyn wrote:

    Hello, I am a 42 year old mother of 3 sons earning a degree in Business Management with Accounting. I am currently midway through my bachelor’s degree but my funding is running out. I have encouraged by my counselor to look for grants to help me continue my education. Can you assist me with locating the perfect grant for me?

    Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated.

  85. Dywanda Atkinson wrote:

    I am a 42 year old woman that has been laid off recently. I have an associates in human Services which never proved helpful for employment. In 2009 I pursued a career in Social Work as of today I am a senior trying to my internship. But now my school has informed me that all loan and pell is exhausted. I’m less than 15 credits away from graduation. Please someone tell me what can I do. I cry every nite on my knees. Cause I can’t believe I’m going to have to pay a loan back and never received the degree..
    Pleas Help

  86. lynn wrote:

    my name is Lynn I am a 54year old African American single parent again of a my great nephew, whom I dearly love. I have been accepted into a online school for my Associates of Applied Science degree. I can not afford not to work, I am looking for a grant to help with my living expenses. My nephew is at the age where he require a little more on my payless budget. This is why I am back in school and determined to make it. I have to set an example for him that education is powerful. I just can’t say it I have to live it. Thank you

  87. Rosi Ervin wrote:

    Hello I’m a 70 year old (young senior) that wishes to obtain a Masters Degree in Religious Studies. It gives me great pleasure to state that I want to return to school and proud to state that I want spend the remainder of my days speaking to women that want to know more about the Word of God. I’m retired so my funds are very limited, I want to become more involved in missionary work and a more qualified speaker/teacher for Women’s Bible studies. I’m a Parish Nurse and have a health ministry but I need more education to reach the congregation that I seek. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

    Rosi Ervin

  88. Yvette Washington wrote:

    I am trying to return to school to complete my dissertation. I am a single mother and I am a college professor. I am trying to increase my pay through advancing my degree. I need one year of funding to complete my degree. I have maxed out my financial aid and I am trying to pay out of pocket but it is taking away from the care of my children. Could someone please assist me.

  89. Shamoria Payne wrote:

    I am a single 33 y/o woman looking to pursue a graduate degree in Social Work. I was recently enrolled in online courses and is in need of financial assistance. I do not have my own kids but take care of a dear friend’s son due to life circumstances.I really want to finish school but do not have enough money to finance this goal. Please lead me in the direction so that my dream can finally come true.

  90. Tonja McAllister wrote:

    I am 18 years old….black and recently divorced after 23 years of marriage. I have taken care of many people in the past 12 years of my life and I put my college education on hold……I was recently arrested and sent to prison for 30 days but the sentence was overturned by another judge. As a result, I have lost my job and now I have no where to turn. I am looking for help as I have two classes to finish my bachelor’s at the University of South Carolina in Beaufort, SC. Now without any kind of income, I wont be able to pay for these two classes. I am at my wits end but trying to be strong at the same time. Please help….I don’t want to suffer another breakdown so I am asking for someone to guide me to where I can get some financial assistance without getting more student loans. Thank you.


  91. mary wrote:

    hello,am mary from kenya,,may somebody please sponser me through college? i would wish fo a transfer to do what i desire most,electrical and electronics engineering, am just so poor i cant aford college fees.somebody please, help me realise my dream

  92. Esther wrote:

    Iam 28yrs old female africa,uganda,i wld lik to do BBA course,but i hav no help of tuition,any sponsorship please,ur reply

  93. Prolimina Lucas wrote:

    I am a female aged 36 years. I am intending to study masters degree ( Environmental Science)within Tanzania. Please assist me financially so that I can fulfill my dream and the dream of my village and my entire nation. Thank You very much.

  94. Kay request wrote:

    I am a 57 year old black woman who has recently been separated from my job and has started attending school for psychology. I love the school I am attending. I chose psychology because I have always been fascinated with the behavorial patterns of the human mind. I have always had others confide in me because they knew what ever they said to me would never be heard by anyone else and I am the greatest listner. I enjoy the fact that they placed so much conficence in me. Now, I want to make a living out of it but I need help. I am going to apply for as many grants as I can find to help fund my education. Please let me know if there are any grants or scholarships I might have missed. I am unemployed and seriously have the fondest hopes of completing school, I need a lot of help.

  95. Mpala Tendai wrote:


    I am a 27years old black African lady, Zimbabwe. l am willing to pursue my diploma in Social Work at Women’s University in Africa but l have challenges in tuition. l am looking for a sponsor to help me realize my dream as a Social Worker. I am in need of help please.

  96. doreen wrote:

    I am a Kenyan lady aged 22 interested in studying my undergraduate degree in development studies in Kenya or any other place but am facing financial problems please assist me to get this degree so that i can help people in my country.Thank you so much

  97. Yvonne wrote:

    Hello,am a black woman from Kenya,please may somebody help me achieve my dreams.I need help to complete my college which am almost complete though now I dropped because I wasn’t able to raise my IATA exam fees.I also want to do fashion designing,thank you very much!

  98. Yvonne wrote:

    I am a Kenyan lady 25yrs .
    I will be more grateful if someone may help me reach my fashion design career.Am ready to enroll in any fashion design college in Kenya or anywhere provided I work hard and achieve my career thank you for reading this!

  99. Kiana Williams wrote:


    My name is Kiana C. Williams. I’m seeking grant funding to help me to return for my second semester which will start on 1-8-2015. I’m a Junior at Xavier University New Orleans. The funding, I have received is not enough to cover the total cost. My mother is a single parent who has exhausted all her funds to keep me in Xavier. I have had some challenges with being ill having to sit out for a semester but I manage to keep fighting. I believe you must finish what you started and step out on faith, my education is important to me. Plus everything
    my mother gave up and the humiliation we went through to keep me there is why, I’m requesting your assistance now. I do not want all the hard work to be a waste of money and time. I need to walk out of Xavier with my class of 2016 with my degree. The same class I started my journey with. I willing to work for it as well.
    Thank You,
    Kiana C. Williams
    (Help me to finish the dream)

  100. linda wrote:

    hi i am an african and need help to go back to school.i would love to do nursing. your advice on how to get help.

  101. Fran wrote:

    My name is Fran and I am seeking help to finish my bachelor degree in Biblical Ministry. I have been working with youth and young adults since High school. My years have allowed me to work in day cares, classrooms, respite, school bus driver, youth camps, VBS teacher, Sunday school teacher, youth director and youth leader. upon obtaining my degree I hope to be able to counsel our young people especially those on the street to help them from being a part of the detention centers. jail houses or being killed. Hopefully those will be reached along with the ones that have already slipped through the cracks to help them believe in themselves, to help them to see someone else believes in them and want to help them. Helping them to find jobs and or developing jobs to support themselves. These are a few of my goals. If you can and will please help me.

  102. Charity wrote:


    It is now since 11yrs since i finished my std 8 class in primary School. I was not a lucky student to continue with my Secondary School due to poverty. I have been struggling to get a decent job because i luck certificates that are riquired. All this yrs i have never given hope that one day i will enroll in Aldult High School.
    Today am a single mother of 5yrs old girl child. And it is a struggle to even raise my kid fee. I will greatly appriciete if i get a chace to go and learn to better my future and be able to try and give the best to my daughter. If there is someone who can sponser me please. I promise i will put my effort and not let you down.

    Thank you,

  103. Maria wrote:

    Hi,please try to answer our queries, am a Tanzanian single parent with 3 children two among them are twins,am 29years,I graduated in BAED with upper second class GPA in 2010,in September 2015 ,I want to further my studies in master of research in public policy at university of daressalaam, the budget is a bit big I can not afford it as well as proving to my children,please help me out am very stressed .Thanks in advance.

  104. Carol wrote:


    I am looking out for funding for PHD studies. Please advice on how you can assist. I have already pursued a Bsc and an MBA.My main interest is to pursue teaching and research. 30 year old female.


  105. Justina Justice wrote:

    Good day Sir/Madam:

    Iam a Liberian girl of 18 yrs of age, i just out of high school; and in need of a scholarship in Nursing. Please i need your help,Thanks.

  106. LaWanda wrote:

    Hello! I am a 32 year old single African-American. Woman who would like to get my PhD in Education or Curriculum and instruction. What grants are there out there for woman who already obtain a MED with a Principal Certification?

  107. Karen wrote:

    Hell0 – my name is Karen. I am currently a senior in college and for the last 30 years or so (off & on)I have been trying to complete my Bachelor’s in HealthCare Management. Life situations like: ailing parents, job loss, lack of funds to pay for college, etc. has delayed my progress and has caused me to reach my maximum with loans to cover my upcoming semesters. I am looking for some grants to assist me with paying for these final semesters and anything anyone can do to direct me to the correct grant application process would be greatly appreciated. Please know I am over 45 also.

  108. Ethel Rivers wrote:

    Hello,I am currently seeking an Associate Degree from CTU,in Health Care Administration. My goal is to start a statewide job placement business for students such as Nurse’s Aids, Medical Assistants or Medical Receptionist’s. I have 25 years of experience (85% placement rate) in this line of work. I need computers and a car, plus hire some one to set up web site. thank you

  109. TR wrote:

    Hi, I’m 46 divorced and have a 28yr old disabled daughter. My daughter born disabled, I took care of her until she turned 19. At the age of 19, i placed her into a residential setting…Now my daughter is back home because the residential-setting was not good for her…I’m now her care taker. While being her care taker, I want so badly to further my education, I have earned an associate degree now I want to earned a bachelor degree in business administration, I have many years of experience in business now I need a degree…if a grant can help me through school while I care for my adult disabled daughter…I would be grateful. Thank you

  110. Vivian wrote:

    At 43 there is very little opportunities without at least a bachelor’s degree, I’m so confused of how to apply for assistance, but I do need help I’m a medical assistant at the moment, but my passion is counseling but have no idea how to get started, mt job does not pay enough for me to work and give my fill attention to school, I barely make ends meet and it’s so frustrating when you cant see your way, I’d anyone has any ideas of how I v can move forward please please help me.

  111. Carmen Johnson wrote:

    I am a 45 year old African American mother residing in KCMO. I currently have a Bachelors of Science degree in Criminal Justice, and graduated with a 3.3 GPA in 2011. My true passion is fitness. I am currently a Zumba instructor and when not working a full-time job and part-time job I am in the gym. I have aspirations of becoming a personal trainer with the ultimate goal of owning my own Personal Fitness company. Currently the fee;s associate with obtaining this certification are out of my means and would greatly appreciate information, insight and direction on any resources or supports that are available to help me with my goal and professional endeavor. Thanks in advance and good luck to all of the other women on this thread that have goals and aspirations on reaching their ultimate potential.

  112. Iyeshia Pearl Livingston wrote:

    I am a 33 year old woman. I graduated from The University of South Carolina in 2005 with a BA in Journalism and Mass Communications. However, the degree has gotten me nowhere but in debt with student loans. I cannot even find a decent job with the degree. I have been denied even a simple office job. I wrote for a local paper a few years ago, but it ended up closing down. Now I am trying to get back into school at Midlands Technical College to pursue a degree in Physical Therapy. I desperately need help and do not wish to burden myself with more student loan debt. I am going to ask for God’s guidance to be able to fill out and hopefully receive a grant so that I may reach my full potential as a PTA then later a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

  113. Clarisse Nuwayo wrote:

    I need someone who can help me for my tuition fees payment in order to reach my bachelor’s degree.

  114. Atsing'a Audrey wrote:

    I am an adult woman with three children from Kenya and need a grant to pursue a graduate program in Monitoring and Evaluation.

  115. Regina Ralia Iddrsu wrote:

    Hi I am a marriage women of 33 years of age from Ghana and have masters in mathematics I want to do my doctoral in mathematics I want grant and university from us .thank you.


    I am 43 years old woman with 4 children. I am currently studying social works in the university of Ibadan, Nigeria. I desperately need grants for easy payment of my tuition fees and to help me pursue my NGO aspiration for mentoring adolescents.

  117. Dee wrote:

    Hi I’m in the process of trying to complete my undergrad studies of Medical Assisting and is in need of financial help, aide and guidance that can help me reach my goal. One thing I do know is never stop until you complete your goal.

  118. Charita Falbru wrote:

    I am a 47 year old mother of two where one has already graduated from college and the other, a sophomore in college. I went back to school a few years ago and received an Associates, but realizing that now, not only is it not enough, but I want more. I have a desire to help the at risk youth in my community who are lacking, and as I do it now with NO assistance,or degree, but I realized, that I need to pursue my bachelors to accomplish more, to help more. While I have one in college now, I just cannot afford to put myself back in school, and still currently paying on loans. As my desire is strong to encourage,motivate, elevate, educate and dedicate myself for and to the youth in my community, with or without a bachelors, I just know that going back to school and receiving that degree will help make a difference in what I can continue to do. I am looking for a grant that will help me get that degree, and take the next step and help bridging the gap where youth will stay and graduate from high school and further their education, verses going to jail, prison, dropping out and selling/using drugs or becoming young parents with little or no life skills as well as no education. I am determined to do whatever I can to succeed, and to also see the minority youth succeed in this community. While they are constantly set up for failure, I am one is determined to advocate and fight for these kids to become what they believe. Please help

  119. Felicia wrote:

    I am a 30 year old single woman. I have all of my credits, but I am 4 points shy if graduating due to my gpa. I just need to retake two of my classes to get back on track. I have been looking for grants!! I have found one, but it does not re-open until August!! I want so badly to finish my education!! I want to become a clinical health psychologist. If anyone knows anything to lead me in the right direction, your suggestions will be much appreciated!!


    I need grant to carry out my PhD research work in field of animal physiology

  121. Allison Smith wrote:

    I’m an audio engineering major studying music production and composition at a Cal State. I was wondering if there were any scholarships that might work for me because I’m in a digital media arts department.
    Thank you

  122. Genea Taylor wrote:

    Hello I am at 44 year old black women looking for monies to help me go back to student to get a degree, currently working but can not afford school tuition. My job is starting to require degrees for advancement and since I don’t have a degree I can not advance in my job.I will take any help I need to start with AA degree. Any help are information will be gladly appreciated.

  123. Ona wrote:

    I am a 36 year old single African female desiring to complete my medical doctorate degree. I have exhausted all federal and private loan options at this time. Please assist in any way possible.

    God bless You all.

  124. Valeri Jones wrote:

    Hello I am a 52year old Black Female wanting to fulfill a life dream of becoming a LPN or RN God never blessed me with a child. Now I am a displaced married women. My husband helps me with health insurance I have to play my onw co-pay. Hopefully one day I will not be like this. When I did apply I was no grants or scholarships are available for me. Maybe a loan. No I’m drowning in debt. So if someone or something can help me. Please Let me know. Thanks in Advance

  125. Linda M wrote:

    I’m an Adult student who recently went back to school. I live in Pittsburgh Pa, I would appreciate it if someone would lead me in the direction of Grants or Scholarships. I am pursuing my BA in Human Services. I’m divorced,i come from a non blended family of 14 and am the first person to attend college and i don’t have children,but just because i have no children doesn’t mean i’m not in need of help.I can’t do this alone and come from a family who comes to me for EVERYTHING I have no one to turn to for assistance. As a single black female i need and want to apply for as many Grants and Scholarships as i can, to enable me to reach my goal of obtaining my Bachelors degree degree .please help!!!

  126. Sandra K. Atkins wrote:

    I am a 42 year old African American female that is starting a Masters Degree program for Healthcare Administration in January 2018. I have worked in practice management for over 15 years. I am looking for scholarship or grant assistance to help with costs of tuition, books, etc. Are there any programs out there to help someone in my situation? Any help with this would be greatly a appreciated.

  127. Yeasmea Anderson wrote:

    I am currently attending college and I am heading towards my final year and I am not able to finish due to not having enough financial aid. I went to a school prior to this one that closed abruptly in 2015 with no notice(I was two semesters shy of my degree in criminal justice)unfortunately it took me a year to get my transcripts and find a school that would take some of my credits i did and they only accepted 10 credits. I qualified for a school disclosure discharge of loans but never got approved due to me using ten credits from my prior school that closed. I cant afford to take out a loan, and im stuck paying for loans from a school that closed. I am trying to become a crime scene investigator and its not possible without a degree. I just would like to finish this well over due degree. My current school needs 29,000 in order for me to finish out my degree…Please help me and let me know if its possible for you to help
    Thanks advance

  128. Marlee G wrote:

    I am 23 years old and have been on quest to find a scholarship or a grant geared for black women to be able to join coding boot camps as most times personal loans, student loans, or FAFSA does not accept you since this is a Web Developer certificate program offered by Georgia Institute of technology. It has been very difficult as I am not employed and just focused on my education. If anyone has any options I would appreciate it if you can inform me.

    I can be reached at:

    Marlee G.

  129. Sonida Underwood wrote:

    Hello! I am a single mother who is currently enrolled in school and I am working so many jobs just to get by. If anyone has any information for free grants/scholarships in Florida, Palm Beach County area please point me in the direction! Please and thank you in advance!

  130. Charlene Adams wrote:

    I am a 52 year old woman that has obtained degrees, overcame childhood abuse, teenage pregnancy, adult abuse and abuse, neglect and betrayal from my adult children. All I want to do is continue my education in order to pursue my vision of using the lemons life gave me in order to make lemonade for others to drink and get healthy from. I need money to pay for my Master’s Degree. Is there any where that would help me?

  131. MICHAIAH STOKES wrote:

    hi I am an 18 year old girl just starting college. I am hardworking and my parents work jut as hard. We are currently struggling and college is putting a huge financial strain on my family.

  132. wendy wrote:

    I’m an adult female who wants to go back to school for Early Childhood Education. I am having a hard time finding anything.

  133. KeKe J. wrote:

    I’m a single middle aged mother who just completed her Associate degree. I completed my Associate degree in the field of social work, and now I’m looking forward to earning my Bachelor’s in the field as well. I’m looking for scholarships and grants in the field of social work. I would appreciate any help or leads you have. Thanks kindly

  134. Ann wrote:


    I am working on my Doctor of Education Degree and sadly I will run out of funds before I can finish. I have 1 1/2 year left in my program and I am looking for scholarships or grants to help pay for the remaining two years. Can someone point me in the right direction? Please and Thank you! So far I have found two scholarships and I am applying for those.

  135. Latonia wrote:

    Hello I’m a 42 year old African American woman who wants to go back to school. I’m tired of dead end jobs.I have my AA , but used all my financial aid and I’m at my loan cap.I used the money because I was a single mother and I had to take care of my kid.I would like to go into human services/ social services.Any info or help would be appreciated!!!

  136. Shannon Wright wrote:


    I am a 27 year old single mother to a 6 year old trying to get my bachelors degree. I am getting close but have ran out of financial aid and need help to finish up my degree in communications. I would love any type of grant or scholarship i can get.

  137. Felicia wrote:


    I am trying to finish my MSW. I need assistance with completing my degree. Can you direct me to financial assistance. I am not eligible for loans. So I need assistants in locating grants and scholarships. I am just 6 classes away from completing.
    thank you

  138. Jacqueline Williams wrote:

    I’m 58 yrs old, I’ve survived being on life support because of my leukemia. I just want to finish my degree. If there are any scholarships available for me I would greatly appreciate your help. I had to put my education on hold to raise my children. Now is the time for me, Please help me make my dreams come true.

  139. Shalonda Wilson wrote:

    I am a single mother of 5. I am currently sleeping in my car due to some things beyond my control. I had to stop going to school because my loans are caped, so I can not receive aid at this time. My major is Criminal Justice and my balance is just shy of 3,000 dollars. I can not finish until it is paid and I have come so far to be knocked back down. I just need some help. If any one can help I would be greatly appreciate it, even if its just a point in the right direction. I can be reached at

  140. Rosa Pilgrim wrote:

    Hello I am a 54 year old single mother. I have recently enrolled into an accredited career college. I was approved for Fafsa and a pell grant. The schools does not give you rebates to help you with necessary needs like if you need childcare. I was told I would have to apply for a qualified scholarship. please if you know any legitimate websites for single women going back to school, I am very interested. I am really determined to stay in school and start my new career in Medical Billing & Coding. It’s hard being a single mother with no financial help.

  141. Mickaya Taylor wrote:

    It is important that I receive this scholarship because my mom is currently unemployed and has just been in a bad car accident and does not have transportation. It is very hard for me to pay for school on my own with a part time job. I choose Ivy Tech because it is relatively close to my home and the cost is a lot cheaper than most colleges. As far as my ambitions and goals in life, I will become a Speech and language pathologist as well as an interpreter for many languages such as Spanish which is like my second language, American Sign Language and many more. I plan to interpret for deaf and or people from other countries as well as provide help to those who struggle with speech impediments, those who struggled from strokes as well. I was born with moderate hearing loss in my right ear until recently I had a stapedectomy and now have almost 100% hearing in my right ear. Although I didn’t suffer from speech issues I know what it’s like to not hear things clearly and to experience people being impatient with me not hearing them the first or second time.

  142. Tersa Weber wrote:

    Im 53 really smart borin in 1965 have made several attempts to return to school. No excuses are being made as far as any one fault except my own it just that in this path of my life; kids grown, empty nested and no job; disabled and nothing to do…feeling alienated and lifeless…I have come to realize it is up to ME!! I am worth the investment in myself…Please help guide me if I am worthy of help…Sincerely Tersa Ann Weber, a 53yr old woman in depression…!!!

  143. Tashyra Billingslea wrote:

    Hi I am a 20 – year old college student and I’m in school completing my undergraduate program for criminal justice and entering my junior this fall semester. I need grants or scholarships to complete to help me continue furthering my education. Please will you be able to help me supply the resources I need for my schooling,

  144. Juanita M. Coley wrote:

    I’m fifty three years old, I have also reach my loan limit.I need twenty seven credits to obtain my Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice. I’m a PEC Paraprofessional. My goal is to become a teacher. There are so many Scholarships. Need some guidance on how to find funds to complete my degree.

  145. selam wrote:

    I am an Ethiopian girl joining Franklin University in Switzerland in department of psychology this year but my parents cannot cover my annual tution fee and forced to withdraw in December2019. please help me to cover my tution fee to complet my study.

    Thank You,

  146. Kay wrote:

    Hi, please help me with information on which scholarships to apply for. I am a single african american mother in my 40’s from NY looking for scholarships to cover my tuition without having to take out loans, as I won’t be able to afford the payments. I am enrolling in a four year business program. Please help with specific scholarships as I am due to start January 2020 if the tuition can be covered. Thank you!

  147. Beatrice Wanjiru Kiama wrote:

    I am an female adult from Kenyan. I have a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree (Political Science and Public Administration, Sociology) and wishes to undertake a masters degree preferably in Criminology and Social Order. I would also be open for further advise.

    I am working but cannot afford the fees since I had to borrow even to undertake the BA.

    In need of your help.

    Thank you.

  148. Rose ladu wrote:

    I am 44 years old South Sudanese women migrated to US 15 years ago, a mother of three and a first women generation that when to school and still pursuing education. Education was my priority from young age and before my Father was murder during the war, he used to tell me how school is the key to future. his words remains with me until now. But with the struggle I have with tree kids and other responsibility it made a major obstacle for me to obtain my education especially the money aspects. please consider my situation and help I will start my Nursing program by April 6,2020

  149. Yolanda Jean wrote:

    Hi, my name is Yolanda. I am a 38 yr old African-American woman. I have enrolled in a University in VA, and I am looking for any available grants or aid that can help me with tuition. I am attending school to receive my BA in Business Admin, majoring in HealthCare Mgmt. I do not qualify for any federal grants and I don’t want to take out anymore student loans. I already have a student loan that I am currently paying on, from when I received my Assoc Degree. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  150. Sarah T Auguste wrote:

    Hi, My name is Sarah. I am a 25 years old Haitian-American woman that is a Registered Cardiac Sonographer and I am looking for a business grant. I have an amazing business idea that I feel will benefit everyone around me, especially in these difficult times. I need this grant to start a medical screening company and for this I would need money to purchase a machine, as well as Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), because I do plan on going to homes and businesses, as well as portable equipment. Please help me make this idea of mine come to fruition. I know this will be a success! Thank you.

  151. RaNya Bellamy wrote:


    I am RaNya Bellamy a Spring 2020 Business Administration Graduate from the Florida A&M University. After this harsh senior year, I have realized that I can do anything, as cliche it may sound. The weight of the world and its problems seemed to rest on my shoulders with no indication of letting up. I must admit that there were times I wanted to give up and subdue to the weight. But then I would think of all the time, effort, and money that was put in to get me to get this far, I couldn’t jut give up. So, I walked across that stage, virtually of course, and received my Bachelors in Business Administration.

    After enduring what seemed to be my own version of “mission impossible” I have built the confidence to further my education. My undergraduate career left me and my parents in some pretty serious debt (FASFA “claims” my parents make too much so I don’t receive money). Being that I want to get my Masters through the 1 year program at my alma materr, I want to handle the financials myself. With that being said, I am looking for grants/scholarship opportunities to get me through grad school starting in the fall. Looking forward to your help and advice. Thank you in advance.

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